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I’ve never done this but many “petty” incidents that upset us stem from our ego being disrupted, I’ve found. If we can somehow in a heated moment, separate ourselves from our egos, we might refrain from cursing others.

And a few days can do wonders for the mind. I try not to react anymore in the instant someone upsets me. After a few days, it’s not that what they’ve done doesn’t matter, but they don’t.

I’ve discovered that thinking this way can help me in these situations.

Journals / Re: Deidre's Journal
« on: February 26, 2018, 03:07:28 am »
Dear journal;

Life has been a mixture of ups and downs, but I'm finding joy even in the downs. I used to run away from the downs, but now, I stop, and reflect on them. Did I somehow cause the downs? Or is it just life springing them upon me? I like knowing that I'm in control of how I see the downs, and they don't have to ruin a good day, or my life. They are learning moments, and the ups are taken from the downs. Without both, life wouldn't be what it is.

Journal, you always listen to me, and even though you don't speak back to me, I know you hear me.

Journals / Re: Deidre's Journal
« on: February 02, 2018, 02:06:56 am »
Dear journal;

I've missed you. I've missed this forum. I've been so busy. How do we get so busy doing things we don't like to do? Like work. lol Well, I like my job enough, but, I'd rather be here...with you all.

If any Satanists are reading this, I'm sending you my love tonight. And a witches brew...  :kiss:


General LHP Discussion / Thoughts on death
« on: December 13, 2017, 02:24:51 am »
I've been thinking about death, lately. Usually around the holidays, I start thinking about death, and mortality. My grandmother died a few years ago, around the holidays. So, it's not such a morbid thing, but then again, death and the fact that this life as we know it all comes to an end, doesn't have to bring morbidity with it.

I have different views of death, part of me feels there is a glorious after life, where Jesus awaits, and then there's another part of me that feels there is nothing after this life. Maybe just a long darkness, as though we are suspended in space. Sometimes, thoughts of reincarnation creep in, and I wonder who I might ''transition'' into, in the ''next'' life.

What are your thoughts about death? Are they largely shaped by the LHP, and were your thoughts the same/different before you accepted the LHP?

Journals / Re: Deidre's Journal
« on: November 25, 2017, 07:25:22 pm »
So bored with internet ''one liners'' as if these people log out and speak normally IRL, but online, they feel the need to say the coolest new phrase. Be your own person. I beg of you.

I'd say that if someone leaves you or is put off by who you really are, it's for the best. There are plenty of women out there who will understand you, and even if they don't embrace LHP, they won't shun you over it. They will accept you for who you are. That's the case with any religion, or views in my opinion. If someone wants you to change your ways for them or the relationship, then they're likely not the right one.

Journals / Re: Deidre's Journal
« on: November 23, 2017, 06:18:02 pm »
@Deidre  Synchronicity, I was just talking about the bible today at school cause someone brought it up and it led to discussing our favorite stories. It's surpisingly full of LHP analogies. King Solomon who bound demons to his will. One could argue that Delilah was Samson's Babalon that led to his separation from God and the same about King David. I feel King David more as he willingly chose his desires over God in some pretty "despicable" ways.

I actually found the bible boring until I stopped believing in it cause I'm a huge fan of most mythology.

I totally agree with the beauty in Left Hand Path. I've always loved the dark things in life and resonated with them spirituality. There's a lot of hard ship and tearing down of old habits. But that destruction is so spiritual in nature because it's liberating which gives us the beauty of creating anew.
Interesting perspective! I think that when we read different texts with an open mind, and objectivity, it changes how we see it. I grew up in a Christian home so the Bible was considered something you could never ever question, but I don't imagine that God is threatened by my questions, and the objectivity has helped me to embrace certain things within the Bible, and let go of those things that may never make sense. I consider myself spiritual now.

Glad to hear of your thoughts on this.

