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« on: December 05, 2019, 05:58:32 pm »
Ghost and everything ghost related.

Has anyone checked out their YouTube channel? They have a mini series that nearly made me pee.

Setianism / Xeper and its application in sigil magic
« on: November 15, 2019, 04:45:53 am »
Sigil magic is designed to create change in the immediate environment by inspiring change in the practitioner. The practitioner identifies a goal and creates a command to begin to strive towards that goal. This command is a form of communication from self to self, you telling you to change. Sigils can be created anywhere and can be charged and fired quickly and discretely. Certainly an understanding of this tool is a benefit to any with the knowledge of its operation.

Sigils are nothing more than self created symbolism. In the same way a person may insert a bullet point to remember a concept while taking notes a person may create a sigil to remember to pursue a goal. In reviewing sigils after a decided period of time a practitioner can gauge the effectiveness of their efforts and adjust their techniques accordingly. In my experience this leads to self discovery by teaching the practitioner how their deeper self communicates with your consciousness.

So how do they work? That's the trick, its hard to communicate this across disciplines. For now we'll say the conscious mind sends a command to the sub conscious mind which then gently prompts thought through waking life towards fulfillment of the identified goal. Deeper exploration of this subject is a discussion for another day.

There are many resources for information on sigil construction. The most comprehensive guide I've come across is Practical Sigil Magic (Frater U.: D.: ). The most inconsistent element among them is how timing is worded in the sigil. You see, when attempting to use a sigil to gain an attribute such as financial stability its hard to tell if the command should be "My will is to become financially stable," "I am financially stable," or "I am becoming financially stable." One is a wish, one is a delusion, and one never ends. There is a simple solution however in becoming.

If we use the simple definition of Xeper as, "I have come into being, and through the act of coming into being I have established the process of coming into being," we can create a sigil that transcends the element of time by examining it in its entirety. This is the value of Xeper when applied to sigil magic and the advantage of those familiar with the term. Applied our sentence of desire looks more abstract, more simple, more personal. We may now apply "Xeper to Financial stability," and eliminate the fallacies presented in the previous examples.

Lounge / Poetry
« on: November 12, 2019, 05:51:40 pm »
I used to write some here and there. It's good expression. I'll start with this old one.

Within me it writhes,

Please take your place,

It rules me inside,

Taking up space.

It speaks through you,

And there is no escape.

There's nothing I can do,

It's gnawing rules my fate.

Other Religions / Eclectic Samhain Ritual for the Circle of Mona
« on: October 31, 2019, 08:56:15 am »


The Calling of the Neter from Duat

Drum sounds once and flame is blown out. Sit in darkness 9 moments separating with drum.

Light the black flame, sound drum x9

Enter the front and round x4 Sinistral

Stop at front facing the black flame


Eye of the Tempest, Storm that Drives the People Home, Force of Will.  As the waters grow then recede when the time has come, Your purpose fills me.  I will not falter; you will be my hands and eyes. The same darkness that fills my mind empowers me to seek inner light. For without those long shadows, unending light would dominate my view. For want of shade I fall into myself.


Cloth of  the Body of Flesh, Yet in whom is the Spirit of Man. I am the Lord of Life, triumphant over Death, and through you I am complete. I am as you are, dead but dreaming. You will be my rest and comfort in the twilight.


Power that radiates from the eye of conception, the Sun is body from which Your Progeny is fashioned! Take the light in it. Assume the fire from it and return these gifts to mankind, whom is heir to your womb through the glow of your light’s perfection.


Oh dark mother, our wet-nurse in night. My heart is your gift, torn asunder from the jaws of Apep. I watch for you in the long and sleepless dream, and welcome the silver bask of your illumination. As your sister stands behind me your smile welcomes my soul, and my spirit sighs into your embrace.


Raptor of war, glare of the dawn, subjugator of content and unifier of men. In your light does Deshyr glean Sekhem. Our shrieks against the light echo in the culling of serpents in the sand. Unite the power of The Hornless in raucous exaltation.

Round once sinistral intoning god names before returning to center. Raise arms in a V and intone, dropping arms with exhalation of breath to cover the heart with both hands, right over left. Turn kiss left hand raising in the sign of horns.

The World:

“As the Primal ones scream against their father The Hornless rage against illumination. In unity the Leviathan slithers, passionless and atrophied. It churns creation and destruction, devouring the spark of lesser men. We are the knife buried in twilight, craving the blood of Apep. We are the exalted throne of Sekhem at dawn, and all to end.”

Cross arms in Usir position and bow head for a count of nine.

