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Music / Re: Anyone know about customizing an electric bass (or guitar)?
« on: November 17, 2019, 07:56:33 am »
My uncle in law does wrapping, like on RVs and cop cars and such. Gonna ask him about that. Will have to learn to do pickups either way, do I just snip the wires them solder it together again after?

New pickups just have push to fit connections. (Like EMG)

But, you'd be throwing $150+ in pickups in what is probably a $300 bass. Probably kinda silly.

If you save up a bit of money for a better foundation it's worth modding it, but I really wouldn't bother unless the pickups just aren't working.

You could spend that additional money on a really good one and do virtually no work.

Announcements / Re: Daylight Savings Time
« on: November 03, 2019, 03:30:42 pm »
The forum does not automatically adjust for DST. If the timestamps are showing up wrong, please go to your profile, then "look & layout". Usually clicking the "auto detect" link will fix it, if not the number can be adjusted in the field. Thank you.

Yeah, I noticed that all the times in the forum were GMT. :D

Do you highlight and mark in your occult texts or keep them pristine?

I don't write on anything, but must confess I'm not reading anything for academic purposes where I need to cross-reference them and am just reading for enjoyment.

The problem with spending 30+ years of your life reading occult and lhp texts is you rarely find reason to purchase another one.

Lounge / Re: How to tell friend/roommate to keep his GF out of my house
« on: October 15, 2019, 08:23:52 pm »
So my wife and I own a house and allowed my close friend to move in when he left his wife (hindsight is 20/20). Definitely wasn't expecting him to have a girlfriend since this was literally weeks ago, and definitely not that I'd hate her. She's way too comfortable here for someone we literally don't know, she's obnoxiously loud and a crazy burnt out raver girl, completely disrespectful of our hours and such, and facts aside, she literally makes my skin crawl.

I get that he's paying, but it's our house and we are literally charging him jack shit to live here comparatively. like $600 on $1,000+. Couldn't care less if I offend the girlfriend, maybe better if I did so she doesn't want to come around ;). But what in the world do I say to my buddy?

She seems like she is just the type that has no filter but not necessarily the type that is a problem. Anyway, if the problem is she's loud at the wrong times have a direct talk to her about it and don't even involved with the buddy. If she gets pissed at you for being asked to settle down then at least you didn't piss off the buddy who is actually your friend, lol. Anyway, it at least gives you the chance to see whether she respects you or not and then you know what to do from there. Do that face to face, btw, and do it when something happens not like days later.

I'd just take her aside so I don't embarrass her in front of her man and go from there. That's why I don't recommend you speak to the buddy to have her dealt with. Then, it's between her and you and probably some respect will be gained since you respected her to some extent.

I certainly wouldn't antagonize the girl as the buddy will eventually see that as a personal affront to him at some point. Anyway, you need the problem solved and this will do it one way or another... If she decides not to cooperate then you can just ban her from your house at certain times and don't seem like a dick to the buddy.

Whenever I've let a friend crash at my place they knew my #1 rule -- if it's 1hr before my or my wife's sleepy time there is no company even if that company has a pair of tits. Just the late night door opening will keep me up. If she's going straight to his bed with him I don't give a fuck as long as the house is quiet when I'm crashing, and she's crashing then too, etc. No one goes in or out, not even the buddy, during the sleeping hours, etc...

I'm not really asking what organizations you've been a member of, but please talk about that if you want to, and especially if you think it will add clarity.

I'm more asking a question along these lines:

Have you experimented with Chaos Magick?

How about atheistic (or I-theistic) Greater Black Magic?

Do you play around with manipulating people - oh, sorry, Lesser Black Magic?

Have you seen and acted on the mythological congruity of Lesser Black Magic and the Norse trickster Loki?

Have you ever attempted to bind a demon?

Have you experimented with serving Satan? (This could be Lucifer, Set, Cthulhu, or whoever holds an interest for you.) BONUS question here: would serving Satan really just be an odd form of Right Hand Path?

Have you ever experimented with lycanthropy? Ever worked in that regard with Loki's wolfish son Fenrir?

I already know we have some yes answers to this one: Have you experimented with vampirism?

