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I'm not sure I would trust the integrity of any esoteric organization which does not proclaim their Ideals to be the Only True ones. How will I be convinced if their own upper echelon isn't?
If it had integrity, then would there be a need to make such a proclamation?
The beliefs of the Temple of Set are found in the first literature you are sent as a member, it can be found online as well. I believe this organization has integrity. The very organization from which you hail, proudly proclaim its beliefs publicly as well.

Why then, would you join a dishonest organization?

I'm not sure I would trust the integrity of any esoteric organization which does not proclaim their Ideals to be the Only True ones. How will I be convinced if their own upper echelon isn't?

Other Religions / Re: converting native tribes
« on: December 02, 2018, 05:03:36 pm »
The Crusader's approach was all wrong! He should have taken a page from Islamization and planted Crusaders who would easily be accepted then slowly build a Trojan Horse inside the community, then pounce on the community while allowing an unregulated influx of more Crusaders in until the Tribe was destroyed.  :mrgreen:

Setianism / Re: Who/what is Horus?
« on: November 22, 2018, 01:16:12 am »
Horus the Elder (3200 BC) is usually identified as a solar deity, some scholars associate him with Venus, and others with the star Sirius. He is experienced as a Falcon-God and later as a Star. Titles given to Horus were; “Horus risen as a star”, “Horus, the star of souls”, “Horus, star at the front of the sky”.

Horus is clearly not the sun as this has been clearly established through the many hymns identifying Re with the Sun. Here a deceased king is brought up to the heavens by the Sun god Re; "Re summons you into the zenith of the sky as the Jackal, the Governor of the Two Enneads, and as Horus Ônty‑mnit.f; may he set you as the Morning Star in the midst of the Field of Reeds.”

Egyptologist Raymond Faulkner concludes that the Morning Star is the planet Venus; "As regards the identification of the Morning Star and the Lone Star with actual celestial bodies, there can be little doubt that, as elsewhere, the Morning Star is Phosphorus, Venus as seen at dawn.”

Egyptologist Rolf Krauss in his detailed study of the Egyptian Star Religion also identifies Horus with Venus;
“As early as the beginning of dynastic times Horus seems to be identified with the planet Venus. The names of the so‑called royal vineyards describe Horus as a star. The name of Djoser’s vineyard reveals that Horus is a particular star ‘at the front of the sky’. The identification of Horus with Venus as known from the Pyramid Texts suggests itself… Royal ideology and ideas about the Hereafter seem to have had cosmological and stellar foundations which may well go back to pre-dynastic times."

The Egyptian word Duat is commonly referred to as the 'Netherworld' and derived from the root 'dwå' meaning 'morning'. Here Horus as the Morning Star is also Lord of the Netherworld. Pyramid Texts: “O Morning Star, Horus of the Netherworld, divine Falcon, wådåd‑bird whom the sky bore"
A Brief History of the Morning Star - Texts of H☿D

General LHP Discussion / Re: sex magic with partners
« on: November 19, 2018, 04:03:06 pm »
I have a ridiculous affection for all things Sex Magic.

Self-Care is a must. Allow no yellowing of the bottoms of your feet (you are only as clean as the bottoms of your feet, your perinuem, and the back of your tongue), the teeth, the fingernails. Allow no foul odors to be emmitted. Let the hair have a lusterish shine to it.

Integrate blindfolds and whips and objects to it. If you don't want to make eye contact then make a game of not letting your partner see your eyes.

Learning martial arts will greatly enhance all sex magic ability.

Make sure the sheets are pristine. Make sure the floors and lighting are superb.

Let your partner do whatever they want at times, learn to surrender control while maintaining it.

All things BDSM help!
where's the magick come in?

Over the last few decades, procedures for measuring, imaging and analyzing mental processes have grown in number and subtlety. During this same period, books for the general reader about the brain and its functions, consciousness, and will, thought and reasoning have proliferated. We have Daniel Dennett, Steven Pinker, Richard Dawkins, Cordelia Fine, Oliver Sacks, Michael Gazzaniga, Daniel Kahneman and scores of others explaining, and extrapolating from, new findings in neuroscience and almost always addressing the matter of free will.

Sam Harris, a Stanford graduate with a Ph.D. in neuroscience from U.C.L.A. “Free will is an illusion. Our wills are simply not of our own making. Thoughts and intentions emerge from background causes of which we are unaware and over which we exert no conscious control.” We assume that we could have made other choices in the past, Harris continues, and we also assume that we consciously originate “our thoughts and actions in the present. . . . Both of these assumptions are false.”

