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To add to this little bit of comedy:

Hypocrisy and lies:

The hypocrisy is that this is coming from a group who has tried every way that they can to claim trademark and copyright on a symbol that no one within the CoS created. When it gets down to the ground zero level, they are willing to literally go line by squiggly line to show how that theirs is unique.

In the same article we have this lie:

nor do we have a problem with their Sabrina show, which we’ve previously discussed.

In the hyperlink they provide it takes us back to the original article which CoS CEO Gilmore states,

Ultimately, it seems these current references, particularly in these Netflix and FX shows, are the price we pay for being prominent in contemporary media. The shows’ producers can easily claim these are parodies. Their dialogue establishes that none of this is meant to be taken seriously, that these are over-the-top exaggerations for what are meant to be entertaining programs. This is nothing new as there have been better parodies of Satanism and I’ve covered them in Laughing Best—Humorists Take On Satanism. However, these recent efforts fulfill the sort of Christian fantasies about Satanism that were rampant during The Satanic Panic. While the demographics suggest that the viewership of AHS and Sabrina likely won’t confuse these mockeries of Satanism with our legally recognized iconoclastic religion, I wouldn’t be surprised if less sophisticated viewers might take these as somehow being accurate and thereby feel they need to direct hostility towards actual Satanists who are “out” to society. Thus the current Satanic Unease could possibly escalate. We’ll be monitoring such developments as this trend plays out.

So, yes, it would seem that the CoS does have a problem with both AHS and Sabrina.

All of this is in contrast to Stanton Z LaVey who said that not only is AHS one of his favorite shows, but that his Grandfather would have liked and had fun with his portrayal.

On a slightly different note, however, I must admit that the CoS's recent obsession with pedophilia seems a bit out of character if not down right disturbing.

Vampyrism / Re: Vampyrism vs Omnivory
« on: November 12, 2018, 03:47:40 am »

May I ask what kind of feeding you are referring to?
In another thread you mentioned both blood and energy - but neither believing in a metaphysical power of blood, nor being able to perceive energy, and considering that the examples you give seem rather of the low-magick kind of techniques with much more tangible benefits, I wonder what it actually is you are talking about.

For starters, I would never encourage anyone to believe anything.


Instead, I would suggest if something seems as though it has the potential of being useful for you, test it to see if you can validate it.  If you don't feel it could be useful for you, then there is no need to force yourself to test it out.

As per energy, this could be emotional energy, sexual energy, vibes that you pick up from a person or a place.  One very simple way to notice a shift in energy is to visit an emergency room on a weekend night. Pay keen attention to various situations as well as the emotional outpouring. This could also be done at a funeral, or a concert or sporting event.

Likewise, it could also be money, physical tasks, or support in an endeavor.

Really the possibilities are as endless as the human population itself which is slightly over 7 billion.

The techniques can be done by touch, sight, or mental contact. It is a matter of drawing the life force in.

If by predatorhood you include any kind of using other people for your purposes, then I would strongly suspect that everyone does that, if conscious or not, and a vampyre would then being someone both conscious of and good at it.

Depending on the type of feeding this is quite correct.

How? From my experience, will alone doesn't make one energetic - or perhaps I just didn't try hard enough (and thin I already am). If I want to be more energetic I normally instead try to achieve it (with only partial success) by providing as much sleep and food as my body seems to ask for (which seems to be a lot), and have never used any drugs like tobacco or caffeine (with the exception of rarely some green or black tea and the occasional beer that would rather have the opposite effect).
Sure, also for that, will is helpful in order to maintain e.g. a proper sleeping rhythm, but just willing myself to be energetic has the opposite effect if anything.

The dichotomy presented by Idgo is rather explicit:

I could become thinner and more energetic by permitting myself to develop a nicotine habit, for instance, but the tradeoffs of health drawbacks and the inconvenience of maintaining a consistent supply of the requisite materials inspire me to remain without it instead.

Not only would I respectfully argue that it is a false dichotomy, I would also say that it would seem to be a rather self-defeating belief.

