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General LHP Discussion / Downsides of a solitary path
« on: February 17, 2018, 11:08:43 pm »
I've noticed a lot of my problems come from my path being solitary lately. I mean there's stuff I can definitely fix on my own and still be solitary but some aspects that matter will not be the same.


I'd argue I should have self-motivation and dedication anyways. It's hard to remember to balance that motivation equally to mundane and spiritual life and it can be hard to come by at all on some days. It can be easier when you have someone that will check in on you periodically even if its just a social call cause as an extrovert, it sucks to not have anything new to talk about.


It's hard to have that enthusiaism without someone to compare notes with. It helps you know if you're on the right track or not, course-correct. You learn alot from colleagues. The more I narrow my path down, the harder this comes to be. It's good to have someone to point out things you miss as well.


Collaboraitive process has a way of jump starting creativity.


As terrible of an idea as grades turned out to be in mystery schools in practice, I can see the want for the concept now. People around the same world view to talk with because while I'm not any type of prodigy or something: most of the people who I end up talkng to me about this are dabblers and it can be hard to relate or know how to converse about it with those people.

General LHP Discussion / Controversial topic: Armanen Runes.
« on: January 15, 2018, 07:26:28 am »

They're controversial because they're completely associated with the Nazis. Now, obviously, I am not a Nazi nor do I believe in racism or nationalism. However, the Nazi has many interesting links with the occult- including the Hitler being fond of the Theosophy movement. Himmler was the most famous link between nazis and occultism and I believe Aquino himself even conducted rituals in the Wewelsburg Castle.

Now- most rune authors I have read decry the Armanen Runes- not for the political affiliations but for their historical innacuracy. Almost all Galdr workers perfer the Elder Futhark but you can find a small minority that use the younger futhark- which introduces some extra characters.

But do you really need a long historical lineage for your magic to work? People create new systems all the time that are effective.

Do you think that these runes carry their own distinct meaning seperare to the historic futharks or do they tap into the meaning of their respective corresponding letters? Do you think it's possible to seperate the use of them from the Nazi ideology it's associated with? Now, I'm not saying that heathenism is linked to neo-nazis movement, it's not, you can separate it. But these aren't historic runes, these are runes specifically used by Nazi occultists and not prior to that.

I'm at a loss, none of my enchantments are working.

I can do divinations with a 90 percent accuracy if I had to estimate, and my invocations seem to work. But I can't get any of my enchantments to work. Not regular ones, not evocations, the last successed I had were King Paimon which was great but none of the other Goetics are working for me thus far. Well, the jury's still out on one. Fingers crossed he comes through, I'll know by tuesday. Even my own spells and sigils aren't seemingly working. I used to great at this kind of thing but I don't know, I miss being able to effect the world and write my own reality/life to some extent.

Any advice?

Movies / Sci-fi and philosophy
« on: January 12, 2018, 03:29:17 am »
We don't have a television board so I'm just posting here. I'm watching Doctor Who and it got me thinking on the sci-fi genre in general. To me, the best sci-fi always raises ethical or philosophical questions. Doctor Who, Star Trek, anything by Philip K Dick. I'm really looking forward to finally watching Electric Dreams.

While I liked the adventure tone of Star Trek TOS, I could never really get into The Next Generation and I think I placed it. It's too idealistic and focused on group mentality. The aliens are more focused on culture, its about working together as a team, and the people who have the integrity to be captain such as Kirk or Picard have ethics based on ideas. This doesn't fit in with my view of humanity. I mean, obviously we can analyze cultures so there is some herd mentality but it seems like all the ethical dillemas in Trek are based off what's good for society and everyone.

I think what's better, is when sci-fi plays on emotions. You can literally disprove almost any idea with enough logic, hence why it is symbolized by the air blade in occultism. I disagree with the reliance on idealism. Philip K Dick, and everything he inspired, as well as Doctor Who's strongest philsophical moments are based on emotion. Doctor Who, for example, is about one alien(who in the reboot, is basically Godlike due to being the last one of his advanced race with noone to keep him in check) having to make decisions that effect time and space on a grand scale in his adventures.

