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Music / Re: NEW GHOST!!!!!!
« on: April 20, 2018, 07:58:31 pm »
I've been pretty excited about this.

I love the new PAPA. He's still Cardinal Copia (translates to Cardinal Mistake) at the moment but I like his comedic personality. I was not a big fan of III with II being my favorite despite loving them all almost equally.

For anyone unfamiliar with the band's albums they're each concept albums.

I- Conception of Anti-Christ

II- Birth of Antichrist

III-Abscence of God (I assume the anti-christ taking control of the world)

IV God's back and he's pissed (the new one coming out, hence the theme of plagues in the merchandise and music.)

General LHP Discussion / Re: I'm done with Horus/RHP (rant)
« on: April 20, 2018, 07:55:26 pm »
I'm gonna totally outskirt the metaphysical stuff her because that doesn't seem to be the issue and I have no answer for it even if it was.

I'm sorry you're experiencing pain right now and I know it can be challenging to look at the world and wish it was a better place. It really does, I've been there before.

What I believe all occultism, LHP and RHP, leads to is sense of complete responsibility. At times, we have to surrender to what we can't control and acknowledge there's no satisfactory explanation for why this happens.

But this surrender doesn't mean we completely give up, just that we refocus our energy on what can help us and the people we care about. There's pain and there's beauty, and they all exist in people and the line isn't always clear. Pain and trauma is like a virus, people experience it in some way and unhealthy coping ends with it being spread. We have the choice of acknowledging it and channeling it into something positive for ourselves or others. We can create music or beautiful art to express ourselves fully, for example, among many other things.

I'm not trying to sound all optimistic and bullshit and I know the ability to do this can seem like a tiny fucking consolation prize in the grand scheme of things but sometimes a consolation prize can fulfill us with great meaning for even just a little bit. Also, don't be afraid to feel whatever you're going through or talk about it with people and just acknowledge it. It's important to let ourselves experience and live out the pain, as much as it fucking sucks, so that we can stay whole and in control of ourselves.

Journals / Re: King Mob- Journal II
« on: April 20, 2018, 07:44:59 pm »
I'm back, school is over in a couple weeks.

A recent experience may have led end of a recent ordeal that was preventing interactions from others as well.

My old magical name is no longer relevant so I have chose a different name, I'll be writing articles and participating under NEMO 93 now (although I wish my articles written before today still be published under the former magical name.)

I hope everyone is doing well!

Reading / Re: What are you reading?
« on: April 09, 2018, 10:24:39 pm »
I've been incredibly busy with school so I haven't had the time to read as much.

However, my friend gifted me his used copy of pseudonomicon and I breezed through it because of the size.

I really enjoyed it, you could strip it of Lovecraft imagery and applied to to occultism or chaos magick shamanism very easily.

There appears to be great merit in working with it on Lovecraftian terms and I'd hesitate to deal with Lovecraftian paths without knowledge from it in retrospect. I think pairing this with Hine's Necronomicon from EPOCH would have very strong results in Lovecraftian magick and may be the best approach.

@Deidre  It would be a subective truth but that wouldn't make it any less real.

Objective truth would be stuff we can prove such as science.

Personal subjective truth would be branches of philosophy, religion, and various beliefs. However, I personally feel that term subjective truth means they can be just as valuable as objective truth. I like to think of it was viewing objective truth through your own personal lens, in a way.

Journals / Re: King Mob- Journal II
« on: April 01, 2018, 09:40:00 am »
I'm just about caught up in everything.  :)

I don't think I did too well on my french test.  :(

I just have to finish catching up in French and I should be good.

I have mid-term and a research paper to write this coming week and the week after, however.

So that means I should be slowly becoming more active.

Journals / Re: Fr. Sisyphus' Archives
« on: March 29, 2018, 07:49:35 am »
In my opinion:

Hadit is Kundalini.

Nuit is the embodiment of the "everything is of god" philosophy from LHP Hinduism like the Aghori who worship Shiva.

Babalon is the archetype that Lilith, Hekate, and so on belong to.

Horus is the Crowned and Conquering Child representing the individual entaining full englithement in life, Ra-Hoor-Khuit's anger is more an emobidiment of Neitzsche to me. Will to power, anti-slave morality and so on.

@Olive  I'll reply more in depth when I have time but I'll try to reply as much as I can now.

The reason Goebbels probably gave you a strang vibe is because he was the Nazi Minister of Propaganda.

But I think it's good practice. I'll often do the reverse, write down a word or name in runes and then try to interpret it in how it applies to that name.

For moon, Laguz would definitely be similar as would Dagaz. Dagaz means day light but often in practice it means emerging into the night to be greeted by the day so think of it's shape as a serpent path between the Moon and Sun tarot cards. The other option is Menaz-Othalo-Othalo-Nathiz to see what that gives you. Or Laguz-Uruz-Nauthiz-Ansuz-Rhaido. I personally feel the latter option of lunar is more relevant than moon just on instinct alone.

Divination is great but it's only half the practice, I'd recommend working with them for sorcery too. With divintion and learning them intelectually and emotionally through practice and meditation, you can learn a lot but there's so much mystery to them. You often don't know how they'll behave until you use them a couple times. And then each rune interacts with each other differently hence all the rune formulas like ALU. For, example Ansuz-Rhaido may have each rune contain a somewhat different or radically different meaning than Ansuz-Laguz-Urochs.