What it says is that to become thinner and have greater amounts of energy that developing a nicotine habit could be useful achieve this goal. The suggestion being that some kind of a trade off must take place.

This also flies in the face of the reality that there are plenty of overweight people who are low on energy and who also have nicotine habits.

To be clear, I did not suggest that someone could simply Will themselves to do anything. That is only half true.

What I did, in fact, say that through Willpower the above mentioned choice would be quite undesirable and possible to do with out, yet still having it all without the trade off.

That Willpower would be to develop healthy habits that could assist in weight loss as well as not relying on a nicotine dependence to do so.

For example, it may at first be difficult to wake up in the morning and do a few exercises. However, with sufficient Willpower, it is quite possible to do. Likewise, it may not be easy to adapt to a healthy diet, again, with sufficient Willpower it is quite possible. With sufficient Willpower there are plenty of people who have broken nicotine habits.

It is always more useful to realize that there are an unlimited amount of choices to be made without having to present yourself with a choice involving bad and worse. Discrimination is the key here.

Examining all choices and making those that are both useful and beneficial seems like a winning combination to me. :)

Vampyrism / Re: Vampyrism vs Omnivory
« on: November 07, 2018, 06:54:09 pm »
I could become thinner and more energetic by permitting myself to develop a nicotine habit, for instance, but the tradeoffs of health drawbacks and the inconvenience of maintaining a consistent supply of the requisite materials inspire me to remain without it instead.

That presents a false dichotomy.  With sufficient Willpower one can be nicotine free as well as thin and energetic.  Having it all is possible. :)

For circumstances where I make a choice about dependence that'd be more widely regarded as "wrong", we need look no further than my choice to dwell in a rural area rather than an urban one -- my fondness for partially decoupling my food and water supply from those of hundreds of densely packed neighbors loses me the benefits of access to certain jobs, public transit, nearby restaurants, cultural activities, and other incentives.

Who says that your choice here is "wrong"?

Each individual must do what is useful to them.  If you are satisfied, happy, and find your living situation useful then you do not need other validation in my opinion.

Vampyrism, though, holds a closer analogy of the choice about where to live.

In the context of my above answer that is true.

Again, it is a matter of personal choice.

It is also a matter of subjectivity.

Each individual views strengths, weaknesses, limitations, useful, and useless as it applies to them.

While it is easy to get caught up in the claptrap of right or wrong, only the individual can each assess what best suits his needs.

Vampyres make no pretense of being perfect.

Quite the opposite really.

Vampyrism starts off on the premise that we are not perfect and offers us ways to strengthen ourselves in ways to benefit us. It also promotes total self acceptance of exactly who and what we are flaws and all.

Even having said that, I would still maintain that Vampyrism is clearly not for everyone.

The choice is always yours.

I have answered you to the very best of my ability.

Vampyrism / Re: Welcome Vampyres
« on: November 07, 2018, 05:07:54 pm »
I see what you are saying. I did not word it correctly. My apologies. Thank you for pointing it out. I have revised it accordingly. 

Vampyrism / Re: Enchantment
« on: November 07, 2018, 04:31:30 am »

I'm curious how you'd similarly quantify aspects of "Charm", distinct from the other techniques on the list.

In the same way that a person can be attractive but have no idea how to use that attraction. For example, you could maintain eye contact, use various speech patterns and such, yet have no idea how to use it to control others.

Vampyrism / Re: Welcome Vampyres
« on: November 07, 2018, 04:26:34 am »
I apologize for any confusion here. I do understand that there are those who feed by the physical consumption of blood only. There are also those who feed by energy only. Then there are those who feed by both.

It is not my purpose or the purpose of this forum to impose any of these methods one way or the other. Rather it is the job of the parties interested to discriminate as per all paradigms and what one (if any) work best for you.

Vampyrism / Re: Brief Introduction To Vampyrism
« on: November 07, 2018, 04:22:06 am »
In answer to your first question, on one hand, like with anything else someone feels drawn to something. On the other hand, there is not any rational explanation as to why these certain types of things are more appealing than anything else.