The Doctor just helps people because that's who he is. When he has to face a moral dilemma, he has more of an emotional pain that comes from him rooted in his identity and who he is and wants to be. I believe humans are more motivated as individuals, even if they hide behind ideals so I like this take better.

But man, Philip K. Dick. I can't wait to watch Electric Dreams. Let's look at the blade runner movie:

The philosophical question it raises is what constitues as humanity as we develop AI. It's a question that goes back to Frankenstein and it's becoming increasingly relevant.

The Second Renaissance really had me become obsessed with that idea:

I can't wait to see what this game does it:

Phillip K Dick also had an obsession with esoteric ideas and the faults of our senses such as our memories. I think "We Can Remember it for you Wholesale" is probably the short story that fucked with me most but I highly recommend A Scanner Darkly, especially the movie, for themes about memory, individualism, drugs, and distrust of the government. It has one of my favorite endings ever. The book Man in the High Castle even posits that the universe we live in is really an alternate timeline to the true outcome of WWII (and Dick used I-Ching to write it.)

Black Mirror is perhaps the best television show to use this. It's bleak and ugly and while Black Mirror refers to the screens on all our technology, I see it as a twisted mirror also. It's honest about or culture right now and shows us what we could very well become or already are and it uses techonology thats incredibly believable in this day and age now at least to some extent. some of it as even been patented. This goes back to why I think emotional content is more important. It's visceral and forces us to ask "is this what we want to be?" either as individuals or even society. Even the happy episode in black mirror, features a tough question: the tech is that human conciousness can be uploaded into this digital simulation so that they could live forever even after death. It shows both sides of the argument and favors immortality but it realizs its a question someone has to answer for themselves. There's a similar darker episode where you can use AI that analyzes your loved one's social media to talk to "them" after they passed. What I like about Black Mirror in particulary is it looks at all our faults, and how we would indulge in them if given the chance with tech(self-pity, revenge, refusal to move on) and shows us that we might not want that as much as we think we do.

Compared to these darker, and sometimes gritter, sci-fi I actually find Star Trek very lacking but I do think it serves it's purpose. But I think when it comes down to it, human beings morals and ethics operate on more what they feel than think most of the time. I mean, even God in Star Trek (Q) is very logical in a human sense and is beneficial even if he's a trickster. Compard to Sutekh or the Gods of Ragna Rok which is more apathetic towards the universe. I think idealized notions of the future are really presumptious about humanity's importance and "specialness" which to me just kind of reminds of one of the reasons I don't like religions like the abarhamic ones being taken literally- "oh god created mankind but only mankind in his image" 

This is just half-arsed philsophical rambling that doesn't really mean anything. I was just thinking about the different philosophical approaches to sci-fi and why I prefer the ones I do.

General LHP Discussion / The Goddess Kali
« on: January 05, 2018, 03:20:31 am »
She's intrigued me lately. I'd like to know more about her from a left hand path perspective and I know we have some members who are into LHP hinduism on this board. I've googled it and did some mild research but I really trust and respect the members of this board's opinion moreso than google results.

Personally, my self, I....did something bold on the big eclipse last year. I evoked quite a few moon goddesses and had them charge this spell to start a hypersigil (which I've since left and disbanded) but nevertheless had some pretty big results related to somethng else. Some bad, some good.

I'm leaning more torwards the solar side right now, but I may have to plan something.

General LHP Discussion / an interesting video on the runes
« on: December 30, 2017, 03:11:12 am »

This guy knows his stuff well and I have his same opinions on the Runes myself. I'm only 10 minutes in but it's very interesting, I'm considering doing the pain gnosis he does when meditating on the runes- it's about 22 degrees most night, but I live on the water so there's considerable wind chill factor. Wind is blowing at 5mph in my city in general, let alone on the water.

But he's pretty honest about history and giving disclaimers when giving his opinion and personal gnosis.

Okay, so let's get the basic shit out of the way: Yes, lovecraft is fiction. Yes this fictional story by Robert Chambers influenced Lovecraft. Yes, Lovecraft is basically existential horror combined with a fruedian manifestation of Xenophobia which makes dangers obvious.

