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Satanism / Re: making a list of notable Satanist organizations/sects
« on: September 17, 2018, 04:35:50 am »

Perennial philosophy is the understanding that theistic belief systems share a single, universal doctrine. This doctrine posits that the highest good that human life can achieve is through the union with a Supreme Being / Energy of the Universe.

The way in which this is achieved is through the deception of one's conscious awareness into believing that one has been accepted by this Supreme Being / Energy. To absolve one's self into this is antithetic to the western left hand path goals of individuation and autotheism. To become More Than Human should ase the goal.

Symbolically, this resistance to perennialism is the basis of such occult structures as the Tree of Daath and the ideals behind furthering the Fall of the Tree of Life because it is an imperfect Tree and in its place, a new and perfected Tree (that of your subjective universe with you as god) is nurtured.

This is simply over-simplification to the point of making a tragic error in one's understanding. Left-hand path theism almost needs a better set of words, since it is something entirely different. My perspective is that the separation of spiritual and material are delusions, as is the separation of men from their gods. There is just one living breathing energy in an infinitesimal quantity of vehicles. There is no actual separation of me and Satan outside of the limitations of the material world. Thus, there is no need to merge where one is already a part of that vast network. One merely has to pay attention, so to speak. That being said no two theists in the left-hand path see it all the exact same way, but I refer to this as a "hardware limitation" -- it's our own perceptions that are limited in this regard... They are suited for I/O in this material world, they often just become an interference pattern when you go beyond that.

There is no "uniformity of goals" between different belief systems other than outsiders to those systems attempting to make one. These mental gymnastics are performed to please amateur philosophers, pseudo-intellectuals, and occultniks. :D

No mainstream religions really seek union with God in the manner you've described outside of the Hindu belief systems. They're perfectly happy with the God/Man separation and demarcation lines.

Satanism / Re: making a list of notable Satanist organizations/sects
« on: September 15, 2018, 09:04:00 pm »
I too have been at this for some time, I can remember when it was, for the most part, myself and Michael Ford progressing non-theistic Luciferianism, I have a very distinct understanding of 'theistic' anything and do not find any of it resonating on the western left hand path whatsoever. In my studies, I have found Lucifer to have little to no association with Satan nor with the Abrahamic faiths of which too many seem to draw parallels with, thanks to Milton and Jerome's Vulgate.

Well, I'm a theist, so my impression is not based on historical, fictional, or intellectual diversions in that regard. My impression is based on how I feel that energy -- to me they're the same and synonymous. I recognize that others have different understandings of that, and I'm fine with it. As far as comparing atheistic to theistic expressions it's simply an invalid comparison. Atheist expressions of the left-hand path lean on objectivity and known history where our theist is working in a psycho-spiritual medium. Neither of those possess an authority over the other, but rather are suited to different sorts of people. Some people read the Wiki. some have to be there with it and feel it for it to be real and no amount of scholarly diligence is relevant.

Though admittedly, this confusion is the bulk of what I've been writing about as of late. So rather than bit-by-bit chug through a subject which rightly deserves a discourse, I've been putting my efforts to that end.

Satanism / Re: making a list of notable Satanist organizations/sects
« on: September 15, 2018, 06:24:05 pm »
At least not more difference than between any two theistic Luciferians or Satanists.
Well, some Luciferians (and a few Satanists) stress how Satan and Lucifer are different entities, though.

I agree this would be the sticking point probably as to why a Luciferian would consider themselves that versus a Satanist. However, I feel Satan=Lucifer and to me it's just word games. Luciferians typically hate Judeo-Christian frames of reference, but after that they're doing the same shit. Though, if we're taking Roman references to Lucifier and ignoring Satanism there is not much there -- you can literally play pin the tail of the deity. If you get into the details they mostly just pin what I'd attribute to Satan to Lucifer. In essence, they draw the demarcation and still worship the same deity in another context, in drag, so the arguments get pretty silly. :D

Satanism / Re: making a list of notable Satanist organizations/sects
« on: September 15, 2018, 06:13:48 pm »
Then why are other non-Satanic organizations being mentioned here? e.g. Luciferians are not Satanists.