That is what really begins your quest. Not only with Vampyrism but really with anything that you embark on.

Through exploration, you may stumble across the Vampyre. Perhaps first in fiction, then by way of those who call themselves lifestylers, then through houses, covens, organizations and the like. Maybe you find yourself fitting into one or more of those categories. Maybe you aren't only comfortable in one, but in several. No less, there is a feeling of coming home. Something within the realm of the Vampyre is giving you an understanding of things that you have always felt or done but have never truly understood. At this point you are awakening to your nature.  As for houses or groups, like many other paradigms some people learn better in groups and others on their own.

In case you haven't been able to tell from several of my other responses, awareness is the key.

You must ask yourself who and what you are.

You must also then find out what you are not.

Again, there is no difference here than the journey as presented by the Major Arcana of the Tarot for instance.

It is about testing.

Test your beliefs, test yourself, test what you are told, test what you read.

Simply doing that alone sets anyone apart from the masses in my opinion.

In those tests you may find that you have a connection to the Vampyre in it's various forms. You then may chose to study further and test what you study. Ultimately you either find yourself to be a Vampyre or you don't.

It really is just that simple.

There is no wand that one can wave over you and magically change you.

Unlike being a Satanist (born and not made) one can choose to become a Vampyre. This is done through study and practice. This can also be done solitary or by group.

As far as what differentiates the Human from the Vampyre, a perfect analogy to be made is that if one has to ask how much something costs they can't afford it to begin with.

The same applies here.

If you have to ask the difference between a Human and a Vampyre after a cursory study, chances are good that you aren't a Vampyre. I don't say this to be evasive, rather, this is a conclusion that you have indicated that you have come to via your own studies, and I cannot validate your thoughts, experiences, or feelings. This is something that you must do for yourself. It sounds as though you have, and based upon that question, I would agree by way of what you have presented here.

The only drawbacks or limitations of the Vampyre are those that for whatever reason he will not overcome.

One thing that I would point out that may be of use is the value that the Vampyre places on life.

Go out and ask anyone you like if it were possible to physically live forever if they would choose to do so (and science may well make that a possibility). The resounding answer that you get in spades is no. The Vampyre would gladly embrace such potential.

As for your assumption to one of your answers to your second question, if I may ask, is why do you believe these things?  Based on several of the things you have written, it seems (and I could be wrong) that you equate dependence of any kind with something negative. Have you ever asked yourself why that you hold that view? Then questioned the reason that you give for that answer and continue to question it down to the core? Likewise, would you say that you are not dependent on anyone or anything? If you are do you consider it a weakness? If so why? 

If I have misunderstood your feelings about dependence please accept my apologies. If I am correct, perhaps there is something to learn about yourself.

I hope that you have found this to be of assistance.



Waaaah we're the only Satanists! Why does nobody understand how cool and chill we are? Why can't we just be accepted?! We're such victims!!!! Modern horror is literally all to make fun of CoS!!!

What he fails to realize is that it simply boils down to a dearth of creativity and reliance on cultural tropes to market and sell anything. Since the predominate culture in America is Judeo-Christian, it's obvious their simply going to make content that plays on the fears and misunderstandings for financial reasons. This is entertainment, after all, and that means fiction is OK.

The real Satanists just don't care if we're accepted or not, but if he cares why hasn't his organization to do a damn thing to change the public views? If he's truly the authority of Satanism why doesn't he act like it? Well, it's simple... He knows he doesn't have that authority, because that authority comes from respect earned by defending it. When, and if, he publicly appears it's always some mealy-mouthed rambling about atheism and how Church of Satan pretends. This type of view, when presented, is just something even the audience can't even respect. He can't change a single heart or mind because he's got all the impact of a wet noodle.

