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Lounge / Re: was ready to kill someone tonight
« on: February 17, 2020, 10:36:10 pm »
Sadly too you can be perfectly within Stand Your Ground in your state but get a judge who throws it out anyway and you go to court, after spending months in jail:

If you are a woman, your chances of getting a Stand your Ground decision are much lower, so I would advise most women only do it as a last resort. She did, and I hope she gets acquitted. That and there are less protections for me living where I do than even her, I wasn't willing to take that risk and ruin my life further by spending even a few months in jail because I only had a grand to my name and no way that was going to make bail for a murder charge.

Yeah, my opinion is never use force unless you are ready to sit in a cell. But, while you can get out of jail you will never get back up out of a grave. The legal system is complex, but I think that's the measure one should use. If you have no alternative that's the right time for deadly force, but if you do take the other option.

Stand your ground doesn't supersede castle laws and basic laws that apply to self-defense though and rarely is it ever evoked where there is a clear danger and the victim is trying to end the conflict. If someone comes at you with a weapon stand your ground doesn't really apply in most cases -- it was mostly in the cases where it was sort of difficult to determine.

This particular case is an outlier though and a really bad example of what normally happens. In most states, the evidence of wounding on either victim would be valid enough reason for a weapon to be drawn, especially in one's home. Though the proper procedure is to demand the assailant to cease whatever they were doing and if they do not then firing is likely fine. You have a right not to be "roughed up" or "choked", and a right to prevent someone from being beat or choked in your presence. If the state's argument that the attacker who is methed out can only be met with appropriate force they are making the argument that you should have bashed his head in with a baseball bat rather than fire the gun. Obviously, this won't stand very well in an appeal process in most states, especially considering that it's unlikely that woman even WITH an improvised weapon could do significant enough damage to end the attack. But, even if she was successful with the baseball bat then she'd still be getting murder one for smashing his brains in with a bat. Anyway, I think the real problem in this case is either. A) She's lying, or B) she has a terrible attorney. She's apparently having a hard time convincing them she was raped, but I think it's crazy that the only evidence the court will accept is that the assailant busts, lol. It's nonsensical that a woman has to let a man finish raping her so she can prove the rape.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Do many of you use Baphomet?
« on: February 15, 2020, 06:04:37 pm »
Baphomet has always been very common among Satanism and the LHP circles. We all know the history of him/her including how he is common within the meaning of the sigil of Baphomet.

I personally still use the sigil of Baphomet to represent the powers or forces of Darkness that I use in my workings. My question is would some of you still use Baphomet as a deity other than a symbolic sigil.

Why? What is this deity's importance to you?

I generally don't wear/use baphomet, but I have a thing or two around with it on it "because it looked cool" -- I realize it represents nothing really at least in reference to Satan or anything else I follow with.

However, to me, a sigil of Lucifier is a much more important symbol to me and what I wear daily. It wasn't created by an occultist spicing up some Knight Templar pseudo-history it comes from a classic grimoire. (Grimorium Verum) It's been in use for four or five centuries. :D

Lounge / Re: I had a stupid argument with someone
« on: February 15, 2020, 05:57:30 pm »
Evoke: summon
Invoke: call upon

Being a pragmatist to my bones, I say "summon" and "call upon" and discard the other words.

Unfortunately, the words are virtually synonymous. This is another one of those debates that's been going on forever.

But, that being said I tend to feel that there are two types of ritual.

1) You can "contain" the force you are working with.

2) You can "channel" the force you are working with.

Mechanically, I don't view them as all that different but based on one's spiritual and philosophical viewpoint one or the other might be more pleasing. Which one is happening is mostly a function of what you perceive the purpose of your circle to be. Is that purpose to "protect oneself", then you are working in condition #1. If it's to harmonize with something then it's generally case #2.

