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Idk, what are you thoughts? Why do people need to tell themselves they're the "one true X"? Is it a lack of something deeper? Is it just ego? Is it literally just pathetic ape behavior?

Understand that half the population is below average IQ, and half of that is borderline retarded, and that half of them are ACTUALLY retarded. It's that ape-like behavior you're on to.

The condition of intelligence brings awareness of what you don't know, and it also brings the awareness of other lines of thought than your own. I'd not reduce it to an ego thing per Se, but realize it for it was -- demonstrated ignorance. Such intelligence also brings a healthy amount of self-doubt, enough to keep one honest. The zeal, for which most of this thread is about, is largely a side-effect of stupidity. :D

Satanism / Re: "Satanism" cheat sheet
« on: December 02, 2018, 08:21:58 pm »
Where THE FLIP is my spiritual satanism?!?! We all know that Satan is actually AN ALIEN!


And, I have no idea what spiritual Satanism is other than an attempt to dissociate from people like Joy of Satan. However, I feel no need to differentiate from someone that I don't even feel is practicing Satanism, but is merely pimping it to sell their Nazi ideology to someone or something.

I only recognize three basic forms of Satanism, the Devil being in the details. Atheistic, theistic, and agnostic (and yeah those last people are out there). Beyond that you're arguing simply about implementation and interpretation -- generally, futile topics on the level of food preferences.

The subject is more complicated than that of course as some groups inject neo-paganism, collectivism, materialism, and other ideologies in the mix. But, I guess you have to start somewhere.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Rituals
« on: December 02, 2018, 10:01:51 am »
So, what kind of rituals do you guys do? Anything from small meditating rituals to... i don't know, burning churches?

Probably none, in the conventional sense.

First, I find them unnecessary, theatrical, or even trope-ish. Second, there are quicker ways to do everything.

I've always operated on the theory that if you couldn't perform a magickal act in front of someone without them knowing it was too damn complicated. :D

Needless to say, this "method" isn't something I invented but rather was inspired by authors like Franz Bardon and a few others. I just put my own spin on it...

Burning churches = tropes, lol.

Meditation has value, but once you can "get there" instantly it's not necessary to sit there repeatedly gazing at one's navel -- it happens like walking.

About as close as I get to normal ritual would be some sort of prayer or devotion type thing.

General LHP Discussion / Re: My thoughts on the Order of the Serpent
« on: November 24, 2018, 04:00:29 pm »
I'm as guilty as anyone on pisstaking CoS types, but when it becomes a trope it really is just borderline bigotry.

Just to be very clear, I was speaking at the organizational level / forum level only in my comments. There are always interesting individuals whom have a great deal of breadth beyond the organizations they've affiliated with -- case in point, when I considered myself a LaVey Satanist I was balls-deep in occult studies. My impression was that my compatriots at the time rather detested it when I had those discussions -- their involvement with the occult was only in in the vein of something like Elvira. :D But, I was certainly not the only one.

In this example, I was talking at the "marketing level" of these groups which I thought was far more relevant to this discussion. It certainly _was not_ an attempt to be overly critical. Though, I do have plenty to criticize -- it's just how my brain works. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: My thoughts on the Order of the Serpent
« on: November 23, 2018, 03:21:34 pm »
I think you kinda missed my point, which is that the general reputation of a place of what it is about will determine what kind of people we attract. We seem to have a very weak influx of people, although so far it's stable... for now.

You can kinda have it like this:


            /          \

 Academic ---   Useful

Pick any two, because if you chose the popularity you must give something away in terms of depth or utility.  If you chose to be academic over something else your content is too dense for the masses, and if your focus too highly on "utility" content only appeals to the basic level of immediate needs and the scope of the advanced content is too difficult for the newbie.

In my opinion, it really doesn't matter if you are liked or loathed you are known. Even the haters are free advertising, you're living rent free in their minds. Strangely enough, it's something instantly on display with people like Donald Trump. (Not that he has anything else to do with the conversation.)

The popular LHP (CoS Satanism) is basically in the "popular/useful" category, but it isn't particularly useful beyond a very basic start in the left-hand path. Whereas something like O.S. or ToS are in the "academic/useful" or "useful/academic" category most of the time -- they know the depth of the content many times beyond the rookie but forsake that for advancement. So, I guess I should be the one to illustrate that CoS (popular Satanism) isn't the competition, groups like ToS are. Essentially, if they are slightly more popular they are winning the recruits. (Every group has a little bit of all three factors.) The audience for that content is always going to be smaller, but they're also always going to be a lot more loyal.