Establishment of Coven

To the parishioners:

The hornless welcome the sheep of men and invite them to enter the world of horrors. The whispers of Anpu speak our names across the Duat, and Khemenu sings across the veil. We do hereby establish the Circle of Mona, and the council of 5 forces.

Identification of the year’s desired changes

“As winter approaches and Re prepares for a journey to the heart of darkness so too does the sky dim. Here Nut and Geb submit to Shu, and the hornless prepare for the sleep of Yule. Setan prepares his assault on Usir, and Neb-het receives the seed of his virtue.

The Hornless call upon the will of Hekate in the setting sun, and petition Kali for gail of triumph. Our lovely goddess of creativity, inspire our hearts and devour our doubt. Give, Love, Live, Die, and Dream of the Nun before remanifestation. Let Nebhet build us in our slumber, and may we wake with the wisdom of Dejuty.

We are as we are until we are no more. In the ashlands of our dead selves the seeds of Xepri take root and flourish. No aspect is fixed, and each of us bears all we need from within. The hornless invite the sheep of men to join us before the black flame and sheer that which binds.”

Non-coveners are invited to write their resolutions on paper and drop them into the cauldron. After wards, a libation is prepared and taken.

“Drink of the waters of Nun, let them fill your mouth as the love of our dark mother fills our hearts. For in those waters we are made whole again.”

Coveners are invited to stand before the flame as the circle is closed.

“They were, they are, and they will be again. They Die and we rejoice. They dream and we are, and in waking we will be no more. The hornless wait for their waking and devour the nightmares in waiting, and all to end.”

Non-Coveners are banished from the circle.

Round Sinistral reciting the names. Return to center and intone towards the black flame with arms in a V as before. Exhale and intone falling to right hand over left over heart. Turn and snap to Usir position.

“We release the Neteru from Duat unto the earth, and echo their whispers in our hearts and minds. The hornless hereby call all to end.”

Swiftly exit forward, leaving the ritual chamber.

Other Religions / Kemetian science moving forward
« on: October 30, 2019, 05:45:01 pm »
My delve into modern interpretations of ancient Egyptian religion have blown me away.  I found a lot of what I expected to; people with sparse occultic knowledge creating some weird Buddhist Kemetic Wicca. But I was surprised a few times by two extremes of interpretation:  A "scientific," interpretation that shows how figures interactions and core concepts Express natrual functions or events, and Artistic renditions of expressive creation. Both led me to a dimensional model of conciousness similar to the nine angles system.

I also learned that 9 is a relevant number in the Ketian mythos as well as a few not mentioned in Infernal Geometry (Chappell). It seems the link here would be conciousness. I came to the conclusion that conciousness is the expression of higher causation, a perceptual awareness of it's own expression within a higher reality. This is evidenced in various theoretical quantum models as well as some psychological ones. Here I'll link a video that prompts the viewer to visualize these higher dimensions

The idea is that existence is perceived in 4d (on a 3d plane but passing through 4d [time]) desires, thoughts, and memories happen within thought in 5d (on the 4d plane [time is controlled, all things are perceived together until separated by subjective time] but passing through the 5th) and conceptualization takes place on the 6th ( he calls it a phase space, it's like endless events occuring at once). The brain may just be the link between our  perception of dimensions and our body's, or a ,mechanism that accesses these spaces to plot its course through existence. Or who knows, perhaps its building new realities within it?

The concepts are promising enough to warrant further investigation.

Setianism / Set(an) in Relation to Kemetian Disciplines
« on: October 29, 2019, 05:55:16 am »
Many of us know of Egypt from its echo in daily life. Many still know of its misrepresentation and the efforts to correct those mis-representations especially in the last decade or so. On our journey for truth we have re-translated those ancient teachings into alternate systems eventually losing sight of its original purpose; How?

How are we here? In knowing how we may determine WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE and most importantly WHY. This exploration of method leads to effect, and further inspires new thoughts, new paths. It is similar to Runa in the Norse disciplines, following mysteries that lead to deeper mysteries. In our endeavors we find some-thing that makes us special; Us. In knowing the functioning of Us we find our hope for it, our drive for it, and even where that drive comes from. In short, we find our nature.

Afrocentric scholars have been focused on this narrative and its application in daily life to empower their people to embrace their own power, find divinity within, and form desires in line with that of their NATURE and not the nature of their various oppressors. We find a barrier in their atavistic approach to ancestry, but this need not be the case. As an occultist of mixed race the Ba of my forefathers beats within me, both the Darbuka and Pauken. The spirit of man is not limited by the body, and we see in ancient pagan worship the foundations of Kemetic science. All free thinking peoples may learn, practice, and grow in the same ways of their ancestors if provided the tools.

