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General LHP Discussion / Re: Are humans inherently selfish?
« on: February 10, 2019, 05:14:03 pm »
I don't believe human beings are capable of a selfless act.

Setianism / Re: Set as YHWH?
« on: February 02, 2019, 08:21:19 pm »
Interesting info . . . however, the research I have been doing over the last three years for a book highly suggests that Yahweh's origin is that of a pre-Islamic North Arabian rain deity known also to the Midianite and Edomite tribes, the Babylonians, Aramaeans and to the Egyptians as the moon deity YaH or LaH, borrowed from the Arabic SiN deity.

I would like to hear about this, it's a good thread for it.
Book's coming out eventually . . .   :mrgreen:

Setianism / Re: Set as YHWH?
« on: January 31, 2019, 11:42:48 pm »
I came across an interesting take at Set while reading the History of the Devil:

" In spite of the terror which he inspired, Set was originally not merely an evil demon but one of the great deities, who, as such, was feared and propitiated.

Sety I., the second king of the nineteenth dynasty, the shepherd kings, derives his name from the god Seta sign of the high honor in which he was held among the shepherd kings; and indeed we are informed that they regarded Set, or Sutech, as the only true God, the sole deity, who alone was worthy of receiving divine honors.

If the time of the shepherd kings is to be identified with the settlement of Jacob's sons in Egypt, and if the monotheism of the Hyksos is the root of Moses's religion, what food for thought lies in the fact that the same awe of a fearful power that confronts us in life, changes among the Egyptians into the demonology of Set, and among the Israelites into the cult of Yahveh!"

Now, what are truly the odds for this?
I can say that the God of the Old Convenant was a wrathful god. A striking similarity with Set:
" SET, OR SETH, (whom the Greeks called Typhon,) is characterised as "a strong god (a-pahuti), whose anger is to be feared."

"In the tomb of Rekhmara, Set received offerings like other great gods. (and  just like the biblical God)

"Swt" ,the hieroglyphic form for Set is  used to accompany Allah's name implying "Subhanahu wa ta'ala" in Arabic" for Glory to Him, the Exalted". Allah is the Abrahamic God for muslims.

Of course one should ignore completely the creative element since Set rather stands for destruction, but then, there is the creative Set-Heh, both later being demonized and  turned to demons.

"According to the older canon Set is always mentioned among the great deities, but later on he is no longer recognised as a god, and his name is replaced by that of some other god."

The Egyptians of the twenty-second dynasty went so far as to erase Set's name from many of the older inscriptions and even to change the names of former kings that were compounds of Set, such as Set-nekht and others. The crocodile-headed Ceb (also called. Seb or Keb) and similar deities, in so far as their nature was suggestive of Set, suffered a similar degradation; and this, we must assume, was the natural consequence of an increased confidence in the final victory of the influence of the gods of goodness and virtue."

Pardon my profanity, but I think I could see a connection.

As of analogy, horus worshippers demonizing of Set could relate to  the christians abolishment of jewish customs and the rejection of the Old Testament  History repeats.[/]
Interesting info . . . however, the research I have been doing over the last three years for a book highly suggests that Yahweh's origin is that of a pre-Islamic North Arabian rain deity known also to the Midianite and Edomite tribes, the Babylonians, Aramaeans and to the Egyptians as the moon deity YaH or LaH, borrowed from the Arabic SiN deity.

General LHP Discussion / Re: Proof Satan / Prince of Darkness is Nature
« on: January 29, 2019, 11:36:39 pm »
Natural Objective
The natural approach to the objective universe is to endeavor to blend in with it, to harmonize with it, to become one with it. In one mythological context or another, this is the goal of all conventional religions, which view man’s estrangement from the objective universe as something “out of adjustment” at best and “sinful” at worst. Ironically, however, a fundamental paradox is involved which makes such a goal of reunification impossible. The paradox is that the very desire to attain union with the objective universe evidences the individual’s essential separateness from that universe. It follows that any conscious act relative to that universe - even one which seeks to approach it - is an exercise of that separateness.

Non Natural Objective
If one assumes that one is an independent entity moving about in the objective universe, and that one cannot merge one’s consciousness with it - that all attempts to do so are mere illusions and delusions - then one approaches the objective universe as a tool to be used for personal satisfaction. The non-natural/objectivist makes a careful study of the objective universe from his self-realized external perspective, and he includes in that study consideration for the subjective, metaphysical forces that influence human disposition and behavior. He then applies his knowledge to entities and events in the objective universe, to control or at least influence them in accordance with his will. This is defined by the Temple of Set as Lesser Black Magic (LBM).

