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by Peter Carroll

At any time members of the Pact may elect to follow the observances
of the Monks and Nuns of Chaos for as long as it pleases them. These
observances come in three forms, the lesser, greater and extreme.
Their purpose is to renew and strengthen ones dedication to the
Great Work of Magic. The Observances of Monk or Nun of Chaos should
not be undertaken for a period of less than one week. There is no
maximum period but when observances are undertaken for an
unspecified period they should be ended at some later point in a
definite way rather than be allowed to fall into gradual disuse.
Chaoist Monks and Nuns may be fully itinerant and unless otherwise
specified by choice the monastery is notionally defined as the
entire planet although some form of retreat may facilitate the more
rigorous observances. The observances given are to be regarded as a
minimum to which further observances may be added at will. To begin
the observances of a Chaoist Monk or Nun the candidate takes an oath
over a staff dedicated to magic which is then carried throughout the
period of the observances. The staff should not be smaller than a
walking stick and although it may be left in a room or building that
the monk or nun may have entered it should always be close to hand
and carried from place to place.

The general form of the oath and the observances is as follows:

The Oath:

I, Soror/Frater _____ do elect to perform the Lesser/Greater/Extreme
Observances of a Nun/Monk of Chaos, from henceforth, for a period of
____ / for as long as it pleases me, inasmuch that I avow that I
will: (the chosen set of observances plus any personal additions are
then enumerated)

The Lesser Observances:

1, Carry a magical staff at all times.
2, Perform a banishing ritual on awaking and retiring.
3, Keep a full record of dreams.
4, Perform a full magical ritual each day.
5, Dedicate any sexual gnosis to magic.

The Greater Observances:

1, Perform the five Lesser Observances.
2, Perform a second full magical ritual each day.
3, Visualize the Sigil of Chaos at least once during each waking

The extreme Observances:

1, Perform the seven Lesser and Greater Observances.
2, Perform a third full magical ritual each day.
3, Visualize the Sigil of Chaos at least once during every hour.

Notes and Observations:

The daily full magical rituals might consist of a Mass of Chaos or
Auto da Fe or some other act of evocation, divination, enchantment,
invocation or illumination of similar length.

By dedicating any sexual gnosis to magic the monk or nun affirms
that any sexual act performed during the period of observances will
be used to cast spells for divination or invocation or similar
magical purpose. The hourly visualisation of the Sigil of Chaos is
facilitated by the use of an alarm watch and a powerful alarm clock
may well be useful for the night time visualisations of the extreme
observances. The considerable inconvenience of bearing a magical
staff serves to increase vigilance and acts as a constant reminder
to complete the other observances. It also serves as a badge of
office and other members of the Pact should accord the monk or nun
whatever assistance they require with their work where possible. If
the work goes poorly and the observances are largely not met then
the staff should be destroyed. If the work proceeds satisfactorily
then the staff should be kept as an object or power. It is customary
to engrave upon the staff a record of the observances performed.
Thus 127 signified the lesser observances for twenty seven days, 333
the extreme observances for thirty three days. The Pact tries to
ensure that the Sigil of Chaos is visualized once an hour somewhere
on earth.


General LHP Discussion / NEMO 93 on meditation and the brain/mind
« on: October 28, 2018, 06:35:30 pm »
Wait, someine is actually applying all drugs effect the brain the same way and for that reason it's different than how meditation effects the brain? I'm sure all the hundreds of drugs out there, none of them work on similar characters with meditation. This argument is prime example of meditation being as damaging to one's connection to reality as much as drugs are.

General LHP Discussion / Just read Chaos Protocols by Gordon White.
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:51:19 am »
I found it really inspiring. I feel that it's realistic look at the modern economy and world paired with an updating of research(such as operation stargate) to paint what a magician's protocol should look like.

The Aeon of Horus is still in full effect, in that everything is still being destroyed and swept away. Not just Gods or paradigms but "standard" economy, the traditional American dream, hell it's even destroying it's self as occultist get too pretentious and dogmatic about Crowley, or any other text or magus.

But that's a good news. I remember reading in Psuedonomicon that Nyalrhotep appears as the magician self when viewed from above the abyss. So what does this mean in relation to Chaos Protocols?

