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Setianism / Words
« on: Today at 01:52:26 am »
The Pentagrammic Words:

1. Runa - Seek the Mysteries, and the Will (Thelema) emerges.
2. Indulgence - Exploring the various facets of this Gemstone of Self.
3. Xeper - To Become or Emerge into a new state of being.
4. Remanifistation - Crystallization of moments of Xeper, through the "annealing" of the psyche.
5. Entelichia - A future-minded word: the completion of one's known potential. Thus not an end, but a new beginning that builds upon everything that has been accomplished before.

Ultimately, these words are important to me in terms of recreating the Subjective or Objective universes where possible. I didn't include Ma'at in the equation, because Her word permeates all others and is the centerpiece of the Pentagram towards maintaining Balance, as it rests on a single point.

Edit: This is of course just a thought experiment, work-in-progress, etc.

Entertainment / Re: Memes
« on: November 16, 2018, 04:08:56 pm »
I don't consider Crowley to be a "Satanic Jesus", but won't comment further as I'm no expert on the subject. @Frater V.I.M. contributed an excellent essay to TIS v.4 entitled Crowley's Satanism which I think is worth a read.

Nevertheless, this has been my favorite statement by Crowley for some time, as it sets a standard for what I would expect in mentors, teachers, and even the Prince of Darkness itself:

Frater Perdurabo is the most honest of all the great religious teachers. Others have said: "Believe me!" He says: "Don't believe me!" He does not ask for followers; would despise and refuse them. He wants an independent and self-reliant body of students to follow out their own methods of research. If he can save them time and trouble by giving a few useful "tips," his work will have been done to his own satisfaction.

Those who have wished men to believe in them were absurd. A persuasive tongue or pen, or an efficient sword, with rack and stake, produced this "belief," which is contrary to, and destructive of, all real religious experience.

The whole life of Frater Perdurabo is now devoted to seeing that you obtain this living experience of Truth for, by, and in yourselves!

Back to the memes..

Satanism / Re: Balancing Public Private
« on: November 15, 2018, 03:15:28 pm »
Please don't view yourself as "weak" over this matter. When I was younger my parents were unconcerned, but I need to avoid risking employment or getting a bad reputation as an adult, so I'm careful.

I think there are workarounds, especially if you can adopt symbolism that isn't quite so obvious, making the entire room a Ritual Chamber. And if you at least have some privacy you can always show a Goat of Mendes, Pentagram, or other symbols on the computer screen. Here is a larger version of the Black Candle in @Pi_Rameses 's signature line. You may wish to read my article in TIS v.4 for some ideas.

For many years I've visited this park quite often. It's an outdoor Ritual Chamber to me, having plenty of aesthetics (for better or worse). Though familiar, it's removed from everyday life and walking the trails gets my brain going. Perhaps you can find a place where you can contemplate the Forces of Darkness without distraction.

I like @idgo 's perspective here, and term "cover hobby". I'm fortunate that I never had to hide much from my immediate family, but have done so in public for the most part, even with close friends.

Satanism / Re: Where Do I Go From Here?
« on: November 12, 2018, 06:24:52 am »
From the Diabolicon:

To those who would dare the Black magic - Know that what ye accept is the very mastery of all that ye have supposed impossible, by force of Will alone. The Black magus need fear no power save his own, but he must conquer his own Will that he cause not his destruction through ill chance or purpose.

This essay by @Etu Malku is worth a read:

We assign meaning to the objective universe through each of our subjective universes, which are a collection of experiences from which we distribute labels to things. We experience everything in the foundation as a symbol/code.

This final statement brings the whole business of "Black Magic" down to a level of common-sense. We are highly symbolic in our understandings of reality for sure. The Church of Satan never promised to be un-dogmatic, but while I like many of the ideas I prefer to leave the door cracked open for more.

Individualistic religion should be as such. Therefore it's up to us to develop our own methods, symbology, language, and aesthetics which prove useful in terms of "decoding" perceptions of reality as they relate to the pursuit of Self.

Announcements / Re: Wish List
« on: November 10, 2018, 09:18:22 pm »
Tried a spoiler mod but it didn't work. I'll see what I can do though, would be a nice feature.

Mercuræn Luciferianism / Re: Initiation and Recognition
« on: November 10, 2018, 05:05:06 pm »
Thanks for the detailed explanation, sounds like there is a good system in place.

