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General LHP Discussion / Re: Controversial topic: Armanen Runes.
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:34:41 pm »
If historical correctness would really matter, then people would take much more care to use proper Latin, Hebrew, Sumerian etc. than they do.

With the runes, there is one difference to other alphabets in that its use for magical and religious purposes seems to historically have been more important than its mundane use.
Also, it might due to that be that its structure is already a ready-made system which might therefore be more optimized than forcing something made for other purposes into some magical system.

Those advantages would probably not be given in the Armanen-runes.
But considering the fact that most about the original use of the runes is lost, we need to re-invent most of it if we use them anyway, so it in and of itself doesn't matter whether that re-invention is done now by us or in the previous century by some nazis.
Unless of course these nazis had no idea what they were doing and their system therefore makes no sense.

Another disadvantage is that we normally know that the Armanen-runes are later inventions - even if we also know that everything was a new invention at some point, we still subconsciously tend to put more trust into something "ancient" than something "fake".

I'm not inclined to work with the Armanen-runes, at least not before I've gained more familiarity with the original ones.
And also, I normally avoid working with things pertaining to the nazis on principle. And my reluctance to work with their stuff would probably be detrimental to it if I tried to.

Reading / Re: What are you reading?
« on: January 12, 2018, 07:55:55 pm »
Would be nice to have a translation of that, couldn't find one though.
I could help you with the Latin and German parts, it's more difficult to read than to understand.
Sounds fairly basic, though.
Page 1: "Signs of elemental spirits, fire, water, earth and air".
Page 2: "The ??? of hand-chess(?) of the operation, inside" (can't read the third word, but grammatically must be at the place of the ??? if I read the rest correctly)
Page 5: First line: That's how Belzebub appears"
Would have to look more closely onto the rest as it's fairly hard to decipher.
I might need to practice deciphering manuscripts for professional reasons anyway, and doing so with that kind of content might actually be fun.

Music / Re: potential cover for something of mine
« on: January 12, 2018, 05:42:54 pm »
Most of India is pretty rural and they got power lines lol. Maybe the barn is styled a bit' western.
Yeah of course, just taking about the impression caused by cliches.

Maybe a more important question is, what do you think of when you see that photo, and what would you think if you saw that as an album cover? What kind of theme or vibe would you get? What kind of music would you assume is inside of it?
Post rock or post black metal.

Granted it would be really hard to get the right shot of something that dark of morning's first light with so much mist since it's dependent on the weather. That photo wasn't altered in any way at all not even in color or saturation. The palette and lighting was just perfect.
I agree, this is a really good shot.

Really that abandoned haunted/creepy feel I guess. I wanted it to kinda give an indication of the feel of my music but maybe my sense of visuals is off
Dunno, it doesn't look creepy to me. A bit abandonded, sure, but rather depressive if anything.

Announcements / Re: Problems with the forum
« on: January 12, 2018, 05:09:48 pm »
I posted in the Lounge and a few minutes later in the Music section, but on the main page, the former post of mine is listed as last post. Shouldn't also the sub-forum posts be counted for that?

Also, recently there was a post listed as last post in the Longue and when I clicked on it there was "access denied" or something.

Music / Re: potential cover for something of mine
« on: January 12, 2018, 04:50:17 pm »
Just the first draft of it, pretty much what i want but I'll need to maybe redo the font due to the licensing of it  (and there are some edits I want to make to it) and blend it better anyway:
Looks good, but I agree that the font might need some slight adjustments.


Has the semi lowfii feel I want. No color editting I just got lucky finding a super misty / dark shot very early in the morning.

Does the barn invoke any kind of feel or implication/suggestion for you guys, or anything else in the picture?

The photo looks pretty rural (duh). And, it clashes a tiny bit with the Indian-style font because it just looks so western. I mean, that photo could also have been taken in Japan and even in India, but it doesn't look like the latter, at all. But that needn't be an issue, it depends on what impression you wanna cause.
Tryin' to get a vibe of "kinda like black metal but not quite".
Only read that edited part after writing the above... with the power lines in the background it looks too close to civilization to really fit into the black metal imagery, but if "not quite" is what you're going for, then that might actually be beneficial.

Lounge / Re: Anyone here create any Occult inspired art?
« on: January 12, 2018, 04:41:18 pm »

But I could see why consciousness could go there, it would contrast the Shakti/physical nature of the Gunas.
Yes, that was more or less what I had in mind there.
Thanks for the reply! There's still a lot I need to learn.