You get the idea. I'll especially be interested in paths you've trodden that I may never have heard of.

(Edited - I deleted a portion at the bottom of this post because, re-reading it, it occurred to me that it was too personal.)

Chaos Magick has some valuable techniques that I use in non-ritual formats, but I've never been into the whole spanking the monkey over sigils thing. I find other uses of sigils much more relevant such as using them as talismans or points of focus, or even in a memetic sense to latch onto a certain power.

Never bother much with Greater Black Magic -- I find it just an attempt to shoe-horn western ceremonial magic into a LHP paradigm and it always feels clunky to me.

LBM - solid no, besides that only works if the participants are willing dupes.

Have no interest in the Norse pantheon at all really other than in a fantasy sense.

Would never bind a demon, I find it offensive to them.

Yes, Always, on serving Satan. But, no not RHP -- serving Satan means being a beacon of individuality, free thought, courage, and whatnot to others around you -- it doesn't mean following Satan like a puppy. Theistic worship is much more in the sense of paying homage to a revered teacher or ancestor and not kissing ass. In summary, from my perspective, serving Satan is leading not following.

I have no idea what lycanthropy is outside of a DND game or movie.

Vampires? I think this is mostly a scene more than an actual occult engagement.

Fun fact: The first magical system I learned/used was derived from this book:

Nonetheless, I find it amusing that that material is still there somewhere on the Internet. :D

Satanism / Re: Some CoS inside information
« on: September 23, 2019, 02:35:07 am »
There's quite a gap between the problem of disagreement offending others and insulting one personally in the sense of an ad hominem fallacy. Hell, fascism relies on ad hominem fallacies, especially those like "you disagree, so you must have cognitive problems".

There is really no socio-political ideology that doesn't fall victim to this path of rationale in one way or another. Hence, my blanket warning: "There is no good herd for a left-hand pather."

Satanism / Re: Some CoS inside information
« on: September 23, 2019, 02:32:18 am »
I think there is some causal relationship between being LGBTQ+ and being LHP.
If one is LHP, one does a lot of selfwork, so if one hadn't been aware/certain of one's sexual or gender queerness beforehand, it's likely to come to light. Also the tolerance on the path makes it much easier to acknowledge one's queerness. Therefore, the amount of LHPers who are queer without knowing it is smaller than in the general population.
And if one already knew it before one entered the LHP, it may have contributed to one's decision to become an LHPer, due to the aforementioned tolerance, and also because it can benefit one in dealing with any mental health issues caused by suppressing or having to hide one's queerness.

Everything in someone's life is relevant to pursuing the LHP collectively, but it is not usually specific to that path. I'm perplexed by the being queer and not knowing it comment, if only because I couldn't imagine being in that head space. Self-awareness is probably the most galvanizing personal trait present when someone decides to pursue the path. You know you're not a normie, you know why, but moreover since you are freed from the burden of conformity the LHP becomes really appealing. However, you know it's not a social club and by this juncture you're not needing that -- the need to belong or fit in is gone.

...unless it's among their personal values to support rights of sexual preference and gender expression.

I'm still at the the "what rights" issue. They have rights to be LGBT, and no one is stopping them. Social norms will not change with any amount of activism, so that's wasted effort. Those change as people are exposed to "the others" and realize they're not any trouble. The only issue I really see is from legal snafus in regard to what is considered marriage, and that's because those laws simply weren't written in mindset of being inclusive of these alternative lifestyles -- it's not that they were particularly written to deny those benefits to these individuals. (Lack of awareness versus actual resistance, two different things...) Affecting the social norm is not a LHPers business even if they project their ego into the issue and make it so. "If you are vexed by the social norm then you're not free of it!" is really the short of it... :D

From what I heard about the US, the legal situation seems quite a bit worse than here in Germany.

Not really, most transgender people here can do everything anyone else can provided they have the skills and resources. Even in the cases where something more be difficult to accomplish it's still possible, just requires more effort on the part of the individual. Society isn't really against you in that regard, but there are individuals whom are still not on board and that happens anywhere. Rural areas are much more traditional, but that's the case in any country...

