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Satanism / Enns and chanting
« on: Today at 12:58:17 pm »
I recently came across this channel on youtube called "Satan and Sons" with chants like this:

Doing some research I came across a blog not unknown to me explaining some of the history:

I've, for the last week or so, started using one of the chants to foster a better connection to one of my deities (one I don't talk much about) and I've had success so far with the chant. This is really my first practical experience using any kind of demonolatry based things or old school grimore type of things.

Wondering if anyone else has had experience with this and just wanting to share the channel.

Be warned, this will probably turn into some big debate.

Perennial philosophy is the understanding that theistic belief systems share a single, universal doctrine. This doctrine posits that the highest good that human life can achieve is through the union with a Supreme Being / Energy of the Universe.

The way in which this is achieved is through the deception of one's conscious awareness into believing that one has been accepted by this Supreme Being / Energy. To absolve one's self into this is antithetic to the western left hand path goals of individuation and autotheism. To become More Than Human should ase the goal.

Symbolically, this resistance to perennialism is the basis of such occult structures as the Tree of Daath and the ideals behind furthering the Fall of the Tree of Life because it is an imperfect Tree and in its place, a new and perfected Tree (that of your subjective universe with you as god) is nurtured.

This is simply over-simplification to the point of making a tragic error in one's understanding. Left-hand path theism almost needs a better set of words, since it is something entirely different. My perspective is that the separation of spiritual and material are delusions, as is the separation of men from their gods. There is just one living breathing energy in an infinitesimal quantity of vehicles. There is no actual separation of me and Satan outside of the limitations of the material world. Thus, there is no need to merge where one is already a part of that vast network. One merely has to pay attention, so to speak. That being said no two theists in the left-hand path see it all the exact same way, but I refer to this as a "hardware limitation" -- it's our own perceptions that are limited in this regard... They are suited for I/O in this material world, they often just become an interference pattern when you go beyond that.

There is no "uniformity of goals" between different belief systems other than outsiders to those systems attempting to make one. These mental gymnastics are performed to please amateur philosophers, pseudo-intellectuals, and occultniks. :D

No mainstream religions really seek union with God in the manner you've described outside of the Hindu belief systems. They're perfectly happy with the God/Man separation and demarcation lines.
As a theist you should see which mega-oversimplified category you fit into:

1) Eastern Right Hand Path: follow a set blueprint in order to unite and dissolve the personal Self into the All.

2) Eastern Left Hand Path: purposely go against the set blueprint to unite and dissolve the Self into the All.

3) Western Right Hand Path: follow a set blueprint in order to enter the afterlife of a specific deity/deities, and remain submissive to them.

4) Western Left Hand Path: use or ignore the blueprint as it benefits or fits with your morals, separates the Self from both the All and deities in order to become a deity themselves.

The word overly generalized and stereotyped might be a better term rather than "mega simplified". But I've grown accustom to expecting such things from 'fundamentalist' types.

You know, a lot of religions today and throughout history worked on having relationships with deities, not always as equals but I would think that @Mindmaster 's leans much more towards something equal. I don't think the ancient Romans or Greeks were concerned with heaven or being submissive and plenty of neo-pagans today would also feel the same in that regard.

As far as Hinduism yes again there are a couple of philosophical schools that will fit the definition you've laid out for "ELHP" but that's just two of 6 orthodox schools and there are a plethora of heterodox schools as well.

Case in point; Lakshman Joo said:

"God and the individual are one. To realize this is the essence of Shaivism."

Notice he says "individual" and the verb "are" indicates clearly that this isn't a cessation of any self hood or even a prccess of a merging. Rather he says "to realize" meaning it's about awareness. So since this is the case, the self has jnana AND kriya.

From the Jaidev Singh commentaries itself:

"The liberated Self in Samkhya-yoga is only Saccit (existenceconsciousness). The Self or Purusa is freed of all pain and suffering, but he has no positive bliss. In Vedanta, the characteristic of Self is saccidananda (existence-consciousness-bliss). There is positive bliss in liberation. But it is only atmananda, the delight of Self. In Siva-vyapti, the entire universe gleams as the wondrous delight of I-consciousness."

Singh's translation was written with extensive commentary from Swami Lakshman Joo, who was one of the last surviving members of the original Trika lineage. If anyone knew what they were talking about, it was him. "I consciousness" can only mean individuated consciousness and yet this is talking about the realized shivagama self, the realization he speaks of in the earlier quote.

