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Satanism / Re: Niners and feminism
« on: Today at 02:32:03 pm »
Which paganism are you referring to? There were a lot of different pagan cultures in Europe, with different gender roles. In Rome for example, women held a much better position than in Athens.

And matrilineal doesn't mean gender equality or matriarchy. Just look at this:
In almost all matrilineal societies in the data set, wives are supposed to submit to their husbands. And if you look into the old testament, you won't get the impression that the society in which it developed held women in high regard.

Downplay or obliterate the sacred feminine? Really?

Is that why Catholic sinners pray "Hail Mary, full of grace..."? Is that why there are more Virgin Mary's than pokemon? Yes, it is called "the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost", but this has no relation whatsoever to the holy family of Mother, Son, and God (because fuck Joseph).
I don't think that was about the holy family, but rather about the mythologies of other cultures which often include both father and mother deities.

You do have a point regarding courtship and virgin worship in literature and art, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything for how things were in most of actual society.

Most importantly... Am I wrong about anything here? I'm very familiar with Eastern religion, but unfortunately very unfamiliar with Satanism.

Well most Satanists wouldn't consider the ONA to be a form of Satanism. Not even many Niners themselves consider themselves Satanists from what I heard.

Lounge / Re: Meta discussion
« on: Today at 05:36:55 am »
Pretty sure because the admins are busy with other things in life.

Regarding IPs, indefinitely it seems. Considering the EU laws on that, this should really be changed, though, as it's now illegal to store the IPs from users from the EU for any longer than is necessary for strictly technical reasons, unless you have their explicit consent.

The main purpose for storing IPs, based on my experiences as a mod elsewhere, is being able to block spammers and making sure that a person isn't lying through their teeth regarding where they come from. With the new law you have only a short time frame (few days at the very most) to check an IP address to see whether you e.g. have several users using the same IP and thereby breaking website rules, in order to have a justification to ban them.

Vampyrism / Re: Lilith
« on: August 10, 2020, 09:59:46 am »
Lilith as with any 'deity' is only as powerful or dangerous as you make them. Lilith perceived as a vampire of some sort begins with later interpretations of Hebrew Mysticism and Her relation with the Klippoth. Her origin is from Mesopotamia in the form of Lilitu and was not a vampire but rather a Storm Demoness. Her characteristics were similar to the concept of one's Daemon/HGA or Spirit double/familiar and in this respect is the same as the Arabic Qarina and is of the Djinn Tribe of Shaitans. She is also called Tabi'ah or Ukht and would be aligned closer to that of the Egyptian Ka.
I heard of Liliths Mesopotamian origin before, but some parts of what you wrote are entirely new to me, especially about the lilitu being storm spirits and not night spirits. But then, I don't know any Akkadian and only very little Sumerian, so I can't really look into the original sources.
Why would you say she was similar in concept to the HGA etc? I thought the lilitu already in Mesopotamian culture were seen as negative, e.g. bringers of disease.

Lounge / Re: A night visitor
« on: August 03, 2020, 06:21:55 pm »
No one I know personally, just some weblogs I read a while ago.

Well if that relationship is since 40 years as you say, it seems very unlikely to me that it would be the cause for current problems.

On the contrary - if it's not the cause and your friend nevertheless breaks up the relationship, then he's worse off than before because he then also lost a friend.

Lounge / Re: A night visitor
« on: August 03, 2020, 08:40:28 am »
Well if there haven't been any problems in 40 years and your friend gets along well with this spirit I would see no reason to do anything about that.

Also, even if it's a succubus that doesn't mean that's bad, I heard of some people who are in a harmonious relationship with a succubus.

All that applies independent of whether it's actually a spirit or just a dream figure.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Joseph Campbell anyone?
« on: July 30, 2020, 04:17:01 pm »
Yes, even academically still recommendable I think, even if possibly simplifying things too much.

I haven't really read much by him myself, though, nor is that my field of expertise.

I've got his recommended reading list for his course on comparative mythology somewhere if anyone is interested.
Well my reading list is already huge, but sure!

General LHP Discussion / Re: explaining your system to new people
« on: July 30, 2020, 11:45:57 am »
I also don't usually talk about it much.

In real life I say I'm agnostic (but might mention that I'm interested in esoteric stuff if I know the other person is, which is rare) and perhaps that I'm a pantheist.
On websites on spirituality I might go a bit more into detail, but usually I end up explaining merely what Satanism or the LHP is in general .

Satanism / Re: anarcho satanism
« on: July 27, 2020, 03:23:18 pm »
Still, different forms of societies seem to lead to different forms of states, though - the hunter-gatherer societies are pretty much anarchistic, whereas in other societies, other forms of states are common as well.
It's not really clear-cut, but if you look for example here:
If you sort by the last column, which is about how much the society relies on gathering, you can see that those societies who rely on it highly have no or little stratification.
Similar here:
Almost all societies in which gathering plays any role in this dataset are stateless.
(admittedly based on a fairly small sample)

If you compare that with agricultural societies you get a much more mixed picture:

Introductions / Re: Hey there
« on: July 19, 2020, 09:45:38 am »

Not sure I ever heard of someone pursuing intentional NDEs, but guess that's a thing ^^

Regarding RHP/LHP, we had some discussions about the definitions of those here, and to a large degree it's just social constructs anyway. Recently also heard a definition by a (self-proclaimed) RHP pagan, which differs a lot from our parlance here (theirs is closer to the definition by Blavatsky), whereas what we call RHP tends to be almost unpracticeable. And I encountered a follower of Loki who said he often gets defamed as an LHPer for his trickster-approach to spirituality and hadn't ever heard it being used positively - whereas in our circles, "RHPer" is what's used as the insult.

