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Re: The Symbol of the Serpent

The Statement of Leviathan
From the Diabolicon

Before God or Angel, Daimon or man, there was Leviathan alone, Principle of continuity and ageless existence.  By relation and time I have oft been sought, but Leviathan shall yield to none other than the final Master of the Universe.

Leviathan is the Absolute, man, and if thou would presume to realize what neither Heaven nor Hell may effect, know that when thou behold the presence of Leviathan, thy end hath been attained.

Only through obliteration of the Universe that is may man seal his Mastery of the Black Flame, for only thus may he know that he is not subject to a greater Will.

Heaven must perish, Hell must perish, and man alone must remain ere the Black Flame becomes Red in the glory of its perfection.

Then the Red Magus shall behold only Leviathan, and he shall recognize that he has become the perfect mind, who shall remake the Cosmos in the eternal glory of his Setian Will.

May 25, 2017, 01:24:47 pm
Re: The Symbol of the Serpent
Since the Serpent is the symbol of our own order, I thought it would be good to begin a discussion of the Serpent as a symbol in various religions and cultures.

To begin with, the most obvious example is, of course, the Genesis Serpent.  After being warned that if they eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil they will "surely die," the serpent tells Eve (or Chava, as I prefer the Hebrew names) that she will not die, but rather that they will become like god, and god does not wish that to happen.  Sure enough, once the fruit is eaten, the Angel says "Now he is like us."  In this, arguably the central myth of the Judeo-Christian mythology, the Serpent tells the truth, and God lies.  Genesis makes no attempt to obfuscate it.  This makes it clear to me that the Genesis Serpent is not intended to be a stand-in for evil, but rather is used as the Serpent is often used in mythology and symbolism, to represent knowledge and wisdom and, in the case of the Genesis myth, as the supplier of isolate consciousness and self awareness; to place it into our own terms, the guardian of Xeper, and the custodian of the path to godhood.

There are many other examples of the Serpent as a symbol for wisdom.  The Caduceus and Rod of Asclepius are two more well known examples. 

The Egyptian netjer Wadjet takes the form of a Serpent, and is the protector of Lower Egypt, associated with other netjeru including Bast, Sakhmet, and Mut (the World-Mother).  In this role she takes on a solar aspect, as Bast and Sakhmet are Eyes of Ra, but Wadjet is also associated with the eclipsing binary star Algol (meaning "The Demon," appropriately enough), which represents the eye in the severed head of Medusa in the modern constellation Perseus.  I've been interested in Wadjet as a stellar netjer for a while and may put together an essay on the subject.

What are some other favorite instances of the Serpent in mythology?

Bolded by me. I'm so glad I came across this thread, because this is exactly what I'd hope to learn - why is the Christian view of the serpent in the garden, 'evil?' As a former Christian, I'd say that one of the main tenets of faith, has to do with not being self-important. To be concerned with self, to want to care for ourselves independent of a god, would be considered sinful. The truth though is, self awareness is empowering, and positive. It's not evil. It's not negative. But, the Christian slant is that it negates the need for a god to guide our lives, if we think that we can control our own thoughts and actions.

As a former Christian, I remember thinking that the story was absurd and that anyone who would take it literally, was gullible. But, Christianity also passes the serpent off to be god-like. On the same par with God. Which when we think about it, that makes no sense, really. If I'm self aware, I'm god-like? But, God from the stories I've read in the Bible, is thought to be omniscient and omnipotent. So, how could eating the forbidden fruit turn us into almighty powerful gods?

The story at best, is an allegory for morality, or perhaps, to scare Christians into thinking that if you disobey God, horrible things will happen. Any way we view this story, it sounds ridiculous at the least, and horrifying at its worst. Genesis was where I lost my respect for Christianity, and that's what would be the beginning of the end for me, with religion in general.

The serpent was telling the truth, that is mind blowing for someone like me, who always was taught that the serpent was the liar of the story.  :rolleyes:

August 06, 2017, 02:57:27 am
Mercuræn Philosophy Mercuræn philosophy and practices are aimed at transcension of the individual self to that of one's  Greater Self. Some of this Work is done through the exploration of esoteric psyche-centered philosophies and practices of the present day and the past.

Conventional/RHP religions embrace the primitive desire for conformity, atonement/union with the perceived Universe. The Mercuræn understands this as an illusion and thus a self-deception once Mercurius Consciousness has been established with any consistency. As the Mystai slowly unveils hir individual psyche/conscious intelligence, it becomes increasingly clear how unlike anyone or anything else each of us is.

Physical death is inevitable as entropy is a cruelty provided by the objective universe. The Mercuræn eventually comes to not fear death for it is realized that we have the ability to remain consciously aware of our identity upon physical cessation. To remain an isolate intelligence of individual existence is first and foremost the end goal of what the Herald of the Dawn understand as the Western Left Hand Path. This Great Work is accomplished through transcension of psyche-centric consciousness towards Mercurius Consciousness through deliberate exercise of one's intelligence and most importantly one's Will. This is why the practice and mastery of Majiq and Ritual are so important for they exercise and develop one's Will. The Arts also provide the necessary stimulation and insight to developing the Will and for unveiling one's Greater Self to them.

The Herald of the Dawn and Mercurænism have come about as an evolutionary product of the Human experience usurping the previous magical and philosophical work of occultists prior to our formation. In addition ethics and morality should play an important role in our transcension, the process of becoming 'more than human' involves the rejection of cruelty and harm to all sentient beings.

