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Current Events / Jeremy Crow's Annual LHP Conference Le Flambeau Noir
« on: January 18, 2021, 07:55:50 pm »
I will be presenting The Art of Magical Trance this year!

Lounge / Is the Forum Dead?
« on: December 07, 2020, 01:05:10 pm »
I haven't seen any activity in a long time . . . has this forum died?  :(

« on: December 03, 2020, 04:35:00 pm »
by Etu Malku

Blake and Shelley both viewed Milton’s Satan as the hero in Paradise Lost. Blake and Shelley did not retain all of Satan’s qualities from Milton’s Paradise Lost when they created their own characters of Satan. Blake and Shelley both improved the qualities of Satan and made their own Satanic hero. This improves upon the Satanic tradition, enhancing the character of Satan so he appears in a beneficial and endearing light.

William Blake reads Paradise Lost as a “history of restraint and desire” which is shown between the struggle concerning Satan and God. Blake believed that you achieve freedom when you rebel against society, and in Paradise Lost, Satan yearns for his freedom. Blake sees himself as Satanic and believes that “a new heaven is begun” and the “Eternal Hell revives”. Blake did not believe in organized religion and he is also commenting on his abhorrence of the Church of England. The Devil rebels against an imposter deity who is symbolic of God. Blake’s message is that in every person there is a serpent-selfhood, Satan, which needs to be destroyed so the person can see the infinite. This is required for the person to be a prophet.

God as the villain
God creates everyone in the poem to fall, and the result of each fall is always greater subservience to God. If narcissism is supposedly the greatest sin in the story, I find it odd that God created all of his inventions with vanity as their main flaw - especially since this is the flaw that leads to both the fall of Satan and the Fall of Man. Lucifer champions individuality, while God demands obeisance. Struggle between reason (Lucifer) and faith (God). Milton laid the foundations of satanic logic. Satan’s reason holds a grain of truth that appeals to mankind. His logic is based on the concept of rising higher than his status and hiding the truth behind a seeming good. When Satan hears Adam and Eve talking about the forbidden tree, he wonders why they are not allowed to eat from it. Through his reason, eating from the tree of knowledge would make them better, which he sees as a good thing. Satan sees that God is envious of his creations. God’s whole plan is to keep everything for himself and keep all his creations enslaved. God feels threatened by his creations and needs to withhold things from them in order to keep them under control.

Satan as the hero
Satan’s reason is built upon the idea of becoming better than he already is. He believes that it is always possible to rise higher. Satan was the highest among the angels, yet he still felt confined by the hierarchy God had set in place. He reasoned there was no harm in seeking to better himself and rise even higher in the hierarchy. It was this manipulation of the natural order God had established that led to Satan’s fall. According to God, one cannot become more than they already are. Satan feels that because God created him with such a nature, that to be punished is wrong. He cannot help what he is. These thoughts lead to Satan projecting his own tyranny on God.

Lucifer to be the Serpent in the Garden of Eden and transformed the myth of the Fallen Morningstar into that of the angel Lucifer the principle of compassion for life and creation, defiance of corrupt authority and the current of spiritual evolution. The original sin contends that every human life begins under the curse of the Abrahamic god. This curse was the result of Adam and Eve innocently and ignorantly eating of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Partaking of this fruit enabled them the awareness of their subjective universes and allowed them to evaluate what was good and what was evil based on their own intelligence and experience . . . not the Abrahamic god's.

The Serpent in the Garden guided Adam & Eve away from the Abrahamic god and His faiths which are the chains of spiritual oppression holding back Mankind from true liberation. If one is to place an angel Lucifer with that of the serpent he makes his debut in the Testaments as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden pointing out to Eve that God is a liar and she will not die that day if she eats of the fruit of knowledge, which she did and did not die. Lucifer in this sense brought us the Truth of our Freedom of Will and shows us the way to self-deification. Lucifer represents the divine force of Creation that is able to carry out the idea of Creation. Lucifer sinks down to man's level and awakens the power of Creation and the sexual energy in man. Thus, man can reach the knowledge which was previously only accessible to God.