Harris prosecutes his orderly case by explaining what he sees as the illogic of our belief in free will, and the recent findings that have undermined that belief. Probably the most influential among these discoveries were the results of the famous EEG experiments conducted by the physiologist Benjamin Libet and others in the early 1980s. They showed that the brain makes decisions before consciousness becomes aware of them. As Harris puts it, “activity in the brain’s motor cortex can be detected some 300 milliseconds” — almost enough time for LeBron James to get off a shot ahead of the buzzer — “before a person feels that he has decided to move.”

To read the entire article:

Lounge / Re: Something has led me here...
« on: November 11, 2018, 03:49:36 am »
But did you bring beer?

Satanism / Re: Bible study surrounded me this morning
« on: November 09, 2018, 10:56:49 pm »
Why are you homeless?

General LHP Discussion / Re: old school evocation
« on: November 09, 2018, 04:57:11 pm »
As a side note I don't see how the use of a technique is 'un-LHP' when it's normally the domain of the RHP in any sense of the term to deny the application of various methods according to doctrine.
Which is why I used the term 'Western' LHP.

Also anything gnostic, Satanic or Luciferian could be said to be Abrahamic as well
Luciferianism/Lucifer has nothing to do with the Abrahamic faiths, it is a Roman/Arabic deity long existing long before any of these faiths.

General LHP Discussion / Re: old school evocation
« on: November 08, 2018, 01:28:25 am »
I find 'binding' and all that protective circle, ring stuff to be very UnWestern LHP-ish and more RHP/Abrahamic. As we (H☿D) understand that the Demonic are parts of our mind, there is no need to fear the forces summoned but rather to seek becoming One with them.

Mercuræn Luciferianism / Re: Glyph of Mercurius Consciousness
« on: November 05, 2018, 04:04:13 am »
Tried to re-draw it to see how it feels with less rainbow... is it supposed to be this hard to even approximate a feeling of vertical balance/proportion? I had to skew the top ring way down and the bottom trident way up to even slightly diminish the huge-skulled alien-with-spiky-little-feet silhouette.
Nice reproduction!

Are the caduceus snakes supposed to describe one figure 8, or two? Your words indicate the former but your image, the latter, so I went off the words for this draft.
The 8 is more like the imagery of Infinity, it can take on the shape of 8 or an indefinite 8 shape

Is the trident's fork supposed to echo the lower crossing line in the sigil of Mercury? If so, I fear I may still have it too small.
It does to some extent, but really has more to with Leviathan and a phurba thingy.


Another version of our Glyph

I am not so much arguing the legal right of an exact image stolen as I am the principal.

For example, in AHS Anton LaVey and The Chuch of Satan are mentioned by name in reference to an act of human sacrifice. Obviously the CoS cannot claim slander on ASL's name, that would be up to members of his family (I think), but as the  current CEO of the Church of Satan, Gilmore could certainly attempt to make a slander case as the CoS in all of it's years of existence has never condoned such an act.

Will he?

I doubt it. He seems content to bitch and moan on the internet. Though perhaps I am giving him a bit too much credit here, he may also be pragmatic enough to understand that the franchise AHS and the network that distributes it would be able to crush him in terms of legal financing.

Thus far, unless my understanding is incorrect, Lucien Greaves has done little more than threaten a lawsuit and tweeted, none of which seem to be shaking Netflix's tree. Again, were he to be fully pragmatic, it is likely that TST's legal funds would be no match for that of Netflix.

Threatening to or even following through with filing a lawsuit certainly sounds impressive. However, we must also be mindful of the success which ultimately is the deciding factor. For instance, has The Satanic Temple yet to find a permanent home for their Baphomet statue in Oklahoma?

What I do find interesting is that these seemingly warring Satanic groups (TST and CoS) are both complaining about essentially the same thing at the same time and in part over the same fictional show (Gilmore's article also mentions The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). Also both groups are claiming similar things.

Without, knowing much about Lucien Greaves, I will say that there seems to be a similar trait to Gilmore as well here: The Stick Up Your Ass Syndrome.

With Gilmore, I think that he has disillusioned himself over the years to believing that his mealy mouthed white washing of Satanic concepts along with his pencil pouch demeanor has somehow thrust Satanism into the upper echelons of society. I could be wrong, but I get the impression that to a degree that Greaves feels that because The Satanic Temple has social causes that he also has elevated Satanism into a more accepting role for the masses.

