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Other Religions / Re: Comparing the Christian God, Hitler, and Satan
« on: March 22, 2019, 10:53:17 pm »
Personally, I differentiate Christian god, as a specific god, and YHWH. I see YHWH as the act of creating of cosmos. YHWH is one single god. YHWH is an idea of all gods which act as the Demiurge. He is the god of religions whose goal is to become one with the divine, as opposed to breaking the shackles of cosmos and becoming a god on your own.

 So basically the Neoplatonists idea of The One and Demiurges.

 Many Atheists don't realize that religions don't to include deities. Look at fourth wave feminism and it's demands that everyone be "woke". Others from a different political background talk about being red pilled,  which is too similar in usage to being woke aka ideology enlightenment. I'm an MRA but I refuse to use my politics as filler for where spirituality is supposed to go,  then mock religious people.

 Then their are the Atheists who obsess on celebrities,  who they use to fill the spiritual hole, because it's easier to believe in mortal human gods then immortal or nearly immortal ones.


General LHP Discussion / Re: Gods, My Pantheon, Some Musings
« on: February 28, 2018, 07:58:25 pm »
 I'm not Satanic/Luciferian/Setian,  just putting that out there.

 But I've come to the point where I have my own sort of Pantheon I guess you could say,  and I rebel against some general Pagan othodoxies at this point in my life.

 At the top is Azathoth,  the blind idiot God who to me I use as a metaphor for the Multiverse and the universal unconscious mind,  out of which emerge a multitidude of conscious minds, ours included.

 I don't worship Azathoth so much as explore the implications of the Azathoth/multiverse.

 Then there is the Trinity of deities that guide me,  Vulcan,  Flora,  Baphomet.  I know most people don't link these deities together.

 I have read the myths from different areas for Vulcan,  Greek,  Lamnosian,  Roman,  and where most simply see Vulcan as a Smith God and Cockold with some kind of link to Vulcanos and Star Trek,  I see a being far more complex.

 Cast out of Olympus/Heaven to the Earth/Sea,  Vulcan learned about the world around him and instead of simply submitting to it,  he learned to master it via science,  technology,  and magic.
 Eventual seeing how powerful and skilled and knowledgeable Vulcan had become,  Hera invited her son back to Olympus,  his response was a gift,  a throne which trapped his mother, the Queen of the Gods,  in this he gained justice against the Mother who abused him.

 Vulcan would not let her go until Zeus offered him Venus as a bride.

 So now most think of Vulcan as someone who got cheated on my Venus,  but he is the one who crafted the girdle that made her irrisitable to men,  so I suggest that it sounds like he planned the whole thing.

 He was even ready with a net capable of capturing both Venus and Mars.

 He only released them when Poisiden promised that Ares would pay the adultry fine (what form the payment took is unknown).

 So Vulcan as  pimp more then cockold.

 Vulcan next married one of the Graces,  who born him five awesome children.

 Then there the myths of him creating slave girls out of gold,  Pandora,  Tablets that create food and drink,  walking tables,  fire breathing bulls with bronze feet,  Jupiter's Lightening,  ect...

 I also use vulcano energy a lot,  a primal, masculine energy.

 So I like him for his innovation,  his cunning, his ability to over come challenges, and his raw power.

 Vulcan is the God of Fire, Vulcanos, Smiths, Technology, Intellect, Passion, BDSM (I know most that see that link, but he's known for binding deities, Venus, Hera, Promeathus, and so on, and in his Roman form he does have a fertility/sexual aspect in impregnating Maia, and he built himself slave girls out of god).

 Flora is the Goddess of Flowers, Promicuity, and Spring, Lust, Prostitutes. I do Landscaping for a living so it should be obvious my practical interest in Flora. Plus I see her as the female Submissive to Vulcan the Male Dom, the tools of man shaping the gardens to their will.

 The Third is Baphomet, who I focus mostly upon in the form of the God of BDSM as worshipped by some and the middle group between the Male and the Female.

 I'd also think about my higher soul, the soul that links all the incarnations of me across the infinite multiverse.


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