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Re: Hello :)
Welcome @Deidre You are sparking quite the conversation in this forum. All very important questions and great responses. Your poem is also captivating as it encapsulated the dualist nature quite nicely. As Platonic forms, light and darkness may be represented since the earliest civilization as the Egyptian neteru Horus the Elder and Set respectively.
Thank you for the kind welcome and comment about my poem. :=) I hope you're having a nice weekend so far.

@Xepera maSet  - I like it here, it feels like a safe place or something, if that makes sense? Idk, I'm glad it exists. I read the site's newsletter earlier and the history behind Set is truly fascinating. ^_^

@Deidre I am having a swell weekend. I got off work early Friday. And I took Monday and Tuesday off as well because Tuesday is my birthday. Finally, I can utilize this weekend too to start some of the curriculum for a JavaScript boot camp that I recently enrolled in. It's been something I've been meaning to do for the longest time because I wanted to transition into software development or engineering. The need wasn't there for me before. But now there is not much in terms of promotion in the lab of the small company in which I currently work. So, as a Black Magician, I want to change it.

August 06, 2017, 02:03:09 am
Re: The Symbol of the Serpent
Since the Serpent is the symbol of our own order, I thought it would be good to begin a discussion of the Serpent as a symbol in various religions and cultures.

To begin with, the most obvious example is, of course, the Genesis Serpent.  After being warned that if they eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil they will "surely die," the serpent tells Eve (or Chava, as I prefer the Hebrew names) that she will not die, but rather that they will become like god, and god does not wish that to happen.  Sure enough, once the fruit is eaten, the Angel says "Now he is like us."  In this, arguably the central myth of the Judeo-Christian mythology, the Serpent tells the truth, and God lies.  Genesis makes no attempt to obfuscate it.  This makes it clear to me that the Genesis Serpent is not intended to be a stand-in for evil, but rather is used as the Serpent is often used in mythology and symbolism, to represent knowledge and wisdom and, in the case of the Genesis myth, as the supplier of isolate consciousness and self awareness; to place it into our own terms, the guardian of Xeper, and the custodian of the path to godhood.

There are many other examples of the Serpent as a symbol for wisdom.  The Caduceus and Rod of Asclepius are two more well known examples. 

The Egyptian netjer Wadjet takes the form of a Serpent, and is the protector of Lower Egypt, associated with other netjeru including Bast, Sakhmet, and Mut (the World-Mother).  In this role she takes on a solar aspect, as Bast and Sakhmet are Eyes of Ra, but Wadjet is also associated with the eclipsing binary star Algol (meaning "The Demon," appropriately enough), which represents the eye in the severed head of Medusa in the modern constellation Perseus.  I've been interested in Wadjet as a stellar netjer for a while and may put together an essay on the subject.

What are some other favorite instances of the Serpent in mythology?

Bolded by me. I'm so glad I came across this thread, because this is exactly what I'd hope to learn - why is the Christian view of the serpent in the garden, 'evil?' As a former Christian, I'd say that one of the main tenets of faith, has to do with not being self-important. To be concerned with self, to want to care for ourselves independent of a god, would be considered sinful. The truth though is, self awareness is empowering, and positive. It's not evil. It's not negative. But, the Christian slant is that it negates the need for a god to guide our lives, if we think that we can control our own thoughts and actions.

As a former Christian, I remember thinking that the story was absurd and that anyone who would take it literally, was gullible. But, Christianity also passes the serpent off to be god-like. On the same par with God. Which when we think about it, that makes no sense, really. If I'm self aware, I'm god-like? But, God from the stories I've read in the Bible, is thought to be omniscient and omnipotent. So, how could eating the forbidden fruit turn us into almighty powerful gods?

The story at best, is an allegory for morality, or perhaps, to scare Christians into thinking that if you disobey God, horrible things will happen. Any way we view this story, it sounds ridiculous at the least, and horrifying at its worst. Genesis was where I lost my respect for Christianity, and that's what would be the beginning of the end for me, with religion in general.

The serpent was telling the truth, that is mind blowing for someone like me, who always was taught that the serpent was the liar of the story.  :rolleyes:

@Deidre I agree that all of what you have said in response to this thread is metaphysically correct. It is difficult to come to terms with it especially from a Christian background. This was similar to my situation as I was raised with a Catholic upbringing. I resolved that it was better to investigate than to believe falsely. Whatever choice you take, make certain that it is you that determines it for yourself rather than someone or something else that is not you.

August 06, 2017, 03:55:01 am
Re: Hey, new member here!
Hello and welcome, I'm new here, too.  8)

Hello there, and welcome to you as well!

August 06, 2017, 07:37:26 am
Re: Mini rant - the judgement of others Every time I guest speak at least one student says I'm lost/confused. To them seeking, questioning, and change are all negative things in religion, it's not how they go about things.
August 06, 2017, 07:25:52 pm
Re: Mini rant - the judgement of others I am a former CoS member, when I declared myself a Setian I knew it wouldn't be met with approval, so I backed away quietly and went about my business. There is a lot of judgmental behavior and in-fighting within the LHP also, as I'm sure you know.