Lounge / Re: Anyone here create any Occult inspired art?
« on: January 11, 2018, 09:56:55 am »
I rarely do art from scratch, but often base it on some existing template.

For example, I bought a colouring book for grown-ups at the discounter a while ago, and it also contained some pictures of deities which I coloured and put on my walls:

Ganesha: (also the flowers and butterflies are from that same book)

Khepri and another Egyptian deity, probably Anubis, perhaps Set:

I also do some paper cutting. This one is based on a template for an easter picture featuring a rabbit and a lamb... well, I modified the latter a bit to resemble a slightly different kind of animal more closely:

Is all/any of that occult art? Who knows - most other such pictures I have on my walls are from cartoon or video game characters, or simply nature scenes, and at least some such can be used as symbols for more esoteric means.
For example, I have pictures of the 3 hyenas and Rafiki from The Lion King, and found them to be an interesting rendering of the 4 elements - I might want to see whether they not better fit the 3 gunas and consciousness, though.
Or when learning Tarot, one of the things I do to better memorize the cards' meanings is doing notes which Pokemon I'd use for this card if I were to make a Tarot based on those. E.g. a pair of Nidoran for the Lovers, Yveltal for Death, Mewto for the Hermit,...

Satanism / Re: Satanists are cats
« on: January 11, 2018, 08:56:56 am »
There's a lot of these "feral Satanists" in the neighbourhood, but sadly we have none because one of my siblings is allergic.
Doesn't stop him from being into cats. Actually, after writing my previous comment here in this thread I went to see whether he's up already (wasn't) and he only replied with "meow" and "hm" during the ensuing conversation - not entirely out of character for him, but still fascinating synchronicity. I don't think he'd be a Satanist at heart, though.

That's exactly in the sense I meant. Funnily enough, that's been one of my favorite songs since forever.
Huh, nice. I don't listen to that kind of music often, I mainly know it from my dad, but it is actually one of the few songs I know how to play on guitar, and one of only 2 or so that I actually performed live once at some open stage.

Well, if anyone can't decide whether they want to be a dog or a cat at the moment but wants to get into a more feral cat-mindset, I by chance stumbled upon this guided trance while searching for something else :mrgreen: (NSFW!)
(the website contains a lot of adult content, but this one seems free of such)

General LHP Discussion / Re: The Goddess Kali
« on: January 11, 2018, 08:21:52 am »
Regarding Tārā, in "Kālī Kaula" by Jan Fries there is a chapter on her, focusing mainly on her possible Chinese origins and stressing that the Buddhist and Hindu forms are utterly different from each other (p.141-154).

Would need to re-read that to give a more detailed account.

Music / Re: Music thread
« on: January 09, 2018, 09:58:52 am »
An old favorite:

Satanism / Re: Satanists are cats
« on: January 09, 2018, 09:57:24 am »
So true. And not the first time I encountered this metaphor.
I normally don't visualize myself or Satan as cats, but I totally get what you mean.

I find myself a mix of both. I'm very cat like in general, cats are the best. As an aside, I highly recommend the essay Lovecraft wrote on cats; it's pretty great.

But I think there's value in being a dog sometimes, not in the traditional sense- but in a saddomassochistic sense, I suppose. Not to Satan but in life, in general, but and sometimes in spirituality if the circumstances allow it. I find myself more embracing of this view of life the more my practices lean towards satanic principles and deities. But being a dog in this way, does not make you not a cat.
In this sense you mean?

And yeah, there's a lot of value in that, if one's into it. And also to Satan. Nothing like being ravaged by devotion and acting the part.

I work from home via internet as a freelancer, so nobody would mind. Well my family (at whose place I live) would consider it a tad strange but they wouldn't have a problem with it.

Well, I'm trying to get a more stable job; the best would be if I could join some university project and write my doctorate thesis on it. I don't know how the people there would react, probably depends on the person. Maybe they'd ask me not to wear it when teaching, but otherwise they likely wouldn't take offense I guess. Really dunno. They'd likely recommend me not to wear it case I meet someone who takes offense. And probably they'd be asking a lot of questions and I don't like talking about my religious beliefs in real life.