I use both -- I harmonize with what I feel are "greater spiritual beings" and use the other method for that which I neither know or trust, but may still feel the need to work with. To take one of the examples case and point, if you were working with the beings that S. Connelly refers to as "divines" you have nothing to worry about -- these are mostly historical deities and are of helpful characters; they won't do any harm. If you're working with The Goetia those entities are known for being rather capricious and to work with them outside of the containment method might be ill-advised. One can use either method in a respectful way, so that debate point really isn't very important to me. If you call someone on the phone and rip them a new ass I don't think it takes much common sense to realize this might cause some problems in your working regardless of the particular method you decide to use. If you're respectful and nice to whatever you work with you tend to get further regardless.

Lounge / Re: was ready to kill someone tonight
« on: February 10, 2020, 08:37:30 pm »
Well that anecdote happened in the house of the one trying to stop that thief. And at least by the summary of German self-defence law as provided on Wikipedia, one is allowed to try and stop a thief, wherever one is, as one is always allowed to try and stop a crime - but it then still is up to the court to decide whether one chose the right means to do so, and in that case the judge decided otherwise.

But as I said, y'all are in the US, so things are not necessarily the same.

Well, in the USA, you don't have to be a thief to get shot. You just have to be there without permission -- which makes you guilty of breaking and entering, trespassing, and exposed to any number of castle laws that come into play. Even in duty to retreat states, you usually have no duty to retreat in your home. In most states, you don't have to be endangering the occupants just the structure for force to be used. If someone throws a brick through your windows and then climbs in you don't know if they're there to rape you, murder you, or steal something. If the criminal surrenders immediately upon you seeing the weapon though, you will have a hard case for "defense", and it's probably better if you just call the police at that point. But, it's all contextual anyway -- it'd be hard to make the case that you were in danger when you shot the criminal in the back of the head, etc. :D As a rule, you have the right to demand compliance with the firearm and call the police regardless and you have the right to fire that weapon if necessary. The key of course is the "necessary bit" -- if they high tail out your front door it's hard to say it was necessary to shoot them. Personally, "necessary" is the criteria I go by. If they're running away I'm not in danger so there is no need to fire -- that's a call the police and let them get 'em situation.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Is the RHP a myth?
« on: February 10, 2020, 08:12:35 pm »
Society needs RHP to be itself, for better or worse. Today's society seems to me to be built on the premise that advanced personal work on spiritual development is strictly optional; if we took away the easy out of pre-chewed spiritual food from mama bird Church and forced everyone to hunt and clean their own doctrines in the wild, there'd be far less time and effort to go round for the things which require huge investments of that spare time and effort to keep things ticking.

Society is built on a paradigm of social norms and ethics, but it's like anything it's the rules that are written down on paper -- not necessarily the one's we have to play by.

But, I view your opinion as really idealistic on this subject. We're past the point with the major world religions where they don't have to bother to make any sense - 20%+ of the population is too dumb to know or care and just automatically accepts it. However, don't even limit this to religion -- it's true on everything from social norms, politics, or anything else. :D

Is there really a difference between a staunch Atheist or Christian? I find none. Is there a difference between a left wing nutter and a right wing nutter? I find none. All of them closed their minds -- they're all equally retarded. What's funny is some of them actually think they're smarter than one another... That's the real giggle... :D

Anyway, I find it amusing because I have to or I'd be sad. How's that for a truth bomb? These people simply do not have the capacity for leaving the warm embrace of the herd. They never will and it doesn't matter if the grass is greener on the other side either.. They're going to stand in place and die there. If one of the herd members farts, they just breathe deeper... :D

Lounge / Re: Organizing this Forum
« on: February 10, 2020, 08:01:52 pm »
Quote from: Etu Malku
Thelema is not a LHP religion

Many Thelemites might consider themselves LHP because they are willing to work with "dark" entities. However the core of Thelema is not just setting your own will into motion, but coming into alignment with a universal will. This is not an act of self-deification but submission, and in my opinion completely disqualifies Thelema as LHP, no matter how "spooky" the practitioner thinks they are.