Chaos Protocols examines probability and economy and how they interlink. This bleak economic reality and this chaos of probability is something most people refuse to think of, let's call them Lovecraftian horrors. As Nyarlhotep, you understand them better and can therefore be the intermediatary between them and more mundane people. Study it, find out how unpredictable both are and eventually make the links together- there's no one massive economy- in the us economy if you have the subeconomies of various cities plus the subeconomies of each industry and so on. An exercise and knowing of these economies and understanding them is an exercise and understanding the paths of manifestations in magic.

Instead of pursuing and/or enchanting for a big goal, do it for several little goals that build on eachother, in a wide array as possible. Navigate this web as if you were the spider.

It was a very well-grounded take on opportunity and success from both a realistic and chaos magician perspective. How to break the bars of society's conditioning meant to entrap you to instead create your own measurement of success and achieve it.

Setian Philosophy / Xeper and Remanifest-words of the Aeons
« on: August 14, 2018, 09:24:39 pm »
I was going over the later heads on Michael Kelly's various Apophis works which is the angle I most appreciate Setianism from. I suppose one could argue if it's a separate tradition or not but Kelly studied in Temple of Set and he uses it's language a lot.

He mentions how some words that Magus utters are refinements of an Aeon.

Michael Aquino uttered Xeper or Xepera Xeper Xeperu. I have come into being and by my coming into being the way of coming into being is established.

James Lewis uttered Remanifest which modified the Aeon's formula to Xeper and Remanifest. Remanifest is the realization that an adept is always remanifesting and coming into being, any thing that is being undone is just allowing remanifesting and xeper. This helps the adept to become unbreakable.

I really love this as it helps me put into perspective and words the realizations I've had on my own in a way that makes sense. Kelly describes understanding Remanifestation as seperating the personality from the Self. Whenever I mention crossing the abyss or ego death, I'm referring to the death of the personality- whch in my own personal work I used to remanifest a stronger personality more suited to current needs.

Stephen Flowers/Edred Thorson uttered Reyn til Runa, or seek after the mysteries. I'm not sure if this is it's own Aeon or an addition to the formula of the Setian Aeon.

Michal Kellys word is a formula TINAMIWYAN, or There Is Never A Moment In Which You Are Not, and is an evolution of the Remanifest word, and therefore the Xeper and Remanifest formula, much inspired by Reyn Til Runa as it explores several mysteries of time and space that are made possible by a realization of Remanifestation. He also borrows from Kenneth Grant's concept of the Wordless Aeon to declare himself an anti-magus who offered an anti-word and therefore declared a Wordless Aeon.

This refinement of an Aeon makes me wonder if it's possible to live in more than one Aeon. For example someone who's beginning a LHP may still have their Subconcious in the Osiran Aeon until they break them. There's alternative Aeonic theories, that are more historically accurate than Crowley's views in chaos magic. If we break down Thelema free of it's dogma to Crowley's formula "Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law, Love is the Law, Love under Will" one could argue that Will always triumphs even over love in decisions and that a love for the current universe is qute satanic making it compatible with LHP philosophies such as the Typhonian Aeon of Ma'at culminating in a Aeon of Horus-Ma'at in the meanwhile for certain individuals. Theoritically, if we break down Aeons into their formula, any could be possible- Satan-Set, Set-Ma'at, Set-Apophis, and so on. I wonder what the risk would be in combining more than 2 Aeons. I've specicially seen Horus-Ma'at referenced in Grant Morrison's Invisibles and Heru-Set referenced by the Egyptians but would it be possible to combine more? Without Danger? I would say Kelly's Apophis works by their very system is a Set-Apophis paradigm and one could not exist wihtout the other in the paradigm. Typhonian is similar to Draconian for obvious reasons but quite difference, would Heru-Set-Ma'at-Apophis be possible?  And that's without thinking about the more historically accurate aeons such as animalism>shamanism>paganism>monotheism>atheism>magick(?).

From the chaos magic perspective, any paradigm can hold a ton of weight and support various practicies- but the question in combinging Aeons for a paradigm is how far until that paradigm snaps or causes trouble? In addition, how does one differ a Word of a Magus that refines an Aeon from one that creates it's own Aeon? All of the words I've mentioned, other than Remanifest, could have valid arguments for refinements or their own systems.


Ged x 5, Na x 4, Ged, Gon.

Also, can anyone verify if this image is valid gematria associations?

