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Music / Remixing Behemoth's Barzabel
« on: December 02, 2018, 04:01:55 pm »
So in the shoutbox, @__metztli asked if there was Satanic rap, to which @Inlustratus said Behemoth's Bartzabel would make a good rap song.

I am here to accept that challenge.

Using this and this as references, along with the song itself on youtube, I think I can do it.

The latter source with the chords doesn't seem totally accurate, but I'll probably change them a little bit anyways and where it's "needed" to stay true to the original, I'll ear check against the actual master.

I'll likely change the percussion but not too much since it's just how it should be and very friendly to the percussion style I want to use with it. I will also increase the tempo just a tiny bit and change the bass a little too (maybe).

This will be a pretty synth heavy remix, unless I can convince my roommate to play the guitar parts (my guitar isn't in a working state anyway).

EDIT: @Inlustratus found a better tab for the chords, which I somehow missed;

I already got the intro done, pretty much. just working on the first vocal section now. I'll record the vocals a little later into the song, so this is just laying down the instruments first.

Entertainment / Legit footage from Hell
« on: November 30, 2018, 07:40:06 am »

Music / Satan! My master!
« on: November 27, 2018, 03:35:26 pm »

Satan My Master
I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood
Satan My Master
Up side down I turn the cross of God
Satan My Master
Receive this sacrifice this blood of mine
Satan My Master
I cut into my rotten flesh your signs
Satan My Master
Remember me when judgment day is near
Satan My Master
Take my hand when Armageddon is here

Other Religions / converting native tribes
« on: November 23, 2018, 05:13:50 am »
So many tribes could of survived the genocide of their culture if they did this:

Serves him right. He could of brought disease and death to that island, as well as the slave religion. They don't know how much disaster they averted.

General LHP Discussion / Light, Dark, and Feminine Divine
« on: November 22, 2018, 11:32:36 am »

(Male is Om, upwards triangle. Female is Hrim, downwards triangle. Dot is the self. this symbol is used frequently in hindu tantra)

The greatest of two axes. The expression of the nondual-dual. The living contradiction of male and female, manifested and unmanifested. Formed and unformed. In my Satanic expression, I call this by my own terms "that which extends within and without" as well as "the vessel and mirror". The macrocosm and microcosm, the subjective and objective.

The trinity of 1 Anu (darkness-light) which is the individuated subjective self, 2 Shakti (darkness) which is the objective reality and 3 Shiva (light) which is the Supreme I consciousness... that is the expression in Trika of the relation between all of these things and the spaces in between.

Male is light, male is inert and foundation. Female is expression, change and acts upon, as Darkness, upon the light.

In the 36 Tattva system, Shuddha vidya (pure knowledge) is attained when Darkness and Light are in equilibrium.

But I don't think that the balance of light and darkness is equal light and darkness.

To quote an article on my site:

"...Ashes, Satan, Shiva becomes simultaneously an array of individuated parts as well as a whole through means of emanationism. It’s nature being comparable to Rajas, is also synonymous with Kālī, the fierce form of Shakti, who’s domains is time and change. Rajas is motion, energy and passion. It’s (even traditionally) considered individualizing and so makes the most sense as the center point.

Interestingly, since we can equate Kālī with Rajas and Satan, we can realize that Darkness is dominant over Light, since Darkness is also her domain along with love and death."

In Satanism, I worship Darkness above all. "Satan is the only Truth" is my maxim upon which all others rest.

In Kashmir Shaivism, we worship Shakti as the means to Shiva. We worship Darkness.

One of the original Sanskrit terms for "Left Hand Path" it is "vamachara" but there is a lot of debate if it is "vāmā" or "vāma". The former is "woman" the latter is "left". I think it's a superstate of both, in ways.

I believe in Darkness. I believe in the Goddess. This is not to say that I worship unconsciousness... I simply worship the unmanifested potential of chaos and darkness itself which in a myriad of ways births it's own emanations of conscious deities, awareness and entities (just as we came into being). It is in many ways alive, but not of a consciousness of which we can formulate with our limited definitions and understandings. Darkness as an entity is Lovecraftian as is some of it's less human intelligences it has birthed from the more primal levels of chaos.

