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I forgot this, but the most popular Viashnava sects fit Etu's definition of western right hand path. So we got Hindu religions that fit both of his "western" definitions and we can probably point to western religions that fit his "eastern" view and as both me and @Mindmaster pointed out, a lot of religions fall out of these categories. One should wonder what use this copy-paste breakdown / reference of his is. I'd say it's use is almost nothing.

Anyways the main reason I made this topic is whenever the subject has come up on other forums it always derails the conversation so I figured to have the conversation continue here rather than on the other topic which was about something entirely different.

Satanism / Enns and chanting
« on: Today at 12:58:17 pm »
I recently came across this channel on youtube called "Satan and Sons" with chants like this:

Doing some research I came across a blog not unknown to me explaining some of the history:

I've, for the last week or so, started using one of the chants to foster a better connection to one of my deities (one I don't talk much about) and I've had success so far with the chant. This is really my first practical experience using any kind of demonolatry based things or old school grimore type of things.

Wondering if anyone else has had experience with this and just wanting to share the channel.

Be warned, this will probably turn into some big debate.

Perennial philosophy is the understanding that theistic belief systems share a single, universal doctrine. This doctrine posits that the highest good that human life can achieve is through the union with a Supreme Being / Energy of the Universe.

The way in which this is achieved is through the deception of one's conscious awareness into believing that one has been accepted by this Supreme Being / Energy. To absolve one's self into this is antithetic to the western left hand path goals of individuation and autotheism. To become More Than Human should ase the goal.

Symbolically, this resistance to perennialism is the basis of such occult structures as the Tree of Daath and the ideals behind furthering the Fall of the Tree of Life because it is an imperfect Tree and in its place, a new and perfected Tree (that of your subjective universe with you as god) is nurtured.

This is simply over-simplification to the point of making a tragic error in one's understanding. Left-hand path theism almost needs a better set of words, since it is something entirely different. My perspective is that the separation of spiritual and material are delusions, as is the separation of men from their gods. There is just one living breathing energy in an infinitesimal quantity of vehicles. There is no actual separation of me and Satan outside of the limitations of the material world. Thus, there is no need to merge where one is already a part of that vast network. One merely has to pay attention, so to speak. That being said no two theists in the left-hand path see it all the exact same way, but I refer to this as a "hardware limitation" -- it's our own perceptions that are limited in this regard... They are suited for I/O in this material world, they often just become an interference pattern when you go beyond that.

There is no "uniformity of goals" between different belief systems other than outsiders to those systems attempting to make one. These mental gymnastics are performed to please amateur philosophers, pseudo-intellectuals, and occultniks. :D

No mainstream religions really seek union with God in the manner you've described outside of the Hindu belief systems. They're perfectly happy with the God/Man separation and demarcation lines.
As a theist you should see which mega-oversimplified category you fit into:

1) Eastern Right Hand Path: follow a set blueprint in order to unite and dissolve the personal Self into the All.

2) Eastern Left Hand Path: purposely go against the set blueprint to unite and dissolve the Self into the All.

3) Western Right Hand Path: follow a set blueprint in order to enter the afterlife of a specific deity/deities, and remain submissive to them.

4) Western Left Hand Path: use or ignore the blueprint as it benefits or fits with your morals, separates the Self from both the All and deities in order to become a deity themselves.

The word overly generalized and stereotyped might be a better term rather than "mega simplified". But I've grown accustom to expecting such things from 'fundamentalist' types.

You know, a lot of religions today and throughout history worked on having relationships with deities, not always as equals but I would think that @Mindmaster 's leans much more towards something equal. I don't think the ancient Romans or Greeks were concerned with heaven or being submissive and plenty of neo-pagans today would also feel the same in that regard.

As far as Hinduism yes again there are a couple of philosophical schools that will fit the definition you've laid out for "ELHP" but that's just two of 6 orthodox schools and there are a plethora of heterodox schools as well.

Case in point; Lakshman Joo said:

"God and the individual are one. To realize this is the essence of Shaivism."

