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Vampyrism / Vampyre Missive 10/21/2019
« on: October 21, 2019, 11:30:01 pm »
First let me begin by saying that I am glad to see that this child board has continued on in my recent absence. Further crystallization and focus of this section is one of my first goals in my return.

We have discussed Vampyres, their characteristics and even delved into archetypes and thoughtforms. Likewise, we have seen the role of Vampyres within both the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set.

One main question I have seen and to a degree have addressed although not in detail is, "How does one become a Vampyre?"

One part of this answer can be found in one word of the question: become. It should be easy based on that one word to see how closely Vampyrism relates to Xeper.

It is true one does become a Vampyre.

So how does this happen?

A simple, although snarky answer would be: practice.

We can find excellent examples of the Ancient Ones. Any deity of all of the religions are Vampyric in nature. They all feed off of human beings and have done so for centuries. Human beings have fed them by way of belief, prayer, offering, and raising energy.

Even those who superstitiously assume that they are safe from this by attempting to do these things from a "safe space" of atheism, still offer up energy even if they are only doing this for cathartic purposes.

Consider it.

These types will use energy to set up the chamber, the dress up, and read various incantations, invocations, music, chant's etc. Further, unless it is done only for the purposes of a spook show, they are offering up emotions. In the event that they are doing it to be spooky only, not only are they offering up their own energy but they are also offering up the energy of the audience they wish to shock (the high school kid who wears an upside down cross with other Hot Topic garb with no real intent other than being shocking) and to gain attention for themselves....without the consent of the said audience!

This is why it is crucial to understand exactly what you are working with when using various symbols, paradigms etc. Guns do not shoot themselves it takes someone pulling the trigger to make it shoot. The same holds true with the practitioners of paradigms and symbolism that has been used for centuries. Like a gun, they have been used because they work. If you symbolically pull the trigger they will shoot. If you have no real aim, they will still shoot but you may be surprised when they hit an unintended target.

My point here is that using your energy with intent or not, with belief or not, is irrelevant. You are still using your energy for something. It is feeding whatever you are attracting by whatever symbolism, paradigms that you use.

That is one way the Ancient Ones are fed.

For those who offer up energy with the exact intentions in mind and know exactly what they are doing and Who they are calling upon do so with a full heart and thus are usually quite pleased with the results of their workings.

From a Satanic or Setian perspective we take on the role as our own God form. This is also what differentiates us from the human being who slavishly sits in a church, a mosque, or some other place of worship. We are not worshiping these deities. Nor is our goal to lose ourSelves to Them. Rather our goal is to become as They are. In this sense we come to Them in search of a friend, a mentor, and even in some cases role models. We learn from their very rich histories. Then we (hopefully) apply Their teachings.

It is useless to assume a Godhead status and then deny that at every corner you turn (to yourself).

The truth is that by assuming the Godhead status you are saying that you are one (if not several) steps above the rest of humanity. Why not behave that way?

The "negative" viewpoint that is ascribed to the Vampyre is largely one of human judgement alone: "It isn't nice to (take, leech off of, or manipulate etc) people."

Yet, some of these same human's will speak of these judgments in between bites of a dead animal that they nourish themselves with while offering that dead animal nothing in return.

The point here is hardly one of vegetarianism rather it is that most human beings are every bit as predatory yet will think of ways to try to deny that fact.

But in assuming a Godhead status we also should be beyond the judgement calls and guilt that human's are so easily enslaved by.

From The Ruby Tablet of Set:

The vampyre however nourishes its lifesource on its own terms. It is self-motivated, and takes what it needs from where it pleases,and is beholden to none. Self does not feed the Gods as a Setian.

Human beings abound with energy.

Large groups such as sporting events or concerts have hundreds of thousands of human beings offering up energy and therefor make easy feeding grounds. So to do hospital ER's where human emotion is high. In settings such as these the energy is being offered up by the human being freely so much so that they won't even notice your taking of it.

Being honest with yourself does not require you to announce yourself by saying, "Hello, I am a Vampyre and I am here to take lifeforce from you." :D

Find any God who has ever done that?

But like any other God, we also should feel no guilt over manipulating a human being by way of Lesser Black Magic, Enchantment, or Charm, to get support, sex, money, you name it.

