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Luciferianism / Ford's Tarot
« on: December 12, 2019, 07:48:55 am »
So I've never been a fan of Ford, from what I know of his work, but I've had a lot of success so far with the tarot deck based on this the last week or so:

I pretty much just stick to the quick reference or the description of the cards, and def something spooky (beyond normal phenomenal) is going on when I use the deck. I own 2 other decks yet I keep coming back to this one. I've even consulted with spirits in relation to it, so I know something is happening, and there are other things I could get into, about how a spirit knocked the deck over and all landed in a pile but the spread for a reading right side up right before I was about to do one. I don't want to say too much as it went to an incredibly personal series of events in my life. Suffice to say, it was spot on and kept predicting what was going to happen, what did happen and what has happened pretty much 100% as to what has come to pass already. I find the deck seems to predict the future, generally, in the short term future. I always use the past-present-future spread for the simplicity and to help gauge and reflect  my best course of action to avoid futures I don't want to manifest.

Part of me thinks the spookyness (beyond normal phenomena) is because of the sigils on the back of the cards, but I'm sure the artwork helps too.

Does anyone else have experience with this deck or the book that they would be willing to share?

Satanism / Re: CoS compared to well defined characteristics of LHP and RHP
« on: December 12, 2019, 07:20:52 am »
I'm not in the habit of defending the CoS, and I only have two things of any value to say and one to ask:

1. I am curious where you got these characteristics of LHP/RHP to draw for the comparison.

2. As far as the politics situation, only to the extent that this covers LGBT+ issues, I am in support of because to not be in support of it is antithetical to Satanism no matter the form. What is "politics" to straight, cis people, is a very real, tangible thing gay/bi+ and trans people deal with all the time, it's not theoretical but we feel it. For example the trans military ban has affected people I personally know, and I personally know at least two transwomen who are veterans who served during war. As of late the Supreme Court has been ruling on if it's legal to fire someone fro being trans in the federal level. This will have huge repercussions for trans people (and it has for me, since it was part of why I moved to California to gain those protections). It's not something we can afford to not be involved in, since it's going to directly affect us in one way or the other. We don't have the privilege of it being "political".

To where it extends elsewhere though, outside of the rights of individuals to live their lives as themselves according to their inherent nature (isn't this the main point of Satanism?), I would be inclined to agree. If for example, the CoS didn't allow any leeway in views on economic matters, it would be a problem in my view since many different political viewpoints could find fertile ground in some kind of reasoning that is congruent with to varying degrees, the Satanic Bible, in my opinion.

3. I've stated it before, but I'm not sure what use it is to call a group "RHP" outside of the few contexts that a group self identifies as it. I think it makes too much of an "us vs them" mentality. Unfortunately things don't always fit two distinct categories easily and to some extent we run committing a No True Scottsman with the reasoning regardless of that fact when thinking along the lines of this topic.

that's why I wanna get to a point I can just do a combination of DJing, produce albums and do shows to pay the bills instead of being a retail drone. Yet in the meantime I gotta figure out how I'm gonna keep a place to stay, and it often feels like a never ending battle just to keep off the streets!

I'm might just to say "fuck it" once I get my own place and just be a camgirl (would of tried already but no privacy where i'm subletting from right now). Really, honestly when I ran my own business back in WV before I didn't make enough anymore was the only time I felt okay with my work. At least then I took the reigns and responsibility. All of those things I just mentioned, are self directed. Maybe I'm just a bit more of an entrepreneur at heart, or maybe this is just a reflection of my LHP nature. I can't really imagine myself being happy in any "normal" job let alone working it 40 hours a week, even if I made good money. It has to be something where I work for myself, my clients, and nearly no one else.

General LHP Discussion / Re: pacts with goetic demons
« on: December 12, 2019, 06:54:14 am »
Okay the like 20 layers of quotes in quotes in quotes is annoying guys 2 or 3 layers is usually enough (I edit out the older ones) lol. Makes posts look like big pyramids lol

On a serious note, I forgot to reply until I remembered when I finally came back after a couple of weeks or so, but I wanted to say that the phenomena, whether or not it's "real" or not (for lack of better words) that Etu described as "Agency" (regardless of if it's the correct definition or not) fits very much in line with how I "sense" spirits and such.

