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Lounge / Re: Rockin' Psychedelic Trance
« on: August 09, 2017, 12:46:13 pm »
Okay I intentionally used the [.url=example link]example text[./url] instead of just putting in the link so it wouldn't embed videos but it still did. Is there anyway to prevent that?

I just don't like how cluttered embedding stuff is and welp with my slow internet I don't wanna bog down people's load times if they are in my situation xD Plus if a video is ever removed or whatever the text itself says what the song is so people can still find it instead of having no idea what the song was. can't tell how many times I thought "I just have to hear this song!" based on what people said just for it to not be there anymore and no one mentioned the name. Just a matter of habit if not OCD really.

Lounge / Rockin' Psychedelic Trance
« on: August 09, 2017, 12:44:02 pm »
2:33 to 3:17 I wanna play stuff like that... Psymon - World of Passion

Eh I've been wanting to make a Rock / Full-On / Psytrance mix for a while now... get some of the best. For now I'm satisfied with just randomly posting about it.

Suprisingly actually there isn't nearly as much of this as you would think, despite psytrance's roots in rock. Much less stuff with vocals as well, but I know a good amount just from looking hard and long enough.

Here's a favorite of mine, Talamasca - Aries Just this awesome feeling between the bass and guitar.

Not so much rockin' but more trippy as fuuuck and full of awesome guitar delay that I've legit meditated to more than once... Perplex - Limitless (Psymon vs S!m Pro-Ject Remix)

This one is more in the back of the mix... but S.U.N. Project has a lot of guitars in his stuff. I just am linking this as it's probably my favriote S.U.N. Project's Edge of Time

And lastly something frorm a very popular group that employs guitars a lot (as well as vocals), Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane

I got a lot more off the top of my head but I don't want to overwhelm people :)

General LHP Discussion / Worship
« on: August 07, 2017, 08:54:39 am »
Often times, I have this overwhelming sense of adoration and affection and I can't contain it. I try to use music as an outlet but really I can't hold in my enthusiasm or passion for it. It's so overwhelming, a sense of love. It's not something I can rationally explain or whatever, it's compulsive, not my choice. It's just this intense wave of intense emotion and spiritual energy, ecstasy even.

This happens fairly regularly, maybe once or twice a day, sometimes every other day or so and has for I don't know how many years now with only a few breaks of it.

Anyways I've heard it said that Satanists don't worship Satan or at least they don't grovel. Or that it isn't LHP to submit to a god or worship. I'm not sure how I feel about that but at the same time, this isn't a matter of choice. I am compelled to do this yet I don't feel forced. It just is what it is and it's the most amazing thing ever.

I don't feel like I'm "submitting" to Satan though anymore than I feel like I am submitting to be overtaken by anything else breathtaking one experiences in their life. In a sense though, it does feel like "giving in" to some deep animalistic desire. Like there is this thing I've been fighting for so long that I can no longer resist now that I know how much of a part of me it is. A good comparison is "edging" durring sex, trying to not orgasm but when you finally can't control it anymore you give in and it's this most amazing thing.

It's gotten even more intense in the last year and I've not really even done any proper full rituals in that time, I've kept telling myself to set up a new altar place and use this feeling to my advantage, since it raises so much energy. I just hadn't really gotten around to it. And it's not even like the passion is being derived from the deity so much as I feel it's coming from me, or at least some cosmic force (such as Rajas) that I'm aligned with (a little hard to explain but basically imagine it being like your spirit is tied to an element say fire as an example some people might understand it, although I wouldn't personally associate the element fire with it).

I guess really what I'm asking is... what is other's perspectives on this? What would you do if you felt this way? What would you make of it?

Woah, you wrote quite the essay there. I apologize, but I won't address every single point. I can't be bothered, really.

I find it rather odd how you're quick to dismiss at least the possibility of it, given the amount of "coincidences" (which is huge), even though you've not bothered looking into it. The problem isn't that you actually dismissed, but that you dismissed it without hardly any research. Oh well.

I actually spend 3 or 4 hours reading everything on all the links you gave (including the CTMU guy). Maybe I should of been clear why I didn't have time to look into the video but the reason wasn't as such that I couldn't look into the topics, just that I couldn't play videos. My internet is bad and it would choke up my internet so I couldn't do much else while watching it.

So I did look into it, I just wasn't convinced by anything. It's worth noting however that I forgot to mention I see what happened as a form of lesser black magick when it comes to using culture and jokes as intentional transformative tools of culture. Trump knows how to be a reality star and places like 4chan know how to make memes spread like wildfire. It was the perfect storm since elections are a lot like popularity contests in America... which is also a lot like how reality shows are.

