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Music / Re: What really got my involved interest with Satanism
« on: September 19, 2020, 04:32:50 pm »
Took me much longer to get an interest than you two. I learned about Satanism in high school (we had to give presentations in religious class on a topic of our choice, and one group picked Satanism), yet from my vague memories it didn't sound very appealing and was probably mainly on the CoS.

Sure I also knew lyrics by Slayer and Venom and the like as a teen, but none of that pointed to an underlying philosophy that it would be worth to look into. And I also had some passing familiarity with other post-modern religions like Discordianism and Pastafarianism, yet I merely took them to be satire against religion, which I was used to from how my dad talks about religion anyway, not as religions in their own right.

I only really started investigating further into it in my early twenties, and, as you Sutekh, inspired by reading music lyrics, but rather those of Dissection and Deathspell Omega, among others.

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 15, 2020, 07:41:43 pm »
Ill'e try to make this sound less contradictory, I don't accept reality to be good but I understand that importance of being grounded in that reality of practicality. So, to that extent I accept what happens in that Reality as it is, even though I separate myself from it. To put it in terms, a Setian would be focused on success. Yes, that Setian would be dedicated in pursuing the Black Arts, but at the same time the Setian is grounded in that harsh reality in order for him or her to self preserver in his or her own success in that Reality. To put it bluntly the Setian is practical in his or successes in life, hence a good Setian wouldn't revolve his whole life around the occult as an escape from that reality, instead he balances both ways. From re watching both videos by Mr. LeRoy I tend to look at his talk of accepting Reality in a different perspective.
Ah yes, I would agree - staying grounded in reality is certainly part of it. And how exactly one positions oneself to this reality shouldn't matter, the Work can be done irregardless.

I finally had the chance to re think what I was going to say, :). People have different wordings on their goals in achieving through the Western Left Hand Path. But they are about the same commonality you might say, as my previous comments mentioned, hence those who have different wordings are achieving the same thing on the path "Becoming more than Human."

(might seem like a repetition but that was where my thoughts went to)
I think I get what you're saying. Not sure whether you truly have to aim for superhumanity to be on the LHP, but that notion of seeing value in trying to evolve over one's limits is certainly fairly central to it.

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 15, 2020, 08:25:50 am »
What I was trying to bring up were a few hints that I was trying to show as my support of what I meant, on my previous commentary I mentioned a bit of the problems on how most people approach the Western Left Hand Path. I am not implying everyone as a whole having that problematic approach, as I am not one who is a so called "Tom Raspotnik" lol. The videos mention some small hints, of how those who get into Satanism would fall for the self deification trapping, and would of course as nearly mentioned would not progress along the Path, that Is where I was trying to get at. I could care less about the talking on the Eastern Left Hand Path history as its not my interest to explore it.

I see, you meant the part where he was talking about what the LHP isn't about, not about what it is about.
Well if it takes that little to be on the path...

On the talk of accepting Reality as it is, or of oneself as good. I can personally agree on that, the LHP should be about staying grounded in Reality through that Self Deification process. To put these in my own analogical wording, "I don't see a person who chooses to not accept the truth of reality but focuses on his Magical interest as his way of self deification." What I am trying to get at is, if one chooses not to accept Reality or that self as "good" then their wouldn't be no point in achieving that process.
Well regarding accepting reality as good, both Setians and Anti-Cosmic Gnostics seem to consider themselves separate from the objective universe and at least the Gnostics claim to want to get rid of it (depending on how literally you take them). So that part didn't seem to me something universally accepted by LHPers.

Perhaps you miss understand of what I was implying on "Erasing that Lesser Self." You and I have different wordings of the subject. Like LeRoy, I agree on being face to face with that Lesser Self accepting as it is, but by overcoming it. And what do I mean by "Overcoming it?" Erasing it, we can call it many things. "Over coming the human," etc, words that have the same definite goals do not mean a thing, what counts is having that goal and pursuing it. Yes, to answer your question I regard that Lesser Self as getting in the way on the Left Hand Path,

Thanks for clarifying, yes I found your wording a bit confusing.