I've been at this for awhile, I certainly consider Theistic Luciferians in the same vane as Theistic Satanists. Our beliefs, practices, and whatnot are similar. Generally what is different is aesthetic -- they prefer different names or different texts. I'd say they're nearly identical other than their rejection of Judeo-Christian names. Of course, my opinion of this is based solely on direct conversation with several folks directly. Once we get past the Lucifer=Satan name debacle they're doing what I do, for the most part. Your theism versus atheism is the primary difference in any of these paths, after that it's aesthetics and minor talking points. That applies to the bulk of left-hand path expressions, not just this comparison. :D

So, it's basically whether your subjective impression focuses on similarity or isolates the minutia. I admit the aesthetic differences, but see the commonality as well. :D

Satanism / Re: making a list of notable Satanist organizations/sects
« on: September 15, 2018, 08:37:40 am »
Nice list!

Been trying to think of more notable theistic groups but I keep drawing a blank. I know of influential writers but not any groups that are active that don't fit into the ONA types. Anyone know of any active theistic groups worth mentioning that are notable in some way?
Not sure how active they still are or whether they ever had more than a dozen or so official members, but the MLO/TotBL?
There's certainly a lot of people influenced by them at least.
Well, perhaps you counted them to the ONA-types, though, as they took some inspiration from them. Wouldn't equate them, though.

Besides that, yeah, mainly individuals, very small groups at most that are not open to further members or that are quite unknown at least.
If you wanna make a more general list, also including single persons and/or groups of less notability, I could try and gather some suggestions.

MLO/TotBL pretty much DOA, most of the founders split into different directions many of them being artists or musicians. Some of those people quit all of that stuff and run some closed (unnamed) group, but that's about it for what I know of them.

I think ONA basically just embraces any edgy manifestation, so that's all Satanism is to them. Many of them are playing with Islam. I wouldn't say their focus was ever on satanic religion. ONA lingo is an entirely different can of worms, and a belief system on top of all others.

Groups are extraordinarily rare with theists, but when they happen they're not open. We receive shit from the public and other Satanists, so we just rather do without them. Probably the most open is actually the Demonolatry though they ascribe to some neo-pagan understandings, where I diverge with them. A ton of theists are hanging with dark aligned pagans and Wiccans/Witches. We can slide in with them on rituals because we understand The Horned God and Satan to be identical. So, there is a lot of that there is a group but it's not necessarily a satanic group thing going on. Many of the open local groups will pretend to be "traditional witches" or you will see them list some darker beings in their descriptions. It won't be out there that they're Satanic Witches.

It's also probably worth mentioning but there is nearly no difference between Theistic Luciferians and Satanists. It's probably wise to combine them in most cases. (Probably to their frustration... :))

General LHP Discussion / Re: Occult religions and work...
« on: September 11, 2018, 10:32:40 pm »
Lol I feel for you, getting called into an office to speak with a "superior" of any kind really sucks. Unfortunately employers care way too much about irrelevant things. As long as the conversation isn't interrupting something then it doesn't matter.

If employer's stopped prying into people's personal lives we would have a lot less unemploymemt.

@Kapalika as well.

This is exactly the reason I lie all day about it at work. If I was making a million dollars and I could tell them to fuck themselves I would. :D

It just serves no purpose to discuss such things at work, if asked my response is standard: None of your business. You do run into the weird situations where people try to friend zone you and come to your house, but coming to my house wouldn't reveal anything accept my addiction to guitars and xbox games. If they start talking religion I just tell them I'm not interested. I don't have occult crap lying all over the place and in the open to make people ask me stupid questions.

However, any sort of sweating you down because of your religious belief is completely illegal and you likely could get pro-bono backup and sue the living shit out of them. Especially via ACL, and similar.

Document everything, record it with your phone if possible, and remember you are under no obligation to answer them. It has absolutely nothing to do with your job or its performance.

How do you know you're communicating with an egregore instead of an actual entity, such as The Prince of Darkness? What traits would tell you that you're not talking to an actual metaphysical entity, and not somebody's construct.

The comparison you make here is just going to lead to a bunch of mental gymnastics, but I'll attempt to provide a succinct comparison.