There is some debate whether Thelemites have any consensus of belief on these topics. For now, I'd presume not. But, since the ultimate goal of Thelema is subjugation to some invisible force called a "True Will" that is accordance to the being in harmony with some "Holy Guardian Angel" we'd have to say that it's completely and wholly NOT an LHP practice -- as these ideas are just 100% incompatible. It also trips the "mind, body, soul -- and the "soul" is the only one that matters" flag mentioned in my previous comments (In The RHP thread: We could use "soul" and "HGA" interchangeably for the most part, although Crowley expands the term to mean much more than would be commonly understood in that way. Either way, in Thelema the wants of the body and the impulses of the mind are considered garbage that is simply getting in the way of knowing one's "True Self". Despite the jargon, I find absolutely no ultimate difference between Crowley's ideas and those of some of the early Christian heretics that thought along similar lines. Let's just call it Christianity 2.0.

Lounge / Re: was ready to kill someone tonight
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:41:55 pm »
You're getting into pretty bad neighborhoods aren't you?

Glad to hear you're fine and that you're gonna have your own rented apartment soon.

Be careful - self-defense law tends to be tricky. I don't know how it works in the US, but here I heard of someone trying to stop a thief by making them stumble, which made the thief fall down the stairs, and the judge didn't count it as self-defense and they had to pay the thief compensation because there would have been other ways to stop the thief.
So I'm pretty glad that I never got into any such situation.

The most important things to know are whether your state has a duty to retreat law. That's to say it will not be counted as self-defense if you can run away. Secondly, understand your states "castle" law.  But, generally, all violence is acceptable if your are intruded upon in your residence -- but, not just if they're in your yard. _Inside the walls_ This means even if someone is shooting outside, but not at you, you don't have a right to stop them. In most states, you can protect yourself regardless of location with no limitation if you are personally being assaulted. Castle requires no act of violence upon you -- they literally just have to enter your domicile in most states. Some states allow you to protect innocents and stop crimes in progress regardless of whether "duty" or "castle" would apply. My home state is one of those, but you have to be sure or your interference in someone's scuffle gets you arrested.

Even with these cases of immunity except in the case of where castle law applies nothing stops a perpetrators family from bringing a wrongful death suit to court with your name on it. (Obama actually "exempted" the castle situation from these types of suits, and most states adopted them into law the following year... But, you have to check... Not all have done so.)

My rule with personal defense is simple -- if it's not critical enough that I'd be willing to sit in jail for it then bugging out is my primary answer. However, if it's my friends and family that are threatened and harm would come to them I wouldn't even think twice about introducing the offender to my brass-assed little friends. The reason I own firearms isn't because I'm Billy-Badass or something, but because I know most altercations aren't 1v1. And, they tend to go down when you're distracted, sick, tired, and so on. It's just an insurance policy -- I don't know about them, but _I_ am getting out of it,  lol.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Is the RHP a myth?
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:30:04 pm »
My only thought is that I use the terms LHP/RHP rather loosely to contrast the difference between self-directed religions and conventional ones based on saviors.

You could look it at that way, but there are certainly RHP religions/belief systems that do not incorporate the concept of a savior at all. Certainly, there is a rote dogma to most of these systems but I don't particularly feel that is a necessary requirement. For example, there are many non-denominational "solo" Christians that do not go to church or accept it as an authority. They will pray to God, but never see a preacher or priest. :D (These types are quite on the rise, recently, btw. Due to all the scandals.) I still feel they are living via a Christian concept of acceptable norms/ethics/etc, so they're still RHP as all hell -- but, that dividing line is getting rather blurry.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Is the RHP a myth?
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:24:10 pm »

Body/mind/soul - which apparently, at least for Mindmaster and Kapalika, does not apply to LHP