Journals / Re: Deidre's Journal
« on: November 22, 2017, 03:06:21 am »
Dear journal,

It's been a while. I thought I'd share some revelations I've been having. I've been reading the Bible, and find so much of it to be intriguing, and it resonates with me. There are parts that don't, but I'm reading more from an objective view. I'm also still intrigued by the LHP, and the beauty of it. For people who don't understand it or who are unwilling to understand it, it seems depressing and dark. But, there is beauty there, and that beauty ends up being who you are, when all is said and done. So, that's it. Just some ramblings for now, and hope everyone here is enjoying the fall season. My favorite of all  8)

Lounge / Re: Vampires...history or folklore?
« on: November 01, 2017, 02:44:22 am »
What proplexes me is who would want to be in the same meat sack for so long, when death is so much fun and you can change your avatar.

Those who fear death, fear life.

Maybe. But it could be cool to live forever in different time periods. Always seeing everyone and everything. I see your point, too.

Lounge / Re: Do you like Halloween?
« on: October 25, 2017, 03:11:52 am »
Next week!!! Can't wait  :mrgreen:

Journals / Re: Deidre's Journal
« on: October 14, 2017, 03:40:16 am »
Having a sad day, today. Missing my grandmother. Grief is a strange thing, it comes and goes. I guess I have to just accept that there will still be days when I miss her, and it hurts so much. I wish she'd come back, just for one day.

Lounge / Re: Vampires...history or folklore?
« on: October 08, 2017, 09:00:47 pm »
Btw, the way my friend and I became blood brothers was we spoke a Satanic invocation and cut each others left hand with a ceremonial knife, and shook/held left hands for a moment or so.  It was a very magical experience.

Sounds bad ass!  :mrgreen:
I've always wondered if doing this hurts at all, the actual "mixing" of blood part?

Lounge / Re: Vampires...history or folklore?
« on: October 08, 2017, 05:21:20 pm »
Dear Deidre,

I've at times referred to myself as a Vampyre, as it is an interesting subject.  Though I do not adhere to the prospect of physical immortality, however, I have known certain Setian Vampyres who explore the concept.

I have in the past, one or two times, performed blood letting and have drank my own blood, just as a ritual/symbolic gesture.  I also, during a Satanic ritual, became blood brothers with one of my best friends.  I would never recommend and strongly discourage "feeding"/drinking the blood of others.  I personally find the practice repulsive and dangerous as it can be a way to acquire life threatening diseases.

To me the Vampyre receives its eternal Life force from exercising the Powers of Darkness that is Black Magic in accordance with his/her Will.  Which continually nourishes and energizes his/her essence of Being - the Black Flame, beyond life and death.
This is so fascinating! Yesterday, I cut myself by mistake, and was slightly bleeding, nothing major. I stopped the bleeding by sucking on the area that was cut, and I thought of vampire lore and wonder if anyone ''feeds'' in the truest sense of the lore.

Lounge / Re: Vampires...history or folklore?
« on: October 08, 2017, 04:56:01 am »
What is the essence of the Vampyre or Vampire?  They possess the command to look; they are beautiful and/or horrifying creatures on all sorts of levels, and with them, what you see is not necessarily what you get.  The Vampyre is a master black magician who derives its strength and life force directly from the Black Flame.  Vampyres are beings of the metamind, able to communicate with one another on a supra-natural level.  The Vampyre transcends temporal time and space on both a physical and metaphysical state of existence, i.e. it could very well become an immortal; an offspring of the Highest of Life.

The Black Flame is the Life!

It is most interesting, isn't it? Or aren't they most interesting, I should say. lol The stories anyways, are quite captivating and the lore has a lot of history to it. It's weird how legends are made, isn't it? Religions that once were fervent, are no more. Greek mythology, Norse Gods...could vampires be the same thing? The stories of witches being burned at the stake. It seems surreal, because we are so boring and normal, compared to hundreds of years ago. lol

I think I've mentioned here that I joined a 'wizard forum''...I don't post much, just lurk. It's largely about spells and such, but there is a section on ''vampirism,'' and these people actually ''feed''...I was like what?? It's one of those things, I should look away, but I don't.  :rolleyes:

Lounge / Re: Hello
« on: October 07, 2017, 04:22:18 pm »

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