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Satanism / Re: Hate Isn't the way of the Satanist
« on: September 20, 2019, 12:09:53 pm »
Be careful . . . you're slipping your Satanism into Luciferianism  :rolleyes:

I wrote this two years ago. After all the shit I've seen in the last 9 months I might amend some parts if I were to ever rewrite it or if I had written it now.

But... why not both? Satanism and Luciferianism isn't that terribly different, and I consider myself both.

Satanism / Re: Pentagonal Revisionism, anyone?
« on: September 20, 2019, 12:08:07 pm »
Unfortunately a lot of what is suggested to encourage a meritocracy (when it comes to extreme economic liberterianism) in reality usually leads to nepotism and corporatism. Look at the coal towns in West Virginia's history for how this plays out... a company sets up a literal town, and the next thing you know they are paying you in store credits but intentionally don't even give you enough to make ends meet so you end up in debt to them.

Unions helped change that, but essentially lack of regulation doesn't lead to meritocracy.

Any person who's family is wealthy can invest in them or give them certain advantages. A poor person who started from nothing has more merit by pulling it off without money from family. But since the ones with money are making the rules in a corporatism, they can crush any potential competition not based on merit but through shady practices to establish monopolies (ever notice how quality of products fall whenever there is a monopoly?).

Without some kind of limits in place, those in power will secure the power for their own family and shut out anyone they personally don't like. I can point to India's caste system as an example of how a system of stratification once based on ability and meritocracy was corrupted by nepotism. Priests wanted to centralize that power so made it hereditary (although a lot of this was made much worse by British occupation who used it to help subjugate the populace).

I mention the lack of regulation and extreme economic liberterianism because as far as I know, it's what is espoused by the CoS. The outcome isn't that the "strong" excel in the arts or business, but that those with money do. Just because your grandfather was smart and founded some company doesn't mean you are nearly as smart or hard working as he was and yet you reap those advantages without having done anything to actually earn or deserve it. It's familial welfare.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Satanism is the Original Religion of Humanity
« on: September 20, 2019, 11:36:13 am »
Ya mostly looks like JoS stuff.

Also I didn't look into the link and only started skimming stuff because I have better things to do, but I'll point out I've never heard of "Sanat-Kumara" and I'm pretty much the go-to person for blending Satanism and Hinduism. I would of heard of it.

Looking it up in a Sanskrit dictionary reveals that Sanat is an epithet of Brahman (impersonal supreme reality). Kumara has a lot of references but mostly is used as a name by various characters and historical people, and meaning young man so there is a very small grain of truth in the statement.

But SanatKumara sounds oxymoronic to me, given one is impersonal and the other is... a personal name (mostly).

Lounge / Re: New pendent
« on: September 20, 2019, 11:24:13 am »
Nice! I might consider that for my own custom sigils...

Satanism / Re: Some CoS inside information
« on: August 28, 2019, 12:01:35 pm »
I agree with @Liu  that that FAQ answer seems to be one big self given pat on the back, but I do agree that it's on point with talking about how LaVey accepted LGBT people from the start. I don't see anything incongruent with that, their recent actions and the situation. It would be like if someone joined and then started saying the CoS shouldn't take a stance on taxation of the churches... that's one of their big things.

This thread was weird for me though, in all honesty. I didn't think I'd be defending the CoS, given my general dislike of the organization. But I gotta give credit where it's due.

My guess is that some CoS members see standing up for LGBT+ rights as earning a "good guy badge" and they feel contemptuous of that

I never really considered that, but that would explain a lot about their attitudes on some issues, at least a facet of it.

Satanism / Re: Some CoS inside information
« on: August 28, 2019, 02:54:38 am »
center of it is the question of transgenderism.

Welp. I always dread when this comes up lol.

Also the term "transgenderism" has a negative connotation and is often used by anti transgender activists. I'd recommend you shy away from using the word, even if it had different uses in the past it is sometimes considered offensive and it won't win you any points with anyone who's trans or an ally.

On one side are Satanists who believe things should stay apolitical and individual, and the other wants take the stand that a transgender individual is objectively the sex they identify with, not their "physical" gender.

Just so everyone reading this is aware, transgender people existing is not political.

It's been well established within the medical field for decades, going as far as brain scans proving that the wiring is different from that of CIS people that were also born as the same physical sex as them.

Satanism is a religion of individualism, it makes no sense to me for a Satanist to be against trans people, particularly when there is a lot of medical literature, clinical evidence, and established effective treatments on the issue.

Also, the CoS has always been political.. Ayn Rand was a big influence. Personal freedom is a huge part of that. Look at the Pentagontal Revision.

The issue is that Peter, Peggy, and Blanche all side with the latter, including many high ranking CoS members. This has led to a situation where Satanists who don't agree with them are being demoted in rank and power within the CoS. This is to the level where guys like the one who runs the official merch website are being demoted to Warlock from Reverend or higher!

Even LaVey said that Satanism should have no problem with someone's self identity or even sexuality, habits or other things. It seems perfectly in line with them to demote people who don't hold to those ideals. I don't agree with the CoS on a lot of things but on this one issue it makes sense given what is written in The Satanic Bible.

I don't care how much you support transgender recognition, especially since these guys and gals aren't AGAINST it, just against CoS taking a stance.

Why are they against the group taking a stance that an individual is free to live their life as they are meant to? Isn't that one of the main points of Satanism in general?

