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What ever I'm doing I hope it goes better than my fiasco when seeing the solar eclipse.

I saw it, it's just other people greatly diminished it for me and I had no time to find another spot. Also it wasn't as dark as I had imagined.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Discussing Beliefs
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:11:01 pm »
accurate way to talk about reality. I find that mis-identifying can hurt one's ability to do internal alchemy. What is this self, to you? Do you just mean awareness, or consciousness? Even this comes and goes with birth/deep sleep/death. Doesn't this imply that awareness/consciousness is also a process and not a being or existing essence?

I know you are speaking to someone else but I guess to me I hadn't ever considered "I" as the process but the thing under the process and also  the final result, if that makes any sense.

That said I also agree on the problem of verb and noun. It seems to me at least that a lot of metaphysical problems come down to language and how it's constructed since we base our logic on the language.

One more note, duality and nonduality are not separate. Nonduality is duality, or at least looks like it/contains it.

I'm of the persuasion that it contains it.

Music / Re: potential cover for something of mine
« on: January 12, 2018, 05:18:27 pm »
I got permission and access t some pretty run down infrastructure near or in the woods. Stuff with like holes in the roof or totally falling apart. Also a massive rotting house elsewhere that might have good internal shots or might look in the middle of nowhere from the right angles in the overgrown backyard (a wall is coming off and there are trees and vines growing over it). Plenty of places for taking pictures of something in decay that either gives off a haunted or "someone is doing something really dark and evil in here' kind of vibe.

Granted it would be really hard to get the right shot of something that dark of morning's first light with so much mist since it's dependent on the weather. That photo wasn't altered in any way at all not even in color or saturation. The palette and lighting was just perfect.

Really that abandoned haunted/creepy feel I guess. I wanted it to kinda give an indication of the feel of my music but maybe my sense of visuals is off

Music / Re: potential cover for something of mine
« on: January 12, 2018, 05:14:47 pm »

The photo looks pretty rural (duh). And, it clashes a tiny bit with the Indian-style font because it just looks so western. I mean, that photo could also have been taken in Japan and even in India, but it doesn't look like the latter, at all. But that needn't be an issue, it depends on what impression you wanna cause.

Only read that edited part after writing the above... with the power lines in the background it looks too close to civilization to really fit into the black metal imagery, but if "not quite" is what you're going for, then that might actually be beneficial.

Most of India is pretty rural and they got power lines lol. Maybe the barn is styled a bit' western.

Maybe a more important question is, what do you think of when you see that photo, and what would you think if you saw that as an album cover? What kind of theme or vibe would you get? What kind of music would you assume is inside of it?

Music / potential cover for something of mine
« on: January 12, 2018, 04:40:42 pm »
Just the first draft of it, pretty much what i want but I'll need to maybe redo the font due to the licensing of it  (and there are some edits I want to make to it) and blend it better anyway:

Has the semi lowfii feel I want. No color editting I just got lucky finding a super misty / dark shot very early in the morning.

Does the barn invoke any kind of feel or implication/suggestion for you guys, or anything else in the picture?

Tryin' to get a vibe of "kinda like black metal but not quite". I guess there's more influence from earlier black metal rather than later in that respect.

Lounge / Re: Anyone here create any Occult inspired art?
« on: January 12, 2018, 03:28:23 pm »
For example, I have pictures of the 3 hyenas and Rafiki from The Lion King, and found them to be an interesting rendering of the 4 elements - I might want to see whether they not better fit the 3 gunas and consciousness, though.

If you wanted you could also make the consciousness double as Nir Guna but that might color the vibe towards certain schools of thought due to the implication of equating the two :p Or just make the 4th Nir Guna since you're going with the Guna theme.

But I could see why consciousness could go there, it would contrast the Shakti/physical nature of the Gunas.

Satanism / Re: Satanists are cats
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:29:25 pm »
Here's my little Satanist

Blocking the screen in true kitty fashion. Nice. Mine do that sometimes but they' e learned to just off to the side and purr and stare at me. Well, mostly :P If I pet them bets are off, and even sometimes not even that! My oldest (about 9 years, the tortoise on the far left in my current avatar) will lean against my arm when I'm at my desk and sometimes make it hard to move the mouse. Funny my avatar actually, it's hard to tell but that's 4 cats on my lap (there's a gray one in the back, top right behind the two gray tabbies). I think I moved the laptop to make it look like they were all blocking it (in the top center) but still funny.

