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General LHP Discussion / the nature of spiritual existence
« on: October 03, 2019, 06:25:37 pm »
Hapu and I have been discussing several things. these include, mind and body and their relationship to spirit, life after death, and the possiblity of a subconscious death.

the main point of this topic is to discuss these problems and to inquire different view points.

instead of taking up a lot of space here to summarize what has been said so far, one can read or skim over the Amaymon or the 7th satanic statement threads. if necessary, i can add a summary later so i can take other peoples' discussions into account when making the summary. or better yet, summarize every so often to keep track of where we are at.

if anyone wants to chip in, feel free.

as a side note, i don't have any particular worldview or thesis since i am always exploring new ideas and because of this, my worldview is always changing.

Journals / Williams1001's journal
« on: August 04, 2019, 07:44:10 pm »
journal #1: can we trust in the senses? and the effect your perception has on the objective world.

the senses are our best window into the outside world, and can best distinguish the many differences among things. if one is born sensory deprived, what can be used to make sense of the outside world? as far as i can tell, nothing. but this doesn't mean that there is no objective world because there are things that exist apart from our sense perception. for example, there are sounds that dogs can here that we can't, but that doesn't mean that those sounds don't exist. all electromagnetic waves have a color since light is an EM wave, we just don't see the color of those other EM waves. those colors that we don't see exist despite of our inability to see them. thus, the senses doesn't necessarily lie, there is obviously more to reality than what first meets the eye, it's just that our brains filter out information and presents us with a small portion of reality. so my question is this: if our senses don't necessarily lie to us, then how and why are we easily fooled by optical illusions? what is the difference between the nature of optical illusions and reality? and if we cannot trust the senses at all, then why does science and experimentation give us an accurate understanding of the world and a better understanding when we go back and refine our knowledge due to new knowledge? we are all individuals and have many differences between each other, and because of this, each person perceives the world differently. optical illusions then presents us with a different perspective that we aren't used to, thus making things seem like they are what they are not when really we are just sensing things in a different perspective, which is kind of fascinating (i find a lot of things fascinating): change your perspective, and you change how you see the world. but note here, you are not changing the world, you are changing how you see the world. in other words, the objective reality still exists and remains uncreated by your observation of it. take Rorschach tests for example, the ink blobs form one shape, but if you continue looking, you start to see the ink blobs in different shapes. however, one thing about the ink blobs remains the same, and that is the ink blobs themselves; no matter how you see the ink blobs, you will always see the ink blobs. this will bring us to learn more about the nature of the subjective world, how to manifest our will, how optical illusions might be used as a tool. i am not sure what the limit is for journals so i'll stop here.

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