It will be understood that competence in this art gives the practitioner enormous power to affect situations in ways that could scarcely be understood by those involved, even if they were aware of the various forces being brought to bear on them. It thus follows that rigorous education in ethics is an absolute necessity for would-be Black Magicians - else through ignorance, immaturity, or impulsiveness they bring about unjustified or even unnecessary damage or destruction. As has been noted, the objective universe is in a state of natural equilibrium, and any adjustment to it risks disrupting that equilibrium. Some adjustments are tolerable, and some are even beneficial. But some which seem positive at first glance may be harmful in a larger perspective, as in the extermination of “harmful” mountain lions which ultimately results in over- population and mass starvation of their natural prey.

The adept practitioner of LBM is thus not a crude predator; he is an adjustor, a manipulator, a meta-physician. He does not practice his art for petty egotism, but rather for the greater satisfaction which he derives in the experience and exercise of his wisdom - which as a by-product invariably satisfies whatever material goals he may deem appropriate to the situation.

Natural Subjective
The common factor in both natural/objectivist approaches to the subjective universe is that it is rigidly regarded as insubstantial, impotent, and unreal.

Non Natural Subjective
The individual with a non-natural (“Satanic”) sense of self-awareness need not confront the subjective universe directly. He may be content to use it symbolically, as a device for emphasizing and formalizing his LBM goals. The theory and practice of non-natural interaction with the subjective universe is defined as Greater Black Magic.

It involves first the exploration of one’s subjective universe, other subjective universes which may be involved, and relevant portions of the objective universe to their conceptual frontiers [if not limits]. There follows a precise, coherent, and deliberate focusing of the will of the creative self to adjust features of the subjective universes (personal and others’) to the desired state, which may or may not be “real” in the objective universe.
Dr. Michael A. Aquino

Music / Re: Music thread
« on: January 28, 2019, 10:22:34 pm »
Dark ambience for the ritual chamber created by Setians:
Too bad you can't get a hold of any of the tracks I'm on from the ToS' Black Muse Element!

General LHP Discussion / Re: When to use greater black magic?
« on: January 28, 2019, 11:15:59 am »
Just checked TSB, I guess I was thinking "greater magic" I forgot that "black" wasn't actually in TSB (it's been a while since i read it)
The associations between the western idea of 'black' as in Black Magic go back to ancient Arabic/Persian magic where the root word for Black 'fehm' or 'fhm' means both ‘knowledge’, ‘understanding’, and 'hidden' (occult), it also means the color black.

LaVey also made a point that those who scoff at the idea of curses are the most vulnerable to them, so obviously there is an actual intent of real result via something 'spooky' and not just directed self-evolution or psychodrama.
LaVey & friends may have set down quite a lot of the foundation for what is followed today but this concept I find to be incorrect. Curses (LBM) only have an effect on those who believe them to exist. The best defense against so-called curses is to ignore them because ultimately they are GBM in that they work on one's unconscious mind creating a detrimental change to take place.

General LHP Discussion / Re: "God"
« on: January 27, 2019, 02:10:55 pm »
When I use the term 'God' I am speaking about my Greater Self, when I use 'god' I am speaking about whatever archetypal structure is related to whatever belief system I/We are talking about.

General LHP Discussion / Re: When to use greater black magic?
« on: January 27, 2019, 02:06:40 pm »
At what point do you decide you should resort to black magic instead of trying to solve things through mundane means? Always/often as a supplement, only when mundane options are exhausted, or usually early on?

Do you think the frequency of employing it has any effect on it's overall efficiency?
How are you defining GBM and Black Magic?

Satanism / Re: Satan as nature
« on: January 21, 2019, 07:06:17 pm »
I've since surrendered to putting forth my ideas regarding East/West LHP philosophy, it never goes well and it never concludes. That said, I want to post this recent article of mine which I hope is relative to the discussion in some way or another.

The Way of Nature is the Way of Death

Human consciousness will not evolve unconsciously, which is the way of Nature. Human consciousness can only evolve consciously, and only according to the processes of its own nature. To go the way of Nature (a.k.a. Objective Universe) which is unconscious on a biological level and nothing more than a mindless, mechanism, we will cease to evolve as individuals. The way of Nature makes us fat and lethargic, clogs our arteries and persistently works to stop our metabolism. The way of Nature instills a tendency in us to cease examining one's self and to outwardly project all of one's unconscious internal demons (the Jungian Shadow Self).

Enter the Black Flame

Fortunately, we have a self‑aware consciousness that gives us the ability to live for ourselves. We don't have to follow along with what Nature may or may not decide for us as a result of an inexorable, unconscious mechanism that it is. We can choose (something nature cannot do) to go AGAINST THE GRAIN!

