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General LHP Discussion / Re: Naturalistic Occultism Moving Foreward
« on: June 30, 2020, 01:04:53 am »
After the work is complete, the author suggests submitting material for peer-review. Simplified, find a practice meant to produce measurable phenomena with practical use, do the thing, record EXACTLY WHAT YOU EXPERIENCED AS YOU EXPERIENCED IT free of bias, summary, hypothosis, ect, then use canonical scientific data to form hypothetical conclusions to explain what was recorded.

I personally find this a wonderful proposition. I am personally of the belief that magic works, but the mechanism fails a universal definition. Is it psychological, spiritual, or a combination of the two? I think this peer review concept would do great to minimize personal bias and subjectivity, as long as the reviewer is aware of her own bias as well. Are you planning on conducting a group experiment to test this process you've laid out?

Absolutely,  I'm trying to tie some loose ends with another project first though.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Naturalistic Occultism Moving Foreward
« on: June 26, 2020, 01:55:09 am »
Agreed. I actually think that this ita a necessity. There are a lot of separate disciplines of parapsychology that are inaccessible to your everyday occultist and many that are flat insane. This standardization allows phenomenon to be compared without having to change your practice or vocabulary, just how it's recorded and shared. I can dig the method like I said,  just not the culture.

Current Events / Re: Crazy Shit of The Day, ONA?
« on: June 25, 2020, 01:59:09 pm »
I almost posted about this last night too!

Fucking O9A, what a toxic meme.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Naturalistic Occultism Moving Foreward
« on: June 25, 2020, 11:37:05 am »
Please excuse the lack of quotations, I'm short on time at the moment.

Liu: The tone set by the author is more anti-capitalistic in relation to the production of marketable metaphysical content. Like publishing a self-help book or selling a 200 dollar course. Its both "Knowledge should be free," and "Seeking wealth inhibits understanding." So far as I can tell he doesn't condemn the consumption of said materials. This is in line with his goal to standardize and formalize spiritual study & theory. I think that formalization is what sets apart the self-identified Illuminist. In essence, he wants the term Illuminist to apply to spirituality and magic as the term scientist applies to naturalism.

His definition of "Materialistic aim" is more classic. He's talking about the pursuit of riches. Money and stuff. I posit that material gain enables greater spiritual development, especially if esoteric practice is employed to 'secure the bag' so to speak.

Beleren: You're correct about Noetic attainment via scientific methodology. As I mentioned, the approach was built around "The methods of science, the aim of religion." The author attempts to build a methodical standardized approach for recording and studying esoteric practice while simultaneously establishing a culture of studious integrity and rigor mirroring that of contemporary science.

The "4-step method of naturalistic occultism" Which I have decided to re-term as the "Illuministic method," because I'm not typing that again goes as follows:

1: Formulation of the practice via Pragmatism

2:Performance of the practice itself

3: Recording the practice via Phenomenology

4:Interpretation and explanation of practice and results via Natrualism

After the work is complete, the author suggests submitting material for peer-review. Simplified, find a practice meant to produce measurable phenomena with practical use, do the thing, record EXACTLY WHAT YOU EXPERIENCED AS YOU EXPERIENCED IT free of bias, summary, hypothosis, ect, then use canonical scientific data to form hypothetical conclusions to explain what was recorded.

Chaos magic is typically defined by whoever is practicing it, and you're right. They're by nature the most difficult practitioners to generalize. I took his attempt to summarize the practice of these individuals and subsequent condemnation of their practice as "materialistic," as a massive cultural over-sight.

All aside, he's right. Standardizing study will develop the field. I just think the culture he's trying to push relies to heavily upon the practitioner re-defining their practice. The culture isn't a big deal, the method is.

Satanism / Re: anarcho satanism
« on: June 17, 2020, 09:53:37 am »
How would you prevent violent crime or justify cultural and economic progression without a Leviathan? ( The concept of society as given in your previous post implies that Anarchy only benefits those living "beneath society," But it can be argued that without society we'd all just be living under each other with no reasonable authority to regulate crime and commerce.

In fact if you buy into the idea that reduction in violence directly correlates to developmental potential in a state, there is historical evidence that demonstrates a decline in commerce would follow a state collapse, which one could reasonably assume would lead to the end of technological progression and a focus shift towards maintaining individual basic needs, even on a community level. I don't see how anyone's religious development would benefit from that.

