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Lounge / Re: How to tell friend/roommate to keep his GF out of my house
« on: November 09, 2019, 04:37:55 am »
Legally you can't tell him who he can and can't have over if he is a tenant, paying or not, but the rules on how that works varies by state IIRC.

However, if he tries to move her in, that you can fight and could easily win, at least legally. Practically might be a little harder.

If you had him sign a lease or sublease when he moved in, you could of included how long guests can stay overnight (so long in a period of time, as is legal to restrict as per your state) that might mitigate some of this.

Assuming it was just a verbal agreement, you could probably just tell him you don't want her overnight. Otherwise, her being there during the day, not so much you can do, unless she is invading your own room, or some "shared" room to make it unusable to everyone else (like the living room).

This is all "legally" of course, practically, you could probably ask anything of them that you wanted as long as the average person wouldn't find it unreasonable, including limiting how often his girlfriend is over.

At least you had him give some rent.

Also, her not respecting your hours and being loud at night, or whenever, you could probably have a case about her disrupting your own place.

Tell your buddy she has to settle down or she isn't allowed over anymore. I'm not sure how easily you could legally enforce this, but he might not want the conflict of defying your wishes and risking eviction.

Introductions / Re: Greetings!
« on: November 09, 2019, 03:00:32 am »
hiya and welcome to the forums! I've seen that page too, we might of run across eachother on it at some point possibly then xD

Lounge / my first ever DJ show and a moment of magic
« on: November 01, 2019, 06:34:58 am »
there was maybe 3 dozen different people I saw, nothing huge, a friend working at the local LGBT center asked me to for their Halloween event.

I posted some photos on my facebook page (have a few more too and video but kept that on my personal page for privacy) but the most interesting one I wanted to show was the one below.

My friend who had me do the DJing asked how i had "lit up" the copy of Simon's Necronomicon and I was dumbfounded, but saw an opportunity and said "black magic!" right as a darn person who had been hanging all day pointed out that the light just lit it up. I was surprised as I had placed the book down long before the main lights went off, let alone before the strobe light came on.

Well lo and behold later when I look at my pictures... indeed whenever it changed from red lights to blue and green, one of the green lights PERFECTLY lit up the sigil. I just put it there with the cobwebs and a couple of other things to complete the spooky look (since the name evokes Lovecraft) for the spooky setlist... little did I know there might of been some form of real, subtle magic going on haha

Admin Note: I fixed the Facebook link, and since the image is a link (rather than an attachment), if you want to see the full-resolution of the image just right-click and select "open in new tab" or whatever. Nice lighting setup @Kapalika. -Onyx

Lounge / Re: I'm in the E.R.
« on: November 01, 2019, 06:24:41 am »
Damn I really hope you come out of it okay! I know we haven't talked much in the last few months but I still consider you a dear friend and I still think about you, hoping you are doing well, but I guess not so much today :(

Really man, get better... sending my thoughts. I'll do a ritual/spell tomorrow to help you recover best I can.

Satanism / Re: 7th Satanic Statement
« on: October 06, 2019, 02:27:01 am »
Following up, if I didn't respond to a specific point from that post I simply didn't have anything of value to add to that section so left it out.

That isn't' what Buddha nature is (although the meaning can vary)

What then do you think it is? I found "potential for enlightenment" at multiple places but maybe they're all parroting the same error.

Essential nature of consciousness, from what I gather is the only universal quality. a Buddhist might give a better answer. Sometimes @crossfire posts here (last seen 4 days ago as of this post), she might have a better answer. I could always attempt to contextualize the other stuff I know with some googling but tbh I don't think I'd do the concept justice.

I go further than that. I consider all enlightenment, regardless of the practitioner's species, as straight up make-believe. A con, a swindle. I've never heard of a single Hindu or Buddhist who seemed to operate on a different plane from the rest of us. Sure, some of them talk about cool things like ahimsa, but talk is cheap. I demand indisputable evidence of a life lived on a different plane of awareness - and that doesn't just mean philanthropy, because lots of rich people engage in that, and as far as I can tell, none of them are enlightened.

Some believe that you can't attain nirvana/moksha while still alive, so there is that.