Notice he says "individual" and the verb "are" indicates clearly that this isn't a cessation of any self hood or even a prccess of a merging. Rather he says "to realize" meaning it's about awareness. So since this is the case, the self has jnana AND kriya.

From the Jaidev Singh commentaries itself:

"The liberated Self in Samkhya-yoga is only Saccit (existenceconsciousness). The Self or Purusa is freed of all pain and suffering, but he has no positive bliss. In Vedanta, the characteristic of Self is saccidananda (existence-consciousness-bliss). There is positive bliss in liberation. But it is only atmananda, the delight of Self. In Siva-vyapti, the entire universe gleams as the wondrous delight of I-consciousness."

Singh's translation was written with extensive commentary from Swami Lakshman Joo, who was one of the last surviving members of the original Trika lineage. If anyone knew what they were talking about, it was him. "I consciousness" can only mean individuated consciousness and yet this is talking about the realized shivagama self, the realization he speaks of in the earlier quote.

It also bears mentioning that Trika can be practiced either RHP or LHP although most of it's history is in LHP and most of it's sects are LHP and it contains some of the oldest known LHP sects in the world. Most practitioners are RHP if I had to guess, based on my interactions online with others of my faith. Kuala is the largest of it's LHP sect that's practiced today from what I can tell as well.

In summary, we can find examples that don't fit into any of those groups and even Hindu Right Hand Path and Left Hand Path that fit closer to your definition of "Western Right Hand Path" than anything else.

I'm going to make a new topic before you derail this one too much

edit: done

Well for me, I would most likely cover some of the major Luciferian sects just due to the fact that in the general population they are also thought to be Satanists. I'd highlight that they are often very different though.

I've been thinking about it and I think (relatively) soon I'll make the video, like probably next month. Caught up with writing and music the next two weeks.

Also to add to my last post, I've not had internet all summer (terrible lines) so that's kinda why I've not really had time; less time to research online.

Satanism / Re: making a list of notable Satanist organizations/sects
« on: September 14, 2018, 10:48:54 pm »
Glad you have, I put the video on hold when I got my current job as my time became more limited (and with me moving soon IDK When I'll do it) I'll make sure to make mention of it wheneverI finally decide to finish my research.

General LHP Discussion / Re: So far successful sigil for faster work days.
« on: September 13, 2018, 05:35:13 am »
Ya, for some reason I thought it somehow used symbols from another language. Since your original lacked some letters I guess it wasn't a big deal mine lacked a few more. A coworker and I joked I should just write out "faster work day" then he suggested I write it as one word. I did and I think it reinforced it after the original symbol got smeared.

This is pretty good sigil work and I'm a little baffled by it's effectiveness. All I really did was draw it, then activate it by giving an incantation and reciting my ritual opening, saying what I wanted and then the closing.

I've always felt sigil work like this is pretty close to tantra just with less chanting. I'm excited to see if maybe I could refine the idea. I think I'll later make my own and swap out some of the words and simplify it as at the time it was a lot of little details to keep in mind.

General LHP Discussion / Re: So far successful sigil for faster work days.
« on: September 13, 2018, 05:22:45 am »
Finally tried it out today, it worked well, maybe too well and I didn't get as much done as I had hoped lol. On a break a friend at work who's also a witch realized that the sigil was made out of the actual english letters... somehow that escaped me.

I didn't recreate it perfect as I was in a hurry, but it seemed to work... realized later i missed a few details.

Did it on the inside of my arm as unless I'm going to burn the paper it's on I always draw it on me.

I'll try a few more times to see if it keeps working and see if there is any change congruent with small changes in the sigil. Not the most scientific as I have no control, but still.

Satanism / Re: "Satanized" by King Satan, your thoughts?
« on: September 11, 2018, 02:16:15 am »
Wow, so that clears it up for me. Thanks for doing that research @Liu  :)

Satanism / Re: Official Warnings on Fundamentalist Pseudo-Satanism
« on: September 11, 2018, 02:13:56 am »
As far as the TST, they are Satanists in the way that LaVeyans are. The TST draws a very direct line from the Romantic literature and other sources ect. From what I can tell it came out of symbolic Satanists who were liberal, as opposed to the more conservative LaVeyans. All the criticisms of the TST could be said of the Church of Satan, except that the Satanic Temple actually does something about their values. For all people talk of the Church of Satan they've not really done much in decades.

