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Daimonosophy discussion with Toby Chappell on Infernal Geometry, the Left Hand Path and Black Magic:

General LHP Discussion / Invocations and Rites
« on: February 07, 2020, 04:26:36 pm »
Call to the Old Ones and Opening of the Gates
by Setamontet

I'a Nyarlathotep!  The Black Prince who rideth the whirlwinds of the Abyss, hail thou Messenger who brought to the Earth the Shining Trapezohedron, thou who giveth to man substance of being and the knowledge of the Nine Angles.  Open the Gate of Darkness that the black light of Starry Wisdom may illuminate the way.  Come forth, O thou Herald of the Barrier, and enshrine within me your primordial essence.

I'a Yog-Sothoth!  Master of Dimensions, thou Faceless One who doth order the planes and the angles, and who art the gateway to worlds beyond time and spiritual black dimensions.  Come forth, and guide me through the night of thy creation, and enshrine within me your primordial essence.

I'a Shub-Niggurath!  Primal Father and Lord of the Angles, Master of the World of Horrors, hail thou Black Ram of the Sun, and Deathless One!  Come forth from thy burnt and blackened temple beyond the gates more ancient than time, and enshrine within me your primordial essence.

Hail, Nyarlathotep!
Hail, Yog-Sothoth!
Hail, Shub-Niggurath!
We are become as One!

The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be again!  They came and man was here: they sleep and we watch for them.  They shall sleep, and we shall die, but we shall return through them.  We are their dreams, and they shall awaken.  Hail, to the Ancient Dreams!

Unto the beginning and the ending of dimensions!  May the undefiled knowledge of the Shining Trapezohedron enfold my being, and guide me as I Xeper and Remanifest in the Quest for the Infernal Graal. Open wide the Gates of Ry Leh and bring forth upon this world unfathomable creations.  Let lose the Hounds of Tindalos that they may devour the souls of the righteous, and rend asunder the temples and mosques of the death-gods of men!  The Way is Yog-Sothoth, and the Key is Nyarlathotep!

I'a I'a Cthulhu fhtagn!

Announcements / The Obsidian Tablet, Book I
« on: September 26, 2018, 10:33:52 am »
A book in its initial stages; a collection of essays, rites, poetry, and other works of the Left Hand Path and Black Arts, by members and friends of the Order of the Serpent.

Lounge / Birth Throes of Black Metal
« on: April 26, 2018, 12:09:59 am »
I am more into the Satanic or black arts symbolism and the "dark" triumphant themes of my own brand of black metal music and lyrics.  However, there is no denying the roots of black metal are rather obscure, and in some cases violent, misanthropic, and melancholic in real life.

General LHP Discussion / Interview With A Black Magus
« on: April 15, 2018, 03:09:44 pm »
Daimonosophy 2.0 Episode 14, new interview with Don Webb - Second Magus of Xeper and High Priest Emeritus of the Temple of Set.

Current Events / 2018 International Left Hand Path Conference
« on: April 15, 2018, 02:40:18 pm »
Information on the 2018 International Left Hand Path Conference in Portland, Oregon;

General LHP Discussion / Fortitude of Being
« on: April 02, 2018, 08:29:22 pm »
Today I attended my first class in a court ordered DUI class, and I was reminded of my life, past and present.  When I was in my middle and late teens I smoked a lot of weed, drank alcohol a little, and did LSD quite a few times.  I was never an addict back then, and when I was 19 I quit everything and was clean and sober for about the next 12 years.  My twenties were the most productive and progressive time, so far, in my life.  It was during this time, early on (19-20), that I became Setian and found my Thelema.  Most, if not all, in the DUI group didn't find themselves or their "higher power" tell after, during their recovery from addiction.

My addiction to opioids didn't happen until my early thirties, long after I found my way and true being.  Through most of my thirties I was a fallen and conquered Setian, the most depressing time of my life.  There were times when I got pissed at Set, but I never blamed Set for my plights, I understood it was all me.  Things happened and I realized I must overpower the addiction, and through about 3-4 years with strong family support, I did overpower it.  And it was the most difficult thing I've ever done in my life, hands down.  However, early last year, I did drink way too much vodka one night and decided to go to the liquor store for more, and got myself busted.  :facepalm:

One of the things that impresses me about the whole thing, is the strength and fortitude of my Setian Being.  There may have been brief moments of questioning, but through it all I remained mindful and dedicated to my sacred oath and bond with the Prince of Darkness.  I shall stand up for him in this world, and shall stand with him in the next!