However, Temple of Set's recommended reading has a coding of level in it's reading list. The only coding that indicates danger is level 5, which says the book is extremely dangerous to those below the III degree.

I've seen no other book at level 5 other then The Man Who Lived In Inner Space(which just seems to be strongly misanthropic) and The Hastur Cycle. The latter of  which is also by Robert Chammbers.

Hastur is linked to King in Yellow and has people trying to recreate the play, so this on supports King In Yellow by Robert Chambers as insanity causing, which even Lovecraft's works won't do according to the ToS reading recommendation list. Man Who Lived in Inner Space only suggests "some caution" while King in Yellow is described as "Yes, the reading of the King in Yellow in it's entirey can drive one mad, if one realizes the insidiousness of the thing" as well as "It may be read by the non-initiate with consequences no worse than confusion but to an Adept, this book is exceedingly dangerous if misapplied". "Those conversant with handling of dangerous chemicals or sensitive explosives wil find [King in Yellow] a book to be savored. This not so skilled in cautious handling should delay [King in Yellow] until later iniatory levels are attained.

Why??? Lovecraft covers most of the themes, does he not? I apologize if this is a topic for General LHP but I am specifically asking for a Setian perspective indicated by Michal Aquino.

General LHP Discussion / King Paimon of the Goetia
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:32:41 am »
King Paimon is perhaps one of the "friendliest" demons of the Goetia. Most report he operates on mutual respect. He is known for ruling over manipulation, uncovering secret information, and teaching arts and sciences which is very useful for any occultist, finding out when people are hiding something from you, or also for students of academia.

I've heard of and had success with both demonalotry and evocation methods. From my own personal experience, I favor evocation. He is known to operate on mutual respect and as long as you treat him with respect, he will strike a deal. As for offerings Goetia mentions; people report he favors sweets and wine. It's important to not leave the title King out from his name when talking to him. Also, respect obviously means don't threaten him like people do with other Goetic spirits. In my personal experience, he's incredibly efficient, quick, and successful. He is definitely incredibily powerful.

Pseudomonarchia daemonum:

"King Paimon is more obedient in Lucifer than other kings are. Lucifer is heere to be understood he that was drowned in the depth of his knowledge: he would needs be like God, and for his arrogancie was throwne out into destruction, of whome it is said; Everie pretious stone is thy covering (Ezech. 88.). Paimon is constrained by divine vertue to stand before the exorcist; where he putteth on the likenesse of a man: he sitteth on a beast called a dromedarie, which is a swift runner, and weareth a glorious crowne, and hath an effeminate countenance. There goeth before him an host of men with trumpets and well sounding cymbals, and all musicall instruments. At the first he appeereth with a great crie and roring, as in Circulo Salomonis, and in the art is declared. And if this Paimon speake sometime that the conjuror understand him not, let him not therefore be dismaied. But when he hath delivered him the first obligation to observe his desire, he must bid him also answer him distinctlie and plainelie to the questions he shall aske you, of all philosophie, wisedome, and science, and of all other secret things. And if you will knowe the disposition of the world, and what the earth is, or what holdeth it up in the water, or any other thing, or what is Abyssus, or where the wind is, or from whence it commeth, he will teach you aboundantlie. Consecrations also as well of sacrifices as otherwise may be reckoned. He giveth dignities and confirmations; he bindeth them that resist him in his owne chaines, and subjecteth them to the conjuror; he prepareth good familiars, and hath the understanding of all arts. Note, that at the calling up of him, the exorcist must looke towards the northwest, bicause there is his house. When he is called up, let the exorcist receive him constantlie without feare, let him aske what questions or demands he list, and no doubt he shall obteine the same of him. And the exorcist must beware he forget not the creator, for those things, which have beene rehearsed before of Paimon, some saie he is of the order of dominations; others saie, of the order of cherubim. There follow him two hundred legions, partlie of the order of angels, and partlie of potestates. Note that if Paimon be cited alone by an offering or sacrifice, two kings followe him; to wit, Beball & Abalam, & other potentates: in his host are twentie five legions, bicause the spirits subject to them are not alwaies with them, except they be compelled to appeere by divine vertue.