Worship of Death (Om Kreem Kali!) is just a nice bonus. What is life, but supported by death? It's the entropy of Satan. Satan is Kali, and Kali is Darkness. We exist because of the Darkness we are born into. We may return to Shiva...

...but then we realize that Shiva too, is of Darkness. Hail to Lilith!

Setianism / Who/what is Horus?
« on: November 21, 2018, 03:01:25 pm »
What if any, role or designation, place does Horus have within Setian belief and/or practice?

General LHP Discussion / Sigil of dwelling's protection
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:09:25 am »
EDIT: Picture of the blood sigil in post 2

So, today I strangely became tired for seemingly no reason, and ended up taking a nap on the couch.

It wasn't one I recognized. As I woke from the nap I saw this white grid be quickly drawn across the whole house. In part of my metaphysics there is a white web but it's always irregular and connecting ontological objects, this was different and very well defined, with the spirit right in the middle of the square in front of me.

The spirit was a brown, tall with a long neck and a tall head, it's limbs were regular and proportional and it's posture was pretty straight. It's eyes were fairly large and honestly it looked kind of like some alien rather than a traditional looking spirit. I was not the most cognizant as I was waking up but I said my personal mantra and as I then focused to look forward it then the grid disappeared.

I already asked SW if I can, and I'm gonna set up a blood sigil of protection in a central part of the house to filter out malicious spirits I'm not aligned with, just in case. To do this, you need to make an inverted pentagram surrounded with sections of semi-circles and some perpendicular lines, and a horizontal line under the pentagram with one perpendicular below it. Flourishes or other details can be added as intuition guides, but that is the "base" of the sigil.

I'll post a picture once I've done it. I plan to do the ritual of it's creation at the best magical hour in my local time, which isn't terribly too far out. Gives me time to kinda plan out the invocation anyway and get the cardinal alignment of the ritual space as accurate as possible. Might give me time too to fix up the ritual space since right now I only got the altar anyway.

Satanism / Bible study surrounded me this morning
« on: November 09, 2018, 09:46:47 pm »
So this morning was very interesting, but this story really begins last night, the last night of my homelessness if all goes as intended today. So I was up a little longer playing Stellaris with a friend online, and went to go find a 24/7 place to keep playing. Didn't find one, but lost my purse off the back of my bike, found it again after an hour, but lost my working phone charger. By the time I got to my sleeping spot, sleep wasn't really worth it. Got some,  but ended up going to Starbucks at 5:30AM as it was so cold I could't sleep (it went down to low 40's last night).

Satan and Coffee

So I'm sitting here around 8AM or so, bouncing ideas around with @Onyx on IRC as I work on making some business cards as it's become clear I really need some. Anyways I tell him "Well shit, I'm now surrounded by a Bible Study at Starbucks." as over time I'm no longer beside, but engulfed by  the rest of the long table being filled with men wanting to do a Bible study. I go to the edge, but like 3 more guys meet and I'm on one end of it all.

"I've seen some coffee-shop evangalism before, milk it for whatever you can get out of it." Onyx tells me.

He wasn't wrong. "Hey this Bible study isn't so bad they offered me some food." I told Onyx as I munched on some meh sweet bread. But oh was I in for a much sweeter treat. It was around this time I realized under my heavier jacket I was wearing my denim one with the "Satan is my daddy" and such pins and my "eat pizza and hail satan" t-shirt... welp it was gettin' warm. Feeling even more mischievous I slip into the bathroom to get my one padded bra on that helps the "Hail Satan" stand out more and put on a small pair of sigil of baphomet ear rings.

Master yourself! The Spectrum of Satanism

Before I know it, my mischievous sense of humor is thwarted. One of the men there is for some reason defending his desire to drink now and then but it's clear he's got a problem... and someone responds with "I was leaning on my own understanding" in response to him as some parallel and I'm just here shaking my head.

I keep listening as me and Onyx talk about his altar, graphics designs and site design. Then suddenly I ask one of the guys to my right and in front of me about how long he's been a Christian. I let it slip that I'm a "tantric" as well as "also a satanist".

