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Satanism / Re: "The Satanic Bible" by Michael Aquino
« on: August 12, 2018, 11:11:57 pm »
Interesting, but if anything I just think it's terrible and confusing to use that title. :D

Anyway, I also find it strange that he bothered at this juncture to write anything on Satanism because in common parlance it's just 'not his wheel house anymore'. In addition, I just think modern Satanists of any ilk really do not place much value in nostalgia. That would've, should've, could've is just isn't nearly as relevant as what is.

Needless to say, my opinion of this work is mixed if only based on the initial premise and who wrote it and why. :D As much as I hate to say the obvious, I wish he was writing more Setian focused material rather than trying to pimp his CoS-cred since I feel that if there is a body of his written work that could use another text it's that area. It leaves me thinking this book wasn't for us, but himself.

I just turn up my misanthropy to 11, it's so much easier that way.  8)

When people are just stupid and hypocritical you really don't need to consider them further. :D

Journals / Re: I'll be around
« on: August 07, 2018, 11:27:50 am »
I am doing ok. Leaving my job which seems to be the cause of my decline. Seeking extra help for my depression and anxiety. Just working on the bottom of the hierarchy of needs. Will keep you posted.

I had a breakdown like this about twenty years ago (when I was about 25) and the cause was attempting to fit in with the normie wage slaves. I am a spiritually-oriented person and my head space is rarely on this plane of existence. Of course, that caused all sorts of problems at work and the work problems caused all sorts of problems at home. I nearly lost everything because of it - wife, family, possessions, the whole nine yards. I just realized I had to stop trying to conform -- I never will or can. I'm aware of peoples true motives via some empathic - telepathic process and because of that what they say and do are irrelevant and I tend to react too honestly and know what they want before they do. For most, that gift isn't well received -- they take it as an personal affront or that I don't believe what they say... I don't. :D Their words are nearly meaningless to me, they play games that I rarely feel I have time for in this mortal realm. (Wasting time is the cardinal sin in my mind, it's something we're always running out of and never get more of.) I don't take all the credit though, for Satan and various Daemonic entities do help me along the way tipping me off in times of crisis. I am always thankful for that, but I have been severely blind-sighted or lost when moving way from my core. The best way to describe it is the LHP spiritual beings will save their own via every effort possible, but they require you to be attuned to them. If you get too mundane (really hate using that word, thanks ONA) you get away from their vibe and block their line of communication. This is in essence why you probably feel lost -- you had it, now you don't... It's like someone turned all the lights off.

After reading your posts and reaching out a bit I think maybe you are sort of in the same dilemma. There are things that drove you to the OS and creating it figure out how you got away from it and I bet you it's just too much "real life" demand. Well, you have to decide... Give yourself to the mundane or reach for the stars and keep that stuff in the right perspective. You can't keep that attunement and be a normie they are psychologically incompatible. Set hasn't abandoned you, you've just loaded your head with so much crap that you cannot feel the link. I only speak from experience of course... If you worry about professional status or any of that other sort of crap it sort of works like a grounding and shakes away that link. The time off may improve you if you can manage to clear out dross during that time... One time it took me a couple of years to do that and while it wasn't good for my income it was favorable to improving my connections. It really comes down to what you decide is important here and we all have to figure that out.

If you want it back... you need to start retraining your mind and values to be conductive... like attracts like... You must stop worrying about the petty mundane things and give them no concern -- I prefer to use the term "right action"... That's to say... what is in front of me is dealt with immediately... I keep my mind clear... You need this too -- the constant hyperactive chatter of mind has a volume of 10 and the volume of the communication beyond this material world is like 1. If you cannot hear because you are screaming over it, you will run around in circles chasing that rabbit but it will always be obscured by the grass. If you need help, PM me or whatever...