So it's good to practical exercise to see the runes in action and study old icelandic grimoires. If that sounds more disruptive then preferred, well Odin did have to sacrficie himself to himself to gain the Runes.

@Frater V.I.M. I like the amendment that Peter J. Carrol made to the phrase: "Nothing has absolute truth, Everything Remains Possible."  :)

It allows for the truths that we can consensully agree are factual but takes into account the progressiveness of science among other things as they're constantly changing. Sure, gravity remains a universal constant here at planet earth but if you go to another planet, there's an entirely different gravity.

Sure, you can try to disprove the Bible as much as you want with facts but if no beliefs hold absolute truth, working with it in an occult sense still remains possible as there's no more proof for chaos magic, setianism, norse mythology hinduism etc than there is for the bible. Any attempt to explain why this is ends up in: chaos magic(already covered lack of proof), astral and egregores(lack of proof), jungian psychoanalysis(which incredibly useful and more scientific then the other few, Jung's sometime seen as less academic with less proof than others his work is more useful to therapists who cater to an individual approach and realize science can't determine everything about a human.)

So- nothing has absolute truth thus everything remains possible because it implies some grain of truth may be in a lot of things.   :)

@Olive It sounds like I'll have to research that language. I'm about to get into Gnosticism but language in general is a current fascination. I'll probably be able to point you in the right direction if you give me the time.

Mennaz is man. To me, it represents the potential of man and his power to accomplish stuff as well as the magical ability of man. It's not quite Yew, the higher self, but man as he is which is stronger and powerful enough to enact outer and inner transformation.

Ehwaz, I admittely need to learn more on. It's generally used for friendship(but different from Wunjo which is joy often associated to kinsmanship) but more as a forming or breaking of friendships in Galdr work and intepreted that way in divinatory work. But it's meaning of horse has lead some to associate it with astral travel So over all it would probably link to maybe emotions or more- partnership. The horse one rides is a partner, whether that be friendship or your Fetch(a part of the soul.)

I generally go for the Nordic or Kabbalistic views of the soul that make mind/body/soul categorizatin limited and inaccurate. I'd say my Kabbalistic views are a bias and not applicable her but given that Nordic views have a similar but not the same view of how the soul breaks down, I'd say trying to find runes into the 3 fold division is not helpful. While I'm far from an expert and am more of a beginner, it's also worth noting that the runes are known to have different meanings on different planes of the Yggdrasil the world tree so there is way more to these Runes then the simplified meanings you and I both know. What I'm trying to say is my knowledge is probably close to yours with slightly more reading- and I have no idea how flawed it is at the moment as it takes a lot of practice to be even an intermediate.

Journals / Re: King Mob- Journal II
« on: March 27, 2018, 05:33:52 am »
@Frater Sisyphus

Thanks! I've been out sick on and off a few weeks and it's really interuppted my flow and put me behind. Luckily, I have a tudor for French and did a chaos magick pop culture ritual for will power. I'm gonna try to catch up with one course tonight but I also have to get up early.

It's a shame because there's a lot of interesting threads and I've noticed it's a lot more active.

I might be on here and there depending on how fast I get everything done.

Journals / Re: King Mob- Journal II
« on: March 27, 2018, 01:25:27 am »
Hey guys, I'll be gone for a week or so while I make up college work.

Reading / Re: What are you reading?
« on: March 22, 2018, 04:28:24 am »
Just read oven-ready chaos and am going through Prime Chaos right now.

It's a fantastic break from Peter J Carrol's scientific and pretentious approach(which has necessary fundamentals and interesting paradigm of it's own) but Phil Hine is a nice emotional counterpart to it which is not to neglect.

He lays out all the theories and concept in it's most basic form which can be instrunctional for the beginner or applicable to the experienced magician seeking to shed un-needed complexity.

His stress on using fictional characters for the resonation with the individual is great for stripping away pretentiousness and seriousness while exploring the roots of magick. If you can do this with Spock and get results then you have to re-think the nature of any other magick you do. He stresses always approaching magick with a beginner's mind as to find out what works and what doesn't and why rather than to presume you know someting.

The main take-away is that magick, and chaos magick, is chaotic. Don't listen to anyone, do your own thing, and learn. Work meditation into your schedule(like when doing the dishes) rather than a commited time and program if that keeps you doing it. If you feel and impulse or urge, follow it rather than stick to a commited thing as that re-ignites your passion and may take you on the best divergent to experience it.

I'm applying all this to my life and want to do some chaos magick with fictional work to build up certain areas in my life that need it.

I also particularly enjoy his views on the HGA being a "mask" of chaos personal to you than a fixed static being as that is somewhat my interpetation of the ritual found in Liber Samekh- the bornless one being chaos.

Setianism / Re: Invocation of Set
« on: March 20, 2018, 09:26:33 pm »
@Onyx  I really like that, I need to add it to my griomoire.

@Setamontet I believe I have the old version of your invocation already in my grimoire.

I can't believe I missed the biggest flaw.

As Albert Camus points out, to say that nothing is true would imply that the statement "nothing is true" is a falsehood. Therefore there must be some statements that are truthhoods.

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