I'll wait for some evidence. But I'll say this much: if it turns out a kangaroo really can achieve satori or Nirvana and can be demonstrated to have done so, then I will immediately agree that Buddha nature belongs firmly under the umbrella of the 7th Satanic Statement, and I will do it gleefully, because I still say humans can't actually achieve those things. Show me a world where kangaroos can and humans can't and I will laugh my ass off with glee.

Because we don't know what's going on in a kangaroos' head that is going to be a tall order. Rather I wasn't saying they become enlightened, but that some animals just could *be* enlightened from the get-go. But yes, at that point we might be working with a demi-god like being rather than just an animal. Perhaps they manifest as humans so they can communicate with us, and we could explain away the rest with a highly intelligent animal might be able to after it's death (if we hold what I said about some thinking you can only do so after death).

I personally have my own theory about souls and this type of liberation (Moksha) level event; the short of it is that human souls are the only one I can say for sure are able to go to the "next stage" so to speak. I also don't think a whole human soul can reincarnate as an animal as it's too "big" and won't fit.

As a disclaimer though, I am not Buddhist but I think that as a Hindu I'm "adjacent enough" that it might offer some alternatives and/or expansion to the idea to make it viable. Essentially spirituality at all is the prerequisite, and some animals have been observed doing seemingly cultural or spiritual things (I believe I read about some great apes doing a ritual of some kind, and of course I mentioned the elephants already, which in addition, in the past sometimes people have played audio of the dead elephant and the alive ones freaked out).

It's the logical conclusion of no fruit bat every achieving enlightenment. They must have to incarnate as a human to do it. Of course, if humans can't do it either, then the whole thing is just a sham, which is what I strongly expect to be true.

I was more implying extra terrestrial beings with comparable or far superior levels of intelligence and/or consciousness that may or may not be confined to their home planet. Essentially, in the vast Universe, why would things only ever reincarnate within a single planet?

Many modern LH practitioners want power. How does power fit in with satori or Nirvana?

I suppose that the pursuit of boons and powers is more common in Hindu Tantra than Buddhist Tantra. In Hindu Tantra we call powers "Siddhis", however their misuse can cause ignorance (in the Sanskrit sense of the word). Essentially they can be spiritual road blocks or dead ends because they look no further once they attain power, and then they abuse that power. Generally this is why lineages and traditions were put in place, to control who gets access to these powers.

These powers can be used towards "nirvana" or Moksha, but it has to be a tool and not the end in itself. Aghori for example are sought to rid people of "evil" spirits that are hurting someone (but they pose no threat to that tantric, might even commune with them), and to confer blessings. They give these through their Siddhis. Power for power's sake is often subject to the whim of the ego, it has no direction, no purpose. It is like walking around with a hammer just to hammer nails for the sake of hammering nails, or to hammer nails for a reason other than for building something worthwhile.

So talk of power is a little moot if we don't talk about what one wants to do with that power. Many RHP practitioners of various traditions or religions also seek power, they just put it in other language, and I often don't like what certain RHP traditions do with that power (like oppress other groups). Power to them is to maintain a position of  social privilege through the use of irrational taboo and cultural domination.

Setianism / Re: Real practical BM
« on: October 06, 2019, 01:07:32 am »
Bible of the Adversary by Ford if you can handle the editing

The only book by Ford I have ever owned or attempted to read (i tend to stick to physical books) is the one on his Luciferian Tarot deck. I quit the attempt after a couple of pages of terrible editing :D

Well, I asked for clarification because LaVeyans believe in the "supernormal", there is a connotation of some extra natural or unknown quantity to the rituals actually working and not just being psychodrama.

Contrast other forms of atheistic Satanism, and there is no connotation or outright statement of magic being "real" for a lack of a better word.

I have used the former method, with varying levels of success. The latter, I would liken to art or performance art and not much more with about the same level of effectiveness.

I've pretty much always been on the same journey, just that my understanding grew over time and things were added.

Have you experimented with Chaos Magick?

Kinda but not really.

How about atheistic (or I-theistic) Greater Black Magic?

I'm not sure what if meant by this, if it means magic without supernatural connotation or something else.

Do you play around with manipulating people - oh, sorry, Lesser Black Magic?

There's a difference between something benign and malicious. Some amount of social pressure is normal, outright manipulation is not.