General LHP Discussion / Philosophy of Grant Morrison
« on: July 20, 2018, 09:15:37 am »
Great video explaining the occult philosophy of one of my favorite comic book writers.

Post-chaos magic: 2010s
Over the course of the past decade, chaos magic has experienced a shift away from the pop cultural interpretation that typified the Lovecraft/Morrison era. Jason Miller has argued that contemporary occultism has entered a "post-chaos" phase, in which chaos magicians are increasingly initiating into "very old lineage traditions", partially triggered by the realisation that "imaginary gods and spirits or fictional characters do not seem to have the same effect as traditional ones".[60] Hine has spoken of his disillusionment with the idea that all magic "can be formulated in terms of 'techniques' and that the theoretical underpinnings or cultural-historical context" do not matter:

...something you’ll sometimes see advocates of CM asserting is that singing rune charms and repeating Hindu mantras are essentially the same procedure – the focus being on the repetition of a word or phrase – in order to enter an altered state of consciousness. So mantras are something that gets chanted – and the chanting (i.e. the iteration) is what’s important – not the content or the context. This, to me, is a kind of reductionism. It predicates a universal explanation – that the ‘technique’ of iterative speech is enacted in order to establish an altered state of consciousness in the practitioner – and subordinates all instances which apparently look as though that’s what’s going on – to it. So for an advocate of CM, there would be little practical difference between, say, chanting a rune poem, repeating the Gayatri mantra, or singing a sea shanty.[46]

Alan Chapman – whilst praising chaos magic for "breathing new life" into Western occultism, thereby saving it from "being lost behind a wall of overly complex symbolism and antiquated morality" – has also criticised chaos magic for its lack of "initiatory knowledge": i.e., "teachings that cannot be learned from books, but must be transmitted orally, or demonstrated", present in all traditional schools of magic.[61] Chapman has gone on to develop his own system, using the techniques of chaos magic to achieve the aims of Thelema, such as attaining the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, or the Crossing of the Abyss.[62]

Gordon White, meanwhile, has developed a distinctive blend of chaos magic technique and animism:

If the western esoteric tradition can be said to have an underlying belief system it is a form of Animism; that the world or the universe is in some sense a living thing... However you conceive of their 'true' nature, magic requires full engagement with fetishes and sacred ground and window areas such as crossroads. It also works best when you grant agency to objects or entities beyond human consciousness, and particularly so with living systems... It is more useful for the magician to consider living systems not as some unaware little eddies in a universal consciousness field, but as 'outposts' of the spirit world.[8]


I haven't really lost the passion for it. I still love it but I find myself needing and using it less as life goes on. Which is great.

But I have grown really disenfranchised with the external scenes as life goes on. I find myself abandoning not only the philosophical approaches and curiosities but a lot of external reliances. While I do snag from a grimoire here or there, I much prefer to do things intuitively and I've cobbled my own personal paradigm that can support external systems I want to bring it but doesn't rely on them or need them. And while it does rely on existing concepts and deities, it's a unique way of viewing them and putting them together.

I had a wonderful talk with someone around where I'm at in my path the other day and I learned a lot, and saw some things I might want to borrow, but definitely something I realized is rare for me anymore. I supposed I'm getting tired of the rigged non-fluidity of that the occult scene in the western tends to cultivate. We often settle on one "profound" truth and build upon then making sure not to crash the one truth no matter how much our experiences disprove it. It's some of the same shit that made me reject conventional religion.

The reason I got into chaos magic was because it showed me that there could be some supernatural to this life that might be real but at the end of the day, belief is just a tool. It's a great too, and fun to play around with, but most of my irl chaos magician friends have gotten stuck in the labyrinths of the beliefs they created. I see that happening way too much on online forums too, it's one of the reasons I abandoned r/occult years ago.

I feel like people forget the whole point of the Left-Hand Path is to express themselves, not with others tell them to express and it's frustrating. I've always said this is a problem with Thelema but I'm coming to realize that's a problem with occultism in general. I think part of the problem is when someone creates a unique paradigm, it's so personal to them that they don't want to share it anymore. On one hand, that's really refreshing as we don't have to worry about new pseudo-religions taking off. On the other hand, it kind of stalls alot of magickal conversations leaving it behind in the 18th-20th century.