IMO here is where both fall short: Satanism was never intended to be a religion for the masses or one that was to try to prove itself worthy of such an acceptance. Time was that Satanists would be disgusted by such grovelling and pandering.

The other thing that both of these organizations seem to miss is that they are actually promoting these shows more than the other way around. They need these Devil's (shows) far more than these Devil's need them. It is through this prism that one can see a major shift in dynamics. Remember the days that Bob Larson and others invited prominent Satanists on their shows to boost their ratings? They needed those Devils.

Personally, I think that the mass marketing of Satanism has made it both a blessing and a curse by way of mainstream acceptance. As an old timer, my idea of Satanism wasn't to go into a Hot Topic and see the Sigil of Baphomet on t-shirts and such. In that sense I miss the days when we were a bit more feared. On the other hand, when such marketing is prevalent and accepted it is now more easy than ever before for those true Satanists to claim to be nothing more than fans of the genre when confronted. Let them laugh, write it off as fictional shock tactics, and practice privately as always now with an added layer of fictional protection to fall back on.

That's my two or three cents.
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Mercuræn Luciferianism / Glyph of Mercurius Consciousness
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:30:05 pm »
The Symbol most associated with the Herald of Dawn is the Glyph of Mercurius
Consciousness. It is a modified symbol of Mercury to include important alchemical
devices pertinent to our spiritual transcension.

The horns represent the Earthly manifestation through Belial, symbolic of the direction
North and the element Earth. Aspects of this element include all of the physical
sensations along with the desire for material gain, for the earth is filled with precious
metals and gems. We see the endless cycle of death and rebirth within this element as
the earth springs forth life from decaying matter again and again. This self-sufficiency is
a key to mastering one's self, for as Belial's name suggests, the adept is "without a

The circle is that of the Eternal Ouroboros Serpent, it represents our Subjective
Universe thus it is Sol as Satan, the Will, and the Black Flame. The circle as Ouroboros,
the serpent devouring its tail is also a symbol of this cycle. The Black Adept, like the
Ouroboros, as the snake (higher self), devours his own tail (lower self) to emerge anew.
In addition, the Circle is symbolic of the Sun as Satan and his Ka the Black Flame.
Through the gift of the Black Flame, our true Will is known to us and the possibilities of
what we might accomplish both here in the OU and SU is without end.

Inside of the Circle is the Word of an Aeon, it is the Objective Universe, its Element is
Air and represents Luciferian Gnosis. Through Mercurius Consciousness we are able to
achieve Luciferian gnosis. Lucifer corresponds to the direction East and the element Air.
Indeed the "Prince of the Power of Air" and "light bearer". Lucifer being the Aeon shines
a light that man may know he is not just an animal but he IS as a god.

The figure eight is created using the Caduceus of Hermes. The Caduceus is symbolic
ofMercuræn Consciousness and the workings of Mercury. Both the 8 and the triangle
concern communication, the sciences and art. Mercuræn Consciousness is obtained
through work in these areas by way of the Higher Self. In addition, the 8 symbolizes
spiritual alchemy in which the adept destroys the lower self to be reborn as the higher
self, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes

The Trident represents LVYthN the Unconscious Mind, the Realm of Emotions and
Imagination. "Leviathan is the absolute, man, and if thou would presume to realize what
neither heaven nor hell may affect, know that when thou behold the presence of
Leviathan, thy end hath been attained. Only through the obliteration of the Universe that
is may man seal his mastery of the Black Flame, for only thus may he know that he is
not subject to a greater Will." (Diabolicon).

In some ways I feel sorry for the CoS, they had an opportunity to go in the direction of a ToS and be taken very siriusly, but instead, they became petulant drama-queens.

Lounge / Re: What did you do for Halloween?
« on: November 02, 2018, 10:22:19 am »
Samhain was the birth of our Patron Dæmon Custos Auroræ within the Herald of the Dawn. Every year on this date we celebrate Hir birth with offerings.

Whose name is hidden, and beyond the power of men to speak; Who givest me
good health, security, good store, good fame, victory, and strength.
Created during Samhain of 01 NLE Custos Auroræ is the patron dæmon of
the Mystai of H☿D a nomadic intelligence of the desert that dwells
within the Great Sphinx, is represented in the Pythagorean Law of the
Octave, whose number is 944 and born from the Shade of Hermanubis with
the alchemical help of Goetic Demons Buer, Purson, Marax, and Belial.
                                                                             (from the texts of H☿D)

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