When I worked as an assistant for a university lecturer I once talked to her about music lyrics by religious bands (she's very much into medieval mystic poetry and I saw some parallels), and in that context I out of necessity also brought up Satanism (not telling her about my own religious beliefs and mainly mentioning The Satanic Temple even though the lyrics I was thinking of were of quite different kinds), and while she had some prejudices, when I dispelled those she didn't really have an issue with it. I still was very nervous about it, though, so I didn't mention the topic again.
I don't have that job anymore, but that was for entirely unrelated reasons (namely, the university only employs assistants that don't have their M.A. degree yet as they are cheaper).

Not sure actually if I remember that right (was a while ago), but I think I have seen some student wearing a pentagram at university. It fit in quite well with her general gothic outfit, so I don't think people assumed her to have religious reasons, if she even had; didn't notice anyone saying anything about it.

Still a different situation do to that as a student as opposed to as a lecturer, though.

General LHP Discussion / Re: My thoughts on Fatalism
« on: December 11, 2017, 06:00:53 pm »
It's not really just theory - randomness is inherent in quantum mechanics. Determinism takes the attitude that everything in the future would be perfectly predictable if one had perfect knowledge of the starting conditions. This seems possible in principle but not in practice. But when you get to quantum mechanics, it shows you that perfect knowledge of the initial conditions is not possible even in principle.
I agree that perfect knowledge of the conditions is not possible - but that doesn't seem to me to prove that there would be true randomness involved.
Just because it's impossible to find out what causes something doesn't mean it's without cause.

Another thing that is often overlooked within deterministic thought is the possibility that reality is beginningless. If this is the case, there would truly be no initial conditions to know and calculate from. I tend to believe that this is the nature of things, and it can be shown to be true through rational proofs and further supplemented by other methods. If existence is beginningless, you can try to say that if you had perfect knowledge of everything that existed everywhere, you could then calculate the exact future. But this statement doesn't grasp the full nature of infinity - how far it reaches beyond all we see and know, how it contains aspects and realities that are far different from the one we do all of our predicting within. With that taken into account, all you can really say is that if you were God (to use a word), you could know everything everywhere by being it, and thus perfectly predict the future. In which case, sure; but it is not a very meaningful statement or position to hold.
For most practical purposes you are right. But we were talking about metaphysics here, not about practicability. If it were about real-life applicability then I'd agree it to be more helpful to act as if one actually has a free will.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Let's talk about a taboo subject: Necromancy
« on: December 10, 2017, 12:32:44 pm »
Wut? Illegal? Maybe it's different based on state or local laws but generally it's legal to own or buy human bones:
Sure in the US, but I'm in Germany.
Even owning cremated human ashes in an urn is illegal in most parts of this country (only one city allows it since 3 years).
Admittedly, I can't seem to find detailed information on the legality of owning human bones, but I'm certain I heard it in a documentation a few years ago that it's illegal in all its forms, and at least we have a law that says that human remains need to be brought to graveyards.

As far as the feeling normal walking through a graveyard, ya I get that feeling. The key to how I did it was that when I meditated I was imagining I was meditating on a body, meditating directly on the grave.
That certainly sounds more worthwhile at least.
However, while being at an actual grave might intensify it, such kinds of meditation should also be possible in different surroundings.

Hm. I guess the best way to explain it is that they are trying to overcome the fear of death and an aversion to the 'impure'. To Aghori everything is of Shiva, so there is no truly pure or impure. Aghori means "without horror" and it's their lack of bondage in disgust that defines them. So I would say it's more of a means to an end.
I totally get that. However, I guess what @King Mob meant was that here in the west it's normally done for more worldly goals, not just for spiritual development.

Also, if you do go looking up information on the Kapalikas let me know if you come across anything good. Reliable information is hard to find as they didn't write very much and most of what was written when they were around was from detractors so it's accuracy is questionable. Though I know a good book on it:
 The Kāpālikas and Kālāmukhas: Two lost Śaivite sects
I actually read it (you recommended it to me as well a while ago), and while certainly an interesting topic that book was a very dry read. I think I so far learnt (or at least retained) more from your forum comments than from that. The main thing that that book taught me is that there is hardly any objective historic sources on the sects in question and that the propaganda about them that we are left with resembles modern propaganda about Satanists quite closely.
However, maybe you nevertheless can find more in the book than I could because it uses a lot of technical terms that might mean more to you than to me.

Setianism / Re: Old Man Aquino: No Chill
« on: December 09, 2017, 09:30:21 pm »
While I disagree with a major part of what Aquino said in those quotes (not necessarily with the details but with the conclusions), still interesting as a concise summary. I guess next time I have to explain why I'm not a Setian I might come back to this  :)

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