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Journals / Re: Journal of Nemo 93- (Formerly King Mob)
« on: July 22, 2018, 12:46:45 pm »
The only article I had submitted for the next volume of the newsletter was under my former name. It will be kept as such as that's who wrote it. However, I just submitted my first article as Nemo 93  :mrgreen:

You can argue the technicality that I performed the operation I'm documenting as King Mob. However, all those experiences led to the change towards Nemo 93 and thus were analyzed as Nemo 93.

Oh man, I'm envious of the physical copy. Would you recommend sticking it out and reading the trilogies in order or just jump ahead to the second trilogy? Or could I read them in however order I wish?

Other Religions / Re: Thought experiment
« on: July 22, 2018, 07:06:52 am »
We have the liberty of not needing Empires today but imagine the police force as an early empire, such as the Akkadian one, and the serial killer as the forces of nature. When Judiaism formed into a monotheistic religion from their pagan origins, they transfered faith into the Empire into an abstract concept such as God since they were rebelling against the common practices of the Empire they fell under.

They, of course, ended up going the completely other direction and demonizing what who they viewed as oppressors such as Cannanites but my point is you can see how Genesis developed in that day. At that time, it wasn't too unethical- it was just how civilization worked.

Hell, you can see the same thing nearly in all religions- Titans are the primordial forces of nature that Gods protected people from in Greek and Roman Paganism.


Ged x 5, Na x 4, Ged, Gon.

Also, can anyone verify if this image is valid gematria associations?

Journals / Re: Journal of Nemo 93- (Formerly King Mob)
« on: July 20, 2018, 09:28:15 am »
To be a chaos witch, one must live on the verge of chaos. It may seem like an existential abyss to many but it is also the creation of the universe. Chaos is already there and as quantum mechanics as taught us, your observation helps it take shape. You can give it form or plunge into it. Both will strengthen your connection to chaos but you must learn to control it and work with it like a surfer rides waves. If you learn how to fall, you can minimize damage. All forms it takes may be of use and you may have to descend farther into chaos for to find and understand new forms.

General LHP Discussion / Philosophy of Grant Morrison
« on: July 20, 2018, 09:15:37 am »
Great video explaining the occult philosophy of one of my favorite comic book writers.

Journals / Re: Fr. Sisyphus' Archives
« on: July 20, 2018, 09:14:43 am »
Yeah, there's a bunch of intentional stuff there. Actually, I'm reading Kenneth Grant now and mentions the mysteries of time and it unravelling. Non-linear time is something that's gaining more popularity in certain occult circles, with Alan Moore always writing about it but Billy Brujo has mentioned it recently. Grant Morrison went full non-linear with Nameless. Order of Leviathan as well as Apophis sort of get into it. I'm wondering if the theories of current aeons existing cocurrently could be a time of non-linear time shenanigans in the objective universe as well as microcosmic. It would re-define currents. Ma'at Magick's most, if not only, valuable additions was tapping into a future current. Grant Morrison's work with Aeon of Ma'at in Invisibles and now Nameless makes me want to revisit the concept but through Kenneth Grant's lovecraftian eyes.

If you get a chance, look at the differences between the script for the final episode of the original Twin Peaks run and compare it to what Lynch changed it too. Lynch alters his scenes all the time after seeing them. He certainly has buddhist influences but most of his work seems to spawn from a subconcious place. Also, lol I just googled muave zone and the first result was spoilers for Twin Peaks season 3. I think Peter J Carrol comes closed to realizing the power of Lovecraft's paradigm in the sense of completely destroying old Aeon ideas- including stuff that Crowley probably would have embraced. It seems like a way to completely re-write your whole reality with existential alien forces. Something Kenneth Grant would have loved, it happened to come out a year before the publication of the first issue of Nameless by Grant Morrison that was a hypersigil to declare the Aeon of Horus-Ma'at. Perhaps this Lovecraftian stuff embodies fear of what's to come? That'd possibly link it to the Black Lodge concept. The Secret History of Twin Peaks actually makes a lot of references to real-life conspiracy theories as well such as meaning in the appearance of UFO's after the Atomic Bomb. I don't really go for the UFO stuff but there's this recurring theme of the atomic bomb. Also, Lynch has talked about how ideas in general comes from a meditative state which reminds me a lot of Morrison's view on fiction in general.

Speaking of grant, you could read Animal Man-Flex Mentallo-Invisibles-Filth-Seven Soldiers-Final Crisis-Multiversity-Nameless and see an over-all philosophy emerge. He's even said he writes his stuff as ritual now. His All Star Superman would fit in there too and perhaps is Batman and Justice League runs. It's an intersting paradigm he constructs and I quite like it. I have no idea how it relates to Grant other than the Ma'at stuff and Lovecraft stuff. Also, interesting to note: Grant Morrison got into comics because he was afraid of the atomic bomb and saw superheroes as an idea that could beat it. They're all obviously well read so there are going to be connections but so much of the way it fits in seemed to be obscured by their respective subconcious filter.

Does Hekate Fountain have anything to do with Hekate herself? I've become interested in Typhonian Trilogies with a current mystery I'm probing.

At the moment, I'm reading the trilogies in order- providing I can find the pdfs. I'm on the magical revival at the moment which is, slightly disapointing.

I like his view a lot and he has a few things I haven't thought of but most I agree with and what little new stuff he divulges should be more in-depth. I'm looking forward to the later books much more.