EDIT: as per the shoutbox, omg yes your kitty does look quite Egyptian from that pose!

General LHP Discussion / Re: The Goddess Kali
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:21:12 pm »
I just remembered there is a LHP Shakta/Satanist I know on IRC I could probably get on here, he might share his own view as well to give us yet another perspective.

I would say that Black Tara and Kali probably both arose from a common earlier goddess representing the power of transforming hatred into compassion--a demon slayer.  Black Tara has many different forms according to the culture--even out to Burma.  Some bear a strong resemblance to Kali, others--not so much. 

Within Buddhism wrathful deities/actions are plugged into in order to get around or destroy obstacles,  and in Black Tara's case, the obstacle is hatred.  I thought that it might be interesting to find the common ground between Black Tara and Kali, and try to get to the common root.

With that in mind, what would you make of the story where she was so swept in blood lust, that she threatened to kill everyone even her own? Shiva eventually laid below her so she would step on him and come out of it. This is the popular depiction of her with Shiva under her.

Satanism / Re: Satanists are cats
« on: January 10, 2018, 02:50:34 pm »
Dogs are alright. I just was using it for sake of metaphor :) There are good parts about dogs as there are bad parts about cats. I just didn't want to go the stereotypical way and say sheep and try a different metaphor. Dogs actually can be leaders as much as followers, they are after all what herd sheep. Also being in a group that stick out for each other is just as Satanic since it's the way to be loyal to those who return it. It's the flip side of avoiding psychic vampires.

I actually kinda like dogs some, but I'm allergic to them enough that I can't roll around in their hair or dandruff but can pet one or cuddle with one unless it's shed city.

Oh hell, I remember way back when, I was trying to put together a black metal band and met these two guys online who bragged about their desire to form a bm band also.  Well, we got together and partied a little, and jammed a little.  It soon became obvious to me though that these guys were just young, dumb, and full of shit.  They couldn't play guitar worth anywhere near what I expected and wanted, and the one idiot when I let him wear one of my Baphomet medallions got so excited and exclaimed "hey look at me I'm a Satanist now."  :facepalm:  These guys were a major disappointment but were a little entertaining for a while, but soon became extremely boring and I had to break all ties with them.  :huh: 

Sometimes I'm not sure the dividing line between people like that who just think it's pretend and those who think they actually want to become Satanists.  But that sounds quite like a lot of make believe if they can't even play the guitar decently!

Full disclosure, I love cats, I used to have seven of them at one time.  However, thinking back, and ever since I got my pit bull Sarge, I know now that I have always been a dog person.  Maybe Setians are dogs/canines - the Jackal of Anubis.  Haha, I am both a cat and dog lover to be sure! ;)

Hail, Bast!
Hail, Anubis!


I only got 5 cats at the moment, I can't imagine having two more!, but I've lived with up to (or over?) 8 when I was a kid at one point.

I like the cat analogy.

I don't get it? Something about racism and a cat with sun glasses?

Several years ago I had a cat that I adored and pretty much raised from a kitten. He was so sweet - always wanting to snuggle me. He was a chatterbox too, he would talk back to me when I spoke to him and he would come when I whistled. Unfortunately he really belonged to my girlfriend at the time who I was cohabiting with. When we split up, she of course kept him and I never see him anymore. Sigh... I still have this picture of him. My poor little kitty!  :cry:

GOsh that hits me reading that :(

And I can tell, black fur, green eyes, he must of been a sight to behold! Classic look for a black kitty :) He was a bit on the long coat side?

Lounge / try forum zoom at 80%
« on: January 10, 2018, 02:35:57 pm »
For anyone who doesn't know the forums look better (IMO) at larger resolutions in this setting. I realized a bit ago I had it on and forgot about it until I saw everything look zoomed in and realized it was at 100% >.>

In chrome it's just under the 3 dots for the menu and is site-specific and should be remembered. Should be the same if not similar in other browsers.


General LHP Discussion / Re: The Goddess Kali
« on: January 10, 2018, 02:25:12 pm »
Did someone mention...