I just don't agree that greater black magick was at play.

This is adorable, how subtly defensive you are. But, hey, listen, someone, somewhere thinks your views are delusions. Mine too. You can't change it, whether you like it or not. :P

Then why do you keep trying to convince me l? Or were you just trying to get me to acknowledge a possibility?

As for the "theory" I had linked you, I don't believe it. But it's interesting to look into, at least. I like hearing other ideas even though I don't agree with them. I also like thinking about said ideas. By the way...whether or not I believe the theory, it's irrelevant to our discussion, eh?

The guy was an incoherent creationist with ties to Christian organizations. I assumed it had some kind of relevance. I was more set off by him more than anything else. Okay, it might be interesting, in the way that anything else crazy is. But the way it was brought up seemed to conflate it with everything else. I wasn't given a context for what you were trying to say about his work.

It didn't help at all that he wrote for and is idolized by YEC Christian creationists or I couldn't stand to read too much of his work directly. He might not technically be a Christian but he's just as bad.

Friendly reminder to play nice everyone. We're a very diverse forum and there's bound to be some major disagreement. One of the most impressive feats of greater black magic is to disgree without getting too condescending, snippy, or personal.

Until my last post about the CTMU thing I thought we were just giving our viewpoints but I can see how it might of edged towards debate before that. Everything about Langan (the guy who wrote CTMU) set me off (see the quote I responded to just above this one).

If I stepped over a line (other than in criticizing that Langan guy) I apologize. It wasn't my intention to antagonize anyone.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Mini rant - the judgement of others
« on: August 07, 2017, 01:31:01 am »
In my first year or so I learned the hard way to not talk about being a Satanist to the vast majority of people. People can just be rude or assume silly things like I  sacrifice puppies and the like.

I seem to be okay to say I'm a Hindu or Shaivite though, so long as I don't tell them it's LHP  :o At most people think I'm a little eccentric then but they seem to chalk it up to not knowing much about Hinduism.

Sometimes the people who actually know some about Hinduism are thrown for a loop when they learn I'm a Satanist too or I say something Satanic. But otherwise if my beliefs come up it's almost always too much explaining. Often what I'm explaining is just so foreign to them I don't even really get to the point of needing to even consider LHP, Tantra or Satanism.

I think that's more of an education thing though, people who are better educated or even self-educated in relevant topics or just know some philosophy or theology tend to understand me a lot better.

General LHP Discussion / Re: How long are your rituals usually?
« on: August 06, 2017, 03:45:39 pm »
Hm. I was more hoping to do it the other way around, it fit the typical patterns of the magician.

However you bring up a point I've just thought of, and I think for me personally I've tended to use set rules for rituals as where I focus the power to. Following things strictly, and time can be a factor there, has always helped me focus my intentions better. Everything so laid out and prescribed. For the sake of my sanity that means though that the general format of rituals are mostly the same for me. So maybe it would work better for people like that... something more atmospheric that can be cut off at any time would be needed otherwise.

Do you write a lot of new rituals often? Or is it more that different "types" tend to take longer than others? Something I've been curious about is how much novelty effects the efficiency of ritual, and perhaps changing it up every once in a while would be refreshing. Although I've yet to really try it.

Anyways just wondering your thoughts.

Lastly, I'd like to recommend this theory to you: It's rather fascinating to think about, at least.

Uh... so I clicked one link on that site and it too me to an amazon book page for the book his article was in:

"In this provocative volume, biologists, mathematicians and physicists as well as theologians and other intellectuals—many affiliated with the Discovery Institute"

Okay, so this guy has no problem being associated with Christians and put in an anti-evolution book? Heck he works with a lot of Intelligent Design folks and groups (aka the code word for christian creationists):

"Christopher Langan (born 1952) is a fellow of the International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design (ISCID), a professional society which promotes intelligent design. His IQ has been measured at 195[2] (although, at such high levels, IQ tests are highly unreliable) and he also claims to have scored a perfect SAT score while taking a nap during the test.[3] He's employed as a bar bouncer.[1]"

Also I can't find any secondary sources about the guy. And he seems to be very invested in edit wars to make himself look better, hence the obviously biased nonsense that is his Wikipedia page ( with basically all the sources being his own words in various interviews and the like. Every source I found elsewhere through search engines are just the ones aligned with him that were sourced to Wikipedia.