I mean, think of the context... An atheist troll (how the audience generally is going to see him) is enraged because of fictional portrayals of characters which he himself believes are fictional. It makes my head spin, but if I was an atheist Satanist I'd just be like, "Yeah, so what they're insulting my non-religion with fantasy it's about as important to me as when a long-haired white guy is the villain on some crime show."

edit -- and I find it terribly amusing that both me and Adam think Gilmore is mealy-mouthed. :D

I don't find myself disagreeing with any of this. As for Gilmore being mealy-mouthed, I have been of that opinion for years. Just out of curiosity why do you find it amusing?

I am not so much arguing the legal right of an exact image stolen as I am the principal.

For example, in AHS Anton LaVey and The Chuch of Satan are mentioned by name in reference to an act of human sacrifice. Obviously the CoS cannot claim slander on ASL's name, that would be up to members of his family (I think), but as the  current CEO of the Church of Satan, Gilmore could certainly attempt to make a slander case as the CoS in all of it's years of existence has never condoned such an act.

Will he?

I doubt it. He seems content to bitch and moan on the internet. Though perhaps I am giving him a bit too much credit here, he may also be pragmatic enough to understand that the franchise AHS and the network that distributes it would be able to crush him in terms of legal financing.

Thus far, unless my understanding is incorrect, Lucien Greaves has done little more than threaten a lawsuit and tweeted, none of which seem to be shaking Netflix's tree. Again, were he to be fully pragmatic, it is likely that TST's legal funds would be no match for that of Netflix.

Threatening to or even following through with filing a lawsuit certainly sounds impressive. However, we must also be mindful of the success which ultimately is the deciding factor. For instance, has The Satanic Temple yet to find a permanent home for their Baphomet statue in Oklahoma?

What I do find interesting is that these seemingly warring Satanic groups (TST and CoS) are both complaining about essentially the same thing at the same time and in part over the same fictional show (Gilmore's article also mentions The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). Also both groups are claiming similar things.

Without, knowing much about Lucien Greaves, I will say that there seems to be a similar trait to Gilmore as well here: The Stick Up Your Ass Syndrome.

With Gilmore, I think that he has disillusioned himself over the years to believing that his mealy mouthed white washing of Satanic concepts along with his pencil pouch demeanor has somehow thrust Satanism into the upper echelons of society. I could be wrong, but I get the impression that to a degree that Greaves feels that because The Satanic Temple has social causes that he also has elevated Satanism into a more accepting role for the masses.

IMO here is where both fall short: Satanism was never intended to be a religion for the masses or one that was to try to prove itself worthy of such an acceptance. Time was that Satanists would be disgusted by such grovelling and pandering.

The other thing that both of these organizations seem to miss is that they are actually promoting these shows more than the other way around. They need these Devil's (shows) far more than these Devil's need them. It is through this prism that one can see a major shift in dynamics. Remember the days that Bob Larson and others invited prominent Satanists on their shows to boost their ratings? They needed those Devils.

Personally, I think that the mass marketing of Satanism has made it both a blessing and a curse by way of mainstream acceptance. As an old timer, my idea of Satanism wasn't to go into a Hot Topic and see the Sigil of Baphomet on t-shirts and such. In that sense I miss the days when we were a bit more feared. On the other hand, when such marketing is prevalent and accepted it is now more easy than ever before for those true Satanists to claim to be nothing more than fans of the genre when confronted. Let them laugh, write it off as fictional shock tactics, and practice privately as always now with an added layer of fictional protection to fall back on.

That's my two or three cents. 

Vampyrism / Re: Vampyre Missive
« on: November 04, 2018, 07:33:39 pm »
Thank you for both your feedback and response.

I have also noted other responses to my posts and I will try to answer those later tonight.

First, you are correct. There is always a choice to be made in everything. I am sure you have heard the old cliche, "It wasn't as if so and so had a gun held to their head." The implication being that if a gun is held to someone's head that the person does not have a choice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even in such an extreme circumstance there is a choice that can be made.