Kali in one hand her yantra in the other and er her in the middle behind the tangle of satanic and hindu stuff :)

Sorry, just wanted to show off my bling xD legit what I was wearing this morning; not even at home atm

Okay seriously now for my actual post...[/i]

Kali is pretty complicated/complex in general. It's really going to vary based on who you ask. For me, as a follower of Trika, Kali is a very, very layered deity. She's the Universe, change, time, death, and the means through which one realizes their self as Shiva, and also the expression of their realization and the manifestation of their will and total-consciousness.

She is the active part of existence and the awareness of consciousness. She is mother and the birth of all of creation. This is seen in the 36 tattva system of more mainstream Shaivism whereas she is the Shakti-tattva, kind of the dark to Shiva's light. This is really true in Trika as she is often the Ishvara used in the Ishvara-tattva which is the accentuation of the objective universe/macrocosom.

There's a number of Shakta sects I am probably close to, considering that Kashmir Shaivism took a lot of influence from both Shakta and Vajrayana. Even the Aghori today are kind of like a mix of Shaivism and Shakta. In Trika, the actual name Trika comes from our 3 goddessess of ParaShakti, ParaParaShakti and AparSshakti. Shakti, Kali.. the same. The feminine inside (Kali) is a large part of the focus of Vasugupta's SpandaKarika text. Not so much as say a focus on Kunadalini sense as just overall as a meditative sense IIRC

I actually spoke with someone in a thread here on the topic under the same name.

To quote the relevant part:

Quote from: Kapalika
To quote Swami Lakshman Joo, who helped revive Trika:
"God and the individual are one, to realize this is the essence of Shaivism."

In Trika this is done by way of Shakti hence the focus in this text on the femininity. The Triad Shiva, Shakti and Tantric (Anu) is a reflection of this as Anu (individual, limited self) finds way to Shiva (transcendent) through Shakti. This is also reflected in our other triad, ParaShakti, ParaParaShakti and AparaShakti.

Shiva is the transcendent above all, Shakti is that expression... so Shiva and Shakti are, as you say, conceptions of the nature of god yes, but also in this system the way by which one realizes that inherent nature.

Actually, Kali to me could be seen as the ShuddhaShudda Tattvas and as ParaParaShakti since that's where her domain time resides. Time is essentially the same as death and change here, since both are a product of it. Other tattvas there fit as well like Kalā (power, not to be mistaken with Kālā which is time), Vidya (knowledge), and Raga (desire). Since She is again the focus of the object to the subject-object (and she's an object as she is the idol and the worshipped, the focused on, to accent our subject-self as contrast) the spatial aspect for duality is needed, Niyati tattva.

So she is to me and within Trika SFAIK the expression of both duality and the reaffirmation of oneness. We realize our inner Shakti and Shiva as both being there, and being one in the same. Kali is again that focus because she is the agent and the mover, the creation and the manifestation of Shiva's, our, eternal truth. We are Kali, we are Shiva. It's by Kali that in Trika one's mind is not simply erased when they realize this non-separation of divinity and mind, but the way that the mind is remanifested into the universal consciousness as a facet of reality. In a sense, it is as if we are each a face on a infinitely sided diamond. Fully individuated and yet one at the same time. In Hinduism and to an extend other religions, literal human like faces are used to represent personalities so this is a bit of a pun :)

Just to clarify a little more, Shakti is the same as Kali here. The Kapalikas, and everyone branching from them often use the form of Kali for Shakti as she is the fierce form. Most tantric art and depictions of Shiva and Shakti are in fierce forms and it's just a focus of how we see the manifestations of them. Not that any others are less valid, but they are our Ishvaras, our divine inspiration and the focus of our meditation and rituals. The fierce forms go perfectly hand in hand with the LHP nature of much of our beliefs and practices. The more RHP variations will use less focus on Kali and Bhairava and it's actually one way to tell what kind you are dealing with but ultimately they are one in the same. Funny enough actually one of the central texts of Trika is the Vinjana Bhairava Tantra from the Bhairava Agama. So the fierce forms are at the root of Trika, which makes sense since Trika's roots were in the Kapalika ascetics.