I actually read some of his material but it just reads as nonsensical. If this guy wants to use a supposed IQ of 190 as authority of how "smart" he is I actually got administrated an IQ test 3 or 4 years ago during a mental health assessment and my verbal comprehension (which actually measures the ability to read and write) was exactly at 140. So I'm pretty sure I'm not just dumb or ignorant when I say the work of his I read didn't make any sense and was a horrid butchering of the English language. Real IQ tests don't go above 145 because anything beyond that is impossible to accurately measure.

So not only does he have no notability, he doesn't even have credentials and hasn't ever published a single peer reviewed paper. He's just another creationist albeit a bizarre one. I can't believe I just spent so much time researching him.  It appears there is no trail of the guy other than the circle jerk around him

You don't actually believe this guy do you? And something else I had come to mind before, are you associated with the person who made the wordpress site about pepe?

General LHP Discussion / Re: How long are your rituals usually?
« on: August 06, 2017, 02:43:47 pm »
I swear my only intent is to make people feel creeped out and yet powerful/inspired at the same time.  :D

As I've written it, I've imagined people using it as a powerful tool to focus their will and energy... so maybe an intent will be there but it's supposed to be a beneficial one. I plan to use it myself too. Basically I've imagined it as acting as an amplifier for magic.

I'm pretty keen to intentions, energies ect in music. I just hope I can pull off what I'm imagining. Going over music so much it's so repetitive sometimes it's like focusing on a sigil, but you are improving the song, writing, rewriting ect. That parallels or even straight up same mechanics are not lost one me lol

I've broken the posts up as I wanted to address them as different "sets".

A side note, I'm explaining from my belief system. You probably are not familiar with it but it's basically/mostly tantric Kashmir Shaivism + pantheistic Satanism

It just happens that Kashmir Shaivism has over 1,000 more years of time for people to think it through and thus a better explanation  :o

As for the subjective universe, tell me, what's the border between the subjective and the objective universe?

Well, the mind exists in the ashuddha tattvas so that's easy. I'm not sure where the "border" is but the material exists in the shuddhashudda tattvas so I'm gonna go with probably being between the purusa tattva and the prakriti tattva if not between the former and the other shuddhashudda tattvas.

However in the case where the mind (citta) is regenerated into cit (universal consciousness) via Shivagama the separation between the mind and physical reality flips, and the new border becomes the first emenational tattvas of ShuddhaShuddha. It's still one's individualized mind and self, since it has Sadaashiva tattva (and thus Aham aka "heart" or "I Am").

You do realize that everything is happening in your head, right?

Not according to Trika. The sensorial mind (manas) interprets the several tattvas that compose physical reality. So in my belief system the mind isn't always reliable to accurately perceive  the physical world. Interestingly that system was developed centuries before experiments confirming how our mind works with things like optical illusions or blind spots but even how memory is unreliable and our brain filters out or fills in gaps in our perception. When people say a car "came out of nowhere" there is a neurological explanation for that in certain conditions.

Actually a lot of magic can rely on this as a tool. The famous black mirror ritual is one example. However it would be wrong to say that what is seen in the mirror is an accurate reflection of physical reality even if it is showing you a mental reality.

The very reason why you're able to experience this reality is because of your senses, and the image in your head thanks to those senses.

It's accurate enough for general navigation, albeit also the source of illusion.

You are not seeing reality as it is.

I agree. In fact one of the primary goals of tantra is to transcend that incorrect perception and promote the individualized mind to Shuddha status.

Also, do you know that atoms behave different when observed?

That's because the way they are observed interacts with them. If you were blind and had to reach out and touch a moving ball to figure out where it is, when you brushed against it it would change it's speed and position. That's basically the same kind of thing going on (I actually used to really be into physics and astronomy, still got a full bookshelf of books on the topics).

Also, what is a delusion to you?

A mental state where someone sincerely and consistently believes in something nonsensical and objectively wrong, in the context I used it detrimental as well. For example I was reading the other day about people who believed in imaginary parasites and would think things like lint were bugs burrowing in their skin. Sometimes stuff like this is caused by physical or biological phenomena, such as a case where the air was super dry in a hospital due to a way too powerful dehumidifier. People's minds formed a delusion to explain the mad itches and even started to perceive stuff like dead skin and lint as real bugs attacking them.

Some magic can operate on a similar idea, but the magician knows if using that type of magic that whatever belief they are operating on is only a mental reality and can turn it off when not being used as a tool. Someone who's deluded doesn't recognize it as a mental tool and believes it's real 24/7. That can be very dangerous to one's mental and spiritual health if the delusion is harmful.