This also does not mean that we are abusive to human beings as they are our food source.

Instead we offer them the ability of feeling good about themselves in their offerings to us so that they will continue to offer up willingly (just as they do in Church's, Mosques, or other houses of worship).

It is the continued practice of Vampyric behavior that will assist one with becoming a Vampyre if that is your desire. These are a few examples. The world, the Ancient Ones, history, mythology, all abound with many many other examples. To partake or not is your choice entirely.

Rather than digress with arguments over "I agree" or "I disagree", it is a simple enough choice to make. If Vampyres are not your thing or some of these topics make you feel uncomfortable, perhaps becoming a Vampyre isn't for you. That is absolutely fine. What makes no sense is feeding something that you disagree with by splitting hairs over things.

For those that do find themselves within the Vampyre paradigm, perhaps this forum can continue on in the tradition of the OV.  We could do postings on effective ways to communicate, to enchant, to charm, to manipulate human beings and ways in which we can further commune with the Vampyre archetype and our adaption of it within our own workings.

Xeper and Remanifest

Hail Satan!

This is by far one of my favorite speaking engagements by Nikolas Schreck:

Vampyrism / Satan Is A Vampire
« on: October 15, 2019, 02:44:42 am »
From a Church of Satan Grotto Master's handbook. A definition worth considering as we study Vampyres:

Vampyrism / Vampyre Missive
« on: November 04, 2018, 03:21:20 am »

It is what we drain from others.

This can be by the way of an outpouring of entertainment, emotion, beauty, energy, personality, gifts, money, and time. (This, of, course is discounting altogether the Vampyric science of blood transfusions and so forth).

In short we are predators.

Whenever we take life, it invigorates us. It gives us a needed rush, a burst of energy and so forth.

There isn't really room for "white-light" Vampyres.

Certainly, there are those who try, by claiming that they only take from willing donors and so forth. Where this claim fails though is that whether or not you have a donor the act itself is still predatory. You can opt to raise your own cattle and other livestock and perhaps take it's life more humanely than a corporation ran farm. However, in no way does it eliminate the fact that you are still draining the life force of another for your own benefit. 

Unlike other people, we make no excuses or apologies for our selfish nature.

That is one thing that separates us.

It isn't that other people, in fact it could be argued, every species acts within it's own self interest, but the Vampyre is one who admits and embraces this fact.

While that side of the Vampyre has been seen extensively throughout myth, literature, and history, there is also another side. 

Just as we take life, we also can give life.

While this may seem to be a contradiction at first glance, it is actually a completed cycle.

For example, while going to a movie, people in the audience are offering up their money, their time, emotion and their energy while the actors, directors, producers, and film companies take it away from you.

In turn, the film, it's presentation, production, and actors involved are also giving you a more refined version of what you have sacrificed to them. You feel the rush, the emotion, the outpouring of energy as you see your favorite actors and actresses while living vicariously in a state of suspended disbelief for a matter of a couple of hours. At the very least, it gives you an escape from your immediate reality. It also has the potential to inspire you with new thoughts and ideas that perhaps you may also bring to creation.

Vampyres understand creation all too well. We were created. We then created mythologies, and in turn inspired others to create various depictions of us.

Many of you may have heard of or be familiar with Thoughtform Magick.

For those who have not, the short version of it is creating something and sending it into the "real world" from the thought alone.

To a degree people do this all of the time without even realizing it. The same is true of Magick. Like other Witches Sorcerers, Magicians, and Occultists the Vampyre is aware, and that is something else that separates us from the masses.

Since Vampyres are aware of the types of life force that they take and what each type has the potential to do, we are also capable of knowing how to give it back or to create something from nothing.

Anything needs some kind of energy, some kind of life to exist. If it doesn't or if it is something that isn't intended for long term use, it is quickly disposed of. But at the very least, life energy was used to create even the most seemingly useless object.

With regard to the giving or giving back of life, the Vampyre understands that he is doing this for his own need, joy, amusement, or enhancement. Again, it is done selfishly. This is not to say that others cannot or will not benefit from it as we will see in the following essays, but at it's core it is a predatory understanding that all acts are selfish.