You may had misunderstood of what I was also trying to get at on stage 1. The reason why Satanism appears to be a joke is how some practitioners choose to handle it in an illogical manner. I am not saying this to you, what do I mean by that? To correct the misunderstanding, what I mean by Conventionality on the first stage is Conventional Religion. Of course some may view Conventional religion as part of that Lesser Self. However I view it as separate from that Lesser Self of stage 2. To give you an example of what I have been spilling out, take some random angry "Satanist" who hates "Christianity," and is so focused on hating it, to the point that he is stuck on that first stage, and maybe stuck on that by not furthering those other stages. This "Satanist" would be trapped under the ocean whirlpool constantly letting it drown him.

I see, but as not everyone grows up with a religion, stage 1 doesn't apply to everyone. (Well I did have religion class in school and even went to Sunday school for a year for my confirmation because tradition, but the form of Christianity here is very liberal, even including atheist perspectives, and my parents are atheists anyway).
That's why I wrote about what other forms of Conventionality it could apply to instead. But if you mean it to only refer to religion, then I guess it's just not relevant for many people.

(I lost my thinking of what I was going to say next, since its the middle of the night for me, I might wrap this up for now.)
Good night ^^ No worries, just write whenever it's best for yourself ;)

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 13, 2020, 12:27:20 am »
That makes sense, I just don't recall having seen any pathworking instructions that were set out for that kinda time frame, at least not any with a particularly LHP bent.

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 12, 2020, 09:38:31 am »
Does the 9-nights long initiation rite in Kelly's Aegishjalmur also count as pathworking? I see some parallels. If so, then that's one pathworking I completed. Didn't really notice any effect of it on my psyche, though.

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 12, 2020, 04:14:50 am »
Ah yes, pathworking does. Or aims to at least - haven't done much because I always get hung up on either too complex preparations that make no sense to me or on instructions being too simple ("say these couple words and you're done") so that I can't see the benefit either.

It's usually based on the assumption that one is experienced/skilled in communicating with spirits (which I'm not).

Last pathworking I tried (in relation to an event by The Temple of the Ascending Flame earlier this year), I got horrible backpain the first night and had to skip the remainder of the working (tried but I couldn't focus). Well I did get the insight that I should really exercise more (which I was aware of, just didn't know what or when, which I've kinda figured out by now) - not sure whether that counts as a pathworking result, though.

And that was again one of those that call for lots of ingredients that seemed much too complex to me, broke it down to stuff I actually had available and felt comfortable using. (Not gonna learn how to use incense, draw blood safely and handle an alcohol-based open fire indoors simultaneously). I can kinda see the point in the things called for,  but instead of making me feel committed to the rite, putting that effort into it would make me feel pissed off, instead of getting me into a trance, the incense would just get me anxious,  and so on.

I don't think pathworkings are that often included in the "workbooks", though.

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 11, 2020, 05:53:33 pm »
What exactly do you mean by the lesser self? Those parts of oneself that get into the way of your goals? If so, then I would rather consider it LHP to work on integrating these parts instead of trying to erase them (which would be in line with what LeRoy seems to be talking about concerning the shadow).
I think you're asking me this, yes?

I had been asking Sutekh because it was his claim that the videos by Thomas LeRoy would relate to what you two had just written, but you brought the term lesser self into this thread and I'm also interested in your reply of course.

What I am referring to with the words Lesser Self is the human/primate psyche, full of habits, indoctrination, misinformation, non-thinking, and multiple shadows which when fully on the western left hand path need to be rectified and in the case of the multiple shadow aspects these need to be confronted and conquered in order to evolve spiritually. The various schools and techniques of the occult throughout history contain many approaches to doing just that which is why it can be beneficial to study them and for some to join a community of like-minded adherents.
For some of those ends, I would rather recommend self-help books like "Tiny Habits" and "The Power of When". Those I found quite helpful recently for figuring out (parts of) what's stopping me from overcoming certain habits and what new ones to establish that are more beneficial to my goals.

I don't think I've ever found a specifically LHP technique to help me with those kinda things, though. Some did deal with getting rid of some forms of indoctrination, but not with one that I'd be aware of having (well if one's aware of it it's not really indoctrination, though). And for mis-information you can't do much anyway but continue learning and questioning. Nor do I think did I find much in spiritual writings that would relate to shadows of mine. Things that cause me to face my shadows are rather situations of daily life or work.
Most occult "workbooks" or collections of techniques I'm familiar with focus on mindfulness, meditation, visualization, spellcasting, spirit communication, perceiving synchronicities, dream journaling, correspondence sets... Some of these things can contribute to solving the issues you listed, yet it seems far from the focus of occultism by my impression. Or perhaps I just don't see what the techniques are supposed to do. So could you give me one example of what you had in mind so I know what to look for?
I know there are some techniques specifically on shadow work but they are usually separate and not a central part of a standard curriculum I think.

