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Homage to Set
Homage to Set and the Summoning of the Nine Neteru

O my Father, Set-Hen, I have glimpsed the Emerald Eye of Leviathan and have seen the great mysteries unseen by those without.  I have journeyed through the chasms of the Abyss and have performed deeds in thy holy Name.  I praise thee O mighty and everlasting god and I thank thee for the Gift of the Black Flame.

O Majesty of Set, I invoke thee to give me the Ankh of creative inspiration as I seek to create works of glory to you and to me.  Hear me Father, Lord of Darkness; for thy strength and power I yearn; my spirit hungers for thee, my heart thirsts for thy knowledge and undefiled wisdom.  Look upon me, O thou Highest of Life, Akh of the Seven Stars, and enshrine within me the essence of thy holy Sekhem.

By the glance of the Emerald Eye, I beheld my soul ascending and the god in my heart was Khepera and I saw infinite space. 
The god in my heart was Maat and I saw Beauty. 
The god in my heart was Anubis and I saw realms beyond time and spiritual black dimensions. 
The god in my heart was Nyarlathotep and I saw the place to erect my temple. 
The god in my heart was Shub-Niggurath and I saw how to create a world. 
The god in my heart was Osiris and I saw how to sink within and gather strength. 
The god in my heart was Set and I saw how to preserve the force of mind. 
The god in my heart was Isis and I saw how to re-shape in accordance with all my secrets. 
The god in my heart was Nepthys and I learned how to create time.

I look down upon the whole of the Earth and her secrets open to me.  Every spell and scourge is obedient to me!  I have equipped myself like Setamontet, Great-In-Magic, who passes now through the whole of the world.  Nothing shall prevail that works against me, nothing ceases that I put in motion.  I am become One with the Powers of Darkness!  I have cleaved the night and I am Reborn!  I Have Come Into Being like Set who mightily broke forth!



March 31, 2017, 04:32:51 pm
Worship Often times, I have this overwhelming sense of adoration and affection and I can't contain it. I try to use music as an outlet but really I can't hold in my enthusiasm or passion for it. It's so overwhelming, a sense of love. It's not something I can rationally explain or whatever, it's compulsive, not my choice. It's just this intense wave of intense emotion and spiritual energy, ecstasy even.

This happens fairly regularly, maybe once or twice a day, sometimes every other day or so and has for I don't know how many years now with only a few breaks of it.

Anyways I've heard it said that Satanists don't worship Satan or at least they don't grovel. Or that it isn't LHP to submit to a god or worship. I'm not sure how I feel about that but at the same time, this isn't a matter of choice. I am compelled to do this yet I don't feel forced. It just is what it is and it's the most amazing thing ever.

I don't feel like I'm "submitting" to Satan though anymore than I feel like I am submitting to be overtaken by anything else breathtaking one experiences in their life. In a sense though, it does feel like "giving in" to some deep animalistic desire. Like there is this thing I've been fighting for so long that I can no longer resist now that I know how much of a part of me it is. A good comparison is "edging" durring sex, trying to not orgasm but when you finally can't control it anymore you give in and it's this most amazing thing.

It's gotten even more intense in the last year and I've not really even done any proper full rituals in that time, I've kept telling myself to set up a new altar place and use this feeling to my advantage, since it raises so much energy. I just hadn't really gotten around to it. And it's not even like the passion is being derived from the deity so much as I feel it's coming from me, or at least some cosmic force (such as Rajas) that I'm aligned with (a little hard to explain but basically imagine it being like your spirit is tied to an element say fire as an example some people might understand it, although I wouldn't personally associate the element fire with it).

I guess really what I'm asking is... what is other's perspectives on this? What would you do if you felt this way? What would you make of it?

August 07, 2017, 08:54:39 am
Re: Worship Now here's the kind of discussion which would just get torn to pieces at a "serious" Satanic forum. *cough* 600 Club *cough*

So it's an interesting discussion. I had a pretty intense sex dream involving some kind of Baphomet character. Really intense, like, I woke up in a sweat and I was absolutely terrified. Second best sex of my life, and it wasn't even real. So while I'm straddling this gorgeous blue goat demon guy, he's like "Tell me you belong to me and I'll let you go." Normally I wouldn't think twice to tell him to fuck off, but this was pretty amazing in that not only did I say "Yes, I belong to you" (and immediately was allowed to orgasm and wake up) I wasn't really put off by the whole dream.

Something about energy signatures, I think, made me stop and contemplate it and not really freak out about it and go try to seek help from Jesus. What I actually did was go on when it was still around back then, and I went to the Satanism section, where there was a moderator named m1thr0s. I ended up later marrying him and he felt like the same entity in the dream once I met up with him irl.

And later, I found out, he had a reputation for spontaneously turning into a fabulously handsome blue demon thing and scaring the crap out of people, in and out of psychedelics work...

So yeah, go figure. I told him about this and he just chuckled about it and said "Yeah I probably summoned you."

When we worship these archetypes and beings we are really just sort of attending to our own house and our own reflections of macrocosmic consciousness within ourselves, so no harm no foul....

There is No God but Man...

The real trick is being able to let go of those archetypes when you've outgrown them, and if you manage to get one you can fight off, and it keeps coming back, well, that's a champion, you can respect that. Jesus, in general, doesn't hold up to being pushed away very well, which is why Christians are so hysterical about never denying him. If you do it once, you're going to go to Hell, right? Many sects of Christianity believe this. You can never go back, according to them. That tells us a lot about xianity in general.