I think part of this is renewing a passion for life and placing that in priority with my paradigm crafted to support it rather than look for it. And that's amazing but it places priority on experiences over theory- which also limits the curiosity in other areas.

I'm kind of just rambling but curious if anyone ever felt the same, at any time.

General LHP Discussion / The Five Commandments of Discordianism
« on: June 23, 2018, 02:59:14 am »

The PENTABARF was discovered by the hermit Apostle Zarathud in the Fifth Year of The Caterpillar. He found them carved in gilded stone, while building a sun deck for his cave, but their import was lost for they were written in a mysterious cypher. However, after 10 weeks & 11 hours of intensive scrutiny he discerned that the message could be read by standing on his head and viewing it upside down.


I - There is no Goddess but Goddess and She is Your Goddess. There is no Erisian Movement but The Erisian Movement and it is The Erisian Movement. And every Golden Apple Corps is the beloved home of a Golden Worm.
II - A Discordian Shall Always use the Official Discordian Document Numbering System.
III - A Discordian is Required during his early Illumination to Go Off Alone & Partake Joyously of a Hot Dog on a Friday; this Devotive Ceremony to Remonstrate against the popular Paganisms of the Day: of Catholic Christendom (no meat on Friday), of Judaism (no meat of Pork), of Hindic Peoples (no meat of Beef), of Buddhists (no meat of animal), and of Discordians (no Hot Dog Buns).
IV - A Discordian shall Partake of No Hot Dog Buns, for Such was the Solace of Our Goddess when She was Confronted with The Original Snub.
V - A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads.

The Hell Law says that Hell is reserved exclusively for them that believe in it. Further, the lowest Rung in Hell is reserved for them that believe in it on the supposition that they'll go there if they don't.
HBT; The Gospel According to Fred, 3:1

General LHP Discussion / The Grimoire Tradition
« on: May 13, 2018, 01:37:10 am »
I've been working my way through DuQuette books as it's helped me reverse-engineer the Goetia and therefore Solomonic magick. So let's get the first thing out of the way, a lot of the old grimoires have way too much Christian influence for personal taste. I'm looking through Book of Oberon right now, which is a grimoire from the Elizabethan era, and that especially has Christian(specically prayers in the name Jesus Christ which I'm not a fan of despite being okay with conjurations in the name of God which seems more abstract). It's a shame because it has a LOT of great rituals and spirits you won't find elswhere. I was attracted to it as it's one of the only grimoires with notable fairy spirits- particularly some fairies from Midsommer's Night Dream by Shakespeare.

However, this is not a problem. We're lucky to have a wealh of information on how to compose a ritual and can therefore modify it. Peter J. Carrol listed all the several types of gnosis and their effects as well as paradigms in Liber Null & Psychonaut, Crowley's Liber Samekh is him altering a Greco-Magical Papyri ritual to fit in with ceremonial magic. In my experience, the one main thing is to understand the ritual- the carthasis and the point. For example, Goetia work typically isn't meant for deals(though one may have success with that)- they're often referred to as exorcisms and several notable Occults in Thelemic and Hermetic traditions argue they're representations of in your head. Esentially the purpose of a Goetic evocation is to connect to what you view as your higher self and put your problems/personal demons in service to you to further your will. I'm not saying demonaltry doesn't work- you can peform that and get results without any psychological/spiritual blowback if you know what you're doing(let's be honest- most of the spirits come from Psuedomuen Demonica before the Goetic system) but it doesn't achieve the same carthasis as intended in Goetia. There's a copy of Crowley's Illustrated Goetia that basically boils down the system to the bare basics and how to alter those basics to your specific paradigm(it has a thelemic circle as an example but it can be used for any- I generally mix kemeticism and thelema. side note- set is one of the god names I use for the circle.) Similarly, you can look at the Abremalin Operation and see that it's meant to cause a nervous breakdown/consuming obsession and isolation isn't required but keeps you from harming your social life- as Peter J. Carrol says Coronzon is the shadow of the HGA and Grant Morrison describes that demon as "the last gasp of the existential self." If a ritual instructs you to fast for 3 days, it may be effective to follow it but I assume you can cross-reference Liber Null and pick a similar gnosis style.

Despite the christian influences there's a lot to be gained for a LHP practicioner from these grimoires:

Planetary Magick

All manners of spirits (demons being common) including one or two famous grimoires that have a ritual to summon Lucifer for a pact.