Funny enough that is a myth about the wild west with a few incidents blown up, and gun control was in full force back then there. Actually, the coal wars back east was a lot more violent than the wild west ever was.

I'd contest this fact on the grounds that it contradicts government sourced crime data. In 1860-1865 there are some figures that show 8x more violence in the American Frontier compared to New England and Europe ( and those elevated homicide rates are still reflected in today's crime statistics with most southern/western states boasting >4 per 100,000 compared to <2 per 100,000 on the east coast (Excluding NY at 2.9). Angels of our better nature: Why violence has declined by Steven Pinker is a good read if you find these statistics interesting/informative, Although I didn't use the book to source this post.

General LHP Discussion / Naturalistic Occultism Moving Foreward
« on: June 17, 2020, 07:42:49 am »
Hello All,

  I wanted to send out some feelers and see if any of you use the Methods of Scientific Illuminism in your practice. I'm still pretty early in IAO131's book but the Society of Scientific Illuminism's website is inactive, and there is a spattering of New-age looking search results when you search them. I wonder how imbedded these practices are in LHP disciplines, and I especially wonder about Chaotes. The author contrasted his methods against those of three categories of esoteric traditions (which he states are over-simplifications provided to elucidate his point) to include New Age, Hermeticism, and Chaos Magick.

  Chaotes were stated to be pragmatic but overly materialistic, and IAO131 thinks this materialistic focus prevents individual spiritual goal. I would argue that not all practitioners are the same, and that even if materialistic acquisition is the goal, the means of attaining that goal lead to personal development, and the increased availability of metaphysical tool.

 He also holds a deep aversion for charlatans and promoters of spiritual consumerism (Self-help books, homeopathy, expensive and dogmatic metaphysical book courses, ect) and it reflects in his disdain for materialistic pursuits, implying that most practitioners focusing on material goals are unable to see past "Attainment," and are more likely to succumb to desires that distract from personal development. His solution is to insert an anti-money making axiom into his definition of Scientific Illuminist. I see this action as highly hypocritical considering I had to buy his book to read that. Anyway, he says,

As Scientific Illuminists, we are wary of commodifying our purposes and methods. Capitalism is so embedded in all of our brains by virtue of the fact of our having been brought up in modern society that the desire to turn a profit from what we are doing is a continual threat.

Which would be fine on its own. Be wary of your own greed. I get that. But then he goes on to say,

We must always reorient ourselves in the direction of progress, both internally (What is often ambiguously called "spiritual progress") and externally (the progress of our theories & methods of occultism as well as the growth of our community). Even if we do turn our attention to the effecting of material ends it must be done in the spirit of exploration and the pursuit of understanding rather than the material ends in and of themselves.

Sounds very solar and selfless IMO. What do you think? And what are your thoughts on Illuminism?

Journals / Re: The Anthology of Km Anu
« on: May 19, 2020, 08:43:14 am »
Proud of myself.

I know the runes very well now.

Journals / Re: The Anthology of Km Anu
« on: May 07, 2020, 01:45:38 pm »
You're contributing to an important task there in any case.
Difficult to distinguish between people having illusions and genuine experiences, and in either case those can be beneficial or harmful, but just telling people they are delusional isn't going to help.

Even with physical ailments, they are much easier to deal with if you take a positive attitude towards them. If a doctor tells you you're fine or that it's nothing serious at least (or if you manage to convince yourself of that on your own), they might disappear on their own accord much faster than if you keep worrying. But telling someone they are sick (be it physically or neurologically) and that they can't do anything about it (not even in how to deal with it) just makes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But yeah, don't make yourself sick trying to help.

Thanks for that, and I agree. The power of suggestion is strong. It's funny, I don't get compassion fatigue, ?I just get.... I don't know. Irritated with the system. I love the patients though. If I ever got rich, I'd probably still do work like this for free.

Journals / Re: The Anthology of Km Anu
« on: May 07, 2020, 05:56:59 am »
Its my Friday  :thumbsup:

I needed to say this to someone. I have another client with immense occult wisdom (or beliefs) that are being documented as delusions of grandeur.