It also bears mentioning that Trika can be practiced either RHP or LHP although most of it's history is in LHP and most of it's sects are LHP and it contains some of the oldest known LHP sects in the world. Most practitioners are RHP if I had to guess, based on my interactions online with others of my faith. Kuala is the largest of it's LHP sect that's practiced today from what I can tell as well.

In summary, we can find examples that don't fit into any of those groups and even Hindu Right Hand Path and Left Hand Path that fit closer to your definition of "Western Right Hand Path" than anything else.

Satanism / "Satanized" by King Satan, your thoughts?
« on: September 05, 2018, 06:57:04 am »
I just came across this and holy crap. It's not the best ever, but in a way I really appreciate that it sounds like it's been written by someone that's no doubt a Satanist without trying to be gimmicky or shock. Just pure, evil old Satanism.  :P

I barely caught the Carl Jung quote in the video itself... and looking at the lyrics it kinda spoke to me as it's actually something I can relate to and I can see things that others here believe or have talked about as well as some of my own beliefs in it.

I'll give my own breakdown below the lyrics. Feel free, rather I'm rather soliciting your impression and thoughts as well!

Quotes in the video itself:

"I've noticed that when people are joking they're usually dead serious, and when they're serious, they're usually pretty funny." - James Douglas Morrison

[under title card]
Or why on earth anyone should hold the archetype/symbol of the Devil if not the highest, at least to a very high value in their life.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness concious." - C.G. Jung


Why I am here?
Trapped between these two fucking worlds?
With a face of an animal, but a soul of a god...
Quiescent instincts, incomplete awareness
Shall be no more... when I remove my skin
And sunder my mind away from my brains

Praise hail Satan, all hail Satan!
A god who invites us to become one
I know you are there, I feel you are there
Hidden deep within the caverns of my soul
Praise the lord, praise the fucKING lord!
He's everything we are but we don't dare to be step outside from yourself
And slay the fucking ghost
Who looks just like you

I am not me before I kneel before thee
As thou is the concept of all of the selfs
As to be what you are and not the one who you think you are
You might need little help from the god of this world

Praise hail Satan, all hail Satan!
God who invites us to become one
I know you are there and I am coming to get you!
I fucking murder you so I can wear your skin so praise the lord, praise the fucKING lord!
He's the one who gave his life for us to blossom
Let's go deep, let's go inwards
And when we hit the rock bottom we are far out in space

Introibo et altare satanas luciferi excelsii
Satanas gratias, satanas vobiscum
Et caro verbum facta est

Praise the lord, praise him!
Take me lord, make me yours
I want you inside of me and use me as you please
I shall be your instrument until I am no more
Hail Satan, praise hail Satan!
True god of this world
Praise him, praise him, praise the lord!

Praise hail Satan, all hail Satan!
A god who invites us to become one
I know you are there and I feel you are there
Hidden deep within the caverns of my soul
Praise the lord! praise the fucKING lord!
For you are the true god of this world
Let's go deep, let's go inwards
And when we hit the rock bottom we are far out in space!

Praise hail Satan! all hail Satan!
Praise hail Satan! praise the lord!
Praise hail Satan! all hail Satan! praise hail Satan!
Praise the fucKING lord!
Praise hail Satan! all hail Satan! praise hail Satan!
Praise hail, praise hail!
Hail Satan!

My breakdown is thus;

The first stanza is talking about the dualistic nature of the spiritual and the carnal. In the end of it it's speaking about the transcendence of the individual self to that of godhood beyond the body.

This directly ties into the second stanza where "a god who invites us to become one". At first I thought this might be touching on nonduality but it probably meant to become "one" as in a god, although for me of course I believe in individualization and nonduality with a deity to occur simultaneously (as I've talked about countless times).

I really like in the second stanza it draws the lines of Satan being at the core of the heart of the practioner, and even touches on the Jungian aspect of Satan as representative as a part of our Shadow ("everything we are but don't dare to be").

It ends the second stanza with saying we should "slay the fucking ghost who looks just like you" and i'm not sure if this is talking about transcending the limited mind but I am also reminded of the zen story about slaying the buddha.