"What is more absurd and more impious than to attribute the name of Lucifer to the devil, that is, to personified evil. The intellectual Lucifer is the spirit of intelligence and love; it is the paraclete, it is the Holy Spirit, while the physical Lucifer is the great agent of universal magnetism." - Eliphas Levi

Aleister Crowley gave us the modern synthesis and foundation of Luciferian thought. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" and "Love is the law, love under will". Two statements clearly set in motion the ascension of the seeking individual towards Godhead. In his poem, "Hymn to Lucifer" Crowley presents the bringer of light in a Thelemic aspect. No longer shall a man be subservient to a religion that would destroy your foundation and right of personal choice. Dogma is also a trap that can lead to spiritual stagnation. Growth is necessary through the freedom of an open being that through will power and focus can change take hold and run its natural course.

The "Fall" should be understood as the Spirit descended to Flesh. The vision of a cosmic struggle, forces of good contending against forces of evil, derived originally from Jewish apocalyptic sources and was developed by sectarian groups like the Essenes as they struggled against the forces they saw against them. God asks all the angels in heaven to bow before Adam, the new creation. Satan refuses to bow, believing obedience to humans to be idolatry against God, and is swiftly cast out of heaven for his disobedience. This is an example of self‑sacrificing love, agape, martyr. But instead of sacrificing material for spiritual fulfillment, he sacrifices spirit for the spirit.

Carl Jung saw the myth of figures such as the Lucifer/Satan archetype as expressing "the shortcomings of the world as conceived by the human soul." Lucifer/Satan "stands as the prototype of human civilizing effort."

Book of Job
In the Book of Job God is challenged by ‘one of his sons’ Satan which represents the ‘doubting thought’. God abandons his faithful servant Job and lets him fall without pity into the abyss of physical and moral suffering by murdering his sons and daughters, taking away his livestock, and eventually making the shattered Job of ill and suffering health.

Job, abandoned without protection and stripped of his rights, whose nothingness is thrown in his face at every opportunity evidently appears to be so dangerous to God that he must be battered down with God’s heaviest artillery. God’s robbery, murder, bodily injury is premeditating and he even denies a fair trial. He shows no remorse or compassion, but ruthlessness and brutality, he violates the very commandments he dictated to Man on Mount Sinai.

What is the reasoning behind God the Almighty’s resistance to such a little, puny, and defenseless man such as Job? There must be something which Man has the ability to achieve, and this something is the very same something found in the Garden of Eden story with the Serpent. God sees in Job something of equal in power which causes him to bring out his whole arsenal of destruction and parade it before his opponent. God projects onto Job a skeptic’s face which is hateful because it is his own, it questions his omnipotence.

God’s dual nature has been revealed. Job, in spite of his impotence, is set up by Satan to judge over God himself. God unwittingly raises Job’s spiritual consciousness by humiliating him, and in doing so God pronounces judgment on himself and gives Man moral satisfaction. God’s behavior is that of an unconscious being who cannot be judged morally. God is a phenomenon and, as Job says in the Bible, “not a man.” Not human but, in certain respects, less than human, which is how God described the Archdemon of the West Leviathan.

Job realizes God’s inner antinomy, and in the Light of this gnosis his knowledge attains a divine numinosity . . . as predicted in the debacle in the Garden of Eden, Job attains apotheosis with the assistance of Satan!

General LHP Discussion / R.I.P. Ips. Michael A. Aquino
« on: July 01, 2020, 10:32:30 pm »
"I Have Come Into Being"
R.I.P. Ips. Michael A. Aquino

1 Before God or Angel, Daemon or man, there was Leviathan alone, principle of continuity and ageless existence. By relation and time I have oft been sought, but Leviathan shall yield to none other than the final master of the Universe.

2 Leviathan is the absolute, man, and if thou would presume to realize what neither Heaven nor Hell may effect, know that when thou behold the presence of Leviathan, thy end hath been attained.

3 Only through obliteration of the Universe may man seal his mastery of the Black Flame, for only thus may he know that he is not subject to a greater Will.

4 Heaven must perish, Hell must perish, and man alone must remain ere the Black Flame becomes Red in the glory of its perfection.

5 Then the Red magus shall behold only Leviathan, and he shall recognize that he has become the perfect mind, who shall remake the Cosmos in the eternal glory of his Satanic Will.

