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Artemism / Artemism on the Moon
« on: November 23, 2018, 04:27:44 am »
I had this question for @Olive to answer but anyone can chime in.

Staring romantically at the Pale Lady tonight in full has got me thinking: how does the practice of Artemism translate for inhabitants of the Moon or another planet like Mars? Or is there no distinction whatsoever? It is a question worth asking as I think humans may eventually pass the threshold of the Kardashev scale that limits them to Earth and move on to inhabit others.

Music / Productivity Music
« on: June 16, 2018, 04:24:22 pm »
A good friend in my network shared this playlist with me. And I like to play it low volume in the background while working on something. Usually one track works for me. By the time it fades to silence, I'm in the zone:

Current Events / Zuckerberg Testimony
« on: April 10, 2018, 06:20:34 pm »
I'm currently watching the live testimony. My thoughts on it so far. This has been something that has been going on in his company for years. It will be interesting to see if anything of value comes out of the spectacle. I'm dubious that FB will change.

General LHP Discussion / Index of Terms
« on: January 19, 2018, 06:07:09 am »
666- Crowley, Aquino, the Beast, lots of things

AA/A.'.A.'.-  :) initiatory organization in Crowley's time; not AA batteries; written as A.'.A.'. you can see the difference

AES- Aeon of Set which started in 1966; basically like time zones in extra dimensions

AC- Aleister Crowley; not air condition but he was cool  8)

B- Boaz or pillar of severity

BDSM- BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism)

BF- Black Flame; not best friend although it is that too ;); a gift of Set passed down to anyone conscious but must be kept kindled by the individual for it to affect any change in them

BM- black magic or black magician; not best man

BoCFbN- book of Coming Forth by Night

BoL- book of Leviathan

CoS- church of Satan; why? Just cos :|

DW- Don Webb

EF- epistemologic friendliness. The proper etiquette of the forum. Refer to forum guidelines for more information.

EU- epistemologic unfriendliness coined by @Xepera maSet. None of which we will be participating here on this forum. As its abbreviation suggests, it's a disgusting mode of foul play that won't be tolerated. Think "ew" when thinking of EU. Not the European Union. Its inverse is EF.

FS- fraternitas saturni

GBM- greater black magic

GD- order of the golden dawn; another organization that Crowley joined

HGA- holy guardian angel

HoPWaG- history of philosophy without any gaps

HP/HPL- H. P. Lovecraft neither Harry Potter nor Hewlett Packard :oops:

J- Jachin or pillar of mercy

JoS- joy of Satan

KG- Kenneth Grant not Kevin Garnett or Kenny G. :rolleyes:

IAO- Isis, Apophis, Osiris and also literally the vowels; also donkey onomonopeia and possibly attributed to the name of El (Christian god); along with the Set or Sha animals, donkeys were also held sacred by the cult of Set; horses too. 

LBM- lesser black magic

LBRP- lesser banishing of the ritual pentagram

LF/L fields- life fields; described in the works of Burr and Ravitz

LHP- left hand path

MA- Michael Aquino not masters of arts or your mom  :huh:

O9A/ONA- order of nine angles

OL- order of Leviathan

OP- original post

O.S.- Order of the Serpent; not operating system or Macintosh  :angry:

OTO- ordo templar orientis; Crowley was here also; not Otto von Bismarck  :\

OTr- order of the Trapezoid

P3FES- persona 3: FES  edition

PGM- greek magical papyri (Latin: Papyri Graecae Magicae); not a movie rating

PoS- pillar of severity or Boaz; not position or points  :facepalm:

PoM- pillar of mercy or Jachin; not the pomegranate juice  :P

PP/ 2P- process philosophy

RG- Rune-Gild

RHP- right hand path

RTR- Reyn til Runa (translation: Seek after the Mysteries)  :thumbsup:

SET- Set, Egyptian neter of isolate intelligence; not a kitchen set or any other set but Set. Seth works too but not Seth McFarlane or Seth Meyers.  :mrgreen:

SMT- shin megami tensei (Japanese: reincarnation of the new/true goddess)

SNA- Seal of the Nine Angles (inverse pentagram encompassed by a trapezoid).

SO- significant other; better half

TF/T fields- thought fields; described in the works of Ravitz

ToS- temple of Set

TSB- the satanic bible written by Anton S. LaVey  :D

TSR- The Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey (the Ceremony of the Nine Angles, the Call to Cthulhu, and the Satanic Baptism Adult rite were ghost written by Michael Aquino).