I would agree that for the purpose of changing the minds of homophobic or transphobic people, activism doesn't help, it may even further convince them of their prejudices.
I hardly face any discrimination for being trans here (well I also don't talk about it that often). The only explicitly negative reaction I heard of was a friend of my dad saying that transpeople on pride parades are just attention-hungry. Pride parades aren't exactly the same thing as activism and have their own purpose, but it shows that they can have the opposite effect from the intended one.

To the person that isn't LGBT themselves, a pride parades look like the day they all put on the clown shoes. There isn't any positive social gain to participate in that activity if you ask me. :D

As far as reinforcing negative biases -- that's all pride parades and activism accomplish. But, part of me believes that there is a segment of those communities that have a persecution complex and do get something out of it. The only way for me to understand it easily is if I was contemplating participating in a "Satanic Pride" parade -- would this parade be to enrich me, entertain me, or piss of the normies and put me on their hate radar? :D It's obvious that it's nonsensical either way, but I think you see my point.

The real way for transgenders to gain acceptance is to demonstrate their value to society through results. That's that case for anyone, but especially true when you are extremely non-conventional. That'll change minds faster than anything, if that is a personal priority... It also lines up extremely well with the LHP in execution.

Satanism / Re: Some CoS inside information
« on: September 20, 2019, 03:07:03 pm »
I don't stand up for LGBT+ because I feel it has nothing inherently to do with Satanism

Weird then that Satanists identify as LGBT at a much higher rate than the general population. I would wager that it tangentially does in that Satanism embraces individuality and allows one to live their life as they want, loving who and what they want (so long as it's between consenting adults) without judgement.

LGBT issues are issues of individual freedom and autonomy. It might not be related to Satanism per se but the core idea of personal freedom and empowerment is.

In other words, supporting LGBT rights is one of many logical conclusions of Satanic values, theisic or not.

It really has nothing to do with it other than incidentally. I'd argue that for the most part people don't even make a decision on their sexual preferences they just do it. It depends on whether or not you think people make a decision to be gay or whatever and I don't think they do. Therefore, it doesn't have anything to do with empowerment or individuality to me -- it's just a biological reality that someone is inclined to and no decision was made. You don't become gay, straight, bi or whatever you just are. I have to exclude transgenders from that because I just think it's a more complicated matter. There is certainly a decision process there and it has nothing to do with ones sexual preference necessarily. (People always talk about them as the same things, but it's really completely different set of issues, IMHO. Transitioning MtF doesn't mean you stopped preferring the opposite biological sex, etc., or that you'd even desire a relation with a comparable FtM individual.)

Satanism rejects equality fundamentally, and also the idea that the approval of the masses is even a desired end. Philosophically, that would make you their pet for lack of a simpler analysis. The only identity that matters to Satanism is the individual, not the herd, not even the pro-LGBT herd. Likewise, it's a waste of Satanists time to even be involved in such issues especially when their own personal achievements, religious activities, and other goals aren't manifested because of all of these sorts of activist actions. Simply ask yourself: Who sets the LGBT agenda, you or someone else? If it's not you, Satanically, that's where you go wrong. That means someone else is the drivers seat... Even if you personally are LGBT it's still not really your business so to speak -- your business is taking care of the issues which would produce something good in your life.

Then there is the myth of LGBT lacking some rights -- it's foolish to even believe it... There have been social difficulties, but rights -- no rights needed to be given, they were already there. It confuses me endlessly that anyone thinks that these activists accomplished anything, especially for the fact that society was already moving toward the direction of acceptance due the fact that celebrities and other highly visible individuals have come out of that closet and it hasn't had any repercussions to their respective careers. That has been ongoing for the last forty or fifty years and is nothing new. Society has willingly moved toward acceptance as they got to know these folks in detail it wasn't a result of begging for it. Thus, this begging and the support of the begging are worthless and shameful activities. And, really... That's all it is... Begging authorities and society for fair consideration -- when, except in rare circumstance, it's already been given. Seeking approval of society regardless of matter directly though is just about the most un-Satanic thing you can do in my opinion. That's not what it's about, like, ever. Satanism is that healthy dose of "I don't give a fuck" that pushes you through anything. Society hates you because you're LGBT? Fuck 'em. That's the only right answer from a Satanic perspective.  CoS doesn't like transgenders? Fuck 'em. Do that enough, and you're headed in the right direction. When nothing is left but what is truly important to you in your mind because you don't give a single fuck about anything else you will literally be the "jedi master" so to speak of a really important philosophical bit of Satanism. :)