Lounge / MOVED: Favorite Film Sequences
« on: January 13, 2018, 04:54:12 pm »

Setian Philosophy / Invocation of Set
« on: November 17, 2017, 05:34:46 pm »
Invocation of Set

In the Name of Set, the supreme manifestation of the Prince of Darkness, I summon the Black Flame into my midst that I may Work my Will upon the warp and weave of the world.  O Majesty of Set, hear me, look upon me, and enshrine within me the essence of the Highest of Life.  Open wide the Gates of the Abyss and come forth from thy celestial solitude to greet me as a friend and kindred Spirit.

Enshroud me with the Powers of Darkness; let Them become One with me as I am become One with the Eternal Set, whose Throne is within the darkness behind the Constellation of the Seven Stars.  As I send forth my most exalted and sublime Self arm it with the Shining Pentagram of Set, and with the Sceptre called Giver of Winds that it may slay the cosmic stasis, dismay all challenges, and cast down all that is moved to appear against it.

Let then, my eyes become the Eyes of Set, my strength become the Strength of Set, my will become the Will of Set!  From the primordial depths I am risen up and am become transformed like the mighty Khepera, with the Wings of the Falcon I soar the Infinite.  I dwell in the Fane of the Eternal Flame of Ba.  Space and time bend to my Will, and I am Lord of Life, Death, and Life beyond Death.  Hear then this Doom that I pronounce, and beware the Ka which now Comes Into Being through that ancient Art which is mine to command!

General LHP Discussion / O.'.S.'. Founders' Statement
« on: November 16, 2017, 06:30:30 pm »
Order of the Serpent
Founders' Statement

The Order of the Serpent (O.S.) is an esoteric school of the Western Left Hand Path. It is comprised of unique individuals and philosopher-Magicians, dedicated to the study and practice of Self-Directed Self-Evolution (also known as Xeper, Black Magic, or other terms). The Order is dedicated to the accumulation and preservation of the knowledge and undefiled wisdom of the Prince of Darkness and the occult/Black Arts. The focus of the O.S. is the Individual Self, both as in one’s personal development and the concept or Form of the Individual Self. The O.S. founders believe that we all have individual hidden truths within ourselves, and our goal is to uncover, and ultimately become the perfect and complete manifestation of these truths.

The O.S. is rooted in extreme individualism, and its members are capable of working with a concept and forming their own thoughts, ideas, and understanding of them. Discussion and rational debate are both welcome and encouraged. Those involved are able to form their own belief systems, tools of initiation, and are able to forge their own unique path. Unlike most other metaphysical ideologies which seek to dissolve the self, subjugate it to questionable beings, or even deny its existence by reducing it to pure matter, the O.S. seeks to increase its own freedom of Mind and Will, and that of others. It recognizes the Self, the one thing each being can truly know to exist, as the center of reasoning, as well as the center of society. Rather than seeing humans as deterministic slaves, fallen beings in need of saving, or creatures meant to serve the State, the Order believes that Self-Actualization at the individual level is the key to human advancement. In a world where humans are little more than statistics, the Order of the Serpent recognizes that all change, as well as all knowledge, begins with the individual Self.

Unlike a symbolic occult organization, some sort of statement, or simply a self-help group, the O.S. is an esoteric organization, founded upon the metaphysical position that there is something beyond the simple world of matter and psychology. Whether the creator God of the West, the mindless Nature of materialism, or flowing Way of the East, the Order of the Serpent recognizes these as one in the same, an order imposed upon chaos that underlies, creates, and drives the entire cosmos. The difference with the Esoteric Western Left Hand Path, the O.S. included, is that we do not accept that this order is complete, wholly deterministic, or even necessarily “good.” It is what leads to cancer and depression, starvation and war, whether it allows this to happen, determines it, or is un-intelligent and cannot do otherwise. Yet in the individual we have free will, the ability to go against this Natural Order or malevolent God. This ability has been demonized, described as an illusion, or even completely ignored specifically because it can go against Nature/God, which is why “self-directed self-evolution” has been associated with “black magic” for so long in Western society.