I have butted heads with Thomas many times in regards to my position that eastern left hand path practices are basically right hand path goals approached from heterodoxy and that western left hand path practice is approached from antinomianism where the god being sought is one's Greater Self and not an external, separate god/ideal.
Even in RHP hinduism, god is not an external, separate god/ideal, though, based on my vague knowledge of that religion. But we'd have to ask some Hindus I guess.

Just a FYI,  the incidental music behind Mr. LeRoy's videos are from my recordings/compositions, if anyone is interested in hearing more of my musical work feel free to hit the links below.
I'll give it a listen, thanks for the info!

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 11, 2020, 08:20:52 am »
But @Liu The best way to kindv'e point you what Etu and I mean, is watching a few educational videos from Mr. LeRoy. Not trying to give you the wrong perception of how both of us may seem so dogmatic, but of how both of us perceive nearly these same approaches. (Its been a while watching some of these videos, but hopefully you will find some of this useful.)

Hm, I watched the 2 vids, and I don't really get how that relates to your approaches to the LHP. His conclusion is that self-deification means acceptance of the whole of existence (and the whole of oneself) as good. He doesn't distinguish between higher or lesser self or whatever, the only particular part of the self he brings up is the shadow, which, while it might have some parallels is a very different notion from the greater self.

As most of the first vid is on Hinduism, some notes on that as well to clarify what I was referring to in my previous comment. Now I really need to read up again on Hinduism, but based from what I remember:
Shiva is a latecomer to the pantheon, probably based on some deity from the indigenous population of the Indic subcontinent. And that trinity of Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva is even later but doesn't play much of a role in Hinduist practice as pretty much every town has a different deity that they worship - they might equate it with Vishnu or Shiva or Shakti (basically never with Brahman), but even then they only equate it with one and completely disregard the others. In other videos, LeRoy also brings up the comparison between Cernunnos and that famous relief from the Indus Valley culture - but Indus Valley culture broke down a couple hundred years before the first speakers of Indic languages moved into the Indic subcontinent, so even if Shiva goes back to that same entity that is depicted there, that would just mean that he has no relation whatsoever to Cernunnos. And as someone pointed out in the Q&A, what he's talking about is LHP Hinduism (which developed about 1200 to 1500 years ago I think), which is different from "5000 years of unbroken tradition".

@Liu I will get back to your responses, I actually have had to catch up on some of the talking's you and @Etu Malku had on the forum. Iv'e been extremely busy as of late.

But going to @Etu Malku Response
The phrase 'more than human' isn't that difficult to understand. One becomes More Than Human when the human aspect of our existence is transcended. In other words, as we become more like our Greater Self, we become less like our mundane self, thus more than human.

He's hit it on the head, this is something that him and I can personally agree with. Even though @Etu Malku and I have entirely different beliefs on our views of the LHP, we both strive to achieve that Greater Self, Higher Self, Ubermensch whatever you choose to call it. This is as previously stated is the concept of the Western Left Hand Path. Unfortunatley as Etu Malku previously stated I believe, not a lot of people who are on the Western Left Hand Path achieve this stage of that Greater Self. When you first Journey on the Western Left Hand Path your ultimate goal is rebelling against what is Conventional, the Second stage is then working on erasing that "Lesser Self," the third stage is achieving that godhood. For me personally, I view myself on both on that second and third stage.

Some people are often trapped with Satanism in which they are stuck on stage 1, and remain their without any evolutionary progress.
For me, that first stage was me having a certain despise of popular culture.
That didn't relate to my spirituality whatsoever, though, except that listening to metal was what got me to read lyrics related to various forms of the LHP and thereby looking into that further.
So I'm not sure whether I ever was on that first stage, because to me, my spirituality has nothing to do with rebelling against conventions - on the contrary, I'm happy when I find conventional things that fit into it.
What exactly do you mean by the lesser self? Those parts of oneself that get into the way of your goals? If so, then I would rather consider it LHP to work on integrating these parts instead of trying to erase them (which would be in line with what LeRoy seems to be talking about concerning the shadow).

