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I thought that this was so remarkable that I had to share it. Even though this is a Pure Land Buddhism memorial service, the technology can easily be applied to other practices from other faiths. How would you like to have a ritual chamber like this? (Of course, with your own symbolism.)

This is from the Shin School of Pure Land Buddhism: a Techno Memorial Ritual
Opening--self explanatory--trance induction
San-Bujo--"The Three Respectful Callings." In might be likened to parallel opening the four gates meditation or calling on deities.
Hyo-Byaku--Ritual pronouncement--setting intention for the main working
Amitabha Sutra--talks about Pure Land of the West (and what one must do to be reborn there)--guiding deceased there as the main working.  You might be able to pick out the nine grounds of preparation and  Pure Lands of the Four directions here (represented by different colors,) as well as guiding the spirit of the departed to the "portal" hanging from the ceiling.
Ending--closing gates


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Thanks for accepting my forum membership.  Looking forward to interesting reading and discussion.

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