To be clear, LHP can believe in "mind/body/soul" it's just in LHP understandings of that subject none of the parts are "better" than the others. Rather they are seen as contiguous or simply "onion layers" of being. Thus, the LHP'er will might accept that these things exist but doesn't forsake any portion as being impure or imply that being worldly is a less favorable condition than being spiritual. For our spiritually-minded LHP'er there is no "sin" or "vice" attached to these concepts. Which is just about the exact opposite understanding of the RHP belief systems. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: Is the RHP a myth?
« on: February 09, 2020, 06:26:16 pm »
There is supposedly a trajectory known as the RHP, which could be summarized as seeking to stop being a singularity and start being a zero so infinity can be experienced and enabled, a state of being I'll call "dissolution into the All."

Re: Hindu's -- It's thousands of religions pretending to be one and for the ideas one school or guru teaches the other teaches the complete and total opposite. Nothing is really more schizophrenic than that. :D

Anyway, the RHP doesn't have to follow the same metaphysical / cosmological understandings to qualify as being exactly that. It's more about "culturally accepted practices" and baked-in ethics.


1) The RHP limits itself to social acceptable practices. (Mass, Prayer, etc.) If occultism is explored it is explored only in the manner that is the most friendly to this worldview. (For example, using names of angels and the names of God to work white magick.) It would still be pretty taboo to approach the occult subjects, but if it was done in the way that is mindful to the belief system it's generally accepted. (There are plenty of schools of Christian mystics doing exactly this... etc)

2) The "psycho-spiritual view" is that there is a mind, body, and soul and that they separate things that interact. Most of these religions will hold a view that "mind and body" are inferior pieces of the puzzle as well, since they "die" with the flesh.

3) There is a cosmic boogeyman that enforces the dogma of the religion. Whether it be karma, sin, or a "threefold law" that is the impetus for triggering the ire of the sky daddy/mommy/etc.

That doesn't include a state of "oneness" for the most part as you can see especially due to the complexity of addressing that issue on point #2. In most cases, that view propagated by smaller cloistered groups of monks associated with the main religion -- not the lay people themselves. (as you've noted) So, "on the record", these concepts are generally not part of the theological understanding of these religions. (But, small sects within the overall religion will have these ideas.)

Anyway, that's about as simple as I can try to explain it. At least, in the context of what are "mandatory features" of the RHP.

Lounge / Re: Organizing this Forum
« on: February 09, 2020, 05:55:07 pm »
he becomes a “babe of the abyss”. [/color]

Rarely, if ever, will I agree with you much on anything but the absolute goal of Thelema is ego-annihilation in order to experience one's "true self". (Whatever that means...) It's certainly a bit more nuanced than that, but I'm evading all the made up Crowley-babble to make the point. Of course, all of that clap-trap is simply lifted from Eastern systems and just grafted into Thelema. It's not really an original idea. Are the mainstream Hindu religions LHP? Certainly not... And, neither is this. :D

That would fundamentally be exactly the opposite of the LHP in any incarnation. The LHP tack would be "sharpening up the rough edges" or "making it work in a way that isn't an obstacle" -- as a comparison. Even if the LHPer believes in a "higher power" of sorts the primary working idea is attunement rather than subjugation to it.

Lounge / Re: Organizing this Forum
« on: February 07, 2020, 02:31:50 pm »
I think the more "generalizing" you can do for the forum the better... First, the post volume isn't high enough in sub-forums to typically warrant there being very many of them. I'd keep the divisions basically wherever they have to be to avoid posts being vastly off-topic. People talking about Thelema obviously don't care about Satanism in many cases and ditto the other way around...

Secondly, if the post volume for a topic is less than a few posts/replies that doesn't really warrant a sub-forum at all. I'd evade the obscure and those posts probably go to "other religions" or "lhp" general. The more you divide the emptier they look, basically. :D

You can move important sub-forum posts from the area they are in to the general and sticky/cross-reference them in another post, etc.