"The Ninth Spirit in this Order is Paimon, a Great King, and very obedient unto LUCIFER. He appeareth in the form of a Man sitting upon a Dromedary with a Crown most glorious upon his head. There goeth before him also an Host of Spirits, like Men with Trumpets and well sounding Cymbals, and all other sorts of Musical Instruments. He hath a great Voice, and roareth at his first coming, and his speech is such that the Magician cannot well understand unless he can compel him. This Spirit can teach all Arts and Sciences, and other secret things. He can discover unto thee what the Earth is, and what holdeth it up in the Waters; and what Mind is, and where it is; or any other thing thou mayest desire to know. He giveth Dignity, and confirmeth the same. He bindeth or maketh any man subject unto the Magician if he so desire it. He giveth good Familiars, and such as can teach all Arts. He is to be observed towards the West. He is of the Order of Dominations. He hath under him 200 Legions of Spirits, and part of them are of the Order of Angels, and the other part of Potentates. Now if thou callest this Spirit Paimon alone, thou must make him some offering; and there will attend him two Kings called LABAL and ABALI , and also other Spirits who be of the Order of Potentates in his Host, and 25 Legions. And those Spirits which be subject unto them are not always with them unless the Magician do compel them. His Character is this which must be worn as a Lamen before thee, etc."

"Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

“He teaches all arts and sciences and occult.  He can be invoked to bind others.  To be observed toward the west with offerings. Seek Paimon to understand Alchemy. Seek Paimon for creative pursuits or to design a plan of action. Paimon can also help in emotional understanding.”

I personally find this blog post documenting using King Paimon as his first Goetic Evocation and learning how to do it really interesting, he's basicaly instructed to go from deomonalotry to goetic operations.

Over-all, he's probably one of my favorite entities in general. He's very firm and business like, and his touch can be a bit aggressive, but he doesn't seem to deliver exactly what you want, in the way you want it as well which is not often reported with other Goetic evocations. A benefit with him for Left Hand Path workers is he often takes a mentor role and WANTS you to teach you how to be successful on your own, and you may have to admit your mistakes and want to fix them before he helps you. He definitely promotes self-sufficiency. I can definitely recommend working with him. There's ton of speculation on his origins including that he may have once been a old deity from the middle east, I'm not quite sure if I agree with that. As long as you take your studies seriously(which I'm pretty sure all of us here do), you should not have any problems getting along with him.

Now, I don't mean evoking elementals- Well, I do but I will get to that later. I just finished a yoga session- which was everything I needed for a sort of system reset and it reminded me of the benefit of this particular paradigm: Balance.

Balance need not be a RHP or Middle Path Ying/Yang thing- although that kind of philosophy does go into yoga from my understanding and would therefore cause alchemical changes to the body when used as a Western Ceremonial Paradigm.

Whether you're LHP or RHP, you tend to cast a circle. RHP for protection from outside sources, LHP to channel your energy. In "truth", probably a bit of both in pratice- it seems to represent the aura of the magician. In both paths, this aura seems to be surrunded by the elementals. Not just in any particular way- but as a way to balance each other out.

Now, Crowley gave the most simplified versions of the magickal tools and elements to let us know which each represents.




Pentacle-Earth-Physical world

I'm not going to talk about constructing a ritual with these tools, instead I'm gonna be talking about effecting the microcosm- without ritual. Within this paradigm, you NEED to keep each of these faculties completely sharp. It happens to be my opinion that doing this will help channel one's willpower to accomplish their goals (making it very useful to the LHP).

Earth- Exercise. My favorite happens to be Yoga because while it's focused on Earth- it really helps to strengthen other elements properly when performed right. Because of this, Yoga helps one to see how these elements interact with and support each other.

But you can do anything, stay in reasonable physical condition. Be mindful of your diet (not how it effects your body but perhaps your mood and ability to function- a big thanksgiving dinner may provide contenemtn in water but slugishness in earth), and take care of your enviroment.

Air- Reading is a great way but any analytical exercise. I like to play chess. Modern strategy video-games can be useful. You should make it a habit to careful think through situations before acting- mindfulness exercises are good here as well.