I've not went through with a deal yet, but I'm moving forward with the next "phase" of my plan. I'm still one or two away from making a pact. So far it's been successful and I've had some good results. I did though have to let things calm down for a while as I fell asleep during meditation and as my viewing history later showed I somehow forgot to turn off autoplay on youtube and like 20 different Enns played on my headphones, on my head, overnight like 2 or so weeks ago. That.... made me feel very "legion-y" for a while, some of the demons I didn't even know who they were and all the videos were from a youtube channel that is probably the best for Goetic enns. I also have a good bit of experience in sleep magic and lucid dreaming so that didn't (or rather did in all the wrong ways) help that lol (if it was just the one enn, it would of went as planned)

I'm okay now though. Pretty funny but also one of the dumber mistakes I've made in my magical journey.

General LHP Discussion / recommended LHP books for the uninitiated
« on: December 12, 2019, 06:43:05 am »
My partner asked I get them books on the LHP for Yule. They are a witch and have been curious about the LHP for a long time and this seems like a good opportunity to introduce them.

I've determined to figure out a good sampling of LHP ideas in general. I'm debating between the best mix of books for the "big three" of Luciferian, Setian and Satanist, but not determined the final books yet. I don't know a good alternative to Ford, and I think they already read the Satanic Bible. I'm not familiar enough with Aquino's work (or other Setians') to know what is most friendly to someone just starting to learn.

I also don't know any good theistic Satanism books that are nearly approachable for someone just starting out, as what books I have learned from or know of tend to be either extreme or advanced, as very few as there are. A lot of theistic Satanism is learned via articles, theological history, poetry, and experience.

I'm also particularly interested in LHP books on Lilith or a Lilith mindset as that's something I've always looked for and I know they are into Lilith in particular (maybe more than me).

Lastly even if I could just find something that's objective enough and kind of covers the Left Hand Path in general that would be great, if such a thing exists for the latter. Seems everything I ever recall had too much of it's own bent.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Love and the LHP
« on: December 07, 2019, 10:23:41 am »
Had me until the puking metaphor.

Lounge / Re: Watain member denied entry to USA
« on: November 27, 2019, 06:42:56 am »
Also Racism and Anti-semitism isnt supported by official right-wing parties in america.

When policy decisions overwhelmingly effect a racial group disproportionately, it pretty much is supported.

I said that to differentiate that they are not "extreme" in the ways that other acts are, and to maybe give context to why they made the one remark about the current PotUS.

However, to the main point,...

But on my first impression, I think that the point that they were trying to make is that they identify with the same energies that they felt caused those things, not that they are advocating for those outcomes, just that they are natural ones to result from that.

Coming from a tantric perspective of the LHP, I could infer that on some level they might feel, or at least this is how I feel, that those who did commit suicide, murder (self defense?), or burn down churchs didn't have the focus, discipline or power of will to handle the path, that it consumed them.

To compare, this is why traditional tantra was initiation based, to weed out those types of people. I imagine that this probably is the natural result of that kind of unfiltered experience of that kind of energy, which is what I think they are saying is sometimes the result.

I'd have to look into the context though of where they originally said that to be certain, or read some other things they have said too on the matter.

General LHP Discussion / Re: pacts with goetic demons
« on: November 27, 2019, 06:24:16 am »
I've been working with the Lesser Key of Solomon and Solomonic Magic for around 20 years now. In my opinion, working in this tradition is a form of Theater of the Mind, a psychodrama intended to jar certain regions of your brain in order to produce various forms of Agency. I believe it is important to follow as close to a tee all the steps involved with whatever operation you are conducting. The Sanctum Regnum from the Grand Grimoire contains explicit directions for making pacts with spiritual creatures.

Theater of the mind makes me think of the one style of playing D&D with very few to no visual aids :D

But for real, I want to ask what you mean by capital "A" agency, just for clarity.

I assume this might be a way to align thought and actions towards a desired goal? If so, that is more or less along the lines of what I am trying to accomplish, although I am open to an experience that would subjectively prove there being something "more" to it. As I've touched on elsewhere (including my TIS guest article) the supernatural vs psychological explanation is rather irrelevant if you get the results you want, and not one I have much interest in debating usually.

A good way to start out, when you feel a certain connection to a spirit is to draw or paint the sigil, start meditating on it and open yourself up to any omens, energy or just any intuïtive sign or sensation.