That said, I don't think that any source should be "avoided" if we are talking about the 'scholarly' research of an adept. I'm not saying to accept anything, simply though to know of it from a 'historical' viewpoint (so to speak) can't hurt. On the hand of one that is exploring and trying to find their own path... yes many sources can be dangerous but I think it's better to offer healthy alternatives rather than a list of forbidden things least they be lead down a rabbit hole :D Satanists are not the type to not open a door if you say bad things they shouldn't know about are behind it. One could say that since the Serpent brought forbidden knowledge why would we label anything as 'avoid'?

So instead of making lists of stupid/crazy sources I'd rather see a list of good resources.

Other Religions / Re: Astrology and Western religion
« on: September 05, 2018, 08:28:36 am »
Well, it also can't be seen in the southern hemisphere, do they have an analog?

Other Religions / Re: Atheism is a Proposition
« on: September 05, 2018, 08:27:30 am »
I'm transtheist.  I see taking up the theism/atheism dichotomy to be equivalent to a junkie reaching for their fix.

Would love to see an introduction to Transtheism from your perspective sometime.

Transtheism is kind of a wordy topic since it tries to get around, ironically, the limits of language. Paul Tilich is one of the big names when it comes to the topic.

More broadly, in Buddhism the question of deities existing or not is beside the point, and they will use demigods and god like beings (such as Green Tara) as aids but in the end they are just that, and so their exact nature is inconsequential. I guess though that some beliefs about Boddhisattvas being people who gave up Nirvana (temporarily) puts that more so in theism but I don't know how literal that is in Buddhism and to what degree with who and where.

Lounge / Re: Went camping and made an "altar"
« on: September 05, 2018, 08:19:42 am »
It's the original haha. Not that I was suggesting supernatural causes.

Many, almost all rituals I've ever tried to record mysteriously had a lot of technical issues. One in particular from about 6 years ago was all messed out up and unsynced the audio and video by minutes and everything was mysteriously out of order in both. I had never seen anything like it before or after.

My gut tells me that it's because some things are meant to remain occult for a reason. You may not necessarily think it's supernatural but I'd hold it within the realm of possibility. You wanted to mess with other campers, and in it perhaps you were "nudged" by something to align it perfectly, and then the trickster was able to get the joke on you instead! never know :D

Lounge / Re: If a man became a god...
« on: September 05, 2018, 08:14:35 am »
But if you're a god you wouldn't bother yourself with anyone demanding you perform simple tricks to 'prove' anything. You'd be trying to prove it to everyone all the time then and why would you waste your time on that? A god is above such things.

Satanism / "Satanized" by King Satan, your thoughts?
« on: September 05, 2018, 06:57:04 am »
I just came across this and holy crap. It's not the best ever, but in a way I really appreciate that it sounds like it's been written by someone that's no doubt a Satanist without trying to be gimmicky or shock. Just pure, evil old Satanism.  :P

I barely caught the Carl Jung quote in the video itself... and looking at the lyrics it kinda spoke to me as it's actually something I can relate to and I can see things that others here believe or have talked about as well as some of my own beliefs in it.

I'll give my own breakdown below the lyrics. Feel free, rather I'm rather soliciting your impression and thoughts as well!