- Mind

Satanism / Re: On the question of if CoS is LHP:
« on: August 02, 2018, 09:57:24 pm »
I just read this in one of Mr. Gilmore's articles and found it rather finalizing. He states:

"Satanists view themselves as animals who are part of Nature (7th Satanic Statement: “Satan represents man as just another animal,...” ), and see any concept positing something existing outside of nature as being a spiritual delusion."

I don't think I've seen many quotes so blatantly un-LHP and pro-RHP. First, anyone who disagrees is assumed to be delusional or "bad." Second, LaVeyan Satanism goes out of it's way to DEBASE things like human consciousness and will, which it entirely RHP. Not to mention we see him upholding the statements like you'd expect in Catholic Church. With Gilmore himself saying this, and all the love to my CoS friends in the world, I have to say this kind of conclusively settles the debate.

I've never particularly seen the CoS as a LHP group because it pretty much is RHP in practice. If you challenge any of the basic assertions in TSB you probably aren't gonna make any friends over there. :D

I've always considered TSB an important book, but I consider it the rookie level of LHP philosophy. As you go along you find things to argue against and have experiences which contradict the material. If something is true in an absolute sense, it cannot be contradicted. So, that's where I am basically these days...

As I moved toward theism I found even less and less value to it. I didn't cultivate my theism as a desire, but it evolved naturally through my experience. I started as a regular old atheistic Satanist back in the day, but it didn't have answers for the things happening around me. Anytime something doesn't line up with the model it's the model that's bad... I've never actively sought those experiences, mind you, they just happened spontaneously. So, by TSB standards I am no Satanist even though Satan is the most important guy to me. :)

Lounge / Re: What are you doing right now?
« on: July 26, 2018, 01:26:56 am »
Begging the day/week to end. Who the fuck is the God of Time, I need to have a chat.

Feel free... :)

Honestly, this is the most useful servitor/time god on the planet.

Need it to speed up, slow down, whatever...


Infinitely useful... :D


I can now see why Setians are Setians, and why they use the name Set to refer to the enigmatic dark entity which may have used the name/title Satan before - but I very much doubt that Set is the Satan from the Abrahamic religion. It makes perfect sense.

Constructive criticism is more than appreciated. But emotional outbursts and bitching will be ignored. There's only like 1-2 members here that resort to primitive diatribe when their feelings are hurt, so I'm expecting mature replies for the most part.

Anyways, thoughts?

In the sense of convenience, it's always better to invent your own egregore and vanquish all of the non-specific definitions. But, I'd argue they're all redundant to some degree and spiritual influences are better learned about by one's own direct impressions. Ultimately, that's what Setian's do with Set - their usage has little to do with the historical information we have on that character. Nothing wrong with that really, it's far more useful to jettison irrelevant information for clarity than to take the brick-a-brack from a thousand years before and attempt to make some sort of fitting composite.

From a Jewish scholarly perspective "Satan" refers to a specific being but it is also a title of a similar gaggle of beings or or many "Satan"'s. However, by name Samael is the important one and the one associated with the name commonly. He is the ruler of the fifth heaven, though resides in the seventh. (The throne of god...) However, in their understanding there is no malevolent being in this fellow he just has a dirty job. He controls the snake that tempts Adam and Eve, but he does it under the auspice of his role in the divine hierarchy. In their understanding, Angels of any sort are emanations of the one - manifestations of his will, so logically they cannot betray anything or fall from heaven. They have no free will in the sense of humans, and lots of course had been written about Angels having beefs with that. Anyway, any interpretation after that fact is generally a corruption of the original teaching and apparently Christianity and later religions just didn't get it. They needed a boogeyman to sell the sizzle, so to speak, so they invented one; damn the scholars that came before them. :D The Book of Enoch doesn't really line up with this understanding or even in the names of the relevant angels, so I can conclude that it is another attempt to create more boogeymen for some other sect.