General LHP Discussion / Re: How do *you* LHP?
« on: February 07, 2020, 11:31:54 am »
I'm not even sure whether I'm LHP ;)

I tend to view LHP as spirituality that rejects dogma, but obviously that'll automatically exclude any atheistic expression unintentionally. :D Suffice to say LHP spirituality is based on one's direct subjective experience rather than accepting or taking anything via a faith mechanism. You can believe in the same pantheon of deities (as the RHP adherent) under this model, but it's your approach that is different. You believe in what you know to exist with no mediator, priest, or book between you and your deitie(s). This is obviously _clear cut_ as you can be in regard to the definition of the LHP.

That being said there is certainly non-spiritual left-handed philosophy (as opposed to spiritual beliefs) that goes into a larger scale and applies to social norms more universally. Of course, this doesn't address the original connotation of the term at all as that was in regard to a spiritual context. The debate is rather whether this is "LHP or not" in converse to people where the first paragraphs definition would apply. I tend to think that it's LHP compatible, but not particularly LHP in the truest sense of the term. You certainly could have both "case a and b" in your belief structure, but this case isn't particularly mandatory. This is why I don't think a "by the book" LaVey Satanist is a real LHPer as they really don't embrace the ritual context outside of the rejection of societal norms. I don't think, for example, becoming a nihilist or embracing Nietzsche particularly has anything to do with the LHP. LHP is a practice you either do or don't do... It's not a philosophy or ideology... You're not "on a path" if you're not doing something. At least, that's how I've understood it.

So, basically you have two camps that believe things in two completely different frames of reference arguing until they run out of oxygen about who's interpretation is more correct. The truth is that neither are better or worse, but rather tools of one's personal expression/understanding. Most people don't fall completely in one or the other camp, but rather meld the two in varying degrees. I'm mostly column A, but I certainly built it from column B. :D

Satanism / Re: What is really removed from /r/Satanism?
« on: February 05, 2020, 09:36:21 am »
Nearly anything relevant or interesting is removed from /r/Satanism. :D

It's just basically controlled by the mouthpieces of CoS and their pets, so if you're not exactly down with their ideology get stuffed.

Satanism / Re: What does theistic satanism have to offer
« on: February 05, 2020, 09:34:25 am »
Or rather what can I offer. I want to learn and I guess this is a good first question.

The goal of every spiritual path is contentment and or happiness... It's that simple. This is why you have thousands of them. Not every person finds those things via the same mechanism or aesthetic.

Now, after that... What does Satan mean to you? You'll have to meditate on this and pray a lot. Don't read books on it -- DO the thing. Prayers to ask Satan for understanding are enough... Meditation is about putting your mind clutter into a little box so you can listen. It's not about rational process where you analyze everything - do that later, when you're not doing the prayer or meditations. Meditation is a core practice for all theistic Satanists -- it is the one that allows you to experience Satan directly. _IT_ is probably the most important practice alone. Prayers are more about aligning one's waking psyche to that end and mediation is about aligning oneself intuitively. As a theistic Satanist, you are the priest/preacher, the layperson, and the monk. There is no one between you and your deity, but this adds more work to the practice. One must live in the mindfulness of Satan to be a theistic Satanist, but it's not simply a decision. And, I'll be the first to admit that isn't for everyone. That bond with Satan is our most cherished thing in our lives.

Secondly, this isn't some Hollywood make a deal with the Devil thing - one doesn't typically offer anything more than their devotion/love. This may have many different physical manifestations, but this is the intended purpose. Thus, there are many ways to express this and what works for you as an individual is largely governed by your own preferences.

Anyway, if your get the prayer and meditation going the rest will come to you when it is relevant. As far is "magick" and other practices -- they are not typically necessary in the theistic context theurgic magick is a thing. If your level of belief is strong enough you can do magick with prayers... or even without them... once you've aligned enough with that power... Hence, back to practice #1 and #2 -- prayers & meditation.

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