P.S. - You can really insert your favorite identity, political view, or whatever here. I still contend they have absolutely nothing to do with Satanism. They're all just different herds. :D


Have you experimented with serving Satan? (This could be Lucifer, Set, Cthulhu, or whoever holds an interest for you.) BONUS question here: would serving Satan really just be an odd form of Right Hand Path?

Not really, at least for most Theistic LHPers. My interpretation of "serving Satan" is maintaining an open mind that is liberated and learning and assisting others to achieve that aim. I respect and even love Satan very much, but similar to how a pupil loves their best teacher. I may not like what I've been taught (it's happened), but I know in the end it was probably for the best. (Though sometimes it takes a few years to see it. ;) )

Anyway, I don't view cultivating powers as very important though I've experimented with most of the various branches of modern magic to some degree. I'd say I use some Chaos magick but then everyone would think I was fapping over sigils all day and that's not what I do with it. For what I do regularly I've thrown most of occultism out window, so to speak, in favor of simpler and more direct methods. For example, greater black magic would seem a waste of time and resources to me with needless pomp and redundancy -- I've found that shorter rituals or even direct invocation without rites work far faster for me.

I have no idea about anything Norse, just not my wheelhouse... And, I've only "vampired" accidentally, lol. (I faced an extreme bout of illness and unfortunately my previous magickal training made me into a bit of an energy goblin unconsciously. I only noticed when others around me were getting sick as well, and were emotionally drained...) Normally, I wouldn't see the need for that activity -- I just don't understand the value, seems to make more trouble than it fixes. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: Satanism is the Original Religion of Humanity
« on: September 19, 2019, 02:19:42 pm »
As for the horns on the symbol of Mercury, they are usually associated with the bull as well as any version of the Horned God. This grounds the horns on Mercury to the Earth, fertility, and the spirit Belial of the direction North. Shaitan refers to the rebellious, malevolent djinn tribe associated with demonic forces along with the Ghul and Ifrit tribes. Enki was never referred to as Shaitan. Moloch is Canaanite, not Hebrew. The Yezidi Kitab Al Jilwah directly identifies Melek Taus with Azazel, not Shaitan.

I agree with many of your points and it's also worth noting that many gods and lesser beings were depicted with horns just a sign that they possessed divine or magical knowledge. I still find the Al Jilwah an interesting read, but it's not the basis of my beliefs. However, being the religious sort I'd simply say if you want to know who or what Satan is just ask him. Why bother with all the silliness of trying to define him through the lenses of history when it's really that simple? In the end, that line of thinking is something we've all seen before -- an attempt to establish a dogma. Dogma is something that Satanists should inherently reject, IMHO. :D

Music / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: September 19, 2019, 02:09:58 pm »
Feeling old school: Twin Temple

Feeling for something different: Heilung

Feeling folksy: Harley Poe

Feeling Weed: Tool, always, Tool...

Needs more Metal: Dissection or Immortal, never get enough.

But honestly, I just listen to too many genres concurrently... :D

Music / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: September 19, 2019, 02:04:34 pm »
Been on a bit of a Watain kick lately mostly the Lawless Darkness album. Also a seemingly endless list of Orthodox black metal.

This is one of those bands that the albums do no justice to. They must be seen live. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: Satanism is the Original Religion of Humanity
« on: September 19, 2019, 02:01:12 pm »
Wow! I search what does “JoS” means, it is very offensive! I don't know that the Order of the Serpent is a leftist group who calls of “fascist” anyone  who disagree from the group. Please if i showed that satanism is different from nihilism, egoism and materialism, but, true satanism is not for emos!

Admittedly, the nonsense is that there is "true Satanism" though certainly I've flirted with the idea in many of my own writings. If anything, I've tried to distill those corn drippings into ethanol...