If anyone needs any clarification or any questions feel free. I know sometimes I really get into just talking about these kinds of subjects.

@crossfire Interesting interpretation. I see her as the inevitable coming of death, which is beyond freedom/love/hope/existence.

It's worth mentioning too that death is also a symbol of rebirth. Her domains are on side dark but also light, which is why there is a lot of focus on her aspect of motherly love within Hinduism. There is the Samsara and reincarnation that's more literal and then the more metaphorical one of our own self evolution throughout this life.

I've studied the Nyāya-vaiśeṣika system of Hinduism,

It's good to see some of the orthodoxy represented here! Being Tantric myself I'm not as familiar with the Vedic sects si it's refreshing to see it from another perspective.

and a severed head (representing violent/gruesome pain of death and loss of body and ego),

The demon head she holds can also represent our own flaws. This goes to her early roots as a demon killer.

Her greater form is apparently known as one of the kindest and most loving of all deities.

And terrifying.

I'm Buddhist, so I'll speak about Black Tara. She's like a shamanic bridge between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. She's the wrathful aspect of peaceful Green Tara, and is great for breaking bad habits and overcoming other psychological obstacles--aka a demon slayer.

Interesting the commonality of being a demon slayer, but I'm not too familiar her. Some googling indicated she's both in Mahayana and Vajrayana but from some goolging and wikipedia seems her origins are debated. I know it's common of Tantric Buddhism particularly in Nepal to take fierce deities like Bhairava and Kali and incorporate them into Buddhism. And since Shakta and Buddhism share her it's not unlikely, but the evidence points to her being more tied to Durga than Kali if the couple of results i found on google are to be trusted so I'm not sure.

Could you expand on the link of Kali and Tara or anything else I just mentioned?

Lounge / Re: Anyone here create any Occult inspired art?
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:48:52 pm »
I make some sick beats (linked in my signature) if that counts.

I do a lot of little religious art from time to time though (colorful geometric stuff), sometimes I offer it in rituals other times i keep it later for magic or just to look nice.

Satanism / Satanists are cats
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:43:20 pm »
Do you ever feel like, this giddy feeling when you see other people embracing Satanism?

Maybe it's just me. For all the countless idiots I've seen throughout the years going "zomg how do I worship father Satan" or "teach me how to be a Satanist!" as if they are dogs, there are a few cats who are actually serious and it fills me with this kind of diabolical joy to see them "get it" and embrace Satanism.

This isn't to say that worship or wanting to learn is bad, but there seems to be a lot of people treating it as if it is Christianity. I'm pretty sure all of us here can confess to our relationship with Satan being very different than how people normally imagine it. I wouldn't go so far as to argue I am an equal peer to Satan, but Satanists are cats. And Satan is... a bigger cat? I'd say he's the human but he doesn't pet us and he doesn't hold all the tuna. Maybe wild cats are a better metaphor over domestic ones...

My point is, you can't have Satanism without individualism. Cats are very individualistic types. But there are too many dogs wanting to become Satanists and horribly missing the point.

I just really like it when I see a cat embrace Satanism, dogs not so much.

The person I'm now with couldn't care any less about my LHP leanings actually. She enjoys when I go all out and wear my pentagram and such simply because I get to be who I truly am. She knows a good bit about my history, my relationship with Set, etc. Honestly I think a lot more people are non-spiritually LHP than even they realize.

Nah my bad I didn't mean for anyone now or even specifically. I More meant for when people have had problems in the past as some talked a little bit about lol. Maybe I'm remembering this topic wrong or misread tho

I should admit I had problems with my first girlfriend when I was a teen but that was after I decided on my little requirement lol

General LHP Discussion / Re: What is justice?
« on: December 29, 2017, 03:00:01 pm »
To me? Fairness. Without bias and considering all evidence. Injustice is treading the rights of others whether it be their right to belief, practice, free movement or ability to live their lives in peace. Injustice isn't necessarily canceled out by justice though, and it's a little contextual. There's a general social contract we are all held to uphold not just for others' benefit but for ourselves as well. The, "live and let live" type of idea. I think it meshes well with individualism and freedom.

I see "justice" as related to "satisfaction."

This is, scary as it is, not too far off when it comes to criminal law.

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