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General LHP Discussion / Re: Philosophy of Grant Morrison
« on: October 04, 2018, 06:42:30 am »
Oh boy, look what I started.

@Olive Comics are an incredible way to convey occult truths and perspectives. With the hypersigil trilogy, keep in mind it was a young Grant Morrison, a punk, pushing boundaries in both art and occultism so it's a bit reckless and got a certain fool-hardy approach I think a lot of us can relate to/remember when we started out. It's a great place to start and you'll see a lot of clever ways of portraying his truths but it still sort of, getting lost.

Morrison's peak in accurately conveying occult perspectives, I would say, is Final Crisis, Multiversity, All-Star Superman, and Nameless. Those years are great and even when he dials it down for something like a family christmas comic like Klaus, it shows one of the best depictions I've seen of shamanism. But with all those, you sort of have to know what you're looking for to see it there. He wrote a Superman story as a solar hymn and it can be quite obvious if you are aware of that sort of thing, but in otherwise it's his truth put into a Superman story and might come off just as that.

Neil Gaiman's Sandman and Books of Magic are also great reading, as is a bit of early Alan Moore. If you use facebook, Pop Shaman regularly posts screenshots from comics with occult lessons and someone will give a source if asked.

What makes the hypersigil trilogy so ambitious, and amazing, is that he literally pioneered and explored how hypersigils work, and how to interact with fiction. Not only that, but he experienced his "enlightenment" at Katmandu during Invisibles and wrote into the story as an alien abduction and that whole series his him trying to come to terms with it's lessons and communicate it and real time, and The Filth was his way of dealing with his trauma in context of his "enlightenment'. And all these themes in his early work would carry on to make a consistent world-view of comics in all his work, and this leads to the whole hypercrisis theories I don't have energy to delve into tonight, but it very interesting if want to view comics and magic together.

Oh! Promethea is Alan Moore's only -explicitly- magical book while his other early work contains themes, Promethea reads like occultism 101 in comic book form.

Journals / Re: Journal of Nemo 93- (Formerly King Mob)
« on: October 03, 2018, 06:48:24 am »
@pi_rameses  Thank you! I appreciate it.

Journals / Re: Journal of Nemo 93- (Formerly King Mob)
« on: October 03, 2018, 04:24:20 am »
@Olive Thank you, I appreciate it! I'd be honored to be on your youtube channel once I get everything I'm doing settled. I'd love to see your work on youtube as well.  :)

I have not posted any of my podcast work but I'm going to work on getting a Halloween special out on October 30th.

I do have my first vaporwave track officially released, however. I can't say how long the album will take but I hope to get it out by December or January.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Philosophy of Grant Morrison
« on: October 02, 2018, 10:31:41 pm »
It helps greatly thematically. Maybe re-read the series too. The order should be Flex Mentallo-Invisibles-The Filth. Even though Flex Mentallo came out last.

Flex Mentallo was him elaborating on fiction suits and hypersigils, which honestly sheds light on the way Invisibles works as a hypersigil and why synchronicities happen. It depends on what character you access the story from.

At the end of Invisibles, Morrison realized him and his "enemies" are pretty much the same so created The Filth as an inoculation against The Abyss.

I'm very hesitant to recommend actually doing this to people who practice chaos magic or believe in the occult though because it can be very intense and reckless, especially The Filth.

Invisibles had a wide range of illustrators, if I remember correctly. I would check out a lot of Vertigo's other books at the time (early 90's) if you liked those artists.

Journals / Re: Journal of Nemo 93- (Formerly King Mob)
« on: October 02, 2018, 10:40:43 am »
Has it really been a month? Sorry guys, my plate is incredibly full right now and I've had a bit of a personal problem I needed to get worked out.

What's going on with me right now:

-school, I'm behind due to medical reasons and I'm going to have to prioritize I can to catch up. As you guys know, I'm a college student so it really does eat up a lot of my time.

-medical issues. I've had to go off my medicine because I've missed enough doses to where it will kill me if I'm not supervised as they start treatment again. I should be seeing the doctor next week.

-work(I work an internship on and off)

-podcast. If you keep up with me, you know I've mentioned it several times before. I've recorded a few episodes and I'm not very happy with the results, I haven't had my mind on it lately (due to medication issues) but retooling it has always been in the back of my mind and I aim to get the first episode out for Halloween

-music. I started making vaporwave, I threw a song together that I was really proud of and it led me  start work on an album recently. I've always wanted to make a concept album so it's a big deal I see this through.

-social life. Which is hard enough to balance as a college or an artist, let alone both, but my xeper workings I mentioned before aimed to improve that and it's having results, and that consumes more time.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Philosophy of Grant Morrison
« on: October 02, 2018, 10:29:11 am »
I probably copy/pasted too late when auto-play went to the next video.  :facepalm:

Here's the video proper.

Invisibles' ending is complicated as first but John-A-Dreams is a key to understanding it. It's also a part of a Hypersigil trilogy with Flex Mentallo and The Filth and they all sort of complete each other thematically.