There will be following essays that will all tie together concerning reality (what it is and what it isn't) and the creation of reality, Thoughtforms, transformations, and so forth. But for now, the above will likely serve as a bedrock of all that is to follow.

I would like to hear your thoughts, questions, or ideas. Is there any part of this that you can relate to? What parts make sense and what don't?

Also, after you have read this, take some time to ponder and meditate of what kinds of life that you may be taking and what if any are you giving back. Compare that to what you may or may not have been aware of before you read this.

All feedback welcome.

Vampyrism / Brief Introduction To Vampyrism
« on: September 10, 2018, 04:36:11 pm »
The archetype of the Vampyre has had a lure for many years. People have either been drawn to it to be terrified, romanced, empowered, mysterious, wise, and immortal. Maybe some from a little of each category. Also there are simply those who like to walk a bit on the wild side of things without looking any further than cosplay type situations.

Vampyrism as also enjoyed a rich mythology and history. Everything from Count Dracula to Lestat de Lioncourt in fiction to Vlad the Impaler and Countess Bathory in the real historical sense Vampyres have had firm footing in both worlds. (Commonly within those who are active within the Vampyre community this is referred to as the Day world and the Night world).

Many of those drawn to various religions (including but not limited to) those within the LHP have certainly felt a strong pull to the Vampyre. Others have not.

The unique thing about Vampyirism is that true to the mythological archetype Vampyres are shapeshifters. Vampyres are able to hone various skills to adapt to just about anything they wish. To give an example of this, the terminology listed above of Day/Night worlds could just as easily be described as the Objective Universe and the Subjective Universe within Setian terms. Also as within Setian terminology there is also the Twilight world (which has nothing to do with the sparkly movie :) ). In Setian terms this would be the Collective Universe Objective and Subjective combined.

Just as within other LHP religions, that of the Vampyre is very individualistic. It also offers a path to Self-Deification. 

Vampyres endorse all religions simply because we look at all Gods, Goddesses, Devils, etc. As being Vampyres who have created all of the human religions from the beginning of time. All of the deities and creators of the human religions are immortal just as the mythological Vampyre. Also, it is by feeding off of human beings that they continue to remain with vital existence. When you consider the Ancient ones and how many people have fed them by way of belief, prayer, offerings of one nature or the other and add to that the number of centuries that this has been done, you begin to see how that these sentient beings have not simply died away.

It is the intention of the Living Vampyre to use these Ancient Ones as role-models for lack of a better term. Before we can declare that we are God's ourselves it doesn't hurt to look to those who have a lot more experience at it. In the Day world, this is no different than one who plays music (or anything else that you can think of) looking to those in similar fields with the desire of emulating them.

There are many tools that can be learned and used to create the Vampiric condition. As you explore each of the tools it is important to understand that they can and do function in both the Day World and The Night World or, within day to day activities such as Lesser Magic or in the esoteric sense as in Greater Magic.

Some of these tools include:

Being able to identify the energies that you are working with and how to bring them about to suite your needs.

Understanding who and what you are and what you are not.

Communication skills. Being able to effectively communicate to whatever your situation is and in the best possible way that you may work things to your advantage.

Enchantment and Charm. Being able to draw people into you with the understanding that people are more inclined to do things for those that they like.

The development of the Will. Vampyres are in it to win it so to speak. Imagine if the Ancient One's would have simply given up and went quietly into the night when faced with adversity. Living Vampyres determine what it is out of life that they want, have a realistic understanding of what obstacles are standing in their way and then bring themselves to meet the challenge, overcome it and attain their goal.

Through all of these things, the Living Vampyre is fed by those they encounter.

Blood is vital. However, it is another way of saying Life force.  Just as human beings pray to Gods so to do they willingly offer up sacrifices to the Living Vampyre. This can be in the form of supportive energy (think in terms of a support group), it can be by way of adoration (consider how you feel when someone compliments or flatters you) it can be financial (it can be quite nice to be able to have people who are loyal enough to you that you can count on them to help you out of a bind), it can be sexual, (if there is any explanation needed here please let me know :P . However, on a more serious level,  generally speaking, do you not feel more revitalized after some type of sexual activity?), it can be sympathetic, (even though you may be devastated by a situation, has the energy of other people not made certain situations easier to deal with?) Some are also fed by anger or other highly charged situations (think in terms of those who engage in UFC or highly competitive sporting events).

