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Announcements / Congratulations
« on: June 22, 2019, 04:29:51 pm »
Congrats to former member/administrator and close friend @pi_rameses for getting into Harvard!!!

Working title, just throwing that out. It will be a pretty short and easy read, probably a 4x6. It will look at the pre-historic Sky/Stellar religion and it's Kings, Set-Peribsen, Sekhemib-Perenmaat, Khasekhemwy, Horemheb, Ramesses I, Seti I, Ramesses II, Setnakhte, and Ramesses III. Will also include explanations of how they inspire modern Setianism, discuss the 400 Year Stele, Pi-Ramesses, the tomb of Khasekhemy and Seti I, and more.

General LHP Discussion / Man of Steel Trilogy as Modern LHP Myth
« on: June 17, 2019, 11:47:44 am »
This is just  going  to  give  a  brief  rundown  of Superman’s role  in Zack Snyder’s  “Man  of Steel  Trilogy”  and  how  it  relates  to  Left  Hand  Path and Stellar  mythology. I believe  this trilogy  is  one  of the  best  modern  LHP myths of our  time  –  ironic  as much  of its  hate  comes  from  comparing Superman  to  Christ!  Let’s  take  a look  at  both the  Stellar Nature  of this trilogy  and  the  genius of  its  creator.   

In  the  Trilogy,  Superman  is  born  on  his  home  planet  of  Krypton shortly  before  it  is destroyed.  For ages  all  births  have  been  artificial,  with Kryptonians genetically  predispositioned to  certain roles  –  such  as warriors, scholars,  “low  class”  workers,  politicians, and  so  on. Contrary  to this, Superman  was  a  Natural  birth, the  “first  in  centuries”.  This is done  so that Superman  will  have  Free  Will, a  key  aspect  of the  Left  Hand  Path  and Prince/ss  of  Darkness. Superman’s  parents  want  him  to  forge  his  own destiny,  to  venture  out  to  the  Stars and  create  a new  life, inspire  others elsewhere.  This  is  a  clear  contrast  to  how  Right  Hand  Path religions treat their children,  often picking  their beliefs for them  before  then can  even question! Instead,  this is  a  pretty  solid  example  of  LHP  parenting  –  besides the whole planet  dying  thing

Superman  is  often compared to Solar  Gods  like  Christ,  but  this is clearly  not  the  case. Sure  he  talks  to  a  priest  with Christ  behind  him,  but  we are talking  about  a  major  Hollywood superhero  film  of  Superman  –  it didn’t get  that  esoteric  (until the  sequel!). Rather, Superman  is  adopted  by  the Sun  in the exact  same  way  Set  is adopted  by  Ra  after  his Osirian  family abandons him.  As  we  will  see, this  is  not  the  only  place  where  we  can compare Superman  to  Set  and  similar  PoD’s  to  this role  in  the  Ra  mythos.   

Superman  was an  outsider,  even as a  child, having  burst  in  from the sky  unexpectedly  and  violently, and  being  taken in  by  two kind  humans (identical to  Set,  except the  last  part  with  the humans). As a child  he  was taught  to  hide  his powers  because  the  world  would  not  be  ready  for him, that they  would  be  thrown  into  disarray  by  him  –  and  they  were  not wrong. As an  adult Superman  struggles to  find  a  place  in  the  world,  to  find any  purpose  in it and  help  where  he  can,  wandering  the  Earth as  an outcast. Even after  he  saves the  planet  from  his fellow  Kryptonians, humans tend  to  fear  and  distrust  him, if not  outright  hate  him. Superman in  this case  goes  through  a  complex  cycle  of love/hate  with the  people, just like  Set.   

As we  progress through  the  first  film  –  Man  of Steel  –  some Kryptonians from  the  past  come  back  led  by  General  Zod. Zod  represents the Old  Krypton  and  its  ways, and  Zod  intends  to  build  a  “New  Krypton” upon  the  Earth. In  order  to  do  this he  will bring  humanity  to  ruin  and  build it “atop  their bones.”  He  represents  destruction  through  stasis, how  a  strict adherence  to  tradition  and  determinism  can  lead  to  horrible consequences. Superman  as an outsider  is  able to  fight  Zod  and  disrupt  this stasis, though  not  without  causing  destruction  on  a  massive  scale  –  a double-edged sword.   