Satan in a many-to-one configuration is nothing usual, other religions like Hinduism do this all the time. Many Satanists try to work back through history to come up with a clear and clean definition of Satan through these historical texts, but like any important character meanings have shifted through time and we lack insight in the colloquial sense. The very words used to describe something have shifted meaning over time and certain phrases do not mean the same thing to us as they did to ancient people. This information is largely LOST on us, so we are left with one valid mechanism - our direct experience. Of course, this is the only valid way to understand Satan in a modern context. It just requires a lot of work, work which many will never attempt, or fear to. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: Making your own incense
« on: July 07, 2018, 08:33:42 am »
I'm going to give this a try, seeing that I recently read up on the meanings and effects of different spices, when mixed together. I might use it with meditation, or maybe another spell. I'll see what moves me.

Just curious if you ever make your own incense, and use it in your own rituals?

Not really, but I have a few I like. :D (partial to dragonsblood or jasmine)

Anyway, if you want next level shit find you a mugwort (warning: not safe in houses with newbies, aka mothers carrying babes). But, anyway... Just a plant of this in your vicinity is well, enlightening to say the least. If you're going for effect... You can put dried mugwort on some coals and get ready for some fun. :D

Anyway, look at incense as something to be tailored... You're trying to get an effect so think about what each of things does for you.

Other Religions / Re: The essence of spirituality
« on: April 02, 2018, 09:22:49 am »
Something else came to me later too.

As a Catholic, I found the Christian fundamentalist element wholly irrational.

As a Pyrrhonian sceptic, I found the Modes wholly rational.

As a Setian, I think it's more level-headed encompassing elements of rationality and irrationality. It's supra-rational to an extent.

From my perspective the truth of the whole thing is beyond rationality in simple terms. That which is that (beyond) mustn't be limited by the modifications of the mind or it exists solely in the realm of it. This state has to be beyond conception or it's lacking the primary characteristics of the ultimate truth and starts playing by the rules our minds invent. That, of course, is why I've been promoting an experiential frame of reference. You only know if you have the direct realization of that truth, so any phase of your life that gets you there is the right step. :D

Other Religions / Re: The essence of spirituality
« on: April 01, 2018, 12:07:24 pm »
I feel there are so many truths within all religions, and perhaps that is the essence of spirituality. I don't feel the need for steadfast labels, anymore.

Anyone else feel this way?

If there weren't a few nuggets of truth in any system they wouldn't be around for long. Anyway, the only real thing that you're going to ultimately believe is your own experience. So keep truckin' :D

I did the math. The claim is that there is "a gun for every American," so about 326,000,000 guns. There were about 533,000 gun related deaths. This means that of all the guns, .001% of them killed people.

Of course, 100% of those deaths involved people with emotional and mental issues. But nah, let ignore that aspect!

Also, it is generally never mentioned that most of the deaths related to firearms are suicides. Again, this just reinforces the idea of mental health problems being the primary cause. They too would use whatever instrument is convenient, so eliminating the firearm does nothing. They'll switch to knives, rope, or driving their automobile off a bridge. It's the lingering failures of psychiatric professionals to act on and utilize information to save someone's life and law enforcement not working in cooperation with them via the feedback loop. The Parkland shooter had authorities to his home 39 times and if just one of those times they removed his firearms or involuntarily placed him in a psychiatric facility temporarily nothing would have happened. There is a large disconnect from LEOs and these mental health resources and they continue to exacerbate the problem by ignoring it intentionally or through complete ambivalence.

It's mostly a strawman made by gun lobbyists to say that people want a "gun free existence". Quiet the contrary. Even the most hardened gun control advocates still think people should have guns suitable for hunting and self defense.

If you're gullible enough to believe any of that, I really don't have to address the rest of the post. People don't go anti-gun because they're afraid of hunters taking animals. As far as who needs what to defend themselves, why should anyone have the authority to make that decision? The premise itself is tyrannical, and the tyrants will move the needle to whatever suits them. First it'll be certain types of firearms, then it'll be them all. That's the only direction it moves... Of course, the same people pushing this agenda are surrounded by armed guards 24/7 and can concealed carry without a license due to exemptions they wrote into the laws. They're making those laws against YOU whether you're possessing the wherewithal to realize it or not. It's not merely the current firearm owners who are limited by such decisions, but also those whom need that protection in the future. Whether the threat is in your neighborhood, or somewhere in a possible future via government corruption is irrelevant. Once the possibility of defending yourself goes away, you have nothing to work with.