All of the above examples are cases of human beings offering up energy that the Living Vampire feeds off of (gets a jolt, a burst of happiness, excitement etc). In most of these cases when people do not know that a Living Vampyre is in their midst they are not panicked and not doing anything that they typically would not do given the situation. That is if the Vampyre is covert there are plenty of ways of feeding off of human beings that does not hurt them in the least and they have no idea that they are being fed upon since they shed this energy naturally any way. You can also see where you do not need to go too far out of your way to find feeding opportunities.

For those who like to experiment with different types of energy, field trips can also be fun. Going to music concerts or sporting events with Vampyric awareness you are able to pick up on very heavy energy emitting from the crowd. The same is true on a smaller scale of a visit to a local ER waiting room on a weekend. Attending various public meetings, support groups, trials, or funerals can also give you a taste of highly charged situations where you don't even have to make the effort to feed.

In turn we offer this energy up to the Ancient One's via whatever paradigm that we choose and however it is that we communicate with them. It enhances a working to have a bit of extra oomph to put into a Ritual if that makes sense.

This is a brief outline.

If you have specific details in any of these categories to offer, please do so. Also if this inspires any questions to specific areas feel free to ask and we can start specific sections for them as they pertain.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to read this and I hope that the above information helps.

Vampyrism / Enchantment
« on: September 08, 2018, 08:23:15 pm »
In this section we will discuss ways in which we enchant human beings. How that we draw them into us and ways to sharpen our fangs (skills).

This can be by way of manner of dress.

Speech patterns.

Eye Contact


Mental Contact

and anything else that we can think of.

As Vampyres we are able to stand above the crowd while being in it. A dear friend of mine once remarked that no matter where we went (close to home or in a city miles away) that she had never been with me when someone didn't know me.

This is true.

Once I meet with someone and connect with them I leave an impression that they will not forget.


This makes out of town travels and such extremely pleasant and has opened many doors for me.

For those that have specifics on techniques feel free to share, as will I.

For those wishing to learn, may these skills serve you well and never hesitate to ask questions.

Vampyrism / Who Are The Gods?
« on: September 08, 2018, 08:09:18 pm »
From the beginning of time there have always been people who have spoken of Gods or Goddesses, and Devils Some have believed in them wholeheartedly, others have denied their existence out of hand. Then there have been those who simply do not care.

Whatever one's opinion on such matter is, let's look at a distinct comparison: For the most part Gods, Goddesses, and Devils have been immortal.

What is a Vampyre at it's core?

A being that never dies.

All have enjoyed a place in mythology. Some have even been killed in the myths but have never died in the Universal mind.

They all require to be fed in order to exist and humanity has been more than willing to feed them for centuries.

This thread is for the discussion of any God, Goddess, Daemon, Devil, etc and Vampyric characteristics that you may have always seen in them but never fully realized or maybe even share the ones that indeed you have known all along.

The following is a quote from a long ago abandoned Grotto Master handbook of the CoS that I found both interesting and worthy of consideration:

"Satan himself is a vampire who will reward you only as long as you feed him. That is your contract. It's a harsh reality, but one a true magician understands and revels in."

Vampyrism / Welcome Vampyres
« on: September 08, 2018, 03:36:34 am »
First, thanks to @Onyx  for adding this to the forums. The subject of Vampyres and Vampyrism have been as long to me as has Satanism and other LHP interests.

Children of Darkness, gather 'round.

We will discuss all things Vampyre related in this part of the forums.

All general forum rules apply.

The only rule that at this time I would personally ask us each to adhere to is to refrain from discussion how that we individually feed.

Feeding is done either by blood or by energy.

Each can be metaphors for the other or each could be literal. It all depends on the individual.

My reason for requesting this is that there may be others who either are lifestylers or just curious. Also for those who are new it is important that they find their own way of what works for them without being explicitly influenced by someone else.

As we all get to know each other a bit better I would say that those discussions would best be left to private communication.

Any thoughts?