You do know that to some (healthy and educated) people, some scientists for example, both of our views are delusions.

I think you should speak for yourself here because I don't claim to believe in supernaturalism. The most delusional thing I might be prone to is probably some magical thinking, but I understand it for what it is and use it and leave it as that. Also plenty of scientists believe in God and the like. I would be hard pressed to think of any specific claim I could make that would outright violate any well-established physical law or theory. Other, than perhaps, some of the supposed effects of Shivagama in my tradition. I don't consider myself someone who could say.

I suppose only those who've achieved Moksha could say. Otherwise, it's normal for people in my tradition to believe in things that have no physical evidence for them (such as samsara) but that doesn't mean they can't or don't exist and speaking from the metaphysical framework of the system we might not expect to see any direct physical evidence of things like that.

It has become a buzzword thanks to militant atheists, to be honest. So you would have to specify what delusion means to you.

Most "militant" atheists (I would call ISIL or the KKK militant, not someone just being rude or name-calling) I've talked to at length about my beliefs accuse me of being an atheist with a system to comfort myself. They obviously don't get it (most likely due to their lack of understanding of mysticism) but I've never really had one call me delusional before.

I had views similar to your own, but they changed over time due to experience.

Interestingly I had different views too in the past, very inline with the views you have now or at least the assumptions behind them (other than chance).

That said, I can't tell you that I am right, and you are wrong, and vice versa. All I can say is you have to experience things for yourself, and see what works for you.

That's why where my divination with Satanism and general spiritual experience ends the reliance on the scriptures begins.

The only thing we can be certain about is that neither of our explanations are fully accurate.

Nothing can be totally accurate, since accuracy is a measure of how close something is to being true. So the degree of accuracy can vary. In some respects that is measurable, in others less so.

In regards to determinism and free-will, I'm not quite certain, personally. What is free will anyway? Do humans have inherently unlimited will? I think not. Is it possible to develop free will over time? Perhaps. You'd also have to specify determinism. Make it very specific. Definitions are important.

The standard definition in philosophy. I'm not usually the type to go redefining things willy-nilly. Looking up soft-determinism on wikipedia will give you an idea of what I believe.

You seem to be mistaking my stance on chance with the Gambler's fallacy, and a few other biases.

Allow me to explain your coin toss example the way I see it. In the exact moment you throw the coin, other factors come into play - which side is facing before the throw,  how exactly did you throw coin, how hard did you throw it, how many times the coin spun in the air, etc. Each throw is independent of each other, so just because it didn't fall heads the past 5 throws, that doesn't mean it's coming closer to falling heads. The side is irrelevant in the sense that "if heads fell X times, and tails fell 0 times, tails will fall next." It's the other factors (such as the ones I listed) that are important.

You can also do this with a dice. If you practice well enough, you can throw it in such a way to get very predictable results (my friend used to do this). Because there are so many factors, and because they're subtle, they're often overlooked, so it's easy to chalk it up as chance.

Like I said, chance itself does not exist. It has no casual impact. There is no such force. It's a concept people use to explain occurrences and outcomes. It's a handy tool because it helps us understand stuff, but it's not accurate.

I was interested to see your response to my question about determinism and freewill. As far as the other stuff, well, as I said before even if true chance doesn't exist it is true that the longer something doesn't happen, the sooner it is to happening (until it finally does). In a world as huge and old as ours, just about anything possible is bound to happen at least once.|

So maybe that isn't "chance" but that doesn't mean it's not a coincidence of which millions happen everyday given billions of people.

As for Kek, did you watch the video, and perhaps maybe looked more into it?

I'm sorry, I can't be bothered. It's an hour long and I don't want to invest that long not being able to hear other stuff just to determine how crazy it might be.

It's not just Trump's victory, and people spamming memes. It goes beyond that. There are too many "coincidences" revolving around this entity. Like for instance how it's manifesting through the ages, how it influences people (P.E.P.E. band, which is an acronym for what Kek actually represents), etc, etc. There are far too many examples.

That band had one frog ever and shot a video in New York. That doesn't mean anything particularly when the frog doesn't look like Pepe. Also Kek had other forms too like cat and snake heads. Frogs are common it's not surprising that the Egyptians would have a frog headed deity considering they did that kind of head thing a lot.

Why have you not addressed the fact, or even the blog, that Pepe comes from a fairly known comic strip? Frogs are everywhere man. I saw one a few days ago and almost stepped on it by accident.