Already ahead of you on that, but more so with enns. Drawing the sigil is my next step. I've done this with other Goetic demons in the past with above average to excellent levels of success, but this I want to go further for greater effect and something very much more long term, rather than short term goals.

Another thing, about what some call pacts.

People tend to be very idealistic about those things and start to think in 'absolute' ways of perception.

I'm not totally sure what you mean by that.

That's why personal techniques are so important.
I've known practitoners making 'pacts' by contracts or petitions, or the typical stuff like 'selling a piece of your soul' which i personally find a little too dabblerish to take serious, but hey...
If that works for you, whatever floats your boat.

Ya, that does sound rather.. folklore-y. At most, I might include a "contract" of sorts, I kind of think any pact or oath is kind of like one to start with though, although as I have learned they can be a little flexible if it calls for it (I've amended one of my oaths in the past, to preserve the original intention of the oath more easily). Is that what you mean, that people view them as "by the letter" and "deal with the devil" kind of thing?

One very important thing i've learned is that if you make contact and decide to praise them or make offerings, do it out of pure love and devotion.
Not because others do things or because you've read certain things.

I would imagine it would be very hard for me to worship anything I wasn't in love with. As far as offerings, I do what I feel is appropriate especially if that is part of the deal, but my idea of offerings is simply something akin to a gift or payment in this context (offerings and sacrifices have a lot of other situational meanings including symbolic in my practice but aren't applicable here).

Satanism / Re: Hate Isn't the way of the Satanist
« on: November 27, 2019, 06:11:37 am »
Satan nuke it all.

Hate all the way. Okay, but for real I had a bit of a world view shift since I wrote this what over 2 years ago? My experiences in the last year or so have changed how I feel about this post. I just gotta say, there is a lot of... apathy in the world, and sheer assumption and ignorance.

So much it hurts, and I learned to hate, hate intensely, those who would be so low as to do some of the things I have seen or had done to me. Shit that is truly sickening, and every day I hope for their destruction. Truly horrible people who will take advantage of people who don't have barely any options.

Sadly I think this is just part of LHP evolution. You've taken another step, but we all knew when we signed on the steps aren't necessarily fun or uplifting. The world is trash, full of trash people. Honestly if we're loving more than we hate on a grand scale, we may be doing something wrong or missing something.

I didn't recall having actually replied with that. I was very out of it, in a bit of a trance like state last night before going to bed. I'm also settling in for the night now so my thoughts might be a little longwinded just in this post.

So I reread the original post and found that overall, I still agree, but wouldn't of went the devil advocate's route to "balance out" the other extreme, as I later said. Thinking more about it, my feelings on the topic have shifted, but not radically changed, just as my worldview has.

Yes, most people are trash, but at some point that leads to the realization that we are probably trash too. Everyone is trash, in some way. It then becomes a question of who's willing to work on their shortcomings.

I think the main thing I would disagree with from my original post intersects here... I don't think anymore that perfection is a worthwhile goal. Data, in my example in the post, didn't seek to be perfectly human, because no one is perfect. In his own way, he was more human than he ever realized. At some point we have to recognize our limitations and accept them.

Perhaps in some way, accepting our limitations and others' is a step towards "love" but I think that when I said love this and that, I should of been speaking of "understanding". With understanding, one doesn't have to love, just be aware and see from that person's perspective. Perhaps this can even be empathetic and on some level might be advisable. I can empathize with the people I've seen do terrible things to others or that have done them to me like I referenced, but that understanding doesn't negate the anger. I might not hate everyone that someone else in my shoes would because of that, but some people really are something beyond that, totally and utterly malicious and wantonly selfish, users and liars who have a very warped view of the people and world around them. I don't think these people are in any conventional way mentally ill or have a disorder, or if it is it's classified as a type of personality disorder but at least those people can be treated and get help. No this is more something that seems to reflect a way of living and thinking.

LaVey praised selfishness, but by any standard this is a level of "selfishness" that is on a whole other level, that I'm not sure what a more apt word would be.

Satanism / Re: Hate Isn't the way of the Satanist
« on: November 26, 2019, 11:26:55 am »
Satan nuke it all.

Hate all the way. Okay, but for real I had a bit of a world view shift since I wrote this what over 2 years ago? My experiences in the last year or so have changed how I feel about this post. I just gotta say, there is a lot of... apathy in the world, and sheer assumption and ignorance.