"I am not me before I kneel before thee" the Satanist does not come into their own until they embrace Satan. The rest of the third stanza is of course expressing the role of an archetype in guiding in self evolution. I really love the last line, how it rolls on the song.

in the fourth stanza "I fucking murder you so i can wear your skin" reminds me of different horror movies or shows or w/e where killers would do that to "become" their victim. In this context I take it to be an extreme way of saying that he seeks to become Satan. Again with the "God who invites us to become one" I take a nondual interpretation but I'm not sure that is the intent.

"He's the one who gave his life for us to blossom" this one is interesting and I'm not sure what it means, beyond perhaps Satan embodying life.

"Let's god deep" and "when we hit the rock bottom we are far out in space" makes me think of the dual nature of micro/marcocosm and honestly there is an errie similarity with my Satanic Yantra I see in here (in that going down towards the center into the core of the 'self' loops back on the totality of the macrocosm).

then a stanza of latin praising satan. hail satan :D

So then the chick comes in, and well  I gotta admit I want Satan to make me his too and be inside me and make me his instrument :D It's kind of erotic in a way and that weird manic, crazed energy... I've sounded like that before it seems pretty legit to me or is at least very convincing. The singing might not be great but i sense something is real there and so it pierces through me and I see SO MUCH of myself in the way she is saying that that kind of energy and crazed speaking I've done when consumed in Satan's energies. (of course, I'd never do it around others :P)

After that, it repeats previous parts.

So ya, that's my thoughts on it... yours?

Lounge / Got 4 new books
« on: September 02, 2018, 04:35:45 am »

(sorry for poor quality, my phone sucks)

From left to right;

The Satanic Bible: 50th Anniversary ReVision by Michael A. Aquino
The Essentials of Hinduism by Swami Bhaskarananda
The Kapalikas and Kalamukhas: Two Lost Saivite Sects by David N. Lorenzen
Siva Sutras: The Yoga of Supreme Identity by Jaideva Singh

Everyone had been talking about Aquino's new book and it came in yesterday, I've already read a good chunk of it. I plan on doing an in depth review on my site later on it.

The second book I've read years ago, but it's a handy reference and covers most topics and major sects so it's useful to just bust out if needed. Bhaskarananda (his name is so hard to type o.0) made a life of explaining Hinduism and can explain stuff to westerners better than I can. It came in two days ago.

The Kapalikas book (woot me!) just came in tonight and is one I've wanted a good while. A couple of years ago I only saw copies floating around for over $200. For a while there were a bunch of copies on the market and I got the last one to be sold for under $50 that was left on the market, so I took the chance while I could. Looking to learn a lot of history in it. It's a rare book as the Kapalikas themselves are fairly obscure even in history but are one of the most ancient Left Hand Path sects.

And last but not least, the best (imo) translation of the Shiva Sutras. I've read most of this on a pdf version but it's so much easier to read on real paper. Honestly I prefer to read with real books, reading books on a screen is just hard on my eyes. I think it came in two days ago, maybe yesterday.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with myself :D

General LHP Discussion / Music and magic
« on: August 22, 2018, 11:21:58 am »
I've always kind of felt that music was similar to a form of magic, but then it occurred to me that since music is based on (in large part) math, that it's also tied to numerology. I've always seen a geometry in music and I've started to realize in composition it come together as a kind of holistic thing.

I don't think all music is magic, but it can be, particularly if crafted certain ways or with certain intentions.

I dunno, any thoughts on the similarities of magic and music?

General LHP Discussion / Occult religions and work...
« on: August 22, 2018, 07:51:19 am »
So some time ago some co workers asked me about my religion, as I mentioned to a few people in the shoutbox IDK when.

Anyways everything seemed fine, I would even ask now and then over the two weeks if the topic was boring, if it made them uncomfortable whatever. They always said no it was fine. Anyways today the manager pulled me in to his office. Apparently they lied.

He asked if I said a bunch of different stuff and even some unrelated things. I had to make some statement about my side of it all ect.

Anyways at the end he said we can't discuss religion even if I'm asked about it. However later in the day the HR person was talking about astrology and I asked them if that topic and religion was permitted and they said yes. I told them I was told we can't discuss it and they said they never heard of that policy.

So I am doing some research, and apparently private convos (particularly on breaks) and even proselytizing are protected and allowed unless someone the target of it requests the conversation cease. So by telling me I can't talk about it at all even with say, some witches i know at work, is a violation of my rights (in the USA).