One of them asks me what Satanists actually believe as he's never heard it from a Satanist! I start out explaining the Church of Satan in it's origins and now, before talking about the Temple of Set, then the Satanic Temple. I come to cover theistic Satanisms such as @VenusSatanas 's system and Diane Vera's on and off Church of Azazel that used to be around as examples. I also give myself as an example of pantheistic Satanism and I dip into explaining the deal with the Order of Nine Angles and Joy of Satan.

It was actually pretty well received by the one guy and we talk some about beliefs in Hell among what all else I forget. Interesting stuff. Then the Bible group wraps up as he continues with me for a while longer than he leaves.

Too many coincidences?

By this time Onyx has lost contact with me. "Did you survive the coffee shop evangelism RajoGuna?" For all he knew I was now dead, locked in a basement as exorcisms were forced upon me or worse... converted to Christianity.

Luckily his fears were assuaged. "Nope... holy shit some other dude came in, this is going on forever." I got more of that weird sweet bread and offers to various ways of helping me.

One is happy enough to give me their phone cable to keep. Okay, win for me. A guy had come in, that had passed by earlier and felt he had to get another cup of coffee that his god told him too, as he told me later. In any case him and the guy that had the pastries talked long with me about religion and beliefs and there was some interesting bits but I'll just point out the ones I remember the best (so much was covered) and that actually are fun to hear about.

So I did try to tell them about Lucifer vs Satan vs the Devil and what the actual evolution of the theology on it was throughout time is on it but it kinda went over their head oh well. We talked some about other religions and a bit about audio engineering as the pastry guy had done work as that and said he might have work for me along those lines.

Anyways the god-wants-me-to-have-another-coffee guy lays down hard on how he felt that his god had led me to this specific table in this specific Starbucks out of the tons in town right when their Bible group was. At one point he openly prays for me and all that. Okay this is kinda awkward, I thought but I was just polite. After all I was getting to talk about Satan and Satanism!

He talked about how he was an undercover cop who went dirty selling drugs he had seized, reached a point in his life, quit his job and turned himself in. Apparently he got off with just probation and community service as he moved the entire court room with his remorse and story of redemption and busting himself. Okay well I've heard crazier things. He was very charismatic so it's totally possible.

Learn to fish! Don't ask god for fish.

But the funniest and most interesting part is when he was talking about his relationship with his god, and he said that Yahweh was like a father and that he worries not if now the city after him (not the feds he got off light from) on the same charges are making him face possibly 15 years. To him he said that Yahweh takes care of him and all that. He really laid on "being dependent" on his god and "being like a child to his father."

I bring up a point in Satanism, that while Yahweh as a father makes his children dependent, say by giving  them fish and they can only get it from him... Satan teaches us to fish and will help us along the way so we can be more of peers rather than submissive. I then tied this to my favorite Lakshman Joo quote about us being one with Shiva.

More food, thanks Lord Satan

So I get to talk to him some about Hinduism and Tantra and Satanism. I talk about how he and many at that Bible group seemed to have a past with drugs and give my take on it. Through this he at least gets the take away that Satanism is about taking control of your own life and destiny, that we don't rely on a god to try to fix it all for us. I see this as a win although obviously I've not imparted as much onto him as I did the first guy who was more receptive towards hearing about Satanism. I loved that I was able to segue way into it by pointing out the "Satan is my daddy" pin. Ha.

Anyways he does offer me help since he's working at a shelter. I tell him I'm gonna be in an apartment by the end of the day (FINALLY) but he ends up taking me to buy a nice chicken sandwich with tomatoes and the works at a somewhat fancy bakery a couple stores over. As I check on my bike someone's left a whole boxed meal for me. I hide it and say nothing of it.

In the bakery he also offers to get me a second sand which for on the go for later. I take it. Then as they give us our food either the shop gave me something extra or messed up as I got a *third* sand which. I put it in the to go box with my other.

Also non-chronologically, after the coffee-god guy leaves the pastry guy says 'surprise me' and gets a chocolate cake thing he decides he doesn't like, and I get it. So more food! Dear Satan too much food! I'm set for the rest of the day for sure, with a quality sand which to spare for ShadowWolf once we get into the apartment!