Etu Malku V° HH☿D

August 13, 2018, 11:20:59 pm
Re: O.S County Fair - Sigilcraft (Interest Check and Pilot) Crowley would depict that card as the universe with a woman intwined with a serpent which obvious sexual and tantric connotations. It keeps the circular pattern but does not bound it by Orobous. It looks like he may have subsituted them for the zodiac?

On topic of the zodiacal attributions:

Eagle = top left, has 13 feathers which links it with Atu 13 and the DEATH CARD of which Scorpio (WATER) is assigned and the Eagle plays a part in its symbology.

Man = bears numbers 1 to 7 on his ears (not clearly illustrated)  and this adds up to ATU 17, THE STAR and Aquarius (Air)

Lion = 11 locks of hair = LUST CARD which is attributed to LEO (Fire)

Bull = 5 locks of hair which links it with the HIEROPHANT which is attributed to Taurus (Earth)

Other world cards I like:,h_430,al_c,q_90/file.jpg,h_569,al_c,q_85,usm_1.20_1.00_0.01/519991_fba10c31acca40ff83f4c5f5d8182d8a~mv2_d_2416_1549_s_2.webp

Promethea's take on the universe tarot:

September 02, 2018, 09:56:51 pm
"The solution to bad religion is good religion, not no religion." "Atheism deserves better than the new atheists whose methodology consists of criticizing religion without understanding it, quoting texts without contexts, taking exceptions as the rule, confusing folk belief with reflective theology, abusing, mocking, ridiculing, caricaturing, and demonizing religious faith and holding it responsible for the great crimes against humanity. Religion has done harm; I acknowledge that. But the cure for bad religion is good religion, not no religion, just as the cure for bad science is good science, not the abandonment of science."

- Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

This is one of the greatest, most comprehensive and sound quotes I've seen in philosophy. This sums up so much I and others have tried to say in a simple, short paragraph. He is right. Sure religions has caused bad, it has caused good as well. Heck, the State Atheism of the USSR unfortunately stuck the atheists in a position most of us are too familiar with: people doing something terrible in the name of our philosophies. And likewise atheism has done good, I've seen it with my own eyes, we can show people who have benefitted from atheism.

It's also become impossible to discuss religion online without the behavior mentioned by the rabbi. "...criticizing religion without understanding it, quoting texts without contexts, taking exceptions as the rule, confusing folk belief with reflective theology, abusing, mocking, ridiculing, caricaturing, and demonizing religious faith and holding it responsible for the great crimes against humanity...". You see this absolutely everywhere, from here to Reddit, YouTube to Facebook, Kindle to Vastne and Noble. I've often argued in favor of the term "new atheism", and it's specifically because "Atheism deserves better than the new atheists ..."

Finally, I love the quote about science. Far too often do people hold positions they disagree with to different standards than their own. This is the best possible metaphor For why we need "good religion" rather than "none".


September 07, 2018, 01:34:49 am
Re: "The solution to bad religion is good religion, not no religion." There are plenty of non-theistic religions out there, although the word "religion" can become a stumbling block in this regard to many anti-religionists.  (I used the word anti-religionists to avoid the sweeping generalization the word atheists brings.)
September 07, 2018, 09:03:35 pm
Re: Moderately cheezy 'occult' musicians Out of curiosity, I read most of the lyrics to Blackmage, and another thing where he says:

You think I worship Satan? Bitch I am a Thelemite.
Do what thou wilt, no dogma can close my wide open eyes.

I don't worship Satan I'm just sayin' that we get along

At first glance it seems that he's using colorful symbolism to make certain points, but sometimes the occult references do seem a little awkward or out of place. In fairness I would probably view it all in terms of an overall aesthetic instead of a gimmick. Slayer had plenty of Satanic imagery but the subject matter involved the holocaust, evangelists coercing money out of people, abortion, suicide, etc.

Interesting discussion, especially for an old fucker like me who is never up to date when it comes to music.

September 12, 2018, 08:07:47 pm
Re: Moderately cheezy 'occult' musicians I mean I don't know those bands, but I've been listening to Marilyn Manson for 2 straight months now, Ghost for about 3-4 before that.
September 13, 2018, 02:32:24 am
Re: O.S County Fair - Sigilcraft (Interest Check and Pilot) This one is pretty abstract also, kinda resembles a crown. I'm a little fuzzy on how to describe it but here are the various aspects:

Trapezoid - The unknown mysteries of the universe, realm of infinite possibilities.

Pentagrams - Mirror reflections of the Prince of Darkness, defining and resting upon the Trapezoid.

Pentagon - The lower four edges represent 4D space-time. The twin pentagrams force apart what would otherwise be a square, and hold the top open to maintain a connection to a 5th dimension, thus adding consciousness and self-awareness to the mundane clockwork of the natural world.

Pyramid - The intelligent and enlightened individual, supported and exalted by all the rest. It is the "crown jewel" of reality.

September 25, 2018, 02:50:20 am
Re: Dissecting the Sigil of Lucifer This is fascinating:

The symbol which has become known as the Sigil of Lucifer is from a cluster of symbols found in the Grimorium Verum (Latin for “Grimoire of Truth”) which are supposed to be used in the calling forth of "Lucifer" (literally "Light Bringer" in Latin,) the archetype of discovering hidden knowledge and approached as an entity in the context. This sigil is believed to have most likely derived from a magic square, the origins of which are now lost. Other than this, very little has been written describing the meaning of the various components of this Sigil. Here I will share the various insights that I have personally gained over the years through contemplation. You may have your own insights and you are encouraged to explore these symbols further on your own.

September 26, 2018, 07:29:50 pm