Bhakti Yoga might interest you, as it ultimately resolves in Atman itself, and thus doesn't conflict with the ideas of the LHP at all. I went through this whole journey myself and have figured out that while we externalize the worship, as long as it all comes back to raising up some part of ourself, it really does no harm.

My husband would never have been able to approach things the way I did and that's fine. We all have different ways of elevating our consciousness, some of us have a very real bicameral mind effect going on, ala Westworld. As long as you know it's you, deep down, there is no real harm in worship practices. But even if you're not there yet, just be aware that it is the reality...I think every *Star* has to get to that point eventually.

August 11, 2017, 01:09:01 pm
Re: What are your beliefs about Satan? I've expressed my views overall else where but maybe in short, covering some more specific things;

Edit:  A lot of this isn't something I've really put to words in a number of years (and a lot others not very often) so the explanation might be kinda sloppy. My apologies in advance.

1. Satan, which means "opposition" is the primordial, most primeval force of reality as we know it. Darkness emanating from his core essence that births the pure-impure. Christianity (and to a similar extent Islam), true to their roots, sees everything around them as "evil". They seek to purify themselves and it's written in their teachings that all "fall short of the glory of god". To them, perfection is some kind of static, place with no sin. But they way they define sin would mean that there wouldn't be much of anything, let alone anything worthwhile. In this way Christianity did not invent Satan but gave a name to it. To me, Satanism is defending those cosmic truths against all, not just the Abrahamics. They want the absence of opposition which more or less equals destruction of everything (not just nature). This will become a little more clear below. Maybe part of the reason I gravitate towards Satan is I see them as the first to unwittingly identify this principle in their efforts to destroy it. A lot of the gnostics wanted to destroy the universe and so it doesn't suprise me that we see traces of this still in Christianity today.

2. Satan, which means "accuser" of one who had this title acted as an arch-angel and prosecutor, a tester and agent for Yahweh to the ancient Hebrews. Their actual faith was heno-theistic and there are strong clues even in the OT that what we consider Yahweh was formed from many different deities. This god of the OT is quite different from the Christian god although they have the same "ancestors". This isn't to say that a Satanist serves Yahweh. Rather the title and place of this Satan shows that the class of spirit exists. I personally believe that this service for that specific Satan could of been temporary and likely was if it was true (maybe even that Satan was working against their will, and so why they took up the job of tempting and testing the faithless), but it could of been a reinterpretation of something more ancient (as the Hebrews tended to absorb elements of those around them or they killed off. So seeing Satan as the prosecutor of a god or gods in accordance with what they stand for can be generalized.

3. Satan as an archetype; the reflection of the cosmic emenations of Satan in our psyche. This can manifest in many ways and those who take on these archetypes of the more nobleish variety tend to become Satans in the sense of 2. However this isn't nessisarily so as the attributes emulating those cosmic forces are diverse. One can be Satanic in many different ways. This could just be a matter of personality or 'alignment' (so to speak).

Those are a few layers of how I think of Satan. As a symbol, Satan is kind of a total sum of all the layers. "Satan" is in itself to me a whole value system. Maybe a better way to put it is that Satan is a nondual pantheistic entity from which flows duality and some of those dualities form "currents" on which the other layers manifest and express in different ways. Some of those as in my 3 points above show it can be different flavors of polytheism as well as more psychological. Those ways which most align with the more cosmic level of Satan I would call "Satanic". Not everything is Satanic of course. Satanic is more of the realization of the interplay of those close attributes/forces/values and it's that interplay that becomes the focus. So through opposing movements and forces things balance out.

Basically without conflict things can't exist. Conflict doesn't have to be unpleasant or bad... if I can find it I once wrote something that explained this as physical phenomena... say the sun has outward force of radiation pressure that counters gravity so the sun doesn't collapse. And Gravity opposes the radiation pressure so it doesn't fly away. That is a good example (metaphor?) of of positional forces. Some might call this "balance" but people tend to not really get the meaning when you say that. They think of a scale, where  when balanced it seems to not move and there is no force despite the forces being equal. In nature it's more of the swinging back and forth of forces that shape reality not a perfect stillless balance. Overall there is balance but Satan is more about recognizing extremes and seeing that individual variance in a more minute perception.

This isn't just about physical nature though, but abstract and spiritual nature as well. Physical is just the best example. Satan encompasses the creation of all of those but manifests most obviously in physical nature and in some elements of the spiritual with it's roots in the nondual state (from which the physical and abstract form). Most abstract examples I can think of lie in the mental and so would be ashudda (impure) and so the most far removed from that source... but since it's in such an opposite of Satan it is in some ways also very Satanic as it is opposing Satan itself! (I can give an example if that explanation isn't sufficient).

I could go on and on and explain what this means for live and practice and all of that but eh I hope that explains what Satan is to me in at least some sense of the word. This isn't something I've really put to words in a number of years so the explanation might be kinda sloppy. But I think you get the big picture.

August 13, 2017, 09:52:47 am
Re: Hi :) Welcome to the O.S. forum Liu!  I am known as Adramelek on rf.
August 28, 2017, 05:41:54 pm
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August 28, 2017, 05:50:47 pm
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August 28, 2017, 10:25:14 pm
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