Below is some of the relevant links I've found on the topic that I'm using to know how to go forward, if anyone is interested, specific to the USA:

Ya, I know some of you might think that I shouldn't bother, or whatever. But to me, as a Satanist, Luciferian and American it's my right and duty, my obligation to fight for the right of the individual and for truth. Satan is a rebel, after all. Raging against the heavens and the injustice. Prometheus didn't just give us fire, he did so in defiance of the gods!

As the Behemoth song The Satanist puts it:

I am the great Rebellion
Neath' Milton's tomb do I dwell
An existence even sin would not pardon
No guilt, no reason, savior or shame

While I can understand that individualism means not discussing it with those who don't want it, it also means I can't tolerate being told I can't discuss it with like minded people. Luckily my workplace has a decent enough corporate policy that I should come out of it unscathed.

We have rights, never forget that. Not just by law but by something more... inherent. Call it Satan, Set, whatever have you, the individual's will is sovereign!

General LHP Discussion / xeper vs samsara / rebirth
« on: August 06, 2018, 09:44:05 am »
I was thinking about this today, about the similarities of Xeper and Samsara, as I tend to mean it. I was kind of at a loss, since on the fundamental level they are extremely similar but at the same time, I know too little about Xeper to really compare and contrast.

Since I believe in Trika, I can say that I believe that the Universe is concrete and that the Universe is not an illusion nor should physical reality necessarily cause illusion.

As I understand Xeper, remanifestation, is the continual process of the person and personality changing throughout their evolution, both spiritual and otherwise towards some ideal or ideals. This is generally how I think of Samsara and rebirth, beyond the more mainstream, literal interpretation. Of course though I nessisarily must connotate some sense of illusison lessening the more rebirths one has (generally).

In this sense, rebirth, assuming an overall decrease in Karma, has the connotation of becoming closer to truth. The skeptical and rational will do this even with thought although this takes it further. In Hinduism we have the term Satya, which means "truth" but has the connotation of "correct action" as well. Honesty in words and actions bring one closer to truth in general, not just awareness of what's correct or inherent in the Cosmos.

Xeper, on the other hand, as I understand it (as limited as that understanding is) is much more simply the self directed spiritual evolution and has no connotation of truth or "correct action".

But I'm left trying to figure out how Xeper is different other than (as I understand it) lack of certain aspects or what Xeper is generally assumed to be aimed at or how one is suggested to accomplish it.

In Hinduism we direct our rebirths (literal and/or metaphorical) at Moksha (Liberation) from (depending on school/sect) illusion, karma, or as in Trika, limited consciousness. In Trika this is the same as realizing one's Shiva nature, and thereby becoming Shiva, at which point reality itself (Shakti) becomes the expression of the (now unlimited) mind of the Tantric.

So, any thoughts?

General LHP Discussion / Summarizing beliefs
« on: August 06, 2018, 09:07:22 am »
I've always had a lot of trouble concisely doing this, particularly when people lack a contextual understanding of WTF I am saying. I used to be able to explain things better, or so it felt, but as I've learned more I've found myself relying on Sanskrit terms and there is a lot that gets lost in translation.

Does anyone have any similar experience with this, and perhaps any advice for how to "dumb down" what it is we do and believe?

General LHP Discussion / Your Shadow
« on: July 16, 2018, 05:30:46 pm »
Hey guys, on lunch break so I haven't quite had time to catch up on all the newer posts.

Anyways, I've had this on my mind the last week or so...

A few days ago I summed up my most recent thoughts on it, after a lot of deliberation, into this meter:

Your Shadow is not your friend
But fear not your shadow
Because it is a part of you
It is you

You will never escape it
But it can’t live without you either
Own your shadow
Before it owns you

I've had a lot of death around me lately, and something else really personal that's happened that's had me thinking about this.  From what I understand of the Jungian shadow, it often has negative parts of ourselves we suppress. That's happened to me. Funny enough, 7 or 8 years ago it was trying to make sense of that aspect of myself that lead me to Satanism.

There's also a song, cool enough, by Dimmu Borgir that addresses this:

(Although I like this cover better:)

So what do you guys think? About your shadow? Or the song and it's take on it? Or what I've said about my view on it?

