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Re: You are a unique, discrete individual with free will and self ownership.
I have no problem with you taking that as your focus, just don't expect it to be something that could connect all of us.

I've presumed nothing, however, it would be beneficial if the LHP community could realize this is one of the larger problems of our path. We need to stop working against ourselves and letting other people define us. We can be individualists, but working together to solve common problems. That's really all I've been getting to. For me, the stated reasons would be enough -- do you have one? Ok, let's work on that. :D Your exact reason doesn't have to match mine, but we can have several goals in common.

It would be nice if every time a Christian straw-manned a Satanist that everyone knew they were full of shit, even the other Christians. Our lack of unity lets them say what they want and misrepresent us -- we gain nothing by it. That doesn't mean we have to pull together on the details, invent a dogma, or anoint a few new grand poobahs, either.

September 02, 2018, 12:44:54 pm
Re: "The Satanic Bible" by Michael Aquino Yes. That whole website is very good. Stanton is indeed correct about his Grandfather's teachings.

The one thin that I cannot stress enough is the constant word game the Gilmore has played since buying the organization and his title.  At first, and going back to when the Doktor was alive, he certainly used the word Satanist and Satanism a great deal. As time wore on this began to change. The next thing that became big for a while was I-theist. This was only after one of the prominent Magisters had pointed out to some very avid Penn/Teller "Satanists" not to hang their atheism on their Satanism. Thus, I-theist was born and the reason given was that all 'bout you self deification. But even that began to wane and more and more it has become atheist, atheists, and atheism in every single interview that Gilmore gives. This is despite another point that I cannot stress enough that the word atheist is only used in TSB one time and that is to poke fun at the Christian atheists. I guess that matches the one and only one picture reference that he has published of himself and his dear friend Anton LaVey.

But Gilmore's word soup doesn't stop there. As I will be outlining in my upcoming essay for The Imperishable Star. There is plenty of other similar things that I will be talking about.

One other thing that I will mention briefly is that I think we are seeing a much needed reemergence of Satanism and where it was in the mid to late '90's.

I know that Nikolas Schreck has recently had a hand in a book called Satan Superstar by David Flint.

From the sounds of it, Boyd Rice is going to be having a book come out about Anton LaVey.

Stanton started doing his podcast, has been doing some live screenings of Satanis and Speak of The Devil with some unseen footage. Plus, he has turned Anton into one Hell of an artificial human companion.

Obviously, Michael Aquino is back on the scene with The Satanic Bible..endorsed by both Stanton and Dianne. 

So what you are seeing is all of these people coming back who were closely connected to Anton LaVey...and then Peter Gilmore, his one picture of himself with Anton, and his group of card carrying faithful atheists.

The Satanic Temple nearly did Gilmore in. It forced him to do something, get off his candy ass. But what people had grown tired of was his sense of entitlement, the fact that he takes himself far too seriously, and the constant persecution complexes.

The current CoS has had a good twenty year run of acting like assholes, alienating those who were once close to them or at least gave them a chance,  and then whine about how they have been betrayed. People simply get sick of such a lazy one trick pony show.  At least one positive thing may have come from that though. We have seen those people for who and what they are, now the one's who have the experience and know what they are doing are coming back to set the record straight and hopefully be kind enough to put an end to Gilmore's confusion.

September 03, 2018, 01:48:21 pm
Our thoughts and best wishes to anyone affected by the hurricane Keep us posted!
September 14, 2018, 10:07:13 pm
Re: What are you doing right now?
Getting a tattoo of Draco and the Ursas

September 15, 2018, 08:27:41 pm
Re: The Obsidian Tablet, Book I It's going to be an the articles from current members from TIS plus whatever new ones we want. I'll start a thread in members only so we can all work on it, but this has to come after TIS4
October 02, 2018, 03:20:21 pm
Hello To All. Hi, everyone.

Glad to sign up here, there seems to be some very interesting topics and conversations happening here that interest me greatly.

I’ve been at the 600club for about a year, and only joined because I’m an unabashed Michael Aquino fanboy, and saw that he contributes quite a bit there.

After being frustrated, however, with the obvious lack of respect (as well as  disdain) he gets from a group of regular posters there, I started craving a more Setian-oriented forum.

And here you guys are!  I look forward to reading and learning and hopefully also sharing whatever wisdom and information comes from plugging in here.  I will mostly lurk, but when the mood strikes, I may get in and try to swim with you guys....Certainly it’s much more my flavor of attitudes and topics here than at the 600c, so I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading, and be well, all.

October 04, 2018, 03:36:13 pm
Re: In your belief system, how do you cope with adversity?
I started a new job. I believe in God, and thought that he led me to this job. It seemed to happen effortlessly, and I prayed about it. But, I'm not happy lately in this job. I know no job is perfect, but I feel like for the past few weeks, I've been working as hard as I can, but with little return. (I'm in marketing)

So, I pray for strength, and I ask God...what should I do? While I know he cares (this is my belief) I feel like he doesn't decide for us what we should do next, when faced with adversity.

How do you process adversity, in your belief system? How do you know you're doing the right thing or on the right course, when you make decisions?

Just wondering.

Probably the hardest thing in being spiritual is eventually leading to the understanding that when you are suffering you needed to. :D

Though my deity is different than yours much later on I learned that he was suffering with me, like a father watching over a child would empathize with their struggles. Whatever the current challenges are, they are important to make you into what you are growing to be. How we have to learn these lessons is different for us all, but sometimes there is no easy way. If your connection with God is solid, then you'd be aware of that... I'm just mentioning it in case you are more "belief-y" than in communication. I don't mean that in a judgmental way, nonetheless, it's we all process these things differently and our interface to the divine is shaped to suit our nature.

With Satanism, the difference is only that we know we are responsible for our actions and also the agent of the solution. We hope that Satan would lead us to the answers, but sometimes we're left to tough it out to make us stronger. I'm not mad with Satan when it doesn't work out as with a little bit of thought I can see where better choices could have been made. If the choice was taken away where'd be the fun in life anyway? :D Anyway, such trials are simply tests with the goal of becoming a spiritual adult, if you will, and the higher powers are teaching you how to fly; you can't be in the nest forever, metaphorically.

None of us truly knows if we are the right course, but there is nothing gained by doubting oneself. Make the best decisions you can and if you regret it later simply vow to never repeat it. That's all you can do anyway. Take the lesson, warts and all, and do something useful with it.

October 11, 2018, 03:57:23 am
Leviathanite vs. Draconian "Leviathanite" is a word which, until now, really means nothing to my knowledge. It was a word @Setamontet made up for the OS email account. But the more I've grown the more I'm drawn to this concept (though not in any Judeo-christian sense "Leviathan" may imply). To me, perhaps we can define "Leviathanite" as a Setian focused on Set as the Ancient Serpent. It is "Ophite [Gnostic] Setianism" if you will.  This is not the same as the Acosmic/Draconian tradition. Let's compare

A Leviathanite is focused on The Prince of Darkness in his/her form of the ancient Serpent. Draconianism is based on the primordial Chaos serpent - very different beings.

A Leviathanite is Pro-Cosmic and