This guy may be thinking Yeshua, but the whole time to me I'm thinking back how a *Satanic* spirit guide helped me meet just the right people, and how specific types of demons who've more than encouraged me to do certain things they would consider sinful in this course of guidance have inter played with this. Surely this was the work of the devil, I supposed. After all I know I got a certain demon over watching me as of late. If what he said was true, I did point out at one point, where was he and them 3 weeks ago when the first apartment fell through? lol

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit[/u]

Almost forgot this section, but I tried to explain that according to certain verses I couldn't ever be forgiven but coffee-god guy sidestepped this without missing a beat more than once. Apparently Yeshua would go out of his way for me or anyone. The dude just wasn't on my level of quoting the Bible. At one point pastry guy made a remark about Satan knowing the Bible.

Which is true I guess, that's why I'm not Christian lol I know what's in their Bible. I got to quote a little bit of Diane Vera's infamous page. I meant to bring up as well @mindmaster's article in the Impersiable Star but it slipped my mind plus i hadn't actually read the second half yet lol.

In any case it was one of the ways I slipped in Satanism and got to explain (or at least tried to but only got some in) psychodrama and ritual work without a literal belief in something. I did clarify I don't actually believe that, just what I did to separate myself further and lead into other things I had to say about Satanism.

Icky prayer

We exchange numbers and such (as he might be able to help me later if I ask, he more than offered despite me saying I'd be fine.. who am I to turn down a possible resource?) and as I go to what I thought was shaking his hands he holds me hand and starts praying stuff. See the first time he prayed it was for me to get a job and stuff.

But then he goes into about angels surrounding the apartment of which I even told him where it was (roughly) and it being where I go if in his words, that's where 'god' wants me to go. He says something about me getting out of the "dark" places I was going (he knew I've been a Satanist for like almost a decade). Overall this caught me by surprise and I've had to listen to this a fwe times to get the ickyness off of me:


I did talk with both pastry guy and coffee guy about life in general, so the fact I was running out of meds and have bipolar came up which came to a hilarious part where coffee guy "rebuked" the "spirit of bipolar" like dude... you might as well rebuke the spirit of blue eyes because both are genetic.

Overall I did my best to be polite and stuff. Worked out fine I guess.


I got free, good food. Gods I'm so full. In any case I feel as if I was able to pretty skillfully employ lesser magic without ever having to lie or distort stuff. I didn't exploit them I just knew when and how to say certain things and most importantly I diverted their attention from others they might lead to their slave religion. As nice as they were, they are poorly mislead and I feel bad for them. They turn to religion to control their lives because they don't have that kind of mindset or self control themselves. They rely on their god as a crutch because they want to be dependent, not independent. I got this strong BDSM vibe with the submission and all... not uncommon I just hadn't seen it so explicit in a while.

I'm just really confused, well from their perspective it makes sense I guess, but wrapping my head around the idea that their god lead me to them and today's circumstances to get me all this stuff. Again, I've been operating on Satanic energies, forces and guides. Too many demons involved of which I know speciifcally who they are and what they ask of me and I do for them for this to be anything of their god.

So something surely is looking out for me, but it is aligned with Satan, the True God of this World and the Prince and Powers of the Air, not with the pretender to the throne that is Yahweh. What is God anyway, but a force? A cosmically permeating Darkness and Power? I serve Satan, my master and I make no apologies and yet I can be polite, spread Satanic ideals and beliefs and benefit from the misguided attempts to sway me while keeping them awy from harming others by trying to convert them.

For that alone, this has been a productive day for me to a start of what will be a great one as I move into the apartment. Hail Satan!

General LHP Discussion / old school evocation
« on: November 08, 2018, 12:06:11 am »
I was having a conversation with a friend in a private chatroom the other night when the subject of ancient based (such as Egyptian, Greek ect) magic came up, which bled into some mentions of grimiore type of evocation complete with protective circles and bindings. That got me thinking, about how the practices of demonic evocation has changed over time and what benefits one might have from using grimiores.

I also heard an argument (from a video they linked) that a lot of evocations these days fail because people don't bind spirits and so they can't necessarily know that they got the right spirit or not:

(edit: sorry I don't remember where in the video, I had it in the background as i was doing other stuff at the time)

Anyways, interesting stuff. I've lately found myself (partly through a book I bought a while ago and some recent experiences) drawn to older sources on demonic magic and evocation. I'll continue to look into this.

General LHP Discussion / LHP (Vamacahra) Shakta and Viashnavaism?
« on: November 07, 2018, 11:56:32 pm »
Anyone know much about either? As much as I know about LHP Shaivism I know very little about Shakta or Viashnavism and trying to figure out where to start.

I also wanted to make a topic on the forums as a guide for Vamachara and if it is easier, maybe I could partner with someone that knows more about the others to cowrite it with. Between those three religions, and some mentions of other religions that have sects that might be "LHP" from a tantric perspective I think we could pretty comprehensively summarize the basics of the whole scope of Vamachara / vamamarga.

Lounge / What did you do for Halloween?
« on: November 02, 2018, 04:51:46 am »
I assume ya'll are busy with stuff as there hasn't been much in the last couple of days, so what did you do over Halloween?

General LHP Discussion / TIS 4 discussion
« on: October 31, 2018, 04:10:07 pm »

So excited to dive into this one. I'm actually gonna read it in order instead of jumping around like I might otherwise, helps that the Trapazoidal article is one of the first sections. Onyx had chatted with me about it before and so I've been looking forward to it for months now.

Also crazy to think we are now over a million views and how far we as a community have come in the last couple of years.

After I read through the whole thing I'll give my thoughts, please share yours as well!

Satanism / offering your blood
« on: October 29, 2018, 02:54:58 am »
Perhaps this is just a thing I do, but I like to cut myself, create sigils out of my blood (often complex ones mostly made by intuition and recalled when later used again) on pieces of paper and then burn it in front of the altar as an offering to Satanic entities and demons. I then collect the ashes overtime for use in later rituals particularly if I am to meditate in a graveyard.

A type of Asura, Rakshasas were known to drink human blood and like human flesh. I often feel I am working with the Satanic equivalent of them (as they have more angelic like qualities).

This has for a long time been one of my standards of ritual magic, even when I employ other means. I've heard some say that blood magic is like "nuclear power" and to be careful with it. I've never really had a huge issue with it seeming overwhelming though. I'm rather comfortable with it.

Sometimes, when wanting to push the limits of my self control and mastery of my body and create a powerful sigil, I consider taking a blade and carefully making superficial cuts in my skin to create sigils that will later heal but I'm wary of scaring particularly if it doesn't come out right (scarification body modification is a thing too). I generally find the areas that bleed the least are also the most prone to scaring, not that I've ever had any as a result of a ritual or blood magic.

On some past altars I would keep up more elaborate sigils that were large and made of blood if they were meant to work over a long period of time. One such one was once a huge protection sigil with semi circles indicating shields and an inverted pentagram (which I consider in the context it was used to indicate closing off spiritual influence in certain directions as it emphasizes carnal/mundane over spiritual). The sigil worked great, but sadly I have since lost the design. I had built the blood up to use on it over a few times as it needed a lot.

I've also made sigils and little complex artwork (geometric always) and burned those as offerings as placeholders or substitutes, or even as something in addition. So don't think this approach need be necessarily all blood.

Anyways just wanted to share one of my staple methods.

General LHP Discussion / Mind is a Mantra
« on: October 29, 2018, 02:33:41 am »
Shiva Sutras of Vasugupta

Sāktopāya 2.1

Cittaṃ Mantraḥ

I translate it as:

"Mind is Mantra."

But the more popular translation:

"Mind is a Mantra"

A quote from the Jaideva Singh commentaries on the matter:

"Citta in this context is not used in the usual sense of mind but in the sense of aspiring mind, mind aspiring for communion with the Supreme I-consciousness of Shiva."

Emphasis added, since the "I" can be easy to miss.

Discuss your thoughts and impressions.

General LHP Discussion / sex magic with partners
« on: October 29, 2018, 02:13:07 am »
This is something I've only ever done with one of my ex girlfriends (who was a witch) to some degree, but it was to enhance the sex.

I'm not too versed in using human (as opposed to spirit) partners for sex magic (even though it's probably the normal thing in Tantra when it comes to sex magic).

Has anyone here ever used sex magic with success? Or any other experience with sex magic with a ritual partner? What was the aim of the ritual / spell / ect and what was the result?

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