General LHP Discussion / Re: My thoughts on the Order of the Serpent
« on: November 23, 2018, 08:57:48 am »
It's a feature of Satanists and the LHP to hate each other. At least, that's been my experience.

Joke aside I do wonder if there is a way to help our PR. I don't post there so I don't know what the reasons are. I say this only because it might increase traffic and I think we could do with a few more posters on the forums.

Never really gave a bloody damn myself, but then again I realize that most of the online population is the lowest common denominator of the human species. People are more likely to hit places like a forum or reddit simply to troll rather than say anything useful. A good 20% of everyone you meet online is about one step away from retardation and breathes from the mouth.

Personally, my only suggest is keep doing what you do and if it is valuable the people who see that will notice. Not worth wasting five seconds on the haters, TBH.

It's a feature of this "lowest common denominator" of humanity to hate everyone who thinks differently from themselves, not that they're really capable of thought. Though, that doesn't stop them from believing they're on equal footing with the top 20%. :D It's a feature of intelligence to know precisely where your knowledge ends and you are uncertain. Have you ever stumbled into one of these forums / other social media and seen anyone there admit to as much? Yeah, it's pretty damn rare. :D

Satanism / Re: Where Do I Go From Here?
« on: November 12, 2018, 08:43:31 am »
And not I am asking the same questions Satanists asked many many years ago in 1975. Where do I go from here?

If you want the answer to this question it's pretty easy: right here.

That's the summary and logical conclusion of any real left-hand path line of thought. It's about maximizing the efficiency and the enjoyment of the present.

It's important to understand that many organizations have really got away from such simple understanding, and doubly forget that Satanism is a self-crafted path. It has to fit like a glove to be optimal -- your Satanism should be slightly different than mine, as our natures are different. That's, O.K., and should be encouraged.

It seems your frustrations lie mostly in attempting to conform to the dogma of your associations and you know something isn't right with it for you. But, you're here... Your beef isn't with Satanism, but the package so to speak. Good, now get to work, shape your Satanism to your beliefs and become it. It doesn't have to line up with others understandings, nor appease them -- no one knows your head space better than you so who is a fitter master to craft the ultimate personal philosophy or spiritual path than you? That being said, don't think I say that in some vain of arrogance but as a fundamental absolute truth. Satanism in it's purest understanding represents the freedom to do this without writing any apologies or giving a rats ass what other people think of it. The greatest act of rebellion is even rebelling against the so-called rebels, when it is seen that they've become sheep. :D



Waaaah we're the only Satanists! Why does nobody understand how cool and chill we are? Why can't we just be accepted?! We're such victims!!!! Modern horror is literally all to make fun of CoS!!!

What he fails to realize is that it simply boils down to a dearth of creativity and reliance on cultural tropes to market and sell anything. Since the predominate culture in America is Judeo-Christian, it's obvious their simply going to make content that plays on the fears and misunderstandings for financial reasons. This is entertainment, after all, and that means fiction is OK.

The real Satanists just don't care if we're accepted or not, but if he cares why hasn't his organization to do a damn thing to change the public views? If he's truly the authority of Satanism why doesn't he act like it? Well, it's simple... He knows he doesn't have that authority, because that authority comes from respect earned by defending it. When, and if, he publicly appears it's always some mealy-mouthed rambling about atheism and how Church of Satan pretends. This type of view, when presented, is just something even the audience can't even respect. He can't change a single heart or mind because he's got all the impact of a wet noodle.

I mean, think of the context... An atheist troll (how the audience generally is going to see him) is enraged because of fictional portrayals of characters which he himself believes are fictional. It makes my head spin, but if I was an atheist Satanist I'd just be like, "Yeah, so what they're insulting my non-religion with fantasy it's about as important to me as when a long-haired white guy is the villain on some crime show."

edit -- and I find it terribly amusing that both me and Adam think Gilmore is mealy-mouthed. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: NEMO 93 on meditation and the brain/mind
« on: October 31, 2018, 12:01:35 am »
Wait, someine is actually applying all drugs effect the brain the same way and for that reason it's different than how meditation effects the brain? I'm sure all the hundreds of drugs out there, none of them work on similar characters with meditation. This argument is prime example of meditation being as damaging to one's connection to reality as much as drugs are.