Have you seen and acted on the mythological congruity of Lesser Black Magic and the Norse trickster Loki?


Have you ever attempted to bind a demon?

Yep,  but not something I'd usually do.

Have you experimented with serving Satan? (This could be Lucifer, Set, Cthulhu, or whoever holds an interest for you.)

Kinda, but not sure what you mean.

BONUS question here: would serving Satan really just be an odd form of Right Hand Path?

No, it wouldn't necessarily be RHP, LHP comes from both tradition and individualism, the service to a deity is a tool of many in a practitioner's journey. Serving the deity is serving the self by proxy, not just symbolically but also in that you reap the benefits of the spiritual progress.

Have you ever experimented with lycanthropy? Ever worked in that regard with Loki's wolfish son Fenrir?

Nope. Never will.

I already know we have some yes answers to this one: Have you experimented with vampirism?

Whatdya mean by this?

Satanism / Re: 7th Satanic Statement
« on: September 29, 2019, 06:14:01 am »
Yet Buddhism incorporates a belief in reincarnation. Seems dissonant to me.

Ya, but those are "streams of consciousness" they are not egoistic souls and don't carry identity between lives, and depending on what kind of Buddhism we are talking about there may be no belief in reincarnation in the first place.

Buddha nature is understood as the potential for enlightenment, yet for a beast of the field to achieve enlightenment it must first, as far as I can tell, incarnate as a human. I've never heard of anyone claiming to meet an enlightened squirrel. Dissonant.

That isn't' what Buddha nature is (although the meaning can vary), and Bhudda nature is inherent in all sentient beings. Christ conciousness is only in those who are converted to Christanity. That's the big difference. Plus Buddhism is at least agnostic if not non-theistic, Christianity is inherently theistic.

Also to play devil's advocate based on what I do know of Buddhism, who are you to say that the beast isn't already enlightened? Perhaps people don't claim squirrels are enlightened because of their own ego. Perhaps the Squirrel just is, and exists as it should. Elephants can mourn and recognize death: and we keep finding out that dolphins are more intelligent than we previously thought. Perhaps some animals can ponder the same kinds of things, and not be limited by our type of language based thought.

Also, Buddhism doesn't put out of the question that there could be other beings out there, who themselves might be just as if not more easily capable of enlightenment. Who's ever said that something *has* to reincarnate to a human to become enlightened?

Vamachara literally translates as "left-handed attainment" yet I perceive a disconnect between Vamachara and what the Left Hand Path in European cultures has evolved into, as I don't think satori or Nirvana represent what many Left Hand practitioners in European cultures are striving for.

Well again Buddhism doesn't subscribe to the RHP/LHP dichotomy, but I will say that many European based LHP systems rely at least in part on the original tantra in terms of form.

Like music, religion is more influenced by it's peers than by it's own history. I would say that it is the difference of time that makes them more distinct. I don't think there is a disconnect but I've also studied the relationship of the two for most of my practice this last decade or so.


Well glad we agree on something.

No Christ consciousness in possums. No enlightenment in possums. Seems equivalent to me. To say that X has the potential for Y should imply that X can achieve Y, yet in the case of enlightenment, such does not appear to be the case. Dissonant.

Not really, for the reasons I said above. Also, one is theistic (Christianity) the other is agnostic if not atheistic (Buddhism). Buddha nature IS in possums since they are SENTIENT, Christ consciousness is only in born again Christians (ie those who convert).

By the way, I don't believe anyone has ever achieved enlightenment. I think it's a fairy tale.

Dissonant. This dissonance is preferable.

Satanism / Re: 7th Satanic Statement
« on: September 29, 2019, 05:48:37 am »
"modern LHP" . . . would you define this for me?

I'd probably put it as any form of the Left Hand Path that developed or started to develop in the last couple of hundred years about. There isn't any hard lines though, and there is an argument to be made about the amount of cross bleed.

In other words.. LHP that developed modernly, in the modern era (including the Information era too if we don't consider today to be "modern").

Sometimes things are exactly what it says on the tin.

Satanism / Re: 7th Satanic Statement
« on: September 28, 2019, 06:44:25 am »
"No higher nature." That's what "just another animal" means. No Buddha Nature. No Christ Consciousness.

It may mean "no soul" unless we accept the existence of souls in chickens, lobsters, and crocodiles.