Fire- your will power. I'm gonna use the trope true will but not in the mystical sense. Think of it this way, you know how people get drunk and call their exes and then regret in the morning? Sure, they're doing what they want and will; but they're not doing what you REALLY want to do. Get in touch with what you REALLY want to desire- you can already see how air interacts with this element.

Then learn how to enact it. Whether it be magick, mundane means, manipulation, whatever. Learn how to do it and make changes in line with your will (this is fire affecting earth). Just make sure you feel okay and good about your methods (water).

Water- Emotional well being. You need to feel okay about yourself. It's known that depression can decrease motivation (earth and fire). Try to feel as good about yourself as you can. Not "happy", good. That you're doing okay and being in line with who you want to be. Make reasonable choices and the other actions can help with this but there's multiple other LHP and RHP ways to change how you view yourself.

How this might look put into effort:

Schedule a regular yoga and meditiation practice putting into practice awareness of body and mindfulness of thoughts (earth and air), put yourself on a healthy diet avoiding preservatives and other junk (earth and water)- you could even use this as motivation to cook for yourself which in turn helps earth in water by learning a new skill and feeling good for doing so, play chess to keep the mind fresh and thinking ahead (air), and keep a dream journal to stay in touch with your subconscious (water). With natural practice with this, you will find yourself having these elements strengthened within your microcosm- maybe you might avoid a fight with a loved next-time because your air is strengthened enough to think ahead and water is strong enough to be in tune with *why* you feel this way- leaving you knowing how to address this issue without externalizing it on someone else.

I know this is really basic stuff, but NOT all of us follow a ceremonial path so I figured I would share it for those who don't. Also, it's always tempting to get hung up on the spirit element and forget the small things we put into practice each day. I know I'm guilty as charged, so it's good to have that reminder. Speaking of spirit element, I mentioned evocations? What's spirit for? Know thyself.

In the Western Occultism paradigm, the maxim "as above, so below. as within, so without" is popular. So what does this mean? For example, if you bind demons- you bind your personal demons. Chaos magic has eschewed working with others grimoires to bind their own personal demons with stripped down methods, for example.

Crowley once said ""My adepts stand upright; their head above the heavens, their feet below the hells."

So if we define the hells as hinderence to one's willpower, then we define heavens as stuff that truly motivates one. So each Element breaks down into four elements(earth of water, fire of water, water of water, and air of water). Golden Dawn adapted the Enochian Tablets into this elemental paradigm. So one would evoke the angels in the air section of the water tablet- to learn about them and how to identify them in one's own microcosm.

I like to put it this way "Imagine you're a car, you have the check engine light on so you know somethings not right. its hard to look inside you so you'd see what feels wrong then take those parts out and place them outside- hmmm this wire looks like it's leaking- I'll have to remember how to stay mindful of that."

Now, I totally understand many people not being comfortable working with angels and angles- there's other elementals including instructions for making your own in a chaos magick paradigm. You can use these to the same ends. All the fancy garbs and props- enochian tables and tablets, goetic circles, and what not are just means of building a representation of microcosm so you can explore it as your own God. A lot of times, specific constructions of tools are blinds- (such as saying you need the skin of a lion) BUT other times, they serve to cause alchemical changes to how you percieve your micrcosom.

This all comes together in ritual time when they work together- and it's such an amazing thrill to find out how strong your microsmic elements are when pushed to be at their best. I think this is why LHP promotes getting out of your comfort zone- because you need to constantly push yourself to be stronger.

Even if you're not a ceremonial magician, hopefully it gave you something to think about- in regards to stuff like mindfulness which is important to almost everyone's paths :)

General LHP Discussion / Let's talk about a taboo subject: Necromancy
« on: December 09, 2017, 04:28:22 am »
It is hard to find good discussion on Necromancy anywhere, even in historical documents. It has gained a reputation as one of the darkest and blackest arts. Therfore it's gained a reputation for beind dangerus. In addition, divination through trusting a random ghost seems....unreliable.

I'd be interesting in the control of the dead. I've seen this uses in grimoires, a love spell involving chtonic deities uses a grave of someone in the Graeco-Magickal Papyri. There's a curse in the Graeco Magical Papyri that involves and some Norse stuff that involves it as well. Then there's the tradition of memento mori. Commanding the dead seems much more reasonable and practical.