Announcements / Posting
« on: November 10, 2018, 04:00:48 pm »

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    Mercuræn Luciferianism / Initiation and Recognition
    « on: November 10, 2018, 07:57:59 am »
    A bit of an open-ended question, but I'm curious how these concepts relate to the Herald of the Dawn.

    Satanism / Re: Bible study surrounded me this morning
    « on: November 10, 2018, 05:02:02 am »
    ...locked in a basement as exorcisms were forced upon me or worse... converted to Christianity

    Hahaha. :mrgreen:

    Artemism / Re: Temple Appreciation - Respect the Greats
    « on: November 09, 2018, 02:27:00 pm »
    ... is beyond my comprehension.

    I strongly doubt that my friend.

    Haha, perhaps I should have said "beyond my level of patience". :)

    Artemism / Re: Temple Appreciation - Respect the Greats
    « on: November 09, 2018, 08:31:46 am »
    Quote from: Olive
    The Architecture and the experience of visiting them often speak for themselves to a large extent. This is why in ancient times Architecture was considered the greatest art (or among the greatest), sometimes even beyond writing.

    It's interesting how prominent "megalithic" structures were in ancient times, even in civilizations which were assumedly pretty far removed from each other. In that last image, the structures look to be at least 15 meters tall.

    How things like this but also the heads of Easter Island, creations of the Egyptians and Mayans, and Stonehenge were even possible is beyond my comprehension.

    Announcements / Re: The Imperishable Star volume IV!
    « on: November 03, 2018, 07:42:06 pm »
    I'll see what I can do to make a printable version.

    General LHP Discussion / Re: TIS 4 discussion
    « on: November 03, 2018, 12:58:02 pm »
    I liked this idea of doing some commentary, so here are my initial impressions. There is a lot to absorb, so I may update this post in the future.

    -Invocation of Set
    I've used this for some time (well over a year). I'm glad it was included, sets the stage for the rest of the edition.

    -Magic Askew – a guide to Trapezoidal Magic
    This is largely about applying aesthetics and psychodrama toward entering a magical mindset. I tried to keep it generally applicable.

    -Liber Draconis: The Acosmic Path of the Serpent
    An excellent contribution, like one of those books you can't put down. Provides much to consider yet is approachable and useful.

    -Church of Satan State of the Union (Part I)
    Mr. Smythe holds their feet to the fire in this two-fisted essay which is sure to ruffle some goat hairs.

    -Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    Maslow's Pyramid is described, followed by how it may be applied both on a personal level and to society as a whole. It is a fairly simple but useful construct, as one must constantly scrape against the challenges of carnal existence.

    -The Shift from Seth and Atman to God and Adam
    The final paragraph actually makes a good introduction. The parallels drawn between the current state of the world and the ancient past are fascinating.

    -Four Alternative Symbols for Left Hand Path Use
    An excellent example of the author's gift for extrapolating meaning from simple symbols.

    -The Plague of the Satanic Hegemony
    I like a lot of what Mindmaster says in this paper, and the subtle bits of humor in the mix.

    -The Paradox of the Black Flame
    Expresses the importance of balance in maintaining individuality. The more you control, the more you must become absorbed in the responsibility. Less control results in less individualism. It is a paradox indeed.

    -Immersive Theater as Melodrama and Ritual
    "Exposure Therapy" is a well-known technique in psychology which I have employed myself to some success. It seems that immersive theater would provide a more direct approach, especially when it comes to "fears in your mind" that don't really have an external cause.

    -The Rite of Blasphemy aka The Guide to Going to Hell Forever
    I think this would be particularly useful for those who were harmed by religion in some way, or have to work around a bunch of zealots or wake up in the ICU only to see a blank wall with a dead-man-on-a-stick adornment.

    -Crowley’s Satanism
    A really interesting and thorough interpretation of Crowley's legacy in relation to modern Satanism. Well worth the read.

    -On Life Being Death – Interview with Sutekh
    Sutekh reveals some things about his path, and provides some interesting insights into the delicate balance of life and death.

    -The Self, The Ocean, and True Experience
    Kapalika offers a comprehensive look into her complex and unique approach to Satanism, and related personal experiences.

    General LHP Discussion / Re: Saw this on Reddit and love it
    « on: November 02, 2018, 04:03:31 am »
    Quote from: Sulla
    I don't really understand the turtle and the LaVey ball and chain though.

    He explains the ball and chain thing a bit in this post:

    Music / Re: Music thread
    « on: October 29, 2018, 02:40:41 pm »

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