What is the intrinsic value of being connected to the reality? I guess that's my argument in this regard. People make a big deal about something that seemingly has little utility. Do we spend most of our time relishing in it, or in our little fantasy lands that peak our interests far more? Reality is over-rated, if you ask me, very few people are aware or selfless enough to not be preoccupied with their own plight 24/7/365 to the grave.

So, on that basis, reality is just something someone tries to confine you in that is like a prison. When you go too far away from the consensus you're crazy, immoral, vile, evil, or whatever. I guess this is my hint that even thinking in this manner, for us, should be rather troubling.

Regarding drugs and mediation though, I don't see them related at all. Certainly, you can hallucinate during the meditation or whatever (it happens to me) but it's obvious that's what it is. As soon as you decide to snap out of it, it's like someone shut off the video game console -- no biggie. :D

Though certain drugs are conductive to relaxing, and relaxing helps meditation and spiritual experiences in general. Anything that helps you chill will increase the productivity of ritual or meditative work, at least if you aren't taking so much of it that it takes over -- so to speak. This is why all the old grimoires have things like hot baths, light eating, avoiding socialization, etc.. The point is simply to achieve a stress-less state. Once you know that, then you can come up with all sorts of ways to increase your efficiency. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: NEMO 93 on meditation and the brain/mind
« on: October 30, 2018, 11:46:55 pm »
Technically encouraging someone to commit certain types of crimes is illegal in some jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions certain use of drugs is still a criminal offense, so encouraging the use of certain drugs in certain jurisdictions is illegal, however due to the international nature of the internet, it's hard to navigate that and enforcement is spotty at best but in reality almost non-existent. In the end, what matters the most is what the hosting company will tolerate and in some cases the appearance of illegal discussion is enough for some hosts. Others won't care unless they get a court order. On another note the old "we condone but don't encourage" is the usual language when one wants to say they got no problem with it but are not actively promoting it.

Depends on a lot of particulars really, in most states weed = a parking ticket. Not really the same level as many other substances. The worst that will generally happen is you will get a fine and supervision, aka don't get caught again for X amount of time. But, you'd get similar for a moving violation in a vehicle. So, I guess it's sort of in between? Anyway...

It's not illegal anywhere to talk about drugs, and if you share your experiences with them just realize this is the Internet and you don't know who is reading. With that being said, Hamilton's Pharmacopoeia is a great show. :D

Anyway, we're on topic here for the forum if the angle is discussing their ritual / spiritual uses and this is similar to what academia talks about and I see no reason to panic. Much of that information is historical, and it's not an inducement to start taking them. Much of the information is garbage, but there are a few shreds of truth in it and it's worth elucidating the finer points.

As for the puritanism of condemning people whom decide they need assistance to achieve some ritual goal, this is the left-hand path, curb it -- no one cares what your opinion of their lives is. There is no cheating, only doing and not doing and there is irony that is immediately apparent when some proclaimed left-hand pather attempts to impose their morality on another. These are personal decisions that involve risks, but any risk you can live with is worth taking if it is profitable. If not, you're not going to do it again anyway, so do you need to be reprimanded by the life action police? In that comparison, I don't mean it in the way to exclude someone from the left-hand path, but rather as a "flag on that play" and a hint that one maybe should reflect on their actions in this regard.


Lounge / Re: How do I loose weight?
« on: October 29, 2018, 04:57:24 am »
Not as gloomy as @idgo:mrgreen:

Low-carb, high-protein and fats.

1) Exercise is insignificant for weight loss, but great for cardio and strength. You can do that until your dead and you won't lose anything. You should still do it for the metabolic advantages and the strength.

2) Swap grains to 100% whole, they're bound with fiber so they don't flash. Flash glucose increase = fat as your body tries to keep you from going into a hypoglycemic coma by converting excess sugars to fats. As a general rule, double the protein half the existing carbs in your current diet. Don't eat white flour, white rice, or high-fructose corn syrup at all. Fruits are OK, no grapes. (They're just 100% carbs... lol) Anytime carbs are taken take with lots of the protein, fats, or fiber. Aim for 7-8% RDA per meal, or less. Your whole wheat spaghetti and meatballs should look like half meat, half noodles. :D

3) Eating more fat doesn't make you fat, it does exactly the opposite -- despite popular opinion. Your body can convert fat to carbs, but it does it at a slow steady rate rather than in the "flash manner". You can actually eat zero carbs at all with enough fats. Take fish oil supplements, eat more olive oil, walnuts, avocado, or fish when you do this. You need "healthy fats" in the diet, as much as possible.