In  the  second  movie  –  Batman  v  Superman:  Dawn  of  Justice  –  we are introduced to  Bruce  Wayne/Batman  who  acts  as  the  antagonist  to  the story. While  the  viewer  knows  that  Superman  is  a  good  guy, and  some  of the in-universe  world  agrees,  much  of the  in-universe  world  does not  trust him  and  are  downright  terrified of him, including  Bruce  Wayne. Having been  there  to  see  the destruction  of Zod  and  Superman  fighting, Batman has dedicated  himself to  eradicating  the  world  of  this  threat. Batman  fills the role  of Horus in this  story. Again  while  it  seems Batman  may  be  more properly  aligned with  the  night,  in  all ways but  coming  out  at  nighttime does  he  represent  the  Light  of  Horus. Batman  believes in a strict  Order  that he  personally  must  defend,  much like  an  Egyptian  Pharaoh. Indeed  he  is certainly  one  of  the  Elite  among  our society.  It was the  death  of his  father which  spurred  him  along  his path, and  now  he  has turned against Superman  himself  –  a story  of  man/King  vs. God.   

However, near  the  end  of  the  film  Batman  becomes  a  protagonist upon  realizing  that  Superman  is  all  but  human  –  and  indeed  more  human than  Batman  himself. Superman  was a  wanderer, he  lived, he  loved,  he was  not  a  slave  to  a  kingly  role  of upholding  Order  like  Batman. Becoming cognizant  of  the  fact  that Superman  is  a good  person like  he  once  was, Batman  joins up  with him  to  work together. The  most  clear image  of  this can  be  seen in the scene  where  Batman  stands over  Superman about  to  slay  him  with a spear of  Kryptonite,  which  is identical to  how  Horus defeats Set.

From  here  we  move  back  into  the  Ra  mythology, where  Set  must do  battle  against  the Chaos  Serpent  Apep.  In  the film,  this is  replicated  with Superman  doing  battle  with  Doomsday,  the  latter  representing  absolute, mindless  Chaos.  While Batman  and  Wonder  Woman  aid  him  but  cannot finish  the  job, Superman  drives  the  Kryptonian  spear  through  Doomsday, being  able  to  kill him  as  they  are  of  the  same  (Kryptonain)  substance. Again we can  clearly  see  this in Egypt.

The  difference  in  the films is that  Superman  is  killed  in  the process of killing  Doomsday.  Yet  in  his sacrifice  many  humans  of earth find  hope and  strength.  In  fact  it  leads to  more  “meta-humans”  coming  out  of  the woodwork  to  unite. They  are  inspired to  embrace  their  individuality, stop hiding  in the shadows, and  be  their  true self like  Superman  was. But  even a boat  full  of Gods cannot  defeat  Apep  without  Set  himself. In  the  final film of the  Trilogy  –  Justice  League  –  an  ancient being  named Steppenwolf returns to  earth  to  reclaim  what was lost  previously  –  the  mother boxes. We learned that  in the  mythical  age all humans, Atlanteans, Gods, etc. united to  defeat  Steppenwolf and  drive  him  away.  Earth hid  the  mother boxes  fearing  he  may  return.

Here  the  Mother  Boxes,  or  the  “Mother  of Horrors”  as Steppenwolf says, can  be  compared to  the  Chaos Serpent such as  Tiamat from  Sumer. Steppenwolf  is Chaos  like  Doomsday, but  worse  he  is organized, willful,  malevolent  Chaos  –  something  far  worse  than Doomsday.  Despite  all  their efforts  the  Justice  League  cannot  defeat  him until they  resurrect  Superman. Like  Set  in  the  Pyramid  Texts, Superman overcomes  the  day  of  his death. Yet  upon  awakening,  much like Doomsday,  Superman  is  a  beast  of Chaos  who  turns on  the  Justice  League. It is  only  when he  sees  his true  love,  the  true  meaning  and  purpose  in  his life  (something  selfish,  mind  you),  that  he  regains  his  Free  Will  and  helps the Justice  League  defeat  Steppenwolf. 

After this,  mankind  is  freed. They  are freed  from  hopelessness, from  violations  of their will, from  those  who  would  enslave  or demean them.  They  are  encouraged  to  be  themselves  and  to  do  so  openly,  to embrace  their strengths, uniqueness,  and  individuality. It is  because  of  this God from  the  Stars, adopted  by  the  Sun, who  battles  the  defender  of Mankind  and  drives  back  Chaos, that  humanity  is  able  to  evolve  unto  its next  stage. If that  is not  a  Prince  of  Darkness  and  LHP  mythology, I  do  not know what  is.   

Setianism / Atenism - insight into the monotheistic god
« on: June 12, 2019, 04:41:18 pm »
If we agree for a moment that gods exist, the Aten plays an even more important role in history. As the first form of monotheism, Atenism is the original instance of a deity throwing down the others, claiming to be the only one, assigning a set intermediary, and so forth. With time such a being would only become MORE adept at manipulating man kind, one would think.