My extended family is almost entirely devout Catholic. I don't see them often, but if the cat got out of the bag they would most certainly be offended and embarrassed. It's "go jesus or go home" to them.

August 06, 2017, 08:18:12 pm
Greetings & Salutations from a LP/CM user! Came across this site via reddit.  Studied LP/CM many, many...well, let's just a long time ago, from an old friend. When I first started, the internet was still in it's infancy, and I long yearned that sites would pop up for open discussion. Glad I found one.

I consider myself a Master Student. That is, I always enjoy learning something new! Hopefully, in time I learn many new methods from many of the members here.

It's been a while since I've practice. That last times that I was fully into Left Path / Chaos Magic (LP/CM), my old teacher had me conjure up a demon that is attached to me. As he grows stronger, I grow stronger, and vice versa. And the other demon was a revenge demon, that after he accomplished his task, he is now allied to me, while he gathers other spirits to grow stronger.

As I said it's been sometime since I've practiced. But it's just like riding a bike, you just never forget how.

Once again, greetings to all!

August 06, 2017, 11:08:06 pm
Re: Mini rant - the judgement of others In my first year or so I learned the hard way to not talk about being a Satanist to the vast majority of people. People can just be rude or assume silly things like I  sacrifice puppies and the like.

I seem to be okay to say I'm a Hindu or Shaivite though, so long as I don't tell them it's LHP  :o At most people think I'm a little eccentric then but they seem to chalk it up to not knowing much about Hinduism.

Sometimes the people who actually know some about Hinduism are thrown for a loop when they learn I'm a Satanist too or I say something Satanic. But otherwise if my beliefs come up it's almost always too much explaining. Often what I'm explaining is just so foreign to them I don't even really get to the point of needing to even consider LHP, Tantra or Satanism.

I think that's more of an education thing though, people who are better educated or even self-educated in relevant topics or just know some philosophy or theology tend to understand me a lot better.

August 07, 2017, 01:31:01 am
Re: Mini rant - the judgement of others I've gotten fired from two jobs just for being a little open about my Setianism.  One of the great influences in my life Dr. A. Brook, who was my music and piano instructor for about 8 years back in the 1990's, probably would have had a heart attack if she ever found out that one of her favorite students was "Satanic".  All of my immediate family, mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, are Christian.  They know about my religion, and over the years have come to accept me for what I am.  We just have one rule, never discuss religion.  ;)
August 07, 2017, 05:15:25 pm
Rockin' Psychedelic Trance 2:33 to 3:17 I wanna play stuff like that...

Eh I've been wanting to make a Rock / Full-On / Psytrance mix for a while now... get some of the best. For now I'm satisfied with just randomly posting about it.

Suprisingly actually there isn't nearly as much of this as you would think, despite psytrance's roots in rock. Much less stuff with vocals as well, but I know a good amount just from looking hard and long enough.

Here's a favorite of mine, Just this awesome feeling between the bass and guitar.

Not so much rockin' but more trippy as fuuuck and full of awesome guitar delay that I've legit meditated to more than once...

This one is more in the back of the mix... but S.U.N. Project has a lot of guitars in his stuff. I just am linking this as it's probably my favriote

And lastly something frorm a very popular group that employs guitars a lot (as well as vocals),

I got a lot more off the top of my head but I don't want to overwhelm people :)

August 09, 2017, 12:44:02 pm
dealing with excessive pride and anger A repost from another forum:

I have realized I need to sort out my excessive anger and pride. I have felt cooped' up at home and tomorrow afternoon plan to wander in the woods and wilderness near my home for at least about 24 (if not 36-48) hours to reflect on these two things.

A friend on the forum here has given me a Naraimha mantra to focus on... I figured I wanted maybe something outside of Shaivism to focus on would be "fresher" but I'm open to any matras or deities.

I will leave tomorrow about 12-13 hours from this post after an errand... so about 20:00 or 21:00 GMT. If anyone knows any good mantras or things to consider... please give them.

I will leave with adequate clothing, water, my maala and other supplies. I've not decided to bring food or not. I know the land. I can often hear cars far away (hills carry the sound) in the areas I plan to bring a charged cellphone that albiet no service can call an emergency number if I need so. So please do not worry about me! I will be not far from people just far enough to be away to focus on myself.

So again if anyone knows any mantra I could use or try, please let me know. I will use this time to meditate and reflect. Thank you.

I will try to report back after this time period.

Maybe you guys know of some Satanist, Setian or Luciferian mantras or invocations? I don't want to exceede my human limitations in image but perhaps a counter to consider... sometimes we go run away with our egos, self image or pride... you know what I mean? I wanna keep perspective and truthfulness.. just the Luciferian in me speaking.

I think I've become too prideful and giving into anger and letting it rule me too much. Not that either is wrong, but if I feel I have no choice but to act on either... I'm ruled by it rather than ruling them.

So with that... if any have any suggestions before I go feel free to offer them.

I think taking the time away with some music, mantras and the like in the woods secluded should help me... very much in touch with the ancient "eastern" LHP but of course you guys know that's my bias to start with :p

August 11, 2017, 09:04:30 am