Introductions / Re: Introductions
« on: July 19, 2020, 09:38:19 am »
Hey, you people can call me 9sync. I’m fairly new to all this stuff and I look forward to learning more and interacting with this community! If you ever want to teach me anything and or talk I would gladly accept.

Welcome, it's good to have you.

Guess you wanted to welcome the new member in the other thread rather than this one who hasn't logged in in half a year?

Satanism / Re: anarcho satanism
« on: July 18, 2020, 07:09:05 am »
Based on what I learned about current hunter-gatherer societies, those seem to be as egalitarian as you can get among humans. Their ethics are usually based on, do what you want unless you interfere with what someone else wants to do, and never order someone to do something, not even your own children.
If you compare agricultural societies in the same regions, those are much more hierarchical.

So, difficult to get there in our economic system, but at least something to look into as inspiration.

But I'm not an anthropologist, so this is only based on what I heard from anthropologists.

With pagan harvest festivals approaching, also something to think about in regards to how one relates or doesn't relate to agricultural mythology of that kind.

And as additional food for thought: In anticosmic satanism, the myth of Cain is interpreted as one of the move from herbalism (i.e. hunter-gatherers more or less), represented by Cain, to agriculturalism, represented by Abel. I think the usual interpretation is rather one of agriculture (Cain) vs. pastorialism (Abel) based on their sacrifices, though, which would also fit into the nomadic society this myth was formed in (if it was), yet I can see how one could also re-interpret them, and it's fun how this re-interpretation is common in one of the most anti-society forms of satanism.

General LHP Discussion / Re: R.I.P. Ips. Michael A. Aquino
« on: July 07, 2020, 05:44:14 pm »

Wow. i guess i never heard. Or maybe I did and forgot

I had a bunch of shit going on in my life at the time, so I wasn't really involved with the forums let alone magic.
As I understand it, it was only made public a week ago or so.

General LHP Discussion / Re: R.I.P. Ips. Michael A. Aquino
« on: July 05, 2020, 06:27:54 pm »
Had heard of his declining health and been wondering how he's doing.
Well, he achieved quite a bit - founded a religion, and a good one at that. May he continue remanifesting.


Dislacimer: I'm not anticosmic, nor do I think we have any active users here currently that are anticosmic, not sure. And I haven't read either of the books you mention. What I have read of anticosmic material is part of Liber Azerate and two of Vexior's books.

My own relation to the anticosmic approach is that it seems to cause its practitioners to make great devotional art that I enjoy.

I'm pretty sure the TotBL invented Azerate (or gave/channeled that name to/from an existing entity, if you prefer).

Some of the anticosmic satanists I encountered would say, yes, it will make you insane, you aren't ready for it if you aren't fully committed, etc.pp. It's quite difficult to tell what they mean and what they just say (to separate the chaff, to spread misinformation, for fun, or for whatever reason). But some that I know a bit more closely would rather say, it's less about whether it's literally true and more about whether it helps you in your personal life (and those would also strongly distance themselves from any fascist associations, and even the others, while using fascist symbols tend to clarify that any form of the lhp is diametrically opposed to fascism and they only use the symbols due to the effect it has on other people).

That said, imo it (as any individual-focused path) should be compatible with any previous pantheon. Yet especially regarding Odin they might say that he's on the cosmic side of things. Really depends on how you interpret the myths and what's your worldview and so on.

General LHP Discussion / Re: over reliance on magic
« on: June 30, 2020, 06:23:35 pm »
One of my favorite uses of devotion is to build it up pointing at someone or something I believe to be better than myself, then once I'm ready, breaking that illusion of its superiority and pointing all the dangling references left around my head to refer to myself instead.

With the proper theology you don't necessarily have to cut the ties in order to have the references additionally also point to yourself.

I think it's worth differentiating between depending on the continued effects of a single cause, vs depending on continued new causes. Some of my everyday practices might be described as magical by an observer, but they're habits that don't cost me a new exertion of effort to continue once they're in place, so I don't regard them as being new workings in any meaningful sense. Choosing to establish such a habit is absolutely a new working, though -- it's quite costly in time, energy, thought, etc. To me, a "big working" usually revolves around identifying and clarifying a particular goal and then evaluating all my habits and amending them to increase the probability of the goal being attained. Then again, I find major changes to feel more like a subtractive process than an additive one, so the closer I get to having the world around me exactly how I want it, the less often I find it appropriate to make high-risk/high-reward modifications.

I more often encounter the problem of a (more or less established) habit taking up too much energy. In that case it usually either just fades out of usage or I do some general spring cleaning of habits and then slowly add in again new ones. It doesn't feel like big workings to me, I actually rather tend to feel energized from these kinds of workings as it gives me a clearer idea of current goals and how to get to them.

But I have a ritualized way of establishing new habits, so basically an established, albeit partially irregular, habit for it.

Been starting to read Tiny Habits a bit ago and discussing the approach, which gave me some ideas to further refine that process.

Sure it doesn't always go smoothly, and sometimes I have to try a couple strategies before finding a set of habits that works. And before each major change there is a phase of partially subconscious struggling to figure out how to go about things.

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