If we'd like to get personal, as in, because I've watched Alex Jones once in awhile that somehow degrades my opinion - at least  I know what gender I am, know what it means to feel the need to protect others, have my own household and income, and from my perspective whatever you think of me is irrelevant. The correctness of my disposition has bore fruit in my life. What has your silliness and instigation ever got you?

I've been reluctant to post how I feel about your constant antagonism primarily on the basis of being a nicer guy, but you've simply crossed the line of decency and the gloves are off. It seems whatever random shit comes to your mind just spews all over the page with no sense of discretion at all. What of your opinion amounts to anything? You pander to those whom you think want to hear your plight and summarily throw them under the bridge at the earliest opportunity.


This is bad for so many reasons. Taking guns can't cause the change we need. It ignores that probably some of those people protesting likely directly contributed to events. It ignores the fact that kids and even adults don't even know or care to watch for mental health signs, they just want to ignore it and hope it goes away. We've always been ignorant about this stuff in the US, and this is making it WORSE. Seriously, go find all the articles on these kids talking about bullying and mental health. I sure haven't seen them.

It's essentially this: Fanaticism doesn't work toward the ultimate good, but rather propagates evil (generally tyranny) in the name of something good. (A mythical gun-free existence.) Nothing being proposed by the anti-gun crowd addresses the root causes that perpetrate the evil, they focus only on the instrument. (The instrument can be used to either good or bad ends, the majority of the uses are actually in good intention.)

The root causes are drug and gang involvement, mental health, and broken homes. Until these are addressed, nothing will stop the violence the instrument will simply change. Likewise, all of those using firearms to a good end will be angry that they are being persecuted by the fanatics and be provoked to worse behavior in the name of defending their need for protection or recreation. Essentially, all the fanatics achieve is the creation of more fanatics. If the good people who own firearms are persecuted for the crimes of those who do evils then obviously there is immediate tyranny in the proposition and it should be disregarded.

Journals / Re: Fr. Sisyphus' Archives
« on: March 22, 2018, 02:55:11 am »
I guess I have a way of 'scheduling' these things to make it work for me  :D

I appreciate your ADHD, I just can't get myself to work in that fashion. :D

I'll typically spend a lot more time reflecting over the material than most people though, so it isn't a race I have to win. I have about ten books in the queue, so I'm going to stop buying them for while. :D

Journals / Re: Fr. Sisyphus' Archives
« on: March 21, 2018, 07:27:39 pm »
Man you're reading a lot of books at once. :D

I'd suggest you'd pick one to finish. :D

I only have two books I read in this fashion:

The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda (because it's mostly laid out in 'talks', I might read one at a time - it's also REALLY long, something like 4000 pages over 9 volumes) and a programming book. (I find it is actually counter-productive for me to jam through it because I like to work through the exercises.)

I'm pretty much focusing on completing a read through of "Eight Upanisads" Vol 1. by Swami Gambhirananda w/ commentaries by Sankaracarya. It takes some time, but it's really detailed. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: How often do you perform rituals?
« on: March 18, 2018, 09:07:05 pm »
How often do you perform rituals approximately? Or, if you're into direct magick (vampirism, healing, etc) how often do you practice / perform it?

Never on rituals, as  don't feel the need.

The rest of what I'd do might be considered 'energy' manipulation (whatever that means) when I determine whatever it is needs to change but isn't influenced by macrocosmic forces beyond my control. I guess that's the difference in perspective versus my youth, in that, it's not how something is done by why and if. :D Perhaps. a better definition of what I do is theurgy - though not in a dualistic conception, I don't think the powers to do things reside outside of me, but within.

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