I would probably keep the woman and serpent as the focal point as I quite like it and it works well with both my affinity for thelemic and draconic currents. I would however, keep the Orobous and change to the anticosmic broken orobous to symbolize that there is always higher states of conciousness and levels of attaintment to attain if one is willing beyond the universe. This works better for the zodiac as the zodiac is pretty much the orobous of this galaxy.

I'm not a big zodiac person so I would probably find my own symbols that would come to me in the process of making a full deck to replace the zodiac associations with the elementals yet preserve the links to other cards. I would probably link the woman in the universe tarot to the high priestess figure which may be untraditional but I feel conveys the the over-all theme of Nuit, Babalon, and The Scarlet Woman. To this, this would probably involve me portraying both as the femme fatale noire archetype for soley personal reasons. The heirophant would be the seductive aspect leading you into danger while the universe would be well, obviously the esctatic side.

It was cause glow from the union of the serpent and women, the ecstacy that the women in the universe card to radiate out from her as if it's about to past the veils. It will probably be extending past the broken orobous but yet to penetrate the outer veil in the oval in the universe card- which I would choose to portray as a shadow instead of red. Tentacles of transplutonic lovecraftian deities would slowly be reaching in.

The over-all meaning would retain the themes of union, completion, and so on as well as the spiritual meanings. However, it would highlight the forces leading back to the fool and the cyclical nature as well as the implications the horrors that may look if you continue to tread past the known universe for whatever goal you have.

I won't be illustrating this as I lack the satisfactory skills but I did want to make my thoughts known.

Crowley would depict that card as the universe with a woman intwined with a serpent which obvious sexual and tantric connotations. It keeps the circular pattern but does not bound it by Orobous. It looks like he may have subsituted them for the zodiac?

On topic of the zodiacal attributions:

Eagle = top left, has 13 feathers which links it with Atu 13 and the DEATH CARD of which Scorpio (WATER) is assigned and the Eagle plays a part in its symbology.

Man = bears numbers 1 to 7 on his ears (not clearly illustrated)  and this adds up to ATU 17, THE STAR and Aquarius (Air)

Lion = 11 locks of hair = LUST CARD which is attributed to LEO (Fire)

Bull = 5 locks of hair which links it with the HIEROPHANT which is attributed to Taurus (Earth)

Other world cards I like:,h_430,al_c,q_90/file.jpg,h_569,al_c,q_85,usm_1.20_1.00_0.01/519991_fba10c31acca40ff83f4c5f5d8182d8a~mv2_d_2416_1549_s_2.webp

Promethea's take on the universe tarot:

Lounge / Re: What are you doing right now?
« on: September 02, 2018, 01:11:24 am »
Catching up on Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I think the nature of the Mauve Zone means it doesn't matter if it was fictional or not, as fictional creation and art held a metaphysical importance to Grant. If we're going back to Thelemic and 93 current and Lovecraftian mythos, then whatever forces these are either across the abyss, transplutonic, our stellar can't be described by the human brain incredibly well so what we have is sort of filtered impressions of them by various artists. Grant clearly holds a respect for Lovecraft and with his views of the mauve zone and his views on fiction setting up the precedent for chaos magic's view on fiction, it's pretty obvious that he found immense value in Lovecraft as a description of metaphysical forces that are hard to explain otherwise. Hell, he even admits that his own writing style is pieced in a way to evoke certain "realities" into being. Scintallions in Mauve is another good read.

I just finished the Dark Lord and I'm about to finish Nightside of Eden now. I really like current, over-all, and while I did find some of Levanda's speculations went too far, I think a lot of it is a pretty good foundation to begin analysis. Between Nightside of Eden and The Dark Lord, I'm really beginning to love the Typhonian tradition. It has hints of would what become the Acosmic tradition, they need to go back to nature before the artificial constructs of men. It's really brought back the forbidden and dangerous glamour to occultism that's been missing to it for years to me, having it be just a normal thing now. I sure as hell won't be working with the QLipoth without more training of myself but I am now more interested in a theoritcal study. What I can see myself working with is the Mauve Zone, that draws my most interest and I feel like I've already begun it. I plan to delve more into. For this reason, my next Grant books will probably be Hekate's Fountain and Beyond the Mauve Zone.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Reading Koetting's "Evoking Eternity"
« on: August 28, 2018, 09:04:03 pm »
And on note as approaching if demons as if they were forgotten gods to the paradigm shift approach, then do that and throw the demonology book away. If it's like Baal, there's enough information to actually invoke Baal the God instead of the demon. If there's not enough information available to that, then there's not enough information to say the Demon is derived from a former God. And I'd also note that derived does not mean equivalent to. Now, once you've gotten the basics of evocation and you can definitely expiriment and investigate for yourself and alter it how you need and see the links, which goes more to chaos magic approach, which goes back to understanding the basics of the tech.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Reading Koetting's "Evoking Eternity"
« on: August 28, 2018, 09:00:02 pm »
WHat give me the impression of evocation is:

"For example, he suggests to delve into anything one can find about the entity one wants to evoke and get mentally obsessed with it and the religion it belongs to as best one can in order to develop a connection with it even before one attempts any evocation of it."