Setianism is the bold step towards embracing that nature. The lessons of Set and by extension Satan applied to daily life teach the individual how to rise up and grasp the change that may be, killing the old cyclic manifestations of normalcy and restoring order by way of creation. We learn to be the active force in reality and abandon the ever-prevailing standard of ignorance pushed by corruptive systems. But this ability alone is only the beginning of the power that may be gleamed from the old religions, and luckily for us they wrote all they learned in stone. It is now the duty of Mankind to identify the malignant chains that bind and achieve freedom for all.

We cannot empower the whole of mankind without first freeing it. We cannot free it without freeing ourselves.

This thread is for furtherance of the enlightenment of all people by identifying the malignant systems in which we fight to attain inner freedom. Then and only then will we have the tools to progress together.

Current Events / Shelving the mentally ill
« on: October 08, 2019, 02:58:59 pm »
Hello all. I just wanted to leave this link here.

As some of you know I work at a state mental health facility in a rural area of the united states. Currently we only have 30 beds and a waiting-list full of non-criminal people waiting for 72 hour assessments. I have seen my state's government attempt (hard) to privatize the facility via Wellpath, a company that basically runs psychiatric prisons and detention centers.

I have talked to a lot of my community leaders. Our union stopped the privatization for want of a feasibility study which did not reflect positively upon privatization. Also, our governor gave them a no-bid contract to run our administration for over a million dollars a month, and they haven't even been able to retain a CEO.

Our CFO became an acting CEO a few years ago and it seems he almost intentionally made the place non-compliant with CMS standards, and we lost federal funding, leading to a reduction in our operating capacity.

Many of our nurses and technicians quit during the attempted privatization. We make a pretty penny as state employees and this is a very dangerous job. I need both hands to count our staff assaults in the last 3 months. And if a client assaults a staff member, they go to jail long enough for their charges to be dropped and then they return to us for treatment, usually to the same staff they have just assaulted.

While our patients are here they hardly have access to anything close to adult entertainment. We have a gym, a TV room, a rehab department, and a rock wall. That's it. We hold a few groups but they're the same groups every week and many of our clients are unit restricted.

While here our shit facilities would make a sane person manifest negative behavior, let alone a person experiencing a mental health crisis.

Our staff are under-trained and mismanaged. No one uses the de-escalation or redirection techniques we're taught. A few of us do but most of our staff are just fucking mean for no reason. Furthermore the qualifications are so weak because this place is full of horror stories. No one applies to work here. I started here at 19 with a GED, and I had sick adults placed in my care. Its a joke.

Why is this relevant? Because our politicians (here) made detrimental changes to our mental health system and effectively broke it in order to secure funds for a bigger permanent fund dividend. Our state budget has been pretty fucked as of late, and the legislator has been filling the gaps with the PFD (free money people here get annually from a fund set up to pay out oil profit to citizens of the state) reducing its amount. However the PFD has been MASSIVE in comparison to how big it used to be. Basically during his campaign he said "I'll make sure you get more money if you vote for me," and it worked. He fixed the issue by reducing the state budget, cutting funds to our college and trying to make our mental health facility someone else's financial problem with a sneaky back-door deal. He almost got away with it, and he isn't done trying.

One man should not be allowed to subvert the will of people for being different and to satisfy his own greed. Last week I had a client come in covered in massive fresh bruises that he reported came from DoC  while he was in holding there for an evaluation. The client was not dangerous, just disorganized. He reported a Corrections officer stepped on the back of his neck during a BMR to administer crisis meds. I'm Livid.

I'm making this post because its an interesting story. I don't know what to do to fix the issue other than attempting to raise awareness. Currently I'm working with our local ST members, but there's like 15 of us and the others don't have any goals other than being a part of the ST. My wife and I are on our own up here trying to do something about this, but we're fucked on new ideas.

Does anyone have any tips? Or contacts that can give us some advice?

Setianism / Ka, Ba, and a Khemetic Dualistic View of Man
« on: September 18, 2019, 08:54:20 am »

I've just started this reading but the concepts presented have been a useful tool for understanding, even if they don't hold historical validity. I'm speaking of the first couple of chapters as that is as far as I've made it.

But what I'm absorbing is a dualistic perspective of Man's being, separate from western concepts of Mind, Body and Spirit, a model I frequently refer to when developing my own techniques. Here is presented a meaningful alternative in the form of Ka and Ba, and I'm sure more of these dualistic attributions will be discussed later in the work.

The actual personality of the individual in life consisted, according to the Egyptian notion,
in the visible body, and the invisible intelligence, the seat of the last being considered the
“heart” or the “belly,” which indeed furnished the chief designations for the intelligence.