Quotes in the video itself:

"I've noticed that when people are joking they're usually dead serious, and when they're serious, they're usually pretty funny." - James Douglas Morrison

[under title card]
Or why on earth anyone should hold the archetype/symbol of the Devil if not the highest, at least to a very high value in their life.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness concious." - C.G. Jung


Why I am here?
Trapped between these two fucking worlds?
With a face of an animal, but a soul of a god...
Quiescent instincts, incomplete awareness
Shall be no more... when I remove my skin
And sunder my mind away from my brains

Praise hail Satan, all hail Satan!
A god who invites us to become one
I know you are there, I feel you are there
Hidden deep within the caverns of my soul
Praise the lord, praise the fucKING lord!
He's everything we are but we don't dare to be step outside from yourself
And slay the fucking ghost
Who looks just like you

I am not me before I kneel before thee
As thou is the concept of all of the selfs
As to be what you are and not the one who you think you are
You might need little help from the god of this world

Praise hail Satan, all hail Satan!
God who invites us to become one
I know you are there and I am coming to get you!
I fucking murder you so I can wear your skin so praise the lord, praise the fucKING lord!
He's the one who gave his life for us to blossom
Let's go deep, let's go inwards
And when we hit the rock bottom we are far out in space

Introibo et altare satanas luciferi excelsii
Satanas gratias, satanas vobiscum
Et caro verbum facta est

Praise the lord, praise him!
Take me lord, make me yours
I want you inside of me and use me as you please
I shall be your instrument until I am no more
Hail Satan, praise hail Satan!
True god of this world
Praise him, praise him, praise the lord!

Praise hail Satan, all hail Satan!
A god who invites us to become one
I know you are there and I feel you are there
Hidden deep within the caverns of my soul
Praise the lord! praise the fucKING lord!
For you are the true god of this world
Let's go deep, let's go inwards
And when we hit the rock bottom we are far out in space!

Praise hail Satan! all hail Satan!
Praise hail Satan! praise the lord!
Praise hail Satan! all hail Satan! praise hail Satan!
Praise the fucKING lord!
Praise hail Satan! all hail Satan! praise hail Satan!
Praise hail, praise hail!
Hail Satan!

My breakdown is thus;

The first stanza is talking about the dualistic nature of the spiritual and the carnal. In the end of it it's speaking about the transcendence of the individual self to that of godhood beyond the body.

This directly ties into the second stanza where "a god who invites us to become one". At first I thought this might be touching on nonduality but it probably meant to become "one" as in a god, although for me of course I believe in individualization and nonduality with a deity to occur simultaneously (as I've talked about countless times).

I really like in the second stanza it draws the lines of Satan being at the core of the heart of the practioner, and even touches on the Jungian aspect of Satan as representative as a part of our Shadow ("everything we are but don't dare to be").

It ends the second stanza with saying we should "slay the fucking ghost who looks just like you" and i'm not sure if this is talking about transcending the limited mind but I am also reminded of the zen story about slaying the buddha.

"I am not me before I kneel before thee" the Satanist does not come into their own until they embrace Satan. The rest of the third stanza is of course expressing the role of an archetype in guiding in self evolution. I really love the last line, how it rolls on the song.

in the fourth stanza "I fucking murder you so i can wear your skin" reminds me of different horror movies or shows or w/e where killers would do that to "become" their victim. In this context I take it to be an extreme way of saying that he seeks to become Satan. Again with the "God who invites us to become one" I take a nondual interpretation but I'm not sure that is the intent.

"He's the one who gave his life for us to blossom" this one is interesting and I'm not sure what it means, beyond perhaps Satan embodying life.

"Let's god deep" and "when we hit the rock bottom we are far out in space" makes me think of the dual nature of micro/marcocosm and honestly there is an errie similarity with my Satanic Yantra I see in here (in that going down towards the center into the core of the 'self' loops back on the totality of the macrocosm).

then a stanza of latin praising satan. hail satan :D

So then the chick comes in, and well  I gotta admit I want Satan to make me his too and be inside me and make me his instrument :D It's kind of erotic in a way and that weird manic, crazed energy... I've sounded like that before it seems pretty legit to me or is at least very convincing. The singing might not be great but i sense something is real there and so it pierces through me and I see SO MUCH of myself in the way she is saying that that kind of energy and crazed speaking I've done when consumed in Satan's energies. (of course, I'd never do it around others :P)

After that, it repeats previous parts.

So ya, that's my thoughts on it... yours?

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