Reading / Re: What are you reading?
« on: July 19, 2018, 12:49:09 am »
I'm currently reading Magical Revival by Kenneth Grant.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Reading Koetting's "Evoking Eternity"
« on: July 18, 2018, 06:20:45 am »
Sounds like that book is giving directions for invoking, not evoking. Invoking it is quite advisable to become obsessed to draw closer to the diety as well as know what to look for synchronicities. One should be in control of evocation and I would find obsession should be discouraged, both before and after the actual ritual.

Any expiriment should be performed multiple times, including occult ones, but I found my first ritual with Goetia completely awesome and worked without a doubt. Everyone's different.

I would recommend the Crowley/DuQuette version of the Goetia. There's valuable correlations to astrology and tarot that are great help in figuring a entities personality and effects.

I'd recommend the Scarlet Imprint True Grimoire and Crossed Keys instead of the traditional Grimorium Verum and Black Dragon.

I'd also recommend King Paimin as long as he suits your needs, he's been great to work with.

Journals / Re: Journal of Nemo 93- (Formerly King Mob)
« on: July 18, 2018, 04:53:23 am »
I literally just remembered I'm a member of the Dragon Rouge. Time to go download their pdfs and I see what I can find of use to add to my new paradigm.

I also feel like I'm being pointed in the direction of Typhonian texts as clues to the ongoing mystery I'm investigating.

In praxis, I'd probably describe myself as a chaos witch right now. I'm working with intuition in Chaos Magick (and it's Chaosism subparadigm) and Paganism(in conjuction with Hekate) at the moment when it comes to rituals for praxis.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Your Shadow
« on: July 18, 2018, 04:42:51 am »
@Liu  whether I'm creating or destroying, I often feel on the verge of the abyss and therefore my shadow on the Left-Hand Path.

Journals / Re: Fr. Sisyphus' Archives
« on: July 18, 2018, 04:30:22 am »
@Frater Sisyphus  As far as I know, Theosophy referred to Black Lodge and White Lodge simply as a description of two paths but it was Crowley that revealed the tropes of Black Lodge that would be later seen in Twin Peaks.

I'm too starting to think Crowley's Book of the Law tapped into something bigger. I think Lovecraft, Lynch, and Morrison may also be prophets of the same current. There's a lot of synchronicity around their works in similarities.

I'm starting to believe Kenneth Grant that Lovecraft was inspired by the same sources which is in argument he makes in magical revival. You can find articles on the synchronicities that Twin Peaks is causing but there's a plot point that links the creation of Bob and other stuff to the Atomic Bomb testing. This isn't the first time a plot like that has been used with Grant Morrison speculating that the Atomic Bomb test accidentally summoned Azathoth and some divine elements fell through reality. While Invisibles is fiction, there's a channelend nature to the work as a hypersigil. There's a common conpiracy theory that Parson's Babalon working re-opened the gateway to the Black Lodge. Parsons is also part of Twin Peaks lore.

If you take Kenneth Grant's argument that Lovecraft based his stories off of dreas giving the prophet theory more credence, than you could argue the same for Lynch particulary in the new series. Twin Peaks has a lot of influence from Theosophy so this could just be coincidence from research as Frost is big on all of this stuff but the artistic touches of Lynch tapping into it with his subconcious is interesting. I'd be curious if Lynch or Frost added in the residents of the Black Lodge described by Crowley.

Oh, and Grant Morrison goes on to use a Lovecraftian Horror Comic as a hyper sigil to declare the Aeon of Horus-Ma'at. I'm not sure exactly how he did that as I interpreted it much differently but there's a nice thourough work of fiction tapping into this larger current that's amusing if not interesting.

At the end of the day, this leads me to believe the best way to approach the current is through eschewing everything that doesn't resonate with your own and forging your own relationship with which is exactly what I've been doing. I feel like you can conjuct stuff in post-modern ways- Sleep No More is a great example of the black lodge concept done post-modernly but almost completely original.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Your Shadow
« on: July 17, 2018, 08:56:43 am »
I'm starting to play around the the idea of shadowmancy.

There's a ton of resources out there on working with your own shadow, wether it be Jung or New Age. Hell, you could probably classify Crowley's take on Goetia as shadow work if you really wanted too.

I love Jungian psychology so I personally think reconciliation with the shadow is the way to go. In fact, reconnection with shadow might help with what I'm thinking with shadowmancy.

I've noticed how dynamic shadows are when you control the light source- shining a flashlight on an object in the dark can create some really interesting patterns. It can be really fascinating with the right object to play with. I feel it can be turned into a form of magic but I'm not quite sure how yet.

Journals / Re: Journal of Nemo 93- (Formerly King Mob)
« on: July 17, 2018, 08:52:52 am »
Forgive me if I've been a little absent. I'm working hard or hardly working on bettering myself at the moment. I feel into such a slack over the summer break, I'm starting accellerated clased and find it hard to re-adjust. In addition to this, I'm sort of trying to re-arrange and improve my personal life in a few ways. Gonna work on trying hard in college starting tomorrow.

As I've esentially cemented my paradigm. As such, I can now use it to *improve* my life and support it again like I used to. I think c h a o s w a v e is what I'm going to call my concept as a joke, particularly an inside joke with a friend.

I wish I had more thoughts to share on the my main board but all my occultism has been so specific to myself that I don't have much I can add. However, I decided my next article for TIS will be on servitors as they're my main focus of expirimentation now, and intuition based magic.

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