I recently listened to the "Playing with the Dead" episode of Last Podcast on the Left and I was intrigued to what the modern Occultist perspective on this art was.

What are your thoughts and opinions on necromancy? If anyone has practiced it, feel free to share your experiences.

Luciferianism / Argarizim-The Fall of Lucifer
« on: December 07, 2017, 03:09:15 am »
I was able to snag one of the last copies of Argarizim- The Fall of Lucifer from Ixaxaar. There should only be 2 left now so snag it up if you want one. They're discounted due to an imperfection in the cloth.

"Argarizim continues studies where Fosforos left off; disclosing a deeper understanding of the Luciferian gnosis, one that is not focused on carnality or egotism, but on the pursuit of true realization concerning the essence of Satan and the philosophy of the occult, focusing in this book more specifically on areas that otherwise are rarely treated in general LHP literature. The book concentrates, amongst other topics, on the influences of emotions, as connected to aspects of Cardinal Sins, within the advancement of the initiate, explaining the differences between satanic paths and their progressive and regressive effects within the spiritual context. Dangers of the astral realms in connection to interactions with their denizens and the different states of the Spirit in the afterlife are also amongst the varied occult topics addressed, making this book most valuable for the students that have experienced the trials of the Mortification phase and that now reach for deeper and higher understanding concerning spiritual evolution as it is perceived within the author’s Brotherhood of the Star of Azazel."

Highly look forward to reading it! I also got Lucifer Princeps from Scarlet Imprint. For some reason, Lucifer and the fallen angel mythology has really captured my imagination. I wanted some more reliable texts on it. Ford is too reliant on unverified personal gnosis and lacks in mythological analysis. He's got some interesting ideas on rituals but leaves a lot lacking outside of that.

I'll update this thread with my opinion once I finally get it. I mainly just wanted to let people know there's plenty of other options in Luciferianism outside of Ford's dogmatic take.

General LHP Discussion / What in the hell are Enochian angels?
« on: November 30, 2017, 12:29:38 am »
These clearly can't be angels, in the judeo-christian sense, other than the bible mentions one of them looking something like this big wheel of fire that resembed a Lovecraftian horror.

Michael Kelly used Enochian to communicate with Apep to start his order when he left the Order of Leviathan. LaVey adopted Enochian language into Satanic calls. An argument that they're unique of the Golden Dawn paradigm can't be true because Dee and Kelly were the first to work them and there are Enochian traditionalists out there that reject Golden Dawn.

I'm reading Vision and the Voice now which records visuals alongwith messages and everything seems to revolve around the abyss, babalon, and so on. It almost sounds more demonic but not quite. Like it's both or neither. Appearances can and do resemble that Lovecraftian horror aspect I mentioned in it.

I mean you can always argue that these things are altered by the person who is recieving it(Crowley did have a Babalon fetish). I've heard a lot of speculation that angels=angles or subangles. As in the strange angles in reality which reminds me of the Order of the Trapezoid.

I'm intrigued and want to investigate and I know in magick, recieved wisdom is best through own gnosis- but I want to know what other people think and if there's any popular theories about this strange system?

This is pretty basic stuff with charging but I feel that sigils are so simplified it is forgotten. My method is tried and tested and taken from many Galdr, or Runic, style magicians. Esentially, you have to choices in galdr. You can implant your conciousness in it or take it into your own conciousness like helm of awes are worn then break the link. Your will alone and a sigil to focus should be enough to do either. There's a lot of sigil methods you can find literally everywhere so I will not get into them. However, I am of the opinion the more planted into your subconcious it is the more likely to work. If you are making anything that operates like a Helm of Awe I would recommend using a inherently magickal langauge that is said to hold it's own powers as you are taking in energy. You have many choices here: Runes, Ogham, Enochian, Hebrew, Donald Tyson's necronomiconic langauge, Draconian, or create your own.

Very well, this should be known as most magicians can get sigils to work. It might sound embearassing but I couldn't get sigils to work unless they were bindrunes because I didn't treat it with respect and looked it as a beginner thing that can be charged with the most basic gnosis.