Barbarous words.

While prayers aren't entirely helpful to us, it may help to read them to see how to write rituals. I once read an annotated verson of Greco Magical Papyri rituals that highlighted why and how the prayers were constructed- it involved comparing a greek deity like Hermes to Abrasax, for example, as a way to impress/suck up to Hermes for a planetary invocation. This, to me, demonstrates that many rituals should be written as if they were poetry to the specific abstract concept, emotion, spirit, or deity you'd like to invoke.

Famous Grimoires of interest are: Grimorium Verium, The Picatrix, Book of Oberon, Red Dragon, Grand Grimoire, The Goetia, Book of Oberon, Sorcerer's Screed, Galdrbok and Icelandic Magick by Edred Thorrson(translations of old galdr grimoires), The True Grimoire(a version of the Grimorium Verum that unlocks the key to this grimoire's system), The Magus(condenses the three books of occult philosophy), and you can find many modern grimoires in Ixaxaar, Fallofman, and Scarlet Imprint but these are often more philosophy than practicality- (shout out to Liber Isfet for the surprising ammount of seals.) Sure, a passing knowledge of occult basics and chaos magick basics renders all this completely pointless as you can create your own seals- but it is fun to look at other artist's work to understand your own. This may be composition of seals but I would say that you truly have to perform and interact with said seals, sigils, and ritual to truly comprehend and understand them- and there's a bit of a benefit to using something that feels archaic, taboo, and has had energy and belief poured into for hundreds of years.

Anyone have an experiences or thoughts on the grimoires of old?

Billy Brujo sort of did a video on this but applying it to normal ritual. He's go to it in the beginning of this following video. Basicaly look at the tarot that matches your desire, find it's associations then create a ritual using each zodiacal, planetary, and elemental association rather than a broad one.

The elements of elements, planet of elements, planets of planets, etc. is in no way a new idea and has been around forever.

You see spells in the Greco-Magical Papyri that uses planetary hours to access the Mars of Venus and then add a Saturnian twist, for example. The tarot's court and other attributions, Hermetic Magick uses this and all you have to do is consult Liber 777, Kaballah features this, and so on.

What's different about Enochian is how seemless and beautifully it seems to work together and how neatly categorized it is.

Esentially you have the 4 elements in the great table which breaks down to each element and then elements of elements. I realized each planetary name you say from the element of element is the planetary rulers for that name. The next name breaks down to angle and subangles (element of element of element) themselves.

Keep in mind that planet+element=zodiac so zodiacs are included in this heirarchy somewhere. Also, each square(element of element) has a Kakodaimonos or "evil, unbalanced" spirit in the each that would be used for (at this time) unknown to me purposes. Some speculate material gain and some speculate destruction or the solve part of the alchemical formula. 

Then the heptemagron has actual planetary forces which break down to the planets of planets much like the planetary hours. I'm beginning to study this more so I'll have to look at the other associations with this.

The aethyrs are rather mysterious. Some associate them with Ether, some like David Shoemaker with the Kaballah. Crowley apparantly got information from the Watchtowers that the Aethyrs were fallen angels that Watchtower angels were at war with. However, the constant details is that the are linked with higher states of conciousness with the abyss lying in the 10th Aethyr. I can't help but be reminded by Edred Thorrson's saying Reyn to Runa. The govenors of these Aethyrs can be found in the watchtower squares. Duquette suspects that this was the system that Dee was seeking after that allowed him to spy on other countries on earth unknownst to Dee. If anyone is interested, I'll see if I can screenshot it the associations to the earth's territories of Elizabethan England.

Now, here's where it becomes a complex system thanks to Golden Dawn's Flashing Tablets. It becomes much like the Runes in which each letter has it's own associations with it. I unfortunately dont have Lon Milo DuQuette's book with me but he makes a great argument for Enochian system representing a multidimensional view of the universe by showing how to decipher the Sigilum De'Ameth as Kelly was a code breaker as all it requires is putting them into a square and moving around lines. In my personal paradigm, I like this explanation to why certain letters have different associations on different planes depending on how far up or down you are in it. Here's a following example of how one word can be made of up 4 elements thus making even the smallest name on here rather complex.