I eat like this because I medically have to, but as a side effect I lost 100 pounds, no additional exercise or anything. The proteins/fats will keep you full longer, so naturally you won't feel the need to eat as often. Win, win, win... really...

Satanism / Re: fictional religions that resemble Satanism?
« on: October 28, 2018, 09:44:54 pm »
petulant infantile grandiosity

This stuff is picking up and we have to stop.

Argue the subject, but don't make the speakers the subject. It's just trolling anyway. :D

You really need to get over yourself and stop bringing this 600 club mentality here, we get it, you don't give a shit about anyone else's feelings, that's apparent from the plethora of posts dating from 2010 on the 600C where you have for years attempted to demean anyone who doesn't agree with your 'satanic' outlook on life.

You amuse me, you perceive an attack in me giving you an out then turn around and attack me. It wasn't an attack, just an acknowledgment that I knew the cards you were playing and no harm done by folding them. I'm aware of my posts, but also aware of my development since that time. Admittedly, most of those posts are what amounts to about a quarter of my life in the past. A fairly significant time in one's life journey. Regardless, I feel no shame of it -- so if that's what's you're seeking, sorry to disappoint you. :mrgreen:

So basically here's the cliff notes, I reckon:

1) You're pissed. Ad hominem's? Kids stuff.

2) You're trying to use genetic fallacy to "discredit me" because of my "outlook" though it had nothing to do with the conversation. Who makes a statement is irrelevant to its validity in an argument. Assertions stand or fall on their supporting ideas, it doesn't matter who is speaking.

3) Straw-manning me into some mythical 600C member so everyone on the O.S. "bandwagon" should hate me. Despite the fact that I barely participated there, I have more posts here and thousands on RF. I've never been banned on any forum, despite these supposed "attacks".

4) Appeal to emotions, "demean people", and? What did that have to do with this conversation? (Not that I claim sainthood or anything, but it's irrelevant.)

5) That I am somehow responsible for bringing the 600C mentality here, though as evidenced, have had barely anything to do with it. Just disingenuous really, not even a good try.

So, again, I have nothing to do but hold the mirror. I don't think anyone is responsible for your experience of the "600C mentality" it's just the response you provoke from most rational humans on the planet. (As far as I can see...) I refuse to take any responsibility for the trouble you cause yourself, lol.

Next time, don't all in with deuces. Just my advice.  8)

Is this forum the new 600 Club now?  :facepalm:

Make your case or don't but I don't care about your feelings. Well at least not enough to evade speaking my mind on the subject matter.  :mrgreen:

I'm not really sure if your jab is at the forum, me, or both. It's just the standard diverting with emotions type thing that family members try to pull on you when they don't want to deal with a difficult subject. Ok, fine, you don't want to talk anymore about this -- I get it! But, I was having so much fun! But, next time just simply say you have nothing to add. What's the shame in that? Agreeing to disagree is always a valid option in such difficult matters.

I am not questioning if anyone is LHP. Before that I'd think you probably believe in free will without realizing it, like most imo. For instance that experiment would only disprove free will if free will said NOTHING was determined. It does not. Some things are determined, most things in fact. Indeed I believe free will is not inherent and must be attained and fought for.

You see, people experience free will every day. When your body doesn't want out of bed but you will your ass up anyways. When someone is driving like a dick then flips YOU off and you want to run them off the road, but you will yourself to not. When you're having a terrible workday and want to quit, or when you want to lash out at a loved one of minor crap, or when you force yourself not to cry in front of other. The examples are theoretically endless. Even our own @idgo stated that the science behind placebos was the best evidence of free will and/or Mind-Body Dualism in my own book.

I don't care about anyone's feelings enough to keep from presenting what I feel is the truth. I'm insufferably honest, and I have a clear notion of what terms like "left-hand path"
 mean. I'm not afraid to hold up the mirror for someone when they're walking into trouble waters. I don't even care what they think of me for doing it. Not because I am unsympathetic, but because someone who tries to live as a master realizes that sometimes a student isn't ready for the lesson. It doesn't mean I will alter the plan or deny them the knowledge. It may seem cruel, but it's actually motivated in being completely selfless in that regard. If I were egotistical about the whole thing it's all just a shit show fishing for sympathy and an exercise in mental masturbation. I'm just beyond that in my path and would see it as a regression. My sole motivation is in making people think, and occasionally learning something new myself. :D

There is more evidence for a free will than "human robots", so I'll leave it at that. I think the argument is that free will is a delusion, but everything I know just refutes that. It seems you have a similar conclusion. :D

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