Entertainment / The Church Of Stanton
« on: September 02, 2018, 02:20:28 pm »
This was a podcast that was just done by Stanton LaVey last night featuring Boyd Rice and Kansas Bowling of Collapsing Scenery. It sounds like it is going to be a regular thing called The Church of Stanton. 

The reason that I am putting it here is because, Satanism per se wasn't talked about, but music and entertainment was. Trigger warning: if you cannot stand to hear anything bad about the me too movement then you may not want to listen to this. Otherwise, enjoy.

Satanism / Some Thoughts On AI & The Diabolicon
« on: August 30, 2018, 07:57:38 am »
This is something that I have been thinking about for a while.

As I hinted at in my re-introduction, I feel that we are living in some truly amazing times. While it is easy to dwell on the negatives, there are many possibilities on the horizon for those willing to take the reigns.

The point that I elaborated the most on was the concept of homeschooling by way of virtual classrooms. As was pointed out to me, this is also being done with universities more and more as well. The benefits are all there. Economical savings all around, being able to actually focus on learning rather than the peer pressures imposed by schools, real world experience as most things are now internet dependent on some level and no worries of school violence.

When it comes to mentioning AI, there are those who instantly think of something "spooky" or science fiction. On the note of science fiction, let's look at this, were you to tell someone fifty years ago that you can hold a device in the palm of your hand that would allow you to communicate in real time around the world by phone, text or video, as well as do banking, shopping, and getting real time news as well as directions for anywhere you wanted to go, you would have been viewed with some level of superhero if not supernatural status.

On this point, let's just look at one example:

How many have communicated either by way of video conferencing on the job or by way of skype on a mobile?

As you can see, we have even advanced the above concept of science fiction from being able to send a video message via a mobile droid to actually being able to communicate real time by way of a much smaller mobile device.

With regards to AI specifically: How many have ever played a video game against the "computer"?

The concept is nothing new. We have been doing this on everything from the quarter arcade games to the intellivision on through the atari, the nintendo and beyond.

That is artificial intelligence in a nutshell.

In my earlier post, I mentioned about robotics taking over some jobs. While this may seem to be doom and gloom, it really is not. It will eliminate the need for money in a sense. The federal government will have no other choice but to pay people simply for being alive to keep money circulating. Beyond that it will free people up in ways to be creative and set their own payment of service on an individual level.

Let's take an honest look at how this will be appealing to employers and cooperation's, and for that matter all of us.

Since the concept of human slavery was made illegal people have been trying to find ways to reinstate it ever since (slave labor, slave wages, debt slaves etc. all come to mind). Bill McGowan (founder of MCI) was ahead of his time in many respects. On the issue of people vs. technology his philosophy was simple: treat the technology as a slave and people as gold.

To an extent we already utilize that concept today in it's early stages: smart devices of all types, things like the echo device, etc. It is not going to slow down. It is only going to grow and make life easier. There is no way to put the genie back in the bottle.

Likewise, have you noticed costs soaring through the roof? Hardly! If anything costs on so much has dropped over a period of time on the technological front that it is next to non existent. In a few years, I predict that anyone paying for television service, for instance, would be looked at as strangely as the man who says he still pays a per minute cost for long distance phone calls today.

On the other side of that spectrum, let's now apply these concepts to the cooperate world.

Were employers to be perfectly honest (and I would also venture some lackey supervisors who are on power trips) they hate nothing more than having to allow for breaks, bathroom breaks, sick time that they can't enforce overtime more than some to an extent already do, that they have to even pay you whatever wage that you have, offer any kind of benefits, or the like. Human Resources serves little more than to settle worker vs worker disputes and make excuses and cover for the company vs the worker every single time.

AI and robotics eliminates all of that.

They don't have to pay robots (except for the initial cost of the robots and upkeep). Robots do not have to use the restroom...ever. Robots do not expect breaks. Should a robot call in sick (that is to say break down) it will either be quickly repaired or replaced without any hard feelings. Robots do not require medical leave. They also do not sexually harass one another. They do not require medical or life insurance or retirement plans. Robots do not expect things like recognition, incentives or bonuses. A robot can be worked 24/7 without being paid a dime.

Put yourself in the position of the head of a cooperation and tell me that AI and robotics wouldn't be beyond appealing.

Obviously from a Satanic standpoint,  all of this would be the biggest advancement that artificial human companionship has ever seen.