Journals / Journal of Nemo 93- (Formerly King Mob)
« on: April 27, 2018, 06:11:17 pm »
The reason for the name change is while I loved the King Mob motto, I wanted to be true to my own will and as the moniker was derived from a hypersigil it felt time to leave it behind. Plus, it started to form some nasty associations with Choronzon in my mind.

I'm currently working on scrying the 30 Aethyrs in Enochian with a friend. I have only done the first but it's a rather tough ordeal so far.

I plan on starting my HGA work up again, it was very useful and it makes everything go smoothly. I would say "I shouldn't have abanonded it" but I should have as it helped me initiate myself further into the mysteries. I will say I don't know what reasoning I had at the time. I'm contemplating intorducing the Mass of the Pheonix.

As for effecting change in the physical world, I've given up all my magical tools for now and am expirimenting with video cut-ups to form my own unique expression of self and my will for magical intent.

Satanism / Anticosmic Satanism & Qlipoth.
« on: March 19, 2018, 11:46:38 pm »
I'm reading through Book of Sitra by N.A.-A 218, author of Liber Falxier, as well as Qlipothic and Goetic magic by Karrlson at the moment. Anticosmic LHP beliefs of every kind seem to be extremely influenced by Gnosticism. I'd urge anyone to take Anticosmic to imply destruction of the Microcosm. This is actually a key belief in Tyson's view of Enochian magick which is inherently linked to western occultism.

"In my opinion the apocalype...must be primarily an internal, spiritual event, and only in a secondary way an external catastrophe. The gates of the Watchtowers...are mental constructions, when they are opened, they will admit [Satan] not into the physical world but our subconcious minds...the apocalypse is a mental transformation that will occur, or is occuring within the collective unconcious of the human race.

If we were to look at the Gnostic interpretation of the Left-Hand Path then there would be a true God on the other side of the three veils. A lot of people like to view it as chaos, some as El, or some incredibly deep Gnostic concept I don't understand yet. Let's call him El for now.

When El entered into the world he remained concealed managed to manifest the demiurge who is YHVH in Kether. There's a theory that the qlipothic forces began to emerge when Geburah turned it's judgemental forces upward and decided to revolt against YHVH as he was an impure force. Every Satanist I know, whether theistic or athiestic such as laveyan, would be quick to point the story of adam and eve as God, or YHVH the demi-urge here, not wanting humankind to access knowledge possibly to control them. The Tree of Life was mentioned to be specifically in the center of the Garden of Eden but the Tree of Knowledge was never located. It was likely The Tree of Death that Adam and Eve ate from according to certain Kabbalistic interpretations by Rabbi.

The Tree of Death offers knowledge but a huge cost, the paradise found inside the Garden of Eden. According to certain Gnostic traditions, there were universes created before ours. One was a universe where the way only good but no one could prove their goodness and one that was only evil that didn't work out for obvious reasons so a universe that was created with both. This indicated a need for balance and the need for a tree of Death thus El manifested HVHY and the Qlipoth to oppose YHVH and destroy his enslaving order.

There are quite a few LHP that suggests three sacrifices of the self, that last being the God. This is the sacrafice of the human concept of God and Godhood therefore human limitations we place on it. The Qlipoth in many places are described as Anticosmic forces. Kenneth Grant compared them to a corrosive acid that would melt away any container it was held in. They're not forces to take lightly and they may very well bring about an apocalypse. As these forces oppose order, we can't say if the transformation they bring about will be good or bad. However, they will destroy influences imprinted on mankind by the demiurge YHVH freeing us from his slavery and offering us true knowledge. However, that knowledge may come with a heavy price, a very prominent theme in Lovecraft who inspired a similar kind of magical movement. A lot of people ask why a Satanist may reject the material world: because they value knowledge over it's price. Certain types of initation, whether LHP and RHP, bring about some events that are very negative in a material world. This is why it's important in Thelemic tradition to practice Goetia as a way to embrace the material to provide the support that we need to further our Will. But like the principle of the rune Fehu wealth needs to be spent and not hoarded, and to seek initation and knowledge puts your material walth at risk. 

Furthermore, as food for thought. If Gnostic Jesus came to earth from the source to liberate people from the demi-urge who he opposes he would be on the very same side of Satan! I don't mean to imply that the Jesus is Qlipothic in any way but he would at least be adversarial and Jesus was definitely a rebel. The idea of Jesus as a pacifist ignores that he flipped tables and chased people with whips. I wonder if ha-Satan could be Jesus' shadow much like Heru-Set?