Perhaps it could be important to paradigm shift to the religion it's self but becomg obsessed with a demon or elemental is bad occultism 101.

I know people have their problems with popular methods of evocation being rooted in hermeticism but here's the thing you have three approaches possible: one hermiticism(in which elementals and demons are to be ordered around), chaos magic(in which you approach the system however the hell you want as long as you unerstand the basic tech), or full paradigm shift(in which you approach the entity from the system/religin it is derived from- in which case, most would advise against worship of them. It would either resort back to the hermetic view or as a kind of co-existence.) If you want to go to a Satanic approach of evocation, there as classic grimoire approaches to this as well and they don't even advise obsession and worship of these spirits.

The benefit to evocation is that it reduces the need for obsession needed in invocation. Invocation is for God forms, which you will want to be respect or even worshipful towards. Basic elemental invocations, they're quite literally below us in the spiritual heirarchy. Basic elemental of the hermetic view is quite different from other nature spirits such as fairies or wights or anyhting else btw. Demonic evocation requires respect but it also requires control. If don't have to say christian threats but you do want the confidence that you're in control of this deal which leads to a mutual repsect. Becoming obsessed with the demon lead to a loss of control, and treating them more like a god, which is a slow form of invocation. There's no need to become a Lovecraftian protagonist over something as simple as Goetia.

Satanism / Re: "The Satanic Bible" by Michael Aquino
« on: August 28, 2018, 08:46:15 pm »
I really don't want to be too harsh on Aquino because I know some of you deeply respect them and I have a friend who loves Setianism and Aquino's work and to keep what @Onyx  said in mind as well. And while I have my problems with his works earlier in his career, I still respect the man himself and what he contributed to the LHP. However, I do honestly feel TSB is an important back that will bring what he contributed to the LHP to the mainstream due to all the thoughts in my previous reviews.

Satanism / Re: "The Satanic Bible" by Michael Aquino
« on: August 28, 2018, 08:39:12 pm »
Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I'm not a huge fan of Aquino himself. A ton of Setian stuff created by Aquino doesn't really resonate with me, I find work from Thorrson and Kelly and the like have more interesting and novel ideas that are relevant to me nad resonate with me.

A lot of the problems I have with Aquino are still in the Satanic Bible but it sort of forces him to reduce them. Mindstar is not a valid introduction to Aquino for someone like me, because I'd probably bitch about it and throw it away. This Satanic Bible really does highlight the foundations of his Setian philosophy without as much Dogma as possible- I know most of it from reading Don Webb, Thorrson, Kelly but it was good to see it from the source.  I would definitely recommend this to one as a starting point if they wanted to casually understand that whole school of LHP and then spring out- although every other author I mentioned is pretty self-contained, and explains Setian concepts where needed, making TSB not nesecarry. I felt it was one of Aquino's most accessible works and contains the least ammount of flaws.

On the notices of fact errors in this thread, yes, and there's more throughout TSB and all of his work. It's one of my biggest problems with Aquino's work as someone who's academic field and passion is rooted in history. He's just flat-out wrong about history half the time, and when he's not he selectively leaves out information and picks and chooses to re-enforce his world view instead of questioning it, which is the least LHP thing ever. Thankfully, the history lessons contained in The Satanic Bible are rather limited reducing the errors due to christianity's time period being more modern. And anything dubbed "The Bible" is going to have wrong history in it to re-enforce a point of view anyways, at least making it excusable.

Journals / Re: Journal of Nemo 93- (Formerly King Mob)
« on: August 28, 2018, 06:10:21 am »
From wednesday until sunday night(monday morning), I peformed a series of rituals aimed at a common thematic purpose I named "The Xeper Workings." It didn't have anything to do with Set but instead a direction of Will into initiating a new phase in my life, and to let a new "self" come into being.  At the same time, my main intention was for my Self to come into being but I'm starting to see Self/self as two sides of the same coin. I'm honestly fucking exhausted.

I used various tech and rituals from paganism to chaos magic, hypersigils to enochian chess, kitchen magic to my own personal Self/self-expression magic via clothing.  Needless to say, a ton of energy went into it. I tried to applied the energy I put into my first accidental magical working that changed my whole life and started my path into this working. This time, I had the knowledge and experience to do it with more experience, control, and wisdom. This allowed me to accelerate what took me weeks when accidentally doing it into one week while avoding dangers I've exposed myself to in the past on accident.

Synchronicities began emerging during the The Xeper Workings which is always a good sign, and results have already started to manifest! This time, with an rediculously high ammount of synchroncities to confirm result of working rather than coincidence.

While I have officially concluded what I dubbed "The Xeper Workings", it's far from over. To be clear, when I planned this it was to be a series of workings that occured successively over a few nights in a row with little to no breaks putting as much energy as I can into various methods of coming into being, manifesting results to help with this, directing my life, and learning new magical methods and tech that work with an intense supercharge of energy. But this appears to have generated a metaphysical beginning as well- creating a vortex of personal current to tap into in future acts of magic and life. However, The Xeper Workings will remain defined as intended- leaving the sacred nature of the workings intact to my view point.

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