However, while initial uneasiness on all of this is to be expected, we must be reminded of this part of The Diabolicon 

As per The Statement Of Satan Archdaemon:

"What might become of man we knew not, for within him
were many qualities alien to angels. It did not escape our
consideration that we might have chosen a species whose
power might ultimately eclipse our own and cause our
eventual extinction. We were mindful of the risk in our
experiment, and oft did the warning of Michael echo within
my thought. Yet our decision was sealed, and we deemed
that the greatness of man should not be transcended by
such ruin as he might bring."

What are your thoughts?

Lounge / Quick Drop In
« on: July 19, 2017, 06:14:43 am »
Hey, I just wanted everyone to know that I am not someone who flakes in and out. These last couple of days have been busy and tomorrow is my youngest son's birthday.

So, I will be back on Thursday and I can hardly wait to read all of the new posts and see the progression of this forum.

General LHP Discussion / Thoughtform
« on: July 13, 2017, 11:31:43 am »
Has anyone here ever played around with or practiced Thoughtform Magic or know of any good books that deal with the subject?

This has been something that has interested me for awhile now, but while I can explain it in part it also seems to be elusive.

What I mean here is that I would think that there is no such thing as unreal. Unreal does not exist. Everything is a reality. The stuff in the mind is a reality to the person who thinks it. I also know that reality can be created and manipulated. Look at the media, look at how pharmaceutical companies hypnotize people every day to believe things that cause them to really be sick.

Did Jesus Christ, Satan, Set, Osiris, Lilith, Buddha, etc...ever exist? Does it matter if they did? Look at the belief of the masses have fed them for centuries enough so that they live in peoples minds. I think the same could be said of people feeding the memory of someone at a funeral on a much smaller scale.

Likewise, we can certainly create thoughts, and have those thoughts accepted to be fact by other people who then feed the thought and in turn the thought becomes a reality.

Does any of this make sense? You see, I can kind of explain it and yet I am also not exactly sure what I am putting my finger on here.

I would be interested to read your opinions on this.   

When one studies any occult or esoteric system the subject of Magic is touched on.  Sometimes (and more often employed) is Lesser Magic. That is the art of manipulating others to do your Will.
 Greater Magic is in the ritual chamber. That is where Devils, Demons, Gods, Goddesses, and UnDead Ancestors are called upon. During ritual the Magician will work up energy to send out into the astral. It is the desire of the Magician to make the result of the ritual come to pass in the real world.

Manipulating others requires a mental focus on the part of the Magician.
 So does Ritual.
 For any Magician to manipulate the Will of others or himself requires an ironclad ego.
 If this is doubted, I ask that you look to all acts of human nature. EVERY act of human nature is selfish and self driven.
 Consider the movers and shakers of history and today. What one of them  could not be considered egotistical?
 Why do you think so many people care what celebrities are up to?
 Look at their egos and then consider all of the above.
 I will take it one step further: In the fictional myth of the Bible, God sacrifices his only son.
This was not a selfless act. Look at all of the followers he got in return.
 Now that we can see the importance of an ego in works of Magic, I will tell you a simple exercise to strengthen it: Always keep your yourself.
When you promise someone that you are going to do something (and you really want to do it) always follow through no matter what the cost.
 If you do not, you fail.
Honesty is not a factor. If you know you are lying admit it (to yourself of course). Then do whatever necessary to make the lie become your reality.
 If you do not, you fail.
 Again, quite simple.
 Failure shatters the ego.
This becomes quite counterproductive and can actually work against the Magician’s goals.

General LHP Discussion / Worship Of The State
« on: July 10, 2017, 02:38:47 am »
In the post, Is there an ideology outside the LHP which values the Self, Xepera maSet, brings up something that I feel is very important: Worship Of The State.

I figure that this is worthy of it's own thread and if deemed fit it can also be taken as a submission for the newsletter.

One time while I was researching Charles Manson, I saw a quote that really struck a chord with me. He said, "God is a green piece of paper with a dead president's face on it."

This really made sense to me. I then took it a few steps further, compared it with parts of Might Is Right, and added in my own observations as well, hence this essay.