Reading / The Best Occult Comic Books.
« on: March 18, 2018, 02:14:12 pm »
While Hellblazer and Sandman are probably what comes to mind when people here this, I decided to make a list of comic books that are absolutely inseperable from their roots in real occultism.

First off, an honorable mention. Gideon Falls just started and while it's new and hard to say, it does feature it's source of horror as red barn in the astral you access when dreaming.

Nameless- Grant Morrison.

This comic is a true Lovecraftian terror that really captures the existential horror of Lovecraft's works in a way no one else has. It has a ton of references to real mythology and depicts Yahweh as an escaped prisoner from Universe B that's here to cause far.

The Invisibles- Grant Morrison.

This is actually where my username and magickal name come from. In the comic, King Mob is title that's passed down as a magickal name from generation to generation. Grant Morrison invented the Hypersigil with this by charging a sigil while bungee jumping. As a result, the book effected him and his reader's life causing an incredible ammount of synchronicities. It esentially functions as an initiation. The actual plot is about a group of punk rock chaos magicians leading a rebellion against the organization behind every single conspiracy theory. It's incredibly awesome and features so much references to real conspiracy theory and occultism in unique ways.

Promethea- Alan Moore.

An incredible comic who's art was so innovative that had to create a new printing system to truly capture the colors. Written by famous occultist and comic book writer Alan Moore, it esentially functions as a primer to all occultist concepts and it explains it in beautiful and simple ways. I highly recommend googling the art for it. He was inspired by a fairy named Promethea who seperate people would write about when they were unlikely to have prior knowledge of her. A new Promethea is crowned and instructed in the ways of magic.

Seven Soldiers of Victory-Final Crisis-Multiversity by Grant Morrison. Three seperate DC events that completely demolish the fourth wall. Final Crisis was the start of a unplanned event called the hyper-crisis that never came into fruition yet found like on internet forums thanks to 4chan speculating on the reality of fiction, a theme in DC works around this time. Morrison had been breaking the 4th wall ever since Animal Man tripped on peyote and saw the reader and realized he was in a comic book. However, he soon began to play with the "so below" and turned DC comics into this microcosm even using this trilogy has a hypersigil to make the DC Universe come to life with 7 Soldiers being the charge, Final Crisis the death, and Multiversity the manifestation and safe-guard. Multiversity has amazing themes of being careful what you let into your head similar to Nameless. Funnily enough, Final Crisis inadverntly led to a complete reboot and DC's universe is currently having a few year event/line called Rebirth.

Batman: Metal - Scott Snyder.  Batman is manipulated by the demon Barbatos to stare into the abyss. This unleashes qlipothic versions of Batman from Universe B, entitled the Dark Multiverse, that feature twisted versions of Batman he feared he would become if something happened.

Aleister & Adolf. About the alleged meetings between Hitler and Crowley.

Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom. It's a comic based on the kids movie about Lovecraft but the art is beautiful. It's basically what I imagine dreaming about R'yleh looks like.

Aronofsky's Noah. His movie was based on this comic he wrote and published.

Jack Kirby's New Gods. Originally meant to be a sequel to Marvel's Ragnarok, Kirby left Marvel for DC Comics and founded their cosmic mythology. Jack Kirby was a Jewish man and mentioned so it is not surprising to see reference to Kabbalistic concepts. It's an incredibly trippy and well written and illustrated comic.

The Dark Tower. I'd suggest reading the books instead but Marvel is known for publishing good Dark Tower comics. The book series gets incredibly meta with the Dark Tower being the center of the multiverse and characters coming to our world to hypnotise Stephen King into finishing the story while he was in a coma in real life. This is way of explaining why everything he wrote since seemed to inadvertently tie into The Dark Tower. In addition this, it details the cosmic lore in King's multiverse and goes into concept of Ka, or destiny, in a way only Stephen King can. Also, one of the villians is an avatar of Nyarlhotep.

Neil Gaiman's Sandman starts off with an arc that's a parody of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn types but quickly turns into an anthology about imagination and it's relation to Dream. There's some cool occult concepts here and there but lacks reverence for mythology that his book American Gods has.