If this is so then Atenism is an unadulterated look at the "monotheistic" god and what it wants. Pure control, extreme and extravagant superiority over all people, complete destruction of alternatives.


I'm trying to confirm its authentic but it seems to be. Truly disheartening.

Satanism / Freedom of Info - FBI does not have file on ONA
« on: June 05, 2019, 01:49:40 pm »
To me this helps confirm the heterodox writings of the ONA are more about mindset/insight roles than actions.

Other Religions / The sun wheel/swastika a lost stellar symbol?
« on: June 04, 2019, 11:26:50 am »
The swastika has four sides so I get how it became associated with the sun. The sun wheel or Kolovrat not so much. Though on investigation I found these actually may have been stellar symbols representing the North Pole and the stars rotating around it. Does anyone know more on this?

Setianism / A Thoth centered Setianism?
« on: June 03, 2019, 11:21:06 pm »
This is something I've played with a lot, and Thoth has always kind of been the right hand of Set for me. Technically in myths he is Set's son almost, or Sets and Horus'. He's the balance between them. It's almost like the two separate dualities creating a unity which we currently find ourselves in.

It's almost like Slavic myth where the Supreme god becomes opposites, but the opposites came first. Likewise all other gods would be tied back to these 3, same as in Slavic culture.

Setianism / A Find in the Tomb of Seti I
« on: June 03, 2019, 03:46:32 pm »

I'd never seen this angle, with Osiris where he belongs far below and separate from the Imperishable Stars. The 19th dynasty was great at hiding their worship of Set, knowing as they followed Atensism what too much non-traditional beliefs at one can do. Seti for instance even used Osiris on one of his cartouches, spelling out Set with name of Isis and Osiris! (Will post when I can find again).

Satanism / A hilariously RHP/dogmatic rant from CoS
« on: May 29, 2019, 12:00:41 pm »

Haha just listen to this shit! It has it all! Proselytizing, calls for Inquisition, ignoring actual history, demonization and ad hominem attacks against all "others"... It's amazing people still think the CoS is somehow LHP.

"This problem actually involves not our unkillable foundation of truth, but the course of the modern movement of Satanism.

The movement is in danger. The danger is real. The danger can be stopped. I am writing this to put a stop to it!"

"If we do not cut out from our midst this destructive, anti-Satanic theme of godism, if we do not return to our fundamentally atheistic roots, we shall cease to be a vital force, as a movement."

"The modern Satanic movement is ideas. The wrong ideas can kill what is truly Satanic in our efforts and leave us just another mindless cult."

"We need to correct every idiot out there who thinks that it it is enough to say, “I am a Satanist” while acting like a hallucinating psychotic."

"I  am calling for a closing of the ranks and a throwing out of the heretics. I am asking for the Purge! I am asking for a reverse Inquisition. Let me be the first to put you to the question"

General LHP Discussion / PSA for fellow struggles in this nightmare
« on: May 22, 2019, 10:38:45 pm »
It's ok to acknowledge the universe is as evil as its creator and to hate both as much as they hate you. There's far better gods and possibly universes anyways! And you? You're just fine as who you are! A discrete individual with the ability to question and act freely! Never let this material life convince you it is more than a prison of illusion.

General LHP Discussion / LHP and Rawls' Veil of Ignorance
« on: May 22, 2019, 08:21:10 pm »

John Rawls created an ethical system based off of a "veil of ignorance", and I believe this fits with the ideas of the LHP. I'm going to stay away from the economic/political side of this and focus specifically on creating a basic moral system.

What Rawls says is we must create morals from behind this veil of ignorance. Basically we all sit at the table, and something mental happens where we do not know any of our own traits - our race, what disabilities we may have, what economic standing, who are parents are, location, etc - and create morals from there. In other words you only know you exist and live in this world you're making, and others exist as well. From that point, what would you want the morals to be?

This manages to avoid morals that benefit specific groups (ie "the rich"). Yet it also gives us basic rights and needs, identical to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. For instance everyone at that table wants shelter, food, health, protection from murder and rape and theft. But nobody wants racism because the don't know what race they'll be, nobody wants sexism as they don't know what sex they'll be, nobody wants anything but their own individual abilities to be factored in.

This is LHP because we also must see individuals for what is in their control, who they are. You can't judge someone on race because it's literally not a choice, in theism it's more of an assigned lable by dick god. Can't judge based on ones parents, or where they live as a kid, or if they were born high or disabled, it matters **what you do with it**. Holding what's out of control against us is very RHP,and is used to keep us trapped in failures most likely can never overcome.

Setianism / The Eye of Set
« on: May 02, 2019, 04:05:00 am »

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