He thinks he interacted with a few religious figures in his life. It just seems like agency. He knows things, and needs a way to explain them. Whatever. I think its more strange to consider yourself chosen by god (as Jesus's follower) to bring about a happy apocalypse or that by doing no harm you'll go to another dimension after you pass (Zen). These fucking sheeple can't be bothered to just listen to a person and set their bias aside before muddying the chart that the doctor uses to diagnose them with a mental illness......forever....with a bs symptom because they don't understand. They never tried to understand. No one does.

If I had the means I would become a doctor and open a practice. I would specialize in re-evaluating those thrown aside, hidden in facilities and homeless shelters, and I would help them reclaim their societal role before they came into being. In nature, these people are fine. NT's can't fathom that there are different ways to interpret the world, and that those differences aren't permanent illnesses. You can't call an inability (Or refusal in some cases) to conform to societal norms a permanent illness. You can't treat psychological behaviors by altering neurology with medicine. Sure you can force the body to reduce activities in areas of the brain, but it should only enable them to make further adjustments themselves. And if they don't want to, LEAVE THEM ALONE.

"But Kehm, then they'll hurt people," Guess what, they already do. They go to a secure treatment facility (T-10), are evaluated for "competency" to stand trial, 80% are deemed incompetent, and then they're "Treated until they are deemed competent to stand trial." Which means that (in practice, by direct observation) They get the charges dropped when their un-curable illness isn't cured. Usually, the problems are behavioral. We aren't slaves to neuropsych, We're adaptive beings that need actual experiences to bring about change. Identifying dude-that-talked-to-me-about-aeonics-and-integrated-learning-through-spiritualism (very pleasant conversationalist by the way. Guy is super erudite) a note that states his beliefs are delusions of grandeur absolutely damages his treatment and gives our doctors justification to seek court ordered commitment. And there isn't anything to be done! No one to tell! Or if there is, IDK who.

Working here is a mixed blessing. These are the people I get to interact with. I can try and make a difference in their lives. I can make them feel valued and heard in an oppressive environment. But the sacrifice, the presence of disparity, the limitations to my ability to serve them....It fucking kills me.

Journals / Re: The Anthology of Km Anu
« on: May 07, 2020, 05:30:17 am »
I've been preoccupied with work, lucky to be employed but it's a hot-mess right now.

We'll all need a vacation after this ._.

Lounge / Re: Poetry
« on: May 06, 2020, 01:39:59 pm »
I really like Cassilda's Song, I use it as an invocation nowadays. Sometimes I add my own expansions and whatnot, so here is one. I'll call it Khemem's song.

Hastor’s light may graze the sea,
A thread of dread that carries me,
Through the night,
Into Carcosa.

Evening brings a giddy dread,
Where shadows stretch from in my head,
The mind doth reach,
Cold Carcosa.

Dew drops stain the widow’s breast,
Glowing red across her dress,
Yet pay no mind,
In Carcosa.

A creature calls out in the night,
Robbed of fear his wings take flight,
But never stray,
Into Carcosa.

Still mist splatters on the rocks,
And both suns rise up from the loch,
Oh blackest dawn,
Rise Carcosa.

Lounge / Re: Poetry
« on: April 30, 2020, 04:54:08 am »
I walk along this path in day, and rest upon it in the night.
I let the weight of lidded light bathe me the calm of sight.
The water falls in early day, I tilt my head to wash away,
The fires of the heated tongues, the sounds of soothing settle numb,
Upon my ears and still I try to fight them off with sticks and knives,
Their jagged edges pierce and stab but in the eve I find my niche.
Each day a new, each morn reborn.
I’m stronger now than those who fight,
I’m wiser now than those who bleed,
Upon my path I’m met with strife, and still I walk through quietly.
The wisdom whispers at my ears and I would drink their solemn sounds,
I press my hands into the sky, and push my base down to the ground.
At long last a journey done, and in it I have called my calm.
I see in me not longingly, A stronger being in the dawn.

Current Events / Re: How are some of you handling this Corona thing
« on: April 30, 2020, 04:29:55 am »
Socializing in 2020

Introductions / Re: Como Emagrecer Rápido Dicas Das Melhores Jeitos
« on: April 30, 2020, 04:25:22 am »

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