More specifically, the Order of the Serpent is founded in its own metaphysical view of Neo-Platonism. The founders accept the objective existence of the Realm of Forms, which is separated into Simple Forms (which cannot partake in themselves, such as “Pointedness”), and Complex Forms (which partake in themselves, such as “Consciousness” or “Knowledge”). The Complex Forms, being abstract, necessary, non-spacial, and non-temporal, yet also conscious, self-aware, and knowledgeable, are themselves indistinguishable from traditional polytheistic gods. Indeed, “gods” are more simply seen as a perversion of Complex Forms, a misunderstanding. While there is no central “god-head” within the Order, there is a certain henotheistic focus on Forms of Consciousness, Inspiration, Art, Intoxication, Self-Awareness, Knowledge, and so forth.

The name for the Order of the Serpent comes from the Northern Circumpolar Stars, specifically the massive constellation Draco, which never sets below the horizon. To the earliest human religions, these were seen as being free from the cycles of the moon, sun, planets, and even constellations and stars. Separate from the ebb and flow of Nature/”God”, those associated with the Imperishable Stars were free to permanently exist, to forge their own path free from those cycles. It was only later on that world religion began to dissolve into its current Solar form. The Order of the Serpent hopes to remanifest this ancient, Pre-Solar metaphysics in the modern day - within the 21st century.

The insignia of the Order is a pentagram, representing that point of inner-consciousness where the individual Self exists. The pentagram is within a circle representing the physical shell of the Self, but the points of the pentagram do not touch this circle, symbolizing the continued separation between Self and Body. The separation of the metaphysical (pentagram) from the physical (circle) exists because the elements of both are independent and distinct from one another. Stemming from this pentagram are five symbols, from Norse, Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese, and an ouroboros as a stylized O. It is meant to represent the diversity of interests within the O.S. We are not simply a Setian, Thelemic, Asatru, Hermetic, Luciferian/Satanic, or any single approach, but a place for such individuals to help each other grow, and help share useful information.

The Order of the Serpent provides such resources currently as the Library of the Ancient Serpent, the O.S. forums, and the Order newsletter "The Imperishable Star". The forum is meant to provide a Left Hand Path online community focused on rational, esoteric discussion. The Imperishable Star provides essays written by members in order to share esoteric knowledge with the outside world. Both are open and free to all. The O.S. does not have any initiatory hierarchy, all members are equal, from the founders to someone on day one. There are no membership fees, but we simply ask members to provide and discuss esoteric information, such as for publication in the newsletter. We do not believe in hoarding occult knowledge behind closed doors and paywalls, and try to keep the occult community updated on our progress. The application process is simply an email discussion with the founders, and an essay on pretty much any relevant topic of the applicant’s choosing.

We hope that you benefit from these resources, and encourage both followers of the Left Hand Path, and respectfully interested individuals, to join the forum absolutely free of charge and without membership. Those interested in aiding with our goal advancing and sharing esoteric knowledge, in and for the modern age, please feel free to send an enquiry email to, to start a thread on the forum, or to private message Xepera maSet, Setamontet, and Onyx on the forum.

The Path of Darkness leads to Enlightenment.
Like the Ancient Serpent, so too may you endure.

Announcements / Don't be fooled by online predators
« on: October 25, 2017, 05:05:06 pm »
A few years back my mom was called by phone by someone (with a foreign accent), telling her that there was something wrong with her computer and internet access.  She spoke with them and gave them access to her computer, passwords, etc.  They ended up being frauds and destroyed her entire internet system, etc.

In the past year I have been contacted twice by phone, including this morning, by someone (with a foreign accent), telling me the same things.  I simply say to them "I don't have a PC nor do I participate on the internet", and they immediately hang up.

Online predators are in our midst.  :rolleyes:

If there is something wrong with my pc or internet I contact my provider, they never initially contact me.  Just be warned, and never give out your passwords to these folks, they don't need them to fix the problems!

General LHP Discussion / The Egregore
« on: October 13, 2017, 03:55:42 pm »
An egregore is a magical servitude created by the Magician or Magicians to assist in the manifestation of the Will to Magic.  An egregore can be created to protect ritual chambers or certain magical items.  My egregore is my black metal project I have created and named "Archon", through which I will unleash certain aspects of my music upon society.  Egregores have a multitude of uses for the practicing Magician(s).