An Egregore:

1) Created by us, either purposefully or by accident.
2) Generally narrow in purpose, doesn't have it's own motivations
3) Exists in a lower "space" in the hierarchy in the collective mind -- not self-aware, etc.
4) Can become the next case over time, if enough energy is given to do so.
5) Typically functions as an extended or shared servant. It has no will, so it can be ordered to act on one's behalf.
6) Has extremely limited power. Cannot overcome effects of anything that exists in the next category. It also can die if not maintained as it is in a temporal state.

A God/Demon/Spirit/Being:

1) May have started as an egregore, but may not have. Many are older than humans some may have been egregores created by the first being.
2) Has it's own will, purposes, and interests. It is not a servant.
3) Is not able to be controlled or ordered it has become and active force in the universe.
4) If it helps you, it's because it wants to. It's far more powerful than you.
5) Massive unimaginable power, immortal, and eternal.
6) The differences between God, Demon/Spirit, and Being are simply respective power levels.

If you are sensitive psychically to the differences, there is simply no confusion -- it's like seeing a light bulb in comparison to the sun. However, if you are in the intellectual head space, probably not.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Good Groups / Resources
« on: September 11, 2018, 05:38:18 am »
I'm, of course, exceedingly thrilled to have everyone here on our forum :). That said, the OS never has or will pretend to be the one and only organization and path. There's plenty of other great groups out there to make each other aware of. So in contrast of the groups we want to warm people of, what groups are great to send people to?

To be frank I'm not super happy with anything but this forum right now, but I'm not aware of many groups haha.

Exceedingly difficult in the theistic Satanist camp... :D

I thought of starting one in the past for the mere convenience of being able to get some lines of communication going.

That being said, I still recommend as an on ramp:

Theistic Satanism without all of the cruft, really...


Z's site is good because it's not overloaded with a bunch of confusing sub-topics. Especially useful for beginners.


Diana Vera's site is pretty good, but is really dated on material and does a lot of Satanic Panic defense that just simply have no context these days. The groups that Diana is in have some polythiestic beliefs that may or may not float your boat. She's been kinda MIA.


RJ Womack (aka Brother Nero) has a podcast with semi-random release dates.

He wrote a small book called: Satanism: A Beginner’s Guide to the Religious Worship of Satan and Demons . He's a bit more RHP/Dogmatic than I'd prefer but his podcasts are pretty decent.


Venus' Satanas' site has been recently reworked and contains more resources. @VenusSatanas is also a member of these forums.

I have a book and an accompanying website in the works... When that goes live it'll probably be another useful resource.  ETA is probably early next year, but I'll take as long as it takes for it to be right. :D

Satanism / Re: Official Warnings on Fundamentalist Pseudo-Satanism
« on: September 10, 2018, 04:56:22 pm »
You should add The Satanic Temple to that list, they're about politics/activism not Satanism. :D
I beg to differ - from my impression of interviews etc. by some of their members, at least some of them are religious (even if atheistic with few exceptions).
Sure we could argue to no end whether they are "true Satanists" or not. But in any case, I don't think they need to be avoided, at least by far not as much as other examples in this thread.

I just think the thrust of their effort is not promoting Satanism, but promoting a political message. I may agree with that message (I do), but I think their organization is confusing in presentation. Simply signing up with them isn't going to get you anywhere LHP or Satanic. That's all I was getting at... They are 100% focused on activism.

If they called themselves "Satanists For Freedom" or some other thing I'd think they were far less confusing. They're a "Temple" in name only. :D

Satanism / Re: Official Warnings on Fundamentalist Pseudo-Satanism
« on: September 10, 2018, 04:51:02 pm »
I think TST is ok. They admit to what they are at least, and they appear to share LHP values like individuality, self ownership, social and individual growth, fighting against RHP oppression, etc. At the very least they're 10x more worth of the name than CoS.

I guess we can agree to disagree there... Note, that's not the same thing as thinking they're trouble or not useful. I just think they have nothing to do with Satanism. :D

Satanism / Re: Official Warnings on Fundamentalist Pseudo-Satanism
« on: September 10, 2018, 04:06:00 pm »
This is a thread for awareness on groups that's should be avoided by any honest studier of Satanism. This isn't meant as "you're banned from this site!" I just want people (me included) to be aware of these groups before they waste their time. Some I've found include:

Joy of Satan: a neo-nazi front based around ancient alien gibberish (and I'm not even opposed to AA theory) and anti semitism.