Fight Club 2- Suprisingly, yeah. Chuck Palahniuk wanted to kill off Tyler Durden for good. It's revealed that Tyler Durden is an archetype with a life of his own that passed down in men from generation to generation, from father to son, as old as the serpent in the bible. 

The Dark Crystal Creation Myths. Also, the sequel I can't recall the name of. Remember the classic Jim Henson movie? Well, his collaborator Brian Froud helped write and illustrate the comic series in which the rest of the world is fleshed out. Incredibly deep reverence to the hero's journey and campbell is in the original movie and it's love for esoteric concepts go deeper. In fact, you can find the kabbalah in parts of the comic as well as the official site.

Gris Grimly's Frankenstein. Technically an illustrated book. However, the illustrations are so prominent it's become a hybrid between comic and novel with some portions told in comic form. Any version of the Prometheus myth is relevant to occultism particularly the Frankenstein version.

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. Another Grant Morrison. Get the anniversary edition with the script and foot notes on the back that explains it. Incredibly deep into Jungian psychology with occult references.

Lock & Keye. I've only listend to the audio book and while it's more of a fantasy horror, it captures the tone of a romanticized exploration of occult ideas similar to Neil Gaiman. Written by Joe Hill, Stephen King's son.

Wytches by Scott Snyder. Okay, this is a straight up horror comic and the themes aren't very occult. But the introduction by Scott Snyder in the first issues tells a story about adventures as a kid in the woods rumored to be haunted and not being able to tell the difference between hyperactive imagination and what actually lurks in the woods.

The Marvel Tarot. I haven't read this but I just found it.

Theories on the Marvels of Myth and Magic from the files of Ian McNee! Sorcerer and outsider Ian McNee has been plagued by disturbing dreams and unsettling omens. Something is not right with the world and he needs to know what it is. To gain insights into his growing unease he turns to his most prized mystical possession, The First Tarot! Created in the distant past, The First Tarot is mystically attuned to reflect and track the archetypes of the Marvel Universe. Can this 'Tarot of Marvels' show Ian what is wrong? Or is something wrong with it as well? Peek inside the fascinating and disorganized files of a Magician on a Mission as he examines the current concepts behind Marvel's Myth and Magic and adds a few of his own. How do the Elder Gods connect to the Four Elements? Who are The Get of Set? And a who's who of Marvel characters presented in the context of the Tarot's Major Arcana. Is Dr. Doom The Emperor? Is Daimon Hellstorm The Devil? All will be the cards!

Alan Moore's Swamp Thing. Really, get anything written by Alan Moore or Grant Morrison and it will have chaos magick and occultism all over it.

One of the main writers on Adventure Time has a web comic all about the creation of religion and occultism:

The Books of Magick-Neil Gaiman

Walter Simonson's Thor.

The Maxx. There is more about psychology than occultism. A social worker dealing with PTSD has a fictional world she goes too and Maxx protects her inside her microcosm.

There's really a wide variety of occult flavored comics out there that can go really in depth to it. It's due to comic books as a nature of medium, sure it's fiction but the lack of motion and audio engages our imagination to fill in the blanks. Some extremely meta fourth wall stuff goes into that and it's the only medium I've seen to accurately depict the concept of 4th dimensional beings. There was a huge influence of Gaiman, Moore, and Morrison in the late 80's and early 90's which were comic books punk years as well as when they finally became capable of legitimate stories to rival novels. This led to these themes remaining to the point where you may pick up DC Comic and be suprised to see blatant esoteric concepts in-depth. In fact, Grant Morrison cemented the Justice League as a parallel for Olympus. He even wrote All-Star Superman as a solar aduration.

I highly recommend checking some of these out, even if it's an issue or two. They can be incredibly quick reads. A of them are incredibly long to the point of their Omnibus weighing a few pounds.

Gaming / I found a rogue like based on Tolkien's Simarillion.
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:04:41 am »
I'm a huge fan of Tolkien with Simiarillian being my favorte middle earth work next to the Hobbit.

I haven't played this game yet but it's free. Rogue-likes are basically difficult rpgs where you only get one life and have procedurally generated dungeons. Most of the free online ones are very good but feature no graphics instead favoring a minimalistic sprite style.

Sil is known for being one of the only video games true to Tolkien's lore and themes.

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