One member even reported that'd he would happily have sex with a transitioned female and couldn't care less, so long as they appealed to him of course. But this wasn't enough to save from demotion.

Right because our recognition is based on how fuckable we are. That kind of reasoning belongs in the garbage. If this was his defense I really wonder what it was that he said in the first place to make it even relevant.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Body Transformation as Magick
« on: August 18, 2019, 01:46:10 pm »
I found that hormone therapy made my breasts pretty magical if that's what you mean.

Though for real... only in so much that it shapes the perception of you, but everyone does that anyways. I kind of feel like you need a bit more 'edge' over what normal people do, even what sociopaths do, to start to consider it lesser magic. In my view, lesser magic includes the use of symbolism, not just psychology and playing on perception and/or manipulation.

Of course normal people use symbolism too but it's not something that think about on a mechanical level or use in a conscious manner.

Satanism / Re: Satanic Sinners
« on: August 09, 2019, 02:22:35 am »
Just skimmed as I intend to come back to this, but the lack of aesthetics I always found funny since the CoS sense of style is so tacky, even the modern stuff. The bad/cheap costumes their priests have in their rituals has always come to mind.

Satanism / Re: "Satan is..."
« on: August 09, 2019, 02:18:53 am »
Good ones I like em Liu! Some look better fit than a few I use (ie life over strictly carnality, and will over defiance).

Etu, maybe my memory is faulty but that just looks like a copy paste of something else you've said in the past. This thread isn't some dissertation it's just meant to be a fun mental exercise to see variations on the symbolism and or sphere from different perspectives.

Satanism / "Satan is..."
« on: August 08, 2019, 11:03:09 am »

Something I thought of to put succinctly the sphere and symbolic relation of Satan to one's practice and beliefs. Share yours below or thoughts on the idea.


"Satan is  (one word)"

My own:

Satan is Perseverance.
Satan is Power.
Satan is Empowerment.
Satan is Truth.
Satan is Cosmic.
Satan is Chaos.
Satan is Individualism.
Satan is Freedom.
Satan is Discipline.
Satan is Self-Mastery.
Satan is Defiance.
Satan is Carnality.
Satan is Spirituality.
Satan is Opposites.
Satan is Duality.
Satan is Nonduality.
Satan is Destruction.
Satan is Creation.
Satan is Essence.
Satan is Self.
Satan is Reflection.
Satan is Wrath.
Satan is God.

I could probably think of more but those are the ones that come to mind. Some might seem redundant but English is kinda vague at times and many I'd see differences in (ie self mastery might be more skill related where as discipline is more about having self control and healthy habits that foster self mastery, both of which play into personal power ect)

Announcements / Re: Congratulations
« on: June 26, 2019, 12:22:53 pm »

Satanism / Re: Freedom of Info - FBI does not have file on ONA
« on: June 13, 2019, 08:20:45 am »
I don't recall which ONA spin off it was, maybe Temple ov Blood but there was one that once had an initiate go to the ER after some ritual hazing that went too far.

From what I understand there was a real original ONA, but it was like half a dozen people or something and they made up most of their history. Since ONA functions as discrete cells i t's hard to know how many ONA people there are doing what. From the few I've encountered online I'd say most do many of hte actual practices minus the felony type of shit (murder).

I do recall reading some ONA cells were established as planned but that most degraded into hedonisitic cults. Lotsof this is from memory mind you...

An actual article saying more than I could is here, an old but good one, dont know if anyone come across this:


Ya I don't really see in the context how he's talking about breaking free of stereotypes. If that was his intent the language didn't make that clear. Shock can be used to great effect in the LHP but the framing of it is what matters.

Also to Etu's contact that says the knew LaVey, I'm suprised that they claim he never said anything classist since LaVey's dogma is based largely on Ayn Rand, and he also advocated for social stratification and eugenics in the pentagontal revisionism. Ya, I know he said it was based on a meritocracy but most proposed systems of that invariably fall to nepotism and oilarchy. His idea of eugenics didn't make sense either since two talented people choosing to have kids doesn't really mean their kids  will be talented. Talent is kind of a myth anyways. Early exposure to the arts is a thing, but really any skill is learned it';s just early exposure makes it easier hence kids of skillful people (say musicians) who are nurtured themselves learn skills.

Anyways my point is, I thought classism was inherent in LaVeyan Satanism, hence them being proclaimed elitists.

Hey all! I can’t get over the fact that his words could almost sound like a sermon you may hear at the Westboro Baptist Church but with Satan in place of god. What is the point of being your own god if the god you become is the same oppressor and bigot as the god you’ve denounced, but dressed in black and with horns? :rolleyes:

Well damn that's a lot more concise than I could of put it.

After conferring with someone who was directly involved with and close to LaVey and the original CoS, my understanding is that Anton is referring not to ethnicity but to that ethnicity's dregs and scum.

That's not better.

Exactly, most of the deflections on this don't really get around the core issue that it's rooted in the same sentiments. There's always "but so and so is one of the good ones!" If it wasn't a matter of ethiniticy it wouldn't need to be brought up in the first place.

Satanism / Re: I am thinking of reading Miltons Paradise Lost
« on: June 11, 2019, 09:40:37 am »
Do it and tell us if it's worth it. I also wonder if maybe there is a "version" of it that puts it in a structure that's easier for modern people to read.

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