Not really, but as rigid as this might sound. Going back to my previous commentary on exchanges of my mention of "how everyone's different," or that some people may find "collectivism/egalitarianism" beneficial.
I wouldn't brush egalitarianism in with collectivism.  Collectivism does not honor the individual and is framed around the collective.  It seeks to regulate/hold individuals in check in order to further the collective.  Egalitarianism is framed around the individual and honors the individual.  It protects the individual from collateral damage from a rampaging collective by regulating the collective so it doesn't harm individuals.
That sounds about right - TST would thereby be egalitarian and not collectivist.

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 10, 2020, 07:10:26 pm »
I have watched many of Thomas LeRoy's videos, but I don't often do so now because he often repeats himself and talks about stuff I already know (and because I don't find his reconstruction of Indo-European mythology completely convincing). But well, gonna give those 2 a listen and then get back to you.

Regarding idealism, guess we might simply mean different things. Etu had just been talking about platonic ideas, which relates to the meaning of idealism that I'm associating the most with that term. But I guess you meant one of the more colloquial meanings, e.g. striving towards an ideal independent of whether it can be reached or not.

I do tend to find TST's approach fairly agreeable. Not intending to join that organization, I'm not much of an activist or very social. But I see that their approach seems to be helping a lot of people with utilizing a Satan-based spirituality for working towards their goals, and even if it might be unlikely that they'd reach that third stage, it'll at least get them closer than they might get otherwise. I don't have a clue whether I can reach it or whether it's even reachable, yet progress is progress.

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 10, 2020, 07:04:21 am »
I can give you a chaotic example of when we might come into the awareness of our Greater Self. If you've ever been in a car accident there are those moments where you are entirely outside of yourself observing the actual accident, and for some even immediately afterward for a few fleeting moments. If you managed to maneuver out of say, a multiple car collision, as I have, you can't but look back and wonder what the hell was guiding you through that. Perhaps it was luck, but more likely it was the YOU that is not present in your normal, everyday, mundane existence. In a situation such as this, one can easily sense an external agency acting in your best interest.

As for 'progressing' on the Path, it is the conscious effort to strengthen this connection with one's Greater Self in order to enable those qualities to remain present in the now of your existence.
Thanks! I'm a bit surprised. I recall several of your writings in which you warn against taking things as genuine spiritual experiences that can be explained to be caused by brain chemistry. And it's to be expected that getting into a life-threatening situation would put one into a specific mindset.

Now I haven't ever been in any big accident or similar. But I had several situations in which I might have gotten seriously hurt, but was lucky enough I didn't. Usually, my thoughts are then rather on relief and on how to avoid getting into the respective situation again than on ascribing the outcome to any higher power, and I'm also not sure whether I've ever experienced that kind of feeling of being outside myself which you describe. And if it was really bad I might also cuddle up and cry for a bit if in privacy to get over the shock.

I also thank my deity for getting away unharmed, though (which is in so far similar to your concept of the greater self as also there, one is a part or manifestation of it).
And also when praying I thereby ascribe to it that it had helped me and may help me in risky situations in the future.
But that doesn't really convince me of its existence as a self-aware being, I primarily see that as a psychological technique to help me with anxiety and strengthen my confidence.

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 09, 2020, 04:45:34 am »
Ok . . . it looks like this ;)
I get it. So you don't want to get into specifics. Of course the whole of oneself is the result, but that's not gonna help me understand what exactly you count as progressing on the path and which things you wouldn't count.

At the same time I find these to be all excuses, my personal take rather varies. Sure we can argue that a human who is a drugged fiend does have a certain problem, but that can be entirely overcome if they choose to will it. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have the feeling you are more of an idealist from reading many of your responses respectfully, I look at things rather non Idealistically.
Huh, why? Do you think I reacted to Etu's 2nd to last comment as I did if I were that much of an adherent of idealism?

And I'm not convinced that people can just will themselves to overcome their problems. It helps but it's far from enough. Unless you count only people as satanists who are capable of that - if so, then I'm none.

Wasn't necessarily implying the U.S. as the only Westernized Mainstream Culture. Yes we can both say that Mainstream culture can be split into different fragments, which my other commentary was trying to imply. However, yes we can say that the average person has a personal preference for culture's. But what separates me from the rest is going to the extremes by completely isolating myself from these preferences of culture's in order to achieve what I want to achieve on my bridge.