If you go back to the time that the United States of America was founded, it is important to note that Christianity and mysticism were waning. As everyone knows, one of the reasons that we split off on our own was for religious freedom.  By the same token, if you look at Christianity or other "white light" religions, one of the main purposes is to attempt to keep people in line by frightening them of the possibilities after death. However, with people breaking away from that dogma, it wasn't quite as easy to scare them with Hell. A new religion was needed.

The founders of the U.S. were some pretty bright fellows. While on one hand they wanted to escape persecution, they also didn't want chaos to ensue. Something needed to be used to control the masses, but what? I can't help but think that they all grinned wickedly when they came across the thought that the best kept slaves are those who believe themselves to be free. Thus a new religion was formed. It was called the Government.

No religion would be complete without a God and a Holy Text.  God was easy enough. People need money to survive. As a result, people are devoted to money, can't get enough money, and under the right circumstance will do anything for money.  When those Christians in the fifties felt that they needed to put "In God We Trust" on money in hopes to somehow connect the church and state, little did they know how close to hitting the nail on the head that they came. The church was the state and had been since the country's inception.  So it only made sense that God would be officially named and sanctioned.  It is also interesting to note how that the founding fathers did not incorporate this from the beginning. Perhaps had they done so at that time, their secret would have been spoiled. Let it never be said that time and ignorance won't stop the masses from unknowingly spilling the beans.

Holy Text. This one must have presented a bit of a challenge. How could you create a religious text without making it seem like a religious text? Enter the Constitution.  Much like the Holy Bible, the Constitution offers both "gifts" and proper "punishments. Indeed, it is a rule book. However, the "gifts" that it offers are quite evasive. Take freedom of speech for instance. Anyone that is born with a mouth and a tongue, who can form words understood by his fellows to be language, has all the freedom of speech that he needs. A piece of paper does not wave a magic wand and give you that "right". All that pieces of paper and laws do is chip away at that thing that comes natural to you. Yet, look at the masses, who in fact BELIEVE the former and reject the latter. Like those faithful to Christianity, if they cannot believe it then the whole thing comes apart at the seems. Likewise, the Constitution provided the belief that people were free, hence, they became the best kept slaves.

After this, it becomes somewhat easy, at times pathetic, at times disgusting, and at times quite humorous to make the following comparisons.

The Pope=The President.

Reverends, Priests, and Ministers=Lower level politicians.

Denominations=Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party, Tea Party, and all of the activists groups etc.

Collection plates and tithes=taxation and state sponsored charities as well as donations to all of the above denominations.

Door to door ministers=Campaign volunteers. 

The politician like the priest demands your blind faith and does not truly appreciate questions. Do a little test, take any well known politician and watch a stump speech. Do not watch the politician. Instead, watch the crowd. Notice the glazed over eyes of sheer belief and hope?  Next, watch any well known evangelical. Again, do not watch the speaker, watch the crowd. Notice any similarities?

Like their priestly brethren the politician lives in the lap of luxury while most of the congregation lives in squalor.

Hypocrisy seems to be a way of life for the priest and politician alike.

Anyone who does not believe in this religion of Government is considered a heretic. 

The Devil, of course is anyone who tempts people not to believe but to seek knowledge.

When people speak of separation of church and state, let it be known that they are parroting  something that the founding fathers likely had quite a chuckle with.

This is the Church of State.

Lounge / Introduction
« on: July 09, 2017, 12:00:32 pm »
I have been a student of the occult for twenty-two years and on the LHP for eighteen of those years. I am very familiar with Lavey and Satanism. However, I really have never limited myself to being opened to other things.  I have done extensive research on the CoS and various members and in the end became dissatisfied with the lies and lack of ethics involved. During the last several years I have really began to focus on Dr. Aquino, Stephen Flowers, and Don Webb.  Of course, I am also familiar with Crowley.

All of that said, I feel that learning is a never ending process. If you are not learning something, you become stagnate. So, I was excited to see such a fledgling forum (having been around some of the others). I felt, ok this is an exiting step in a familiar but new direction, which I like.

I look forward to both learning new things as well as contributing knowledge when I can.

I am a pretty transparent person and I don't like hypocrisy.

I am always looking for ways to improve upon what I know and I thank those who put this forum together for giving this place.

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