The DIABOLICON: Lt.Col. Michael A. Aquino PhD

Luciferianism / Brief Introduction to Luciferianism - Critique
« on: December 07, 2019, 04:36:32 am »
Luciferianism is a complex face of the Left-Hand Path that has arguably existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
Is there any evidence for this claim?

This title of the “morning star” comes from the association of Lucifer with Venus, a planet so bright it once cast shadows, and which leads in the sun at dawn. It was seen as a herald of the morning, or even one who went ahead and announced the coming of god. This is why even once associated with Satan, Lucifer was understood to have previously been a beautiful angel and the right hand of god.
The word Lucifer can be traced to the ancient ideals surrounding the myths associated with the Morningstar and his brother the Evening Star. Early on these myths place the Morningstar into the role of the attempted usurper who is defeated and becomes a ‘fallen’ deity.

To the Canaanites he was 'Shaher' the Morning Star who each day announced the
birth of the Sun and his brother 'Shalem' the Evening Star announcing the death
of the Sun.. Their mother being Asherah and her womb referred to as the 'pit', an
aspect of the word 'Helel'. Asherah (Helel) attempts to dethrone the Sun god El is
defeated and cast from the heavens. This becomes the Phoenician myth called the
'Fall of the Day Star' (7th Century B.C). This story becomes the Sumerian myth of
Ishtar and Inanna's descent into the Underworld.

Fundamental Luciferianism
Luciferianism is a modern term for the magico-spiritual attainment of inner
power through applicable knowledge of one's individual self. A Luciferian rejects
all accepted truths and instead arrives at their conclusions through personal
exploration. The balance of Light and Darkness, the Objective and the Subjective
are of equal importance to the Luciferian.

*This analysis was determined through extracting the basic ideologies from all of the Luciferian schools of
thought, their specific tenets omitted allowing a fundamental and unifying basis for Luciferianism.

Mercuræn Luciferianism / Your Initiation Event
« on: November 09, 2019, 02:15:57 pm »
For most of us, if not all, there came a time in our life where we were introduced to the Western Left Hand Path. This is briefly my story, feel free to recall your own Initiation Event and post it here.

It was 1969, I was 9 yrs old when we moved into our next home in a quiet suburban town in northern NJ. Our street was a dead-end populated with old Colonial houses and Capes and a brook at the end. Our house had a huge wrap-around front porch which I immediately needed to explore underneath. I entered thru the small side door by the driveway into a dirt-floored catacomb where gardening tools, cement bags, and loose bricks lay . . . my quest was the wrap-around section all the way in back . . . away from the light of the door . . . into my first Abyss! I crawled to the far end and slowly made my way into a small room, where after my eyes adjusted to the Dark, I found a small nightstand and a black book resting on top. I retrieved the book and snuck it up into my bedroom to investigate. Lo and behold, it was none other than the Clavicula Salomonis Regis Lemegeton better known as the Lesser Key of Solomon and best known as the Goetia. At the time I had no idea what the cool demonic pictures and symbols were, what the weird words meant or anything about the author (Crowley), book and its contents . . . but how I flipped through the pages and stared for days and days at everything until it was confiscated by my mother! The images and the feelings associated with this discovery initiated my interest in all things occult and ultimately led me to where I am today.

Dar Tariki Tariqat!
☿ EM

Mercuræn Luciferianism / Western Left Hand Path
« on: March 19, 2019, 10:39:45 pm »
The term Western Left Hand Path as the Herald of the Dawn along with several other occult organizations understand it, has evolved over time into many different paths, including Satanism, Luciferianism, Setianism, Ahrimanism, Mercurænism, and other similar paths. They all share certain common traits – apathy towards cultural norms/values, high respect for subjective experience, and perhaps most importantly, a focus on the individual Self (as something isolate and unnatural from the objective universe). These tenets are actualized through various magico-spiritual and inner antinomian practices, Individuation, Majiq, Ritual and various self-disciplines (meditation, yoga, martial arts etc.).