That separation is kinda what I started with long before I ever heard of the LHP. Much of what I learned in the meantime could be summarized as "the mainstream isn't that bad" or "people in general aren't that bad". And knowing a bit of mainstream culture is quite useful in keeping relationships.

Again, I am not arguing with you on how "high you set the bar," however I believe in taking that highness much more deeper.

I.e. higher you mean by deeper?

The only problem in setting the bar too low I see is that it includes results that are very far off from an ideal result of the path. But the direction and intent are still there.

It's just not within the means of everyone all the time due to their circumstances to get to the level of, for example, personal freedom that the path calls for. But that doesn't mean they can't try and move into that direction and thereby still benefit from the path.

Quote from: Etu Malku
To approach the LHP from heterodoxy is to confirm and accept that the religion you are opposing actually exists.

Western LHP is about antinomianism, the opposition and thus the rebellion is not against some religion, rather it is against your lesser self.

I can agree with that point of view of the Western Left Hand Path, including your statement concerning the approach to the LHP. However if one began's on the Western Left Hand Path, wouldn't their rebellion first start on some "religion" then move going against that Lesser Self? The way I see it, is an evolution when one is on the Western Left Hand Path.

Probably, but that religion (or any ideology they grew up in) is thereby part of their lesser self if I understand that terminology correctly.

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 08, 2020, 08:24:57 am »
If you look at the masses, they all adhere to the mainstream culture (atleast I refer to it as mainstream westernized culture where I live). You come from an entirely different country as do I, where I live (refering to the United States) their is a tremendous herd mentality, be it Political action, or the Nazerene Religion. The human population the way I personally view it, all think alike to that extent. Be it through the sides of Politics, Western Religion, and through the mundane, they lack to the independent critical thinking and choose to be stuck in the docile mut. The very essence of the Left Hand Path for me is to ground yourself out of that docile mut which in my personal opinion is the key component to slowly reaching as the Übermensch.
We also have mainstream culture here, but whether you like those forms of culture or not seems mainly to have to do with personal preferences.
I indirectly know some people who might belong to the herd, yet once I get to know someone better that tends to disperse such prejudices of mine towards them, so it's likely that the herd only exists as a prejudice.

Yes, I agree with you here. As you may have seen my other commentary on achieving those goals "Non-Magically," this is the very essence of the Left Hand Path. Achieving your own Great Work by reaching to that final Level both in this existence and in the Astral Plane. These people who you refer to, are the people that you might say are in similar to the Elect, or do not realize the gift that is bestowed upon them by the Prince of Darkness.

But that seems like what humans are like in general. If they don't strive for their goals, it's because something's seriously wrong. Or do I just hang out with the "wrong" people? My range of social contacts is fairly limited. Sure I also know a couple people who don't (visibly) strive much but they either are really old or they have some mental health issue. And even then you could say that they are working on their goals, just not making much headway, or that they simply see no way in how to proceed.
Again, it's rather about how high you set the bar.

Fundamentally, it sort of is. But, I say that with a caveat that if we look at the core of Satanic philosophy (say Nietzsche, Rand, Redbeard, etc.)
My knowledge of Nietzsche, Rand and Redbeard is pretty basic, and at least with Rand's writings it didn't seem very agreeable to me. So I'm not sure whether I would describe that as much of the core of my philosophy, and I heard from some satanists more knowledgeable in these writings that they don't subscribe to them whatsoever.

it's more of the alpha that comes with the methodology of being true to one's fundamental nature and making no excuses. It's not the alpha associated with being a 'Chad' and so on.
My fundamental nature includes making compromises and not making no excuses, lol.

This is the very definition of the left hand path, AKA, it's what _you_ fundamentally need, but not what anyone else needs. I have no idea what the 'actual' philosophy would be a reference to, but according to my understanding we have a few ideas on LHP that we can compare and contrast.
[the] definition [...] I'd prefer, is based on the ideas of Peter Carroll is in reference to the end goal of either methodology being fundamentally the same. That's to say that the right is trying to achieve godliness (spiritual progress) through purity and obedience, where the left hand path is attempting to free oneself of the delusions which obscure the goal. The ultimate destination, illumination, is the goal in both cases. Not too many people hold this view -- I'm the only one I know personally.
That sounds quite agreeable to me. I'm not sure why you think you're the only one holding that view, I wrote pretty much the same thing as your first 3 lines here in this very thread a couple posts ago.