Buddhism has no souls, rather the doctrine of anatta ("not self", which at least means the agnostic approach to the existence of souls, if not the outright skepticism and/or nonbelief of them).

In Buddhism, Buddha nature isn't unique to humans, that same Buddha-ness is shared by other animals as well (at least anything that is conscious, as far as I am aware).

There in is actually part of it's justification some sects use for the incorporation of carnal, sexual, or taboo practices within Buddhism. According to them, since it's also part of the Buddha nature, it can be used as a path towards enlightenment.

From my (and many here's) perspectives we would/could say that that type of Buddhist practice and belief is Left Hand Path. Indeed, the Vamachari (LHP) Tantrics of Hinduism had a lot of cross-influence with the Tantric Buddhists. Meditation in Charnel grounds (for Tibet and Nepal, more cremation grounds to the South), cannibalism, partaking in wine, sexual meditation rituals and asceticism were practiced by both.

Despite all that, Buddhism doesn't take into consideration the RHP/LHP division that ancient Hinduism or the modern LHP has, and Buddhism as a whole was considered Nastika by detractors anyways because of it's atheism.

Because of all that, I find that example really misplaced, particularly with the "Christ nature" right beside it.

Satanism / Re: Some CoS inside information
« on: September 21, 2019, 07:53:11 pm »
Ugh. well im about to do some errands so I''ll address what just stuck out to me.

First, yes the LGBT lack certain rights in America depending on where you live, and in a lot of the world. A large part of why I moved to California so was I didn't have to worry about getting fired/not hired for being trans and to have a right to healthcare that I was being denied (as in not even seen even if it had nothing to do with me being trans).

Since moving, I've had the fact that I'm trans (and it's hard to get around since I've not been able to change my name yet) and it's been 0% issue. In West Virginia where i'm from, housing, employment, being denied service at a place of business, and healthcare were not protected. I encountered issues most of those before moving to a place that they were protected under law.

When schools are forcing parents to give teens hormone blockers

That's never and never will happen. If anything the vast majority of trans positive doctors won't even give them to anyone under 18 let alone force anyone to take them. A doctor can't force anyone to take anything.


As for the last thing, that video of the storming of the gamestop, they had been harassing her for quite a while and refusing service. It wasn't just like they misgendered her once and she went off. There is like an hour of shit left out of that and everyone  always take it way out of context, kind of like how the gay cake thing was taken out of context (when they were doxxed by the cake store owners and receiving death threats as a result and it got so bad they had to move, that's what the suit was about).

Always look at the context people.

Satanism / Re: Sexbots
« on: September 20, 2019, 12:28:26 pm »
Many people who prefer sexbots and people who prefer dead bodies have more in common psychologically than many people realize. Anxiety about relationships, fear of intimacy and/or rejection, the desire for an unresistant partner, power over something, a sense of control, ect ect

Of course, there was always that dude who was in "love" with his car on my strange addiction... same thing essentially but more fetishistic.

The only use I'd see for a doll is if you really don't like one night stands and/or wanna fuck something a little less 'human' and more mythical but for me that would be as easy as asking my GF to put on horns and a tail >:)

*starts looking up wearable horns on amazon*

Satanism / Re: Some CoS inside information
« on: September 20, 2019, 12:21:13 pm »
I don't stand up for LGBT+ because I feel it has nothing inherently to do with Satanism

Weird then that Satanists identify as LGBT at a much higher rate than the general population. I would wager that it tangentially does in that Satanism embraces individuality and allows one to live their life as they want, loving who and what they want (so long as it's between consenting adults) without judgement.

LGBT issues are issues of individual freedom and autonomy. It might not be related to Satanism per se but the core idea of personal freedom and empowerment is.

In other words, supporting LGBT rights is one of many logical conclusions of Satanic values, theisic or not.

Satanism / Re: Hate Isn't the way of the Satanist
« on: September 20, 2019, 12:09:53 pm »
Be careful . . . you're slipping your Satanism into Luciferianism  :rolleyes:

I wrote this two years ago. After all the shit I've seen in the last 9 months I might amend some parts if I were to ever rewrite it or if I had written it now.

But... why not both? Satanism and Luciferianism isn't that terribly different, and I consider myself both.

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