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The influences of various religions on Satanism Hello everyone. One of the fellow members of this website gave me the link of this website. I am lucky to have discovered a group of like minded individuals.The post I am about to make is all about my observations from Hinduism ( I was born in a Hindu family). So this current post deals with my thoughts on how Satanism has its presence in one of the oldest religions of the world and how the ideas of both Theistic and LaVeyan Satanism overlap with that of this religion.
 I come from India, Asia which consists of almost 80% hindus. Now being the home to one of the oldest civilizations and the oldest of religions, there are vast sects in the religion itself. We find adaptations, traces and direct ideas of both Theistic and LaVeyan Satanism in the various symbolic and literary forms. Coming from a Hindu family, I had the luck to study these literary sources up close and when I came to know of Satanism, the connection was clear cut. Interestingly, what the Church mentions as devil is actually God in Hinduism. The word "Devi" in Sanskrit means Goddess. Hinduism can be termed as more of a spread out revolution than a religion due to the various sects it involves. Interestingly, many of these sects such as Shaivites, Kaali worshippers and Bala worshippers are directly relatable to the earlier forms of Occult and of Satanism. Sigil making, offerings in the form of skulls, blood etc are common in these less known societies of Hinduism. What's even more interesting is the application of sorcery and witchcraft by another group termed as "Aghoris" which tend to remain in a meditative state throughout the day and spend their nights in graveyards and morgues. The various use of Talismans, visits to Tantrik Gurus are clear indication of the influence Theistic satanism had.Deities to me are more symbolic to the religion and rituals more for the psychological effect. This applies to the literature of these sects too. We find instances of individualism and similarities to the earlier literature of Theistic Satanism. For example, the beginning of the Bhagvad Geeta ( The go to layman's Holy Book of Hinduism) states God saying clearly that he resides in your heart as much as he does in heaven or hell. Every action of yours is affecting the God inside you. Now this sounds a bit orthodox so as to talk about heaven and hell and God being in the heart of an individual. But the feeling and emotion of liberty and embracement of one's individual identity cannot be ignored.
This also gets interesting when you look for the idea of Devil in Hinduism. It states that the Devil has earthly presence and is as much important as the other Gods. Gods like Shani, Rahu and Ketu are worshipped by many of the Hindu people. Even the creator of Earth, Lord Shiva has traits similar to those mentioned of Satan in early Theistic Satanic literature. Hinduism also incorporates a very different approach to God. It wants its disciples to follow the God you find the most relatable to your own personal self and devote your time in worshipping him. Now the idea of both Satanism and Hinduism is similar. We find the heavenly being to be a better version of our own self and try to emulate by gaining that level.
This clearly implies that Satanism, whether Theistic or LaVeyan has been a religion both philosophical and practical as it takes its values from various religions across the world and cuts out the various old practices which may seem out of date to the modern man.Whether Satanism started as a protest to Christianity or on the banks of Brahmaputra, one thing is very clear that there are many more things left to explore for the modern Satanist.
I hope to make similar posts in the future, and try to draw various examples of this very topic.
Cheers! Hail Satan!

May 03, 2018, 12:10:21 am
Re: The influences of various religions on Satanism

Only thing I can really note in what you said, devil comes from latin to mean "slanderer". I know LaVey mentioned devil as coming from "devi" but it's not true, it's just more so of a coincidence.

I might disagree with you on this one. Sanskrit and Tamil are one of the oldest languages of the world. Devil and Divine come from the same root word of Sanskrit "Dev". There have been instances of many more words picked up from Vedic Sanskrit ( the earliest form of Sanskrit). Latin was the oldest Indo-European language so as to say. Plus you might be aware that Devi represents forms of Kali and Durga and both of them have some very common attributes to the Devil's imagery as per the western idea.

I look forward to your posts. I might have more to say on it later, but was just checking the forums once more before going to bed and so quite mentally tired.

Thanks! Also I was invited by one of the co-founders I think. Met him on reddit.

May 03, 2018, 03:53:31 pm
Reality.. Hey guys, I had my exams so I was unable to post here. Anyways my cellphone has got me covered this time. What I've noticed for the past few months is the increasing number of people trying to decieve reality in general. I know this statement might sound vague but believe me it is surely not. This is a great concern which I feel the need to address, specially to like minded individuals who believe in a faith which gives us the throne of our mind, body and soul.
While most people do this as they turn sad/depressed, I have seen many other people having similar issues in which they try to fool themselves into believing that a world, a situation or even a living being is in reach to these people. Having been into depression pretty early in my life, I was fortunate enough to escape that dreaded path. But I surely see various people who think they have the reigns of life in their very own hands while they fail to see the reality. This to some people must sound odd but this is a social as well as psychological issue in which people tend to isolate themselves and build their own castles in air. Now, this reminds us of daydreaming. Exactly the relation between mind, body and soul. Most of us who face these problems tend to go into an auto-pilot mode slipping themselves in a subconscious state and thus making us prone to desire, lust and an imaginary security field which doesn't exist . I was astounded that the number of these people is fairly high and most of the times they are themselves unaware of this condition they are put in. As followers of a belief that incorporates self as an entity of weight, I request you all to delve deeper into yourself and ask the questions which only you have the answers to. Ask yourself about what defines your purpose and are you really able to work according to that purpose. Do you have the means and resources to reach the end goal you desire? This will not only make you better socially, but will also make you better on an intellectual level within yourself. It is very important for us to be in the realms we intend to be in, and not the other way round. Having stress about relationships, career and other social problems is only going to make you more vulnerable to this escapist phenomena. Trying to create a positive aura around you surely helps but the only thing we need to understand is to realize who we truly are so that we are able to tackle the problem at hand. We as humans only grow stronger when we tend to explore our inner reality.
So thanks for making it to the end people. Some of you might consider this post as vague but this was something that was on my mind for a long time so I HAD to do it. Sorry for any typos as I am typing this on my cellphone.
I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. Hail Satan. Good wishes to you all. Thanks

May 16, 2018, 06:11:26 pm