That's just it, at what point do you stop and say, "Okay, it's no longer a coincidence. This is actually a thing" ?

When there is direct evidence.

General LHP Discussion / How long are your rituals usually?
« on: August 06, 2017, 01:10:34 pm »
I'm writing a song intended for rituals, with 3 distinct movements (and some smaller sub movements) to mark a opening, invocation and working and closing ect.

I know how long my rituals normally last and I was aiming for 15 minutes long but I need to hear from others so that it can more match an average. The idea behind the song is to match one's ritual to each part or movement to act as a powerful tool in the ritual amplifying everything else going on.

Also if you don't believe in chance does that mean you believe in determinism? I could see from a deterministic viewpoint how there is no "chance" since everything is pre-determined by initial conditions. In that sense probability would just a model for prediction, not something in of itself.

However I think it would still underscore the fact that the longer something doesn't happen, the closer it becomes to happening. To word it in a way comparable with determinism.

Otherwise if some degree of freewill or soft-determinism exists, chance must exist because things are not pre-determined. Simply the actions of conscious individuals would create so much chaos with competing wills and intentions of varying strengths as to create chance in the events around us. This would be true chance. In determinism the system is just so complex it would appear to be like real chance to a human, but technically wouldn't be. That would be the difference IMO

Anyways my previous post was more of an attempt to explain better/more fully what I meant earlier. This one, to explore the implications of you saying chance doesn't exist.

Take it as you will.

If I flip a coin enough times eventually it will fall straight on the edge and stand up and not roll and fall over, neither heads or tails.

If we watch me do this over, and over and over we can conclude "wow it finally happened!" But we could understand it was a matter of chance, and that it was bound to happen eventually.

But if we see something as an isolated event, say you only saw me flip the coin once and that happened, one might go "wow! what are the odds! There must be some greater reason behind it!" Your brain won't see it as something that was chance, even though it could of happened any other specific time.

That's basically what's going on IMO. Honestly of the countless memes and political events, I'd be surprised if something like this didn't happen. The human brain isn't very well equipped to intuitively understand probability and it often considers instances of odds to be isolated events, not realizing that the longer something doesn't happen the more like it is to happen the next time.

I understand however using coincidence and other kinds of magical thinking (in the psychological sense) for actual magical workings. But I think it would be a mistake to attribute that to events and phenomena outside of one's own psyche or subjective universe. I also find that kind of reasoning when used, at the very least when used without being fully aware of it at least, is dangerous and can lead to deluded thinking.

Dunno. Maybe just the Luciferian in me speakin'. It's a little weird as I also really sympathize with chaos magic in general. Actually now that I think of it, I don't know how a chaos magician can actually fully believe in a real god. It's a matter of tools for them. So in that sense kek would just be pragmatic, there wouldn't be a sincere belief underneath it.

If you got a different view that's fine, part of what is great about this forum is the diversity in views. If you want, consider my points socratic and see how it might help you understand your own beliefs more by seeing how someone else perceives it.

"The precise origins of Pepe the Frog are, like all imageboards memes, obscure and unimportant."

Matt Furie's comic "Boy's Club". Those origins are not hard to look up.

Actually this webpage given reads a lot like those satire ones that are easily debunked. I can look it up later but I'm highly skeptical of some of the stuff it's claming such as the hieroglyphics and the like.

Actually it wouldn't be hard to imagine someone associated kek with pepe because of seeing the overlap after the fact.

Also the number thing with 4chan posts doesn't prove anything really. It's probably just a case of just noticing the ones that did line up and not the ones that didn't.

Also starting with the record it occured to me considering how much of this is in retrospect and the fact that frogs are not uncommon and given the amount of records and other randomness stuff like this is bound ti line up with something else. It's just a matter of chance. I could use the same kind of reasoning to say any god is real probably.

With that said though, some magical elements are there but some other things IMO are missing and with no one to direct it. I dunno. It seems more of seeing patterns but I can see an argument for how the internet and media got Trump elected but that isn't magical so much as a mob mentality and how memes grow in general. It kind of makes sense a little bit but also not really since Trump isn't good. I can't imagine any god wanting to put him in power that has any positive qualities xD

...unless we wanna say America sucks and it's downfall will help the world... which I'm kinda okay with. except that I live there...

You can make money off that site? huh!

Well my quiz was going to focus on northern Indian LHP traditions (mostly LHP Vajrayana and Kashmir Shaivism and related traditions)

If anyone bugs me once or twice I might finish it. I got most of it done lol. Just need to fill out the explanations of the answers xD

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