We see arguments against western associations of Ka as an equivalent for soul, and instead favor Ka as an "Active principle," or literally a breath of life. The author goes on to explain that Ka is 'made' alongside man and is with him through life.

I consider this notion to be closer to that of Higher Self, or ascendant self. This may also be seen as genius, or intelligence beyond the conscious mind. While it remains unclear to me if the author intends to imply Ka as a type of multi-functioning aspect, a parallel to each of the three western "Realms," can be drawn but only subjectively validated. Here I've tied some concepts to further understanding outside the three realm model by placing attributed aspects of Ka within each branch of the model.

Mind- Subconscious mind, guided aspect of self outside of attentive and conscious control. This SC mind is shared with Ba and draws association by will and understanding. The Ka 'guides' The SC towards conscious goals, or is the SC mind itself.

Body- Ideal patterns and goals structured by the pre-frontal cortex, Ka may be the process of actuation utilized by sense association. If a pattern of neural responses grows and changes as we re-consider the concepts, this would be the perfected pattern, that most in-line with will and the product of a focused individual. I understand this one is a little shaky, but I'm having a hard time quantifying the association in medical/ scientific terminology.

Spirit- The higher or ascendant self, that which holds all future experiences and guides man towards his destiny. Be not fooled, this IS the man, his ultimate and most divine state made manifest by actuating his TRUE will.

The author frames Ba as the continuation of a person after death, free of the body but not without it. The Ba is said to move from the land of the dead to the tomb and back, oscillating freely, for what reason I was not able to glean.

I use Ba to explain the Ego, or the manifest pattern in life. At death these would be the personality of the person, or you as you are now, but dead. Astral. Ka and Ba are both astral forces, and beyond life they are bonded in experience. Two halves of a whole, united happily in death. If we are able to see these as their own concepts free of Solar symbolic associations to trinity we can determine the usefulness of understanding this duality/polarity. The spirit of man is complex, powerful, and immutable.

Music / Trap/ Nu Metal
« on: September 10, 2019, 12:41:44 pm »
I haven't really shared any of my broader musical interests, so here is one of like five genre that I listen to frequently.

I really enjoy Ghostemane, $SB, Pouya, Omen XIII, Killstation, Pouya, (Sometimes XXXtentacion but he kind of disparaged the genre. Idk. He was a good artist), Josh A, and a few others from this genre at least. Its also where I see the most influential and beautiful combinations of Death Metal and Hip-Hop. Actually, Kid Bookie recently did a song with Corey Taylor and its.....Eh. He isn't the best rapper. Lol. But you can see the influence his musical experience has on the sound. Actually, I'll leave that and then a...Remix? of Sulfur.

Movies / Midsommar
« on: September 03, 2019, 10:50:25 am »

Just a pretty good piece of art that made me feel like I was in some sort of an "in club" while watching.

Some good scenes huh? Any favs?

Lounge / How do people learn?
« on: September 03, 2019, 10:48:40 am »
I'm working on something, and I would like some outside opinion if its not too much trouble : )

 I am currently using Associative Learning as a simplification for how we learn EVERYTHING (

Most everything listed under "Non-associative learning" presents to me at least as nothing more than abstraction of the original concept. I see a thing. Its good or not good. Next time I see the thing I structure my response based on the last time I saw the thing. This is where we go further. I can see a thing that reminds me of another thing for whatever reason, and will begin to think of them similarly. That's the power of association (one could say imagination I suppose), to link that which is separate in accordance with will.

Does this seem correct? Anyone wish to expand? Present a counter argument?

Setianism / Grounding poem
« on: August 16, 2019, 04:15:52 am »
I often produce ideas through automatic writing, they form metaphors that I use in my work in various places. Here is a little application of this method  :mrgreen:


 For there is no enemy, but a collective adversary by mine own perception. For as I war in the night with the ancient serpent, Set laughs brilliantly against the night.

 To rebel is to live, to destroy make anew, and to protect to let grow, preceding death. Then dreams. We sleep in permeance, perspective.

This formed an image in my mind, unsurprisingly because I have been drawing it a lot as I work through Apophis. It is of the w3s rising to confront a serpent, an image that can be attributed many additional meanings.

 I originally did all this in my journal and I changed some of the words to better represent my thinking while I was doing the thing. I will attach the writing along with the doodle and the symbols that arose. As so far as my location, I got IO = I AM.  It arose into being through the ouroboro, IO.