Anyhow, I'm not aware of the OSS being political at all and thus the argument is ridiculous. I've known a lot of the people here personally and you got everything from progressives to conservatives politically. Somehow they manage not to chew each others heads off, and I wish the rest of the Internet worked similarly. :D

OSS is eclectic in the way that it's more like a traditional magickal order where people of many different fundamental beliefs congregate. No one here is telling you how to think or how to practice. That being said most of the people here know the skinny on JoS just being a front group for some Neo-Nazi crazies and associated with some of the dumbest and most retarded people we've ever conversed with online.

The "Satanic Plebs" embrace all these things you've mentioned. These are the type that read a copy of the Satanic Bible and think the work is done -- but, that's not what's going on here. Not at all.

Satanism / Re: Some CoS inside information
« on: September 12, 2019, 04:23:57 pm »

Full disclosure, I'm technically a member of the CoS. Bought the damned card twice. Lost it twice. Messed around on their message board for a while. Didn't like it. Wasn't for me. I like it here better. More open-minded. More cosmopolitan.

My guess is that some CoS members see standing up for LGBT+ rights as earning a "good guy badge" and they feel contemptuous of that. Every bad guy is (or can be) somebody's good guy. Some CoS members don't like being the good guy. Most TST members, by contrast, very much enjoy the good guy role.

TST has embraced the Prometheus archetype, I think. The CoS largely hasn't. It was always available to them and they always knew it. They just preferred to be cosplay villains rather than heroes.

I don't stand up for LGBT+ because I feel it has nothing inherently to do with Satanism. And, Satan is all I have time for. Likewise, I don't care about TST because their focus is political activism -- something I think has nothing to do with Satanism. I'm not supportive of CoS demoting people who are allies of the LGBT+ community (at least not solely on that basis) either. It is amusing that someone attempting to portray themselves as a Satanist cares either way how they are perceived. Good or bad wouldn't that leave you at the mercy of the proclivities of the sheeple?

Satanism has always been about emancipation in the mental, emotional, and spiritual realm and it boggles my mind that one has to do or not do something at the behest of others in their organization. Pro or Anti-LGBT doesn't matter to me - they're still moving in the wrong direction. :D

I don't feel it's a Satanists place to involve oneself with issues that do not directly concern themselves anyway. But, it's also not these organizations duties to deal with the minutia of an individuals preferences at all. Though I don't see the attempt of doing necessarily as an attempt to enforce a dogma, but rather a sure sign that both organizations are completely deluded. :D

Satanism / Re: Good Satanist books?
« on: September 12, 2019, 04:01:28 pm »
Hi gang.
Well, I'm looking for some good Satanist reading recommendations, nothing particularly obvious maybe even something more obscure. 
Especially like hardcore LHP stuff, whether it be evocation work or sex magic(k), anything really.

Basically stuff I haven't read (even though that's a vague statement), even stuff that might be a challenge.

Apologies if there is already a thread on this, I couldn't find one particularly about this.  :)

While I'm sure the rest of the posts meant well I don't see any of that content as particularly satanic.

Anyway, I guess it matters what you consider to be a Satanist in the first place. The larger problem with the LHP in general is once you read a few books you probably have literally read them all. There is certainly a time to stop reading and to advance after a certain point is simply a development of one's own efforts.

Evocation and sex magic are rookie level stuff as far as I'm concerned and the higher level stuff really can't be taught -- you either have the aptitude to experience it or you don't. To use an analogy you can't teach someone to be Jimmy Hendrix, Slash, or Eddie Van Halen; though anyone can learn to play the guitar to some degree of proficiency. Magic is even worse statistically in that regard with many people pretending to do something, but all they really are doing is jerking off. Most of the conventional methods listed in the books are laden with unnecessary acts or hubbub and I include sex magic and evocation in the "hubbub". To me, these are the "Hollywood Dramatizations" of magic and not anything one needs to do to accomplish said feats.

Likewise, there is very little material to read on more obscure approaches or I'd point you there. Short of me writing it down I don't think it even exists in print. There are some close attempts in the more obscure references in Franz Bardon's and Stephen Mace's material, but nothing too concise. If that were the case I'd point you there -- I think you're just to the end of the basic as fuck content in the occult and it might be time to quit reading. :D

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