So this takes us to the magickal link and sympathetic magick. The magickal link in hoodoo, voodoo, and other forms of sympathetic magick such as hair, blood, general dna, or a possession of the victim is fantastc. It already holds their energy strongly and has some link with the intended recepient. However, we're simplifying everthing to the basics here; these items might give a spell a powerful boost but you don't needed them. They have interacted with your directly, with your conciousness, providing a magickal link with you. A link to their essence lies somewhere within your conciousness so bring it up and implant it into a fetish as if you would a sigil. You can do this with, well anything non-human as well, and make ritual tools, talismans, etc. everything you would ever need.

Hypersigils. So this is a bit vague, it's a new technology that surfaced in the 90's but it is a strong one. It has the risk of obsession and it increases synchretization that you did not mean to happen but is nevertheless important. Requests you put it may manifest but in a way you had no intention of. Somethings are taken literally and others not at tall.

Hypersigils are generally an extended creative work that functions as a microcosm. You manipulate reality within this microcosm and it effects the macrocosm. So how do you do this? You set the stage and forge magickal links. The first one is to empower your own conciousness and then the microcosm. Forge a link with your fetish or character before others as it is your conciousness that observes and changes this reality. Then make fetishes for other people you know, forces you wish to play in it, and desires or troubles to give to various people so that you can verify if it works or it's just it your head. You can also sigilize people you want to come into your life. Get creative with this! If you're writing a comic  or filming a movie, you can hide visual things such as runes, sigils, or animals associated with Gods(cats to invoke Freyja) or even seals. Or you could literally just make a demon you want to interact with a character. You can use the runes and sigils to help empower events that you really want to manifest in reality.

There's many ways to do this. Sure, tools can help and the wand and cup are symbols of manifesting and taking in energy and you can always do that. It can help to have an object you yourself form a magickal link with and have collecting ritual energy. This is another way magickal links can be used to our advantage. But if you're really strengthening your will, you should be able to strip a ritual of everything and use the natural magickal links and will inside your conciousness to effect change. If magickal link as all it takes to create rituals tools, hypersigils, and the like, then get creative and see how far you can push it. Maybe that leaf you found on the ground is now a sigil for money and you can use a lighter (wand/fire) to burn it. It sounds new-agey and like the problems I have with chaos magick but if you've trained your conciousness you should be able to make it work.

 I personally prefer to innovate in the other direction if we are going the chaos magick route by reverse-engineering rituals and seeing if they work, then trying to create new tech out of it by complicating it. Say you reverse-enginereed and simplified necromancy, servitor/egregor invocation(as well as demons), new age crystal magick, and innovated your own way with cybermancy. Well then, find a way to use dead spirits to charge a battery to power a egregor. I have no idea how you'd do this as I'm terrible with code and all that but I'd guess you could get a USB drive and write a code for an over-all egregor(it doesnt matter if it effects the computer) than actually write a code that programs it to effect your google searches to give you divinatory messages, then write a code to draw from energy that is placed on top of the USB.  Use necromancy to have the spirits charge crystals you put on to of the USB.

This is example over fucking complicated so why do it if you don't need to? Well, creativity is fucking important. Force yourself to be creative. Also, to encourage you to simplify systems and try out new systems to see if they work. And to see how far you can strip, bend, and push a system before it collapses or falls apart. I think is what is most important in this example is that it's expirimenting to find different ways magickal links can be crossed over and how many transfers it takes to lose energy or how they gain in energy. Hell, after doing all that you could than place it into a hypersigil and see if it takes on a life of it's own!

General LHP Discussion / LHP equivalent of minor rituals?
« on: November 25, 2017, 09:04:52 pm »
I started using the common circle casting used by Setian and Luciferian circles as well as other LHP things.

This does an excellent job of closing in energy, however, it can be a lot of energy to hold and process and conduit through the body regardless of if you're working with external influences or your own will.

While Middle Pillar, LBRP, and similar Golden Dawn rituals tap into a current that I wish to be no part of at the current moment, I can't deny they were good for building up a tolerance to said energy when working rituals. I'd even accept neutral forms of this.

I really need to get my energy tolerance up but do not wish to do it with judeochristian god names.

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