With regard to everyone being a Vampyre but just not being aware of it, it seems that there may be a partial misunderstanding. This could have been conveyed by my wording and if so I apologize. Having potential is the key here. As with anything, some people are cut out for certain things, while others are not. Then there are those in the middle. Think here of someone who can prepare a very good meal but is not a chef and would not have the full potential to be one. My wording is purposeful with the hope that something will indeed resonate with those who have the potential. As Crowley observed of Magick, anyone who gathers a pen, paper, and a means of publishing is engaging in an act of Magick. That said, how many professional writers are aware that they are doing this?

What is this potential? Try as human beings may to deny this, some are predatory as is their Will while others are likewise prey. Those with Vampyric potential are predatory and recognize themselves to be such. Are narcissistic types attracted to Vampyrism? Yes. However, where a true narcissist would fall short is in their failed desire to understand and empathize with anyone beyond themselves. Every predator has both somewhat of an interest in and understanding of their prey. Hopefully this conveys a Vampyric refinement.  It is with this very study and understanding of human beings that you can identify what it is that you want from them and what you need to do to take it. Again, though, we circle back to awareness.

As you seem to grasp, everyone is indeed dependent upon something in order to survive. If you don't believe that try to go for a complete month without drinking or any other means of staying hydrated. You could also take an index finger and thumb to your nose and firmly pinch it shut while keeping your mouth closed to find out exactly how dependent upon air that you are. Is that dependence a weakness or a drawback?

That said, if you are actively engaging in predatory acts to gain power over human beings, you are, as you indicate making a choice. This negates dependence as is the case with life being dependent upon breathing air.  This is the choice that in your own words for whatever your reasons you decline.

By the standards set forth in the Missive: We are predators. You're choice would disqualify you as a Vampyre just as you have also found yourself disqualified in whatever other studies that you have conducted.

I hope that I have clarified any misgivings.

Vampyrism / Vampyre Missive
« on: November 04, 2018, 03:21:20 am »

It is what we drain from others.

This can be by the way of an outpouring of entertainment, emotion, beauty, energy, personality, gifts, money, and time. (This, of, course is discounting altogether the Vampyric science of blood transfusions and so forth).

In short we are predators.

Whenever we take life, it invigorates us. It gives us a needed rush, a burst of energy and so forth.

There isn't really room for "white-light" Vampyres.

Certainly, there are those who try, by claiming that they only take from willing donors and so forth. Where this claim fails though is that whether or not you have a donor the act itself is still predatory. You can opt to raise your own cattle and other livestock and perhaps take it's life more humanely than a corporation ran farm. However, in no way does it eliminate the fact that you are still draining the life force of another for your own benefit. 

Unlike other people, we make no excuses or apologies for our selfish nature.

That is one thing that separates us.

It isn't that other people, in fact it could be argued, every species acts within it's own self interest, but the Vampyre is one who admits and embraces this fact.

While that side of the Vampyre has been seen extensively throughout myth, literature, and history, there is also another side. 

Just as we take life, we also can give life.

While this may seem to be a contradiction at first glance, it is actually a completed cycle.

For example, while going to a movie, people in the audience are offering up their money, their time, emotion and their energy while the actors, directors, producers, and film companies take it away from you.

In turn, the film, it's presentation, production, and actors involved are also giving you a more refined version of what you have sacrificed to them. You feel the rush, the emotion, the outpouring of energy as you see your favorite actors and actresses while living vicariously in a state of suspended disbelief for a matter of a couple of hours. At the very least, it gives you an escape from your immediate reality. It also has the potential to inspire you with new thoughts and ideas that perhaps you may also bring to creation.

Vampyres understand creation all too well. We were created. We then created mythologies, and in turn inspired others to create various depictions of us.

Many of you may have heard of or be familiar with Thoughtform Magick.

For those who have not, the short version of it is creating something and sending it into the "real world" from the thought alone.

To a degree people do this all of the time without even realizing it. The same is true of Magick. Like other Witches Sorcerers, Magicians, and Occultists the Vampyre is aware, and that is something else that separates us from the masses.

Since Vampyres are aware of the types of life force that they take and what each type has the potential to do, we are also capable of knowing how to give it back or to create something from nothing.

