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Re: The crossover between Thelema and Setianism? Oh shit, had to get the laptop.

Firstly, the speaker of the Book of the Law, known to Crowley as Aiwass or Aiwaz, is one in the same with the Prince of Darkness. Crowley recognized this and went to great lengths to suppress it. Frater VIM's "Crowley's Satanism" is featured in The Imperishable Star v4 and is highly worth the read. Sadly, Crowley formed a type of Thelema that was still wholly Solar and Osirian, even going as far as disowning his magical son when the latter suggest that, as it was of the Old Aeon, the Hermetic initiation system needed to be remade. Since this would question everyone's ranks, including Crowley's, he basically flipped and cast his right hand aside. Despite Aiwaz constantly telling Crowley not to change anything in BotL he changed a bunch, even later adding a Comment that all questions about the text must be answered using his writings.

Despite this "blasphemy" (I say that jokingly), Crowley often associated Awaiz with The Devil/Satan, Set, and Shaitan of the Yezidi. Again I highly recommend Frater VIM's article whether you read it through our site or his, that's why we worked with him on being able to use it.

I believe the first "fallen" or Satanic Thelemic group was probably the Brotherhood of Saturn in Germany, who had already existed when Crowley came around. Crowley was basically trying to get other orders to accept the Law of Thelema. The Brotherhood did, but not Crowley's personal form of it, and they remained separate from mainstream Thelema.

Where Set really became seriously intertwined with Thelema was the Typhonian Tradition of Kenneth Grant. Similar to other, he had differing views from Crowley causing a bit of a fall from grace. After Crowley died Grant was supposed to be the successor, but mainstream Thelema gave him the stanky boot and he formed the TOTO proper. Set was basically this Gnostic/Lovecraftian god and was directly related to the Nightside of the Tree of Life. It was this acceptance of the Nightside that got Grant exiled. He accept Da'ath as a valid sphere on the Tree of Life through which you entered the Nightside, the "Tunnel of Set". I highly recommend both the fiction of Lovecraft and "The Dark Lord" by Peter Levenda, especially the latter.

The Law of Thelema is really a summation of basic LHP morality. You do you, let me do me. Everyone has the freewill, but NOT the freedom to violate the will of other. Many mistake the LHP as immoral, but its really more moral than RHP traditions, the morals simply aren't based on cultural preferences, or ruled over by a hierarchy outside of the law.

Aquino likes to pretend the there's nothing Hermetic or Thelemic about his form of Setianism, and also likes to pretend it has nothing in common with Grant's work. I like the guy, but c'mon. The Temple of Set in specific is extremely inspired by oldschool initiation systems, BoCFBN literally relies on the riddle of AL:II to make himself the successor of Crowley, and the only occult knowledge he possibly could have found out of the gate on Set would be Grant.

December 11, 2019, 11:48:48 pm
Re: Nat's Journal Should you follow the Temple of Set form of Setian philosophy you'll find its western left hand path approach to be diametrically opposed to Thelema.

Best of luck on your Path!

March 01, 2020, 12:09:40 am