Satanic Education and Philosophy: a secretly CoS Facebook group used to promote the most dogmatic LaVeyan Satanism and identify "detractors" in the CoS for revoking membership.

I'm dealing with this is some of my next article for O.S. I know I haven't updated you, but I am 3/4th done. Probably I will finish this up in the next two or three days. :D

You should add The Satanic Temple to that list, they're about politics/activism not Satanism. :D

Other Religions / Re: How would you describe the LHP?
« on: September 06, 2018, 06:53:24 pm »
I wasn't necessarily talking about dualities (except for very basic ones like doing something or doing something not), but about opposite ends of a scale, and about aspects of one's psyche/will that would exclude each other for practical reasons if one were to put too much focus on one of them e.g. since you then simply have no time for the others.

And you gotta elaborate a bit on how darkness isn't the absence of light. I mean, sure that's not the only thing to it, but even if we're talking not physical but metaphorical darkness and light, absence of light is one crucial aspect of darkness. (Unless you were to be into the theory that there are no photons but that light is the absence of darkness-particles, but well, let's not go there for now...)

I guess it depends on if you value the concept of duality at all, but I don't... I think it's a simpleton's way of analyzing the situation. Admittedly, I find some colloquial value in the expression of a dichotomy but there is no realistic experience of such to me. It's sort of like stealing a tyrants words to express his tyranny... In this case, the tyrant being the religions which claim they are of the light, etc. To feel something is "dark" is simply to categorize yourself according to their chosen hierarchy. What use is that other than to play their game?

I have no idea, for example, what a metaphorical "light and dark" are supposed to be. Similarly, I look at Kabbalah and other things of that sort as a map but not the land they map. They sort of aid in our understanding, but they are not the thing... Likewise, I think our Jewish Mysticism fails at the juncture where the model has been discarded for generations and thus who knows of its validity. It sure is convenient to be able to pin everything to a giant board and connect them with ropes, but it is somewhere between metal gymnastics and masturbation. :D

Thus, the game in all this is the very idea that there is some sort of hierarchy at all to some degree. It seems reducing it to some Kabbalistic-gnostic simplicity is greatly understating the reality of it, and quite deceptive.

Lounge / Re: If a man became a god...
« on: September 04, 2018, 04:06:27 pm »
...and wished to blaspheme, would he have to take his own name in vain?

It's best to blaspheme the holy spirit, because that's the one you can't come back from. :D (J/K, I don't believe in that... I just find it funny, though technically true via The Bible.)

If a man is a god then he should have no problem proving that fact or he shouldn't expect others to believe him. He should be able to heal, kill (and resurrect people), and fly at will with his mind bullets. Of course, that's probably not going to happen. :D

So, then if one truly believes they are a god but can't prove it to others... They're probably just crazy. If someone else believes someone else is a god without such proof, they're probably dumb.

I have no problem with you taking that as your focus, just don't expect it to be something that could connect all of us.

I've presumed nothing, however, it would be beneficial if the LHP community could realize this is one of the larger problems of our path. We need to stop working against ourselves and letting other people define us. We can be individualists, but working together to solve common problems. That's really all I've been getting to. For me, the stated reasons would be enough -- do you have one? Ok, let's work on that. :D Your exact reason doesn't have to match mine, but we can have several goals in common.

It would be nice if every time a Christian straw-manned a Satanist that everyone knew they were full of shit, even the other Christians. Our lack of unity lets them say what they want and misrepresent us -- we gain nothing by it. That doesn't mean we have to pull together on the details, invent a dogma, or anoint a few new grand poobahs, either.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Every Arguable Prince(ss) of Darkness Ever
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:06:47 pm »
I think the nature of Horus will be the thing Setamontet and I disagree about until the end of time :). That's part of how I realized Setianism was for me, that this "authentic" ToS Setian disagreed with me and still Recognized me. Try that in the CoS!

I've always seen Horus as the yang to the yin of Set. They really can't even be defined without comparing them directly. :D

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