Just sharing for anyone interested, I would love to discuss comparable experiences  :thumbsup:

General LHP Discussion / On sigils, symbols, and Semiotics
« on: August 13, 2019, 05:41:52 pm »
Expanding sigil creation beyond the word method changed the way I thought about sigils altogether. I’m sure we’ve all at some time, perhaps early in our curiosity, wondered about magical symbols, sigils, and languages. From Harry Potter to the Tanakh symbols are used to represent ideas. In fact, as you read this you are using the symbols that I utilized to type this to absorb the information. We have found a way to leave representations of our thoughtforms and share them almost like a colony of ants using only our hands, ears, and mouths. Recognising this process gives the practitioner the ability to change their environment by expressing onto it. Here we will explore Sigils in relation to Semiotic theory before exploring when and how we can use them as a working of lesser black magic or in a working of greater black magic. We will discuss how we can express our thoughts in forms chosen by the mind to more effectively navigate it.

Charles Sanders Peirce defined Semiotics as “quasi-necessary, or formal doctrine of signs", which abstracts "what must be the characters of all signs used by ... an intelligence capable of learning by experience,” in 1978. In relation to magic, we can use Semiotic techniques to evaluate or initiate change in the subjective universe. By identifying the symbols we currently use, we can make new ones to benefit our lives and our practice. Similarly, we can use these in our current workings to illuminate their depths and create better methods of commanding our own will once we are trained in recognizing the patterns that govern our reality.

From the beginning of this sentence you have been thinking in symbols. Most of us learn first to speak, and later to write by making annotations that correspond to vocalizations. By reading these and imagining the vocalizations in your head, you convert the writing to inner speech, and then into an idea. Familiarization with the language makes for ease of use. You see a dog and you think DOG. The word is the thought. When you think I you are I. Language is a type of symbol we use to identify our subjective universe. Symbols do not always have to correspond to a physical object or event, and can be used to identify many different thought forms. The important thing to note is that they quickly and effectively express elements of the subjective universe in the objective universe.

As a lesser magic operation, sigil creation holds up as its own practice. A symbol can be molded to represent any preconceived thought-form, and it is in its expression its value is illuminated. A.O Spare presented my first experiences with sigil magic in his Book of Pleasure, where methods for creating sigils using techniques now popular amongst Chaotes can be found along with ideas of self-love and subjective discovery.  In my experience, Practical sigil magic by Frater U∴D∴ gives all the same content only presented in a way that is less “End all in magic,” about sigil magic. Regardless, my techniques find their roots in these two volumes, and I recommend them to anyone that wishes to further explore sigil magic or develop their own system. From there, we learn very simple methods of creating and banishing sigils. That act itself is an illustrative and expressive form of lesser black magic, and as another forum user pointed out to me not long ago, can be used as a form of expressive meditation.

 In The Language of It  I outlined a method for both creating and storing sigils for later use. This is to prepare the reader for construction of a magical language for any use, and so that results can be easily documented and tracked. Revelations of the subjective realm that seem to radiate into sigils (things people refer to as flare or signature) are also more easily recognisable. The application of such a constructed language would be similar to Yuggothic R’lyehian used in the Ceremony of the Nine Angles. In fact, an invented language wouldn’t be a far cry from Enochian, an ‘Angelic’ language invented by John Dee and used by the Golden Dawn. To communicate directly and effectively with the subjective realm, to express into the world of horrors, and to build a psychodrama that breaks down barriers during the ritual. For more information on R’lyehian, check out Infernal Geometry and the Left Hand Path by Toby Chappell, appendix B.

No matter the application, while the popular method of creating an entirely new system to study the symbols we think in is utilized by many occult groups, there is a wealth of current information available for free to the public. The value in expanding and focusing this field of study is immediately recognizable, and those who forge their own path in the darkness are rewarded tenfold for their efforts. It is now the duty of those who are curious to unite the information, and use it in new and interesting ways. May the planes of existence be covered in the fruits of the inner worlds.

Lounge / Black Studio
« on: August 12, 2019, 01:03:32 am »
Hello everyone!

 Taking a break to pursue some occult creative pursuits. While my focus is in this direction I am taking on more and more collaborative projects, and thought the forum and its members could benifit from a thread used to develop artistic concepts. Here I am talking about graphics specifically, but it can be applied to anything!

Keep in mind this is not for personal requests, i.e "draw me an avatar," but for people to collaborate and provide their creative insights to projects.

Below you will find some of my concepts, resting for want of inspiration. Feel free to post your own, edit and re-post them here, or ask questions. If you know of symbols that would provide benefit, say something!

One last rule, art created here is free for use by anyone anywhere. By posting it here you understand and respect that rule. Origional artwork only.

Entertainment / Neteru Animation
« on: August 08, 2019, 04:24:28 pm »

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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