The Way of the Black Flame is the way of conscious self-awareness giving us the ability to alter, determine, and direct our own course in a way no other species is capable of on earth. We are not at the mercy of Nature's wrath, we can stand apart from this unconscious, mechanism and go against its flow, create and reinvent ourselves. The Way of Nature is the way of least resistance, which may appeal to the herd mentality, however, consciousness is born and evolved through the path of difficulty and challenge. It will only develop and be made more conscious through conscious effort. Nature cannot do this for us, it can only make us more unconscious.

Etu Malku V° HH☿D

Satanism / Re: Satan as prosecutor and Accuser
« on: January 15, 2019, 09:52:21 pm »
IMO if you allow the Abrahamic faiths to define your use of the archetype Satan, then Satan is most assuredly a negative aspect/principle of mankind.

That said:
Who the Hell is Satan?

Here's my understanding of this "Old Enemy" as the literary scholar Neil Forsyth coined and what I consider to be the foundation of what is called Satanism.

Satan has always existed, only under other names and guises, Satan is a powerful and primordial archetype of man's psyche . . . a meme, or what some may now call a "Godform",  I think the Magus of Chaos, Peter Carroll uses that term?

This archetype is the reflection of how we perceive ourselves in relation to what we call the "others". Satan is a social and cultural phenomenon as old as the mind of humanity itself. There has always and will always, be essentially two worldviews consisting of oppositions and they are "Us & Them" or "Me" and "the rest of you" . . . etc.

Sumerian and Akkadian tablets concur this worldview from the earliest known writings, the ancient Egyptian word for an Egyptian meant "human", which excluded all who were not Egyptian to be relegated to 'non-human', the Greek word for non-Greeks was "barbaroi" (barbarians). The Jewish Essenes called anyone not an Essene "ha satan" (the adversary), Zoroastrianism set forth the dualistic "good" (what we believe in) and "evil" (what they believe in).

"A society does not simply discover its others, it fabricates them, by selecting, isolating, and emphasizing as aspect of another people's life, and making it symbolize their difference" - William Scott Green (Professor of the history of religion - ancient Judaism, biblical studies, and the theory of religion).

So, who/what is this Satan? He simply is who you are not!

Etu Malku V° HH☿D

General LHP Discussion / East West LHPs?
« on: January 10, 2019, 02:31:34 am »
Is there such a thing as a Western Left Hand Path?
If so, what is?

Is it different than Eastern Left Hand Paths such as Vamachara and Shaivism?
If so, then how?

Satanism / Re: Satan as nature
« on: January 08, 2019, 11:10:09 am »
I avoided commenting here as I am not a Satanist, but I see others commenting who are not, so here goes.

I find there is one related aspect found among every species, the aspect of survival. However, nature a.k.a. the objective universe is hard at work from the moment of our biological inception looking for ways to destroy us. I find the objective universe to be our nemesis, we all do things to attempt to thwart this force of entropy like diet, exercise, meta mind exercises, etc.

Objective reality is universally accepted by many faiths and philosophies as an illusion, and nowhere is this illusion stronger than in Perennial Philosophy, the philosophy that that all the world's 'RHP' religions share a single, universal doctrine. This doctrine posits that the highest good that human life can achieve is through the union with a Supreme Being / Energy of the Universe. The way in which this is achieved is through the deception of one's conscious awareness into believing that one has been accepted by this Supreme Being / Energy otherwise known as the objective universe.

The Western LHP does not take this stance, the objective universe is seen as it plainly is, a non-conscious, unintelligent memetic mechanism composed of Time, Space & Matter. To absolve one's self into this is antithetic to the Western LHP goals of individuation and autotheism.

To become More than Animal, more than Human is our goal . . .

General LHP Discussion / Re: Fosforos
« on: January 07, 2019, 01:04:48 am »
Just sayin' . . . .  :mrgreen:

Entertainment / Re: LHP/Occult YouTube Channel Recommendations?
« on: January 06, 2019, 01:20:44 am »
Thomas LeRoy Sect of the Horned God (great musiq by the way  :mrgreen:)

Mercuræn Luciferianism / Re: On Man's Carnality and its Deception
« on: January 06, 2019, 12:40:44 am »
I agree with all but one thing. Time is actually part of the subjective universe, it is a perception. Specifically it is the perception of things occuring in 3-Dimensional space. That times exists for us shows that we are, at least to some extent, separate from the 3D-reality / OU.
Excellent point . . . I have to agree with you!

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