Lounge / An Ode to the Vernal Equinox
« on: March 19, 2019, 06:05:19 pm »
With Death. . . . Birth!
Alas, I am undead thus never to be born. The cycles of the Cosmos affect me no longer. The seasons are one as they are none. Black imbues my heart and soul for I am all that the daylit world rejects. I walk the Necropolis with lumbered foot and brush against the silver glazed palisades of Iblis, I am Imagination.

A more wretched fate there has never been, for eternity moves painfully slow and with it my anguish and sorrow. I have become the most heinous of demons, the purest Evil that threatens all of existence. Debased spirits avoid my path. I am all that I am not. I cannot be extinguished for I am an ageless Lamia that walks the universe drifting upon the luminous argent trails of Sin.

The storm is my cove for it enshrouds my tracks. Nefarious nights become veils that empower my nourishment and glut. I would accept the very last drop of your Ka and leave you to rot in the odious gutters of your self-passion. To awake against the cruel morning’s sunlight, to blacken the whitest flower in the brightest garden. In the scorching rays of al-Shams, you will become delicate and palpitant. With every sunrise to find shelter within your crypt of Nox.

Listen closely when the night falls. From the nether side of your refuge clops the sound of a hoofed beast and with it the terror and dread that is to follow.

My beheading reaps salvation’s harvest.
Thorns to rose, Earth to grave, Death to Life.
Ati, Me Peta Babka
'Amir Alzzalam al Zā'būq الكتاب الأسود من الزئبق

This morning a question was posed on a religious forum I frequent. Here is my reply.

Have you ever been contacted by what you consider to be a God I do not only speak about a Christian god here, If you in your view do feel it has been a God(or similar) who contacted you, my question is.

In what way did you get contacted ?
Did you hear a voice?
Did you see something or someone?

My Reply:
Being of the western left hand path I do not believe in any god other than my greater self/godself. What we as a whole work towards, is opening a clear line of communication between our lesser self and our greater self, emulating this greater self in time.

That said;
I believe I am in contact with my god.
The processes involved with connecting are very complex and many, it would be difficult to even begin to explain them here. Simply put, through various forms of spiritual alchemy and individuation we are able to experience our greater self and thus to know our godself.
Hearing voices and/or seeing religious/spiritual things has been explained neurologically. We are not interested in these objective trappings, rather we connect through thought and imagination (subjective universes).

General LHP Discussion / East West LHPs?
« on: January 10, 2019, 02:31:34 am »
Is there such a thing as a Western Left Hand Path?
If so, what is?

Is it different than Eastern Left Hand Paths such as Vamachara and Shaivism?
If so, then how?

Mercuræn Luciferianism / On Man's Carnality and its Deception
« on: January 06, 2019, 12:12:16 am »
I find there is one related aspect found among every species, the aspect of survival. However, nature a.k.a. the objective universe is hard at work from the moment of our biological inception looking for ways to destroy us. I find the objective universe to be our nemesis, we all do things to attempt to thwart this force of entropy like diet, exercise, meta mind exercises, etc.

Objective reality is universally accepted by many faiths and philosophies as an illusion, and nowhere is this illusion stronger than in Perennial Philosophy, the philosophy that that all the world's 'RHP' religions share a single, universal doctrine. This doctrine posits that the highest good that human life can achieve is through the union with a Supreme Being / Energy of the Universe. The way in which this is achieved is through the deception of one's conscious awareness into believing that one has been accepted by this Supreme Being / Energy otherwise known as the objective universe.

The Western LHP does not take this stance, the objective universe is seen as it plainly is, a non-conscious, unintelligent memetic mechanism composed of Time, Space & Matter. To absolve one's self into this is antithetic to the Western LHP goals of individuation and autotheism.

To become More than Animal, more than Human is our goal . . .

Mercuræn Luciferianism / Glyph of Mercurius Consciousness
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:30:05 pm »
The Symbol most associated with the Herald of Dawn is the Glyph of Mercurius
Consciousness. It is a modified symbol of Mercury to include important alchemical
devices pertinent to our spiritual transcension.