We could pick a spiritual frame of reference and simply limit the concept to that which is 'orthodox' is 'white/right' and what is heterodox is 'black/left'. (Generally, I feel that is too simple, personally.) The distinction here is on the practices and not the individuals partaking in them. This is generally the most accepted set of definitions.

To contrast, we could take another approach and go to motive and action. The right being benevolent in nature, order-affirming, and mindful of the needs of others. In this definition, we could say the left is sinister, malicious, selfish, and the individual thinks only of themselves. Essentially, using this criteria establishes that acts not the beliefs and practices determine the 'path' one travels. Modern occultists love this one because they get to play with 'magick' and still keep most of the belief system from the first case.
A combination of these two approaches seems most common to me among people who identify as RHPers.

The reason for the apparent debate here is that people haphazardly attempt to combine these ideas without any discrimination or realization of the fact that they haven't much to do with one another. This is what causes the perceived 'muddle' of the definition of the left-hand path, but there is actually no muddle just three completely different schools of thought supporting various arguments. Thus, if Lon Milo Duquette or ONA talk about the LHP they both speak in the context of the #2 case, but for very different reasons... Lon will speak of the fact that it's intent that matters and his actions are for good intents, and ONA speaks in terms of their 'sinister action' is what makes them left, etc. It's readily apparent how this can be an extremely confusing subject, lol.
Good example - and I could argue that Lon Milo Duquette is more LHP than the ONA.

Could you give an example of what aspiring to one's Greater Self would look like, to make sure we're on the same page?
If you understand Platonic First Forms, then you understand what the Greater Self is. One's Greater Self is an isolate intelligence void of the dualism present in the objective universe. As a singularity and separate from the objective universe, our Greater Self is us at our ultimate potential, a monad, the authentic psyche.
Thanks, but dude, I asked for a tangible real life example and you get started with platonic ideas? xD How does moving towards your Greater Self look like in your practice or in the practice of someone you know, or in a hypothetical case?

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 06, 2020, 05:56:23 pm »
Well, first the phrase is 'More Than Human' not less than human.
"Less of", not "less than" is what I was saying. "not completely human anymore".

Think about the meaning when people say "I'm only human", it refers to our reptilian brain and our sub-human aspects.
Hm nah, I wouldn't necessarily consider that referring to that in particular. It can, but it can as easily also refer to our particularly human characteristics.

Even though there is a Greater Self attached to all of us, very few of us aspire to find it and fewer to embrace it. For me, that is the essence of the Western Left Hand Path and nothing more or less.
Could you give an example of what aspiring to one's Greater Self would look like, to make sure we're on the same page?

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 06, 2020, 03:52:08 pm »
The actual work and philosophy is contained within the Order, outside of a few articles and things floating around, H☿D is primarily an Occult Order in its truest meaning.
Fair enough - if you're not interested in people outside your order getting a proper idea of it, or if you see more value in keeping stuff secret, then that's fine.
The phrase 'more than human' isn't that difficult to understand. One becomes More Than Human when the human aspect of our existence is transcended. In other words, as we become more like our Greater Self, we become less like our mundane self, thus more than human.
Every human got a Greater Self, I suppose? So that's part of being human. Why would coming closer to one's true self mean becoming less of a human if that true self is an inherent part of being a human in the first place?

Entertainment / Re: 2 Hour interview with a well known public Satanist
« on: September 06, 2020, 07:28:26 am »
As long as you are embracing the True you, the 'more than human' you, I suppose it works. There is no religiosity attached where one needs to believe in anything external to one's being.
"more than human" is again such a vague term. If something is possible for a human, why would it be more than human.

But otherwise I think we do mean similar things if not even the same thing in practice.

Btw, regarding practices - I took a look at some of the articles on the blog of the Herald of the Dawn, especially those that sounded like they might elaborate on techniques used within the order, but it seemed all very vague and more focused on mythology and some speculations on psychology. So it's difficult to derive from that what spiritual work within your order looks like. So that makes it difficult to get a proper impression of what it is about.
I would guess that it's at least in part intentional that you only want to share your practices within your order?

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