So much it hurts, and I learned to hate, hate intensely, those who would be so low as to do some of the things I have seen or had done to me. Shit that is truly sickening, and every day I hope for their destruction. Truly horrible people who will take advantage of people who don't have barely any options.

Lounge / Re: LHP/Satanist/Setian Discord Server
« on: November 26, 2019, 11:05:19 am »
I should clarify, I suspect it was either the presence of the ONA, or the JoS dipping into report (or both) that was involved in the server being taken down by discord.


General LHP Discussion / pacts with goetic demons
« on: November 26, 2019, 10:56:37 am »
Anyone got any tips or advice, or experience with the demons in the Goetia? Alternatively, I will take any input on pacts in general.

In my entire practice I've avoided pacts, although I have made a couple of oaths to deities that I take serious enough that i'd literally rather die than break them.

But alas I am at the point that in my magical journey, I want to make a pact. So here I am.

I've looked into pacts with Satan before, but I always feel demons are more... tricky? I feel Satan is rather nebulous, more of a force, a demon is very much a personality and individually sentient to me. In that sense, I don't have as much to go on, experience wise. I'm in the research phase at the moment.

Lounge / Re: LHP/Satanist/Setian Discord Server
« on: November 25, 2019, 02:24:53 am »
just a FYI To anyone reading, but the discord got deleted by the company. There were 2 or 3 ONA people there, and there was some suspecion a JoS might of reported the sever... actually no one is sure why, just that discord didn't like it :/

Yet another reason to use software that you can self host.

Lounge / Re: Watain member denied entry to USA
« on: November 25, 2019, 02:22:51 am »
Since many aren't aware, all members are actual theistic Satanists practicing some form of anti cosmic Satanism, they view their musical performances as actual rituals. There is a 2012 DvD of their live performances inserted with some dialog about the meaning of their music and such. They discuss magic, ritual, deities and such. Shiva is cited as one of the symbols involved in their decision to use the trident for example.

They are kind of associated with the MLO, at least in the past, I don't know about today.

As far as being extreme, they also have said this about the right wing, taken from wikipedia:

"However, the band have publicly distanced themselves from, and openly criticised, Antisemitism and far-right ideologies, describing these as " one of the greatest evils that people today know". Danielsson said that "That is the one thing you cannot glorify. The Anti-Semitic and right-wing conservative connections that people have long accused black metal to be a platform for have very little to do with what we stand for. To me, it should be quite obvious that we would have been some of the first people to be executed in the Third Reich with the whole idea of the National Socialists being based upon a kingdom of bright-eyed little Aryans, and we are quite honestly the very opposite of that. [Laughs] There’s an extremely important line to draw there, and I’ve realized that that’s the only devil that people know these days." "

Lounge / Re: Watain member denied entry to USA
« on: November 24, 2019, 03:46:10 am »
Fixed the font size idk what that was about.

The Trump remark is fitting because the original reason they looked at him was the day after return ticket back to Mexico. (which as he explained, was to save money as it's cheaper to book that way sometimes). It was that it was to Mexico that triggered it.

Also, there have been a lot more cases of people being wrongfully denied entry, or even American citizens being deported or detained since Trump has been encouraging and doing what he can to clamp down on the borders. No matter what someone thinks of undocumented immigration, a lot of people here on legitment business or even citizens born in America have been having a ton more trouble, from people born in the contiguous United States, to especially nationals like Puerto Ricans.

To add to what I wanted to say this morning, although they didn't want to use these words, they basically experienced religious discrimination because they are Satanists. Even though they are not citizens they are protected by the bill of rights ([size=80%][/size]). So they might be able to seek damages for how much money they lost in legal costs and from the concerts. At least, if I was in their position I would. They will probably have to fight more to  get the last member in, barely any of them gained entry.

Though knowing them I don't think they would, and I suspect a lot of people might see it as some kind of sign of weakness almost, even though it's not, going to civil court is very hair pulling and takes a lot of energy and courage IMO to then be grilled with tons of lies that took so much of your damn money. It's often easier to just cut your losses then do what needs to be done to get what is rightfully yours...  I say this about going to court from personal experience.

I do want to see them live one day, but this kinda makes me worry if I'll ever get to see them in their full glory :/

Also as far as cities/states banning like Manson and stuff, that's usually some loophole for them preforming, not simply entering the place SFAIK.

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