Anything needs some kind of energy, some kind of life to exist. If it doesn't or if it is something that isn't intended for long term use, it is quickly disposed of. But at the very least, life energy was used to create even the most seemingly useless object.

With regard to the giving or giving back of life, the Vampyre understands that he is doing this for his own need, joy, amusement, or enhancement. Again, it is done selfishly. This is not to say that others cannot or will not benefit from it as we will see in the following essays, but at it's core it is a predatory understanding that all acts are selfish.

There will be following essays that will all tie together concerning reality (what it is and what it isn't) and the creation of reality, Thoughtforms, transformations, and so forth. But for now, the above will likely serve as a bedrock of all that is to follow.

I would like to hear your thoughts, questions, or ideas. Is there any part of this that you can relate to? What parts make sense and what don't?

Also, after you have read this, take some time to ponder and meditate of what kinds of life that you may be taking and what if any are you giving back. Compare that to what you may or may not have been aware of before you read this.

All feedback welcome.

I saw that.

As Anton LaVey once observed, when someone takes themselves too seriously, there is little room for anyone to take them serious at all.

Then, on the other side of that we have their nemesis group The Satanic Temple contemplating suing Netflix:

So for all of the public fighting between the groups it is looking more and more like they are opposite horns on the same goat. ;)

Announcements / Re: The Imperishable Star volume IV!
« on: November 04, 2018, 01:59:04 am »
Awesome job with this!

It looks great. Thank you for putting my words in there. :)

Satanism / Re: fictional religions that resemble Satanism?
« on: October 24, 2018, 02:18:22 am »
This is an excellent question IMO.

Perhaps it is also something that I will include in a subsequent article for The Imperishable Star as a part of my ongoing series.

To answer your question, I will begin by asking another: What is a fictional religion?

All religions have their own mythology that they draw from. Satanism is no exception to this rule. For Satanism as it has been known since 1966, I will get more specific to your point.

Depending upon who you talk to as well as clips that can be found on Satanis, the Church of Satan was started as a publicity vehicle designed to make money for Anton LaVey that was in part conceived by a Hollywood publicity man named Edward Webber. This was of course banking off of the already happening occult scene in San Francisco at the time. Furthermore, it rode the very fictional coattails of Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin later turned into a film by Roman Polanski, in which fictional claims such as Anton LaVey making a cameo of the Devil were made.

With that as with anything else, the question centers around reality. What reality is and what it isn't.

If something is unreal, no one would ever know of it as unreal does not exist.

Any thought, idea, dream, etc are in fact very real. For anyone who says, "Ah, but a dream is only a dream.", My question would be, "Do you then deny that you really had the dream?"

All of this will get into a topic that I eventually will cover in the Vampyre Child Boards, which centers around reality. The point here that I will get to, is that it is vitally important to remember that all experience is real. Having said that, you are not the experience.

Enter now into Thoughtform.

Ideas and thoughts are started within the SU and then sent out into the OU which will then have the capability of reaching other SU's and having a changing effect.

That is LBM...and without saying, when effective these thoughts or ideas take on a life of their own.

In order to have a continued existence though these TF's must be fed. From the stand point of religion, belief is the blood that feeds. Once such a TF has been fed sufficiently, it becomes a vital existence, after years, decades, or centuries, they have been fed enough to be realities. This is also similar to Carl Jung's Collective Conscious.

Finally, any fiction has the capability of becoming an existing and consistent reality.

When you study the Magic of cinema and how it molds and creates the rest of the world at large, you have a real case of the Dragon chasing it's tail. Where does one start and the other begin and who initiated the process...or when it gets to a certain point does it even matter?

At one point there indeed was a fictional religion that represented Satanism. Enough people fed it, that it has existed for over fifty years and is a reality. Has there been others that resemble it?


I hope that this helps. 

Lounge / Re: Hello To All.
« on: October 07, 2018, 07:08:17 am »
@Dark Light 444 I remember seeing you there from time to time. Welcome.

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