The horns represent the Earthly manifestation through Belial, symbolic of the direction
North and the element Earth. Aspects of this element include all of the physical
sensations along with the desire for material gain, for the earth is filled with precious
metals and gems. We see the endless cycle of death and rebirth within this element as
the earth springs forth life from decaying matter again and again. This self-sufficiency is
a key to mastering one's self, for as Belial's name suggests, the adept is "without a

The circle is that of the Eternal Ouroboros Serpent, it represents our Subjective
Universe thus it is Sol as Satan, the Will, and the Black Flame. The circle as Ouroboros,
the serpent devouring its tail is also a symbol of this cycle. The Black Adept, like the
Ouroboros, as the snake (higher self), devours his own tail (lower self) to emerge anew.
In addition, the Circle is symbolic of the Sun as Satan and his Ka the Black Flame.
Through the gift of the Black Flame, our true Will is known to us and the possibilities of
what we might accomplish both here in the OU and SU is without end.

Inside of the Circle is the Word of an Aeon, it is the Objective Universe, its Element is
Air and represents Luciferian Gnosis. Through Mercurius Consciousness we are able to
achieve Luciferian gnosis. Lucifer corresponds to the direction East and the element Air.
Indeed the "Prince of the Power of Air" and "light bearer". Lucifer being the Aeon shines
a light that man may know he is not just an animal but he IS as a god.

The figure eight is created using the Caduceus of Hermes. The Caduceus is symbolic
ofMercuræn Consciousness and the workings of Mercury. Both the 8 and the triangle
concern communication, the sciences and art. Mercuræn Consciousness is obtained
through work in these areas by way of the Higher Self. In addition, the 8 symbolizes
spiritual alchemy in which the adept destroys the lower self to be reborn as the higher
self, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes

The Trident represents LVYthN the Unconscious Mind, the Realm of Emotions and
Imagination. "Leviathan is the absolute, man, and if thou would presume to realize what
neither heaven nor hell may affect, know that when thou behold the presence of
Leviathan, thy end hath been attained. Only through the obliteration of the Universe that
is may man seal his mastery of the Black Flame, for only thus may he know that he is
not subject to a greater Will." (Diabolicon).

Mercuræn Luciferianism / Samhain
« on: October 31, 2018, 11:26:32 am »
CÆ☿  Custos Auroræ (Latin “Guardian of the Dawn”)

Whose name is hidden, and beyond the power of men to speak; Who givest me good health, security, good store, good fame, victory, and strength.

Created during Samhain of 01 NLE Custos Auroræ is the patron dæmon of the Mystai of H☿D a nomadic intelligence of the desert that dwells within the Great Sphinx, is represented in the Pythagorean Law of the Octave, whose number is 944 and born from the Shade of Hermanubis with the alchemical help of Goetic Demons Buer, Purson, Marax, and Belial.

Custos Auroræ giveth knowledge of all sciences, politics, and history, reveals all enemies, enables the Magi to see through the Eye of Lucifer, awakens one from the Objective Universe and has the Intelligence of Mercury known as Tiriel.

Custos Auroræ can be summoned with the words "Sulphæ Salamandræ Aqua Pythona Varios Oarios" and this is Hir Seal.

General LHP Discussion / Left Hand Path Trailer
« on: October 28, 2018, 10:38:24 pm »
There are Wyrd things done in the Midnight Sun…The art, philosophy, and religion of black magic practitioner James C. Kirby are explored while he creates a talisman using the ancient art of Lost Wax casting.

“Black Magic is the intentional use of the will, towards the direct purpose of the Magician, to alter one’s existence, according to one’s will.”James C. Kirby is a black magician, artist and Magister Templi in the Temple of Set, a left hand path occult religion. A gemstone cutter, carver and fine jewelry maker, James crafts unique works in stone, bone, and metal. In Left Hand Path, he creates a Serekh of Xeper, a symbol of Khephra the Egyptian god of self-creation, honoring the 42nd Anniversary of the Temple of Set during the North solstice in Yukon Territory, Canada.

“This remarkable film is an example of Heka, an Egyptian noun which can be translated either as Magick or Art since those wise folks knew that both things were the same. As did the late James C. Kirby. Such a piece of Art (or Magick) is good for the soul. View it with an open heart and a critical/rational mind – and some of James’s Magick will be with you. Xeper.” Don Webb High Priest of Set (Emeritus)

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