Setian Philosophy / The Gift of Set is a double-edged sword
« on: September 30, 2017, 12:10:15 am »
The Paradox of the Black Flame
by Setamontet

First we should consider that the Prince of Darkness (known to us Setians as the Egyptian god Set) infused His Essence within a biological creature (humanity). As basic humans we are animals with natural instincts just like all other Earthly creatures. However, we are become, as Enlightened beings, Gifted by Set, a duality, a combination of both natural/physical and non-natural/metaphysical attributes. We have been artificially endowed with sentience and have developed and continue to evolve higher intellect.  Like other animals have a heightened sense of sight, sound, smell, we have been given a heightened Sense of Self.

Here lay the paradox, the double-edged sword scenario; As we continue to Xeper, both individually, microcosmically, and collectively as a race, macrocosmically, as we continue to evolve more and more in Being, as we must in order to keep the Black Flame burning, we are strengthening its powers within us.  Thus, in the process our intellects and ambitions, our emotions, our human/animalistic predisposition for superiority and dominance over others are magnified.

It is human nature for the strong to seek dominance over the weak. It is a part of our nature to kill and war with one another. Nazi Germany of WWII is a prime example of this predisposition of human nature on a mass scale in modern times - and nature, as you know, can be extremely cruel.  The Nazi regime was a terrifying example and warning of misdirecting the awesome power of the psychic energies of higher intelligence combined with our natural instincts for conquest and dominance.

And now, with our ever advancing knowledge in mathematics, the sciences, engineering, we have developed the ability to annihilate the entire human race and lay waste to the Earth itself.  I think the Prince of Darkness was well aware of the consequences of Gifting prehistoric humans.  Earthly creatures whom he understood would be the most receptive of the Gift, and benefit from its powers.  We can either use the Gift to evolve and bring into being our highest and most noble and divine aspects and potentials.  Or we could choose to use it to develop new ways to conquer and dominate others, destroy at whim, and possibly end up obliterating ourselves and our world.

Set, from the "Book of Coming Forth by Night":
"I seek my Elect and none other, for mankind now hastens toward an annihilation which none but the Elect may hope to avoid.  And alone I cannot preserve my Elect, but I would teach them and strengthen their Will against the coming peril, that they and their blood may endure.  To do this I must give further of my own Essence to my Elect, and, should they fail, the Majesty of Set shall fade and be ended (from the Earth)."

Of course sometimes destruction can be beneficial and necessary, to make way for the new. But then, it has always been easier to destroy than to create, however, you can only destroy so much until there is nothing left to destroy but yourself. Creation has infinite possibilities.  We, the members of the Order of the Serpent aspire toward the Quest of Xeper.  Our collective ambition is that the membership of the O.'.S.'. also serve as guardians of the Black Flame and collaborates with the Prince of Darkness in the Infernal Mandate of re-creating the Cosmos in the eternal glory of Infinite Will!

The Sixth Part of the Word of Set:
"Beyond you who are of the third ordering shall be those of the fourth, mighty in the Universe, who shall again come into being by a First, to recall the high orderings of the past and to witness those of the lower orderings in their mindless self-annihilation and labor, and to continue the exalted tradition of the second and third orderings.  Remember my Word, because it is for you and of the power within you, and through it you shall create works of glory to you and to me."

There is another interesting cosmic paradox.  In my understanding, the Lord of Darkness, is the Ageless Intelligence of this Universe, the Highest of Life who with the force of His own mind and will could recreate the Cosmos in his own image and become in essence the new "God" or Cosmic Order.  Set, however, is the First Principle of Isolate Intelligence, the supreme manifestation of the Prince "First" of Darkness, the divine essence of singular identity and independent conscious existence.

If Set were to become "God", if Set were to him Self displace the Cosmic Inertia, He should be forced to become a new measure of consistency. Set would cease to be One for He should become All.  He would lose all that makes him a unique consciousness as he would be responsible for the new All, the new Cosmic Inertia, Set would lose his independence, and his very identity.

There is a theory in some Setian circles that when Set understood this scenario it played a part in His decision to create others of the Black Flame, i.e., Gifting that which would become mankind, in order to cancel this imbalance.  Leaving a Void in which true creation could take form not just as Set but also as the independent individual minds and wills of the kindred of the divine spark of Life.  Spawning other beings to collaborate with him in the re-creation of the Universe in unique and unpredictable ways.

Hence, Set would remain One, singular, independent, and not the All responsible for the re-creation of the Universe, i.e. the new "God", the new natural order. Set does not seek to be the omnipresent manifestation of all things; but rather exalts and nurtures the singular presence of his own independence and unique mind and will, and that of his own kind... us.

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