TWE- that which experiences; an ontological primitive used often when discussing Kastrup's philosophy of monistic idealism.

WM- white magic or white magician

XIAN- christian

X&R- Xeper and Remanifest

XEM- ancient egypt or Barrett's word in Aeon of Set.

YHVH- tetragrammaton or El (Christian god)

Other Religions / The Serer religion
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:20:40 am »
So over time, an idea (well three really) has been gnawing at me: that I wasn't entirely Christian to begin with; that I was inevitably going to ascribe to LHP practices; and that one day, I will have ascertained the original practices of my ancestors that have since been obfuscated by Christian and Muslim missionaries.

Two of the three has already come to pass. Yet the third remains. But I think I am getting closer. As of late, I read about the Serer religion here:

Though I am not from Senegal (from Ghana instead), this link comes a bit closer to the region of interest to me - sub-Saharan and West Africa. I just need focus in one more time on the Ashanti prior to its demise from British imperialism. But I was struck by some of the parallels I found with Setian theory:

The use of a star to represent the universe.

No heaven or hell

A supreme god Roog without image or place of worship (nor do they contact it directly)

Spirits, ancestors or pangools, which interestingly were represented as serpents.

No caste system, until it was introduced by foreigners.

EDIT: There appears to have been a Lamanic class that was quite wealthy and powerful. And of course, you can't forget the priests and priestesses who were part of the secret order of the Saltigue.

Other Religions / The Tao
« on: October 26, 2017, 11:51:53 pm »
I revisited the Tao te Ching and the Inner Teachings of Chuangzu the other day. I was reading from the Thomas Cleary translation. Lately, I am starting to prefer the format of aphorisms and appreciate how it involves the reader to unpack its meaning. This is much like the Tao, although no one can profess outright to have penetrated its mysteries entirely. What do you guys make of the Tao? I'll leave two excerpts below - one from the Tao te Ching and another from the Inner Teachings of Chuangzu:

11. Thirty Spokes

Thirty spokes join at the hub:
Their use for the cart
Is where they are not.
When the potter's wheel makes a pot,
The use of the pot
Is precisely where there is nothing.
When you open doors and windows for a room,
It is where there is nothing
That they are useful to the room.
Therefore being is for benefit,
Nonbeing is for usefulness.

2. On Equalizing Things

... Once Chuang Chou dreamed he was a butterfly. He was happy as a butterfly, enjoying himself and going where he wanted. He did not know he was Chou. Suddenly, he awoke, whereupon he was startled to find he was Chou. He didn't know whether Chou had dreamed he was a butterfly, or if a butterfly were dreaming it was Chou. But as Chou and the butterfly, there must be a distinction. This is called the transformation of beings.

Current Events / Styxhexenhammer666
« on: October 06, 2017, 09:58:29 pm »
I started watching a certain Youtuber named Styxhexenhammer666 who vlogs about current events. And he has an interesting background in the occult, often writing on such topics. He has 100+ videos on the occult. Ex-Satanist who has gone off on his own path. This is him speaking of Satanism as a path of liberation:

Current Events / Isabel de Peron
« on: September 29, 2017, 02:19:48 am »
This year marks a 10 year anniversary since Isabel Martinez de Peron was arrested at her home in Spain.

Journals / pi_rameses - A Setian Journal
« on: July 13, 2017, 03:25:51 am »
Hello all,

There is something that I would like to draw your attention to. I stumbled upon it via Tumblr while perusing the Internet. The link is:

Looking back, I suppose it was in virtue of such perusals that I am currently writing a paper to submit to the O.S. I recall gleaning through Reddit on topics such as Platonism and Setianism, which brought me here. For this I am grateful. Since then, I have come across a number of resources of which I had not heard mostly originating from this forum. As a commemoration, I am currently considering to supplement or augment my diary via the use of a personal blog. While I could start said blog at another domain, my first vehicle of choice to set this up is clearly this forum. I am looking forward to the future and a flourishing and a refining of the Self.

Xeper and Remanifest!

General LHP Discussion / Help with Add Bookmark Button
« on: April 29, 2017, 10:56:23 pm »
Silly question but what does the"Add Bookmark" button look like? At times I want to mention someone but I find that I don't know how. I recall Onyx (another missed bookmark opportunity) announced it and thought that maybe when I logged back in I will be able to do it.

An attached screenshot would be greatly appreciated.

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