Satanism / What has Satanism done for your life?
« on: May 25, 2018, 03:23:15 am »
Today someone asked me "And how did that turn out for you? What good has he done for you?" in reference to me being a Satanist. I gave my answer, best I could at the time.

So I ask ya'll as well, what has Satanism done for your life?

Lounge / Naming Satanic kittens 2.0
« on: May 22, 2018, 06:19:25 am »
Artemis just had 5 kittens. Perfectly pentagram numbered.

What should I name them? Last year We had Artemis and Apollo (which I kept), and Mercury and Prometheus which my sister named and my mom adopted (Mercury sadly passed away around 5 months old)

And yes yes I'm getting them all fixed. I wasn't able to afford to get momma and all kittens fixed before but with the new job i'm more than able to now it's just I got it after she was well into the pregnancy lol. Besides I've lived with as much as 11 cats and 4 dogs at the same time growing up so this is easy compared to that lol

In any case... I don't like to use names like Samael or whatever if it's a name i invoke. Nothing is weirder than a kitty meowing at the door or running over when you are doing a ritual lol. I'm thinking maybe Goetia demon names or something.

I plan on keeping all of them this time as well.

Lol I really am a cat lady now xD

Satanism / Do you show adoration for Satan?
« on: May 22, 2018, 02:31:19 am »
I know it's often said that most Satanists don't "worship' Satan but I think we all do something that is some kind of expression of, well, liking the dude/thing/force/ect As I developed my system over the years, I found myself doing things simply to express my love of Satan, sometimes in a submissive kind of way.

I don't think that Satan requires that one 'worship' him but for me personally I've found my practice enriched by doing so purely out of choice. Perhaps some see that as somewhat masochistic but whatever it is it's worked for me. Maybe it's because I'm into BDSM or something, dunno. I just don't mind it is all.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about, can anyone relate to what I'm saying?

Satanism / If any, what deities exist?
« on: May 22, 2018, 01:52:39 am »
A simple question about what you believe. This is directed specifically at people who identify as Satanists.

If we say we believe in Satan as a real being, do other deities exist too? Shiva? Apollo? Yahweh? Yeshua? Odin? Isis? Pluto? ect

I have mixed feeling on it, on one hand as Hindu it's hard for me to dismiss the existence of any deity, and yet I feel as a Satanist that some deities might not really exist outside of those who believe in them as many other deities may. It's complicated, to say the least lol.

To you, is Satan just one of many, or is it/he "the" God? What is the nature of his existence if he is more than just an archetype or symbol? My views are a mix of pantheism and polytheism on the subject.

Can an archetype and symbol also be reconciled with an entity/force/ect that exists outside of the Satanist? I think it can, as i think these archetypes manifest in us as Satan does on many levels.

If you think Satan is real, how does it/he interact with any other deities, if they also exist? I personally have no answer to this last one. I simply don't know enough to really say with certainty.

If an ineffably powerful being came down and in whatever way proved beyond a doubt that they were the "Satan" of Christianity and wanted your allegiance in war against Yahweh and the heavens, would you join him?

This isn't to suppose that Christian cosmology is wholly or even mostly correct (which it isn't), but just enough for this scenario to work. Is there a line where you wouldn't follow him? If so where is that line?

General LHP Discussion / we are blocked in some places lol
« on: May 10, 2018, 01:18:27 am »

Some other Satanist, LHP sites are not blocked but I kinda got a laugh out of this. I've asked Hardee's Facebook page about if store owners are allowed to block certain stuff on religious basis or not and still waiting for a reply.

Somewhere, there is a huge list of "occult and cult" sites and we are on it. xD

In any case, it's in a public space since they invite the public in and they only let you use the wifi if you pay for food which I did. It's part of their business model and part of the service they give to the public. We know they can' deny someone service on the basis of religion or race or whatever, but I dunno about wifi.

Worth mentioning, but I wouldn't of went in other than there was Wifi, I did purchase things because I figured I might as well get something to eat. It's part of their business model to attract people in. It's not a "free" service, since it's part of their strategy to make more money. If a movie theater gave out popcorn to movie goers with no extra charge, should they be allowed to deny popcorn on the basis of race or religion? I'd think not.

Probably though just some blanket thing to cover horror movie type stuff but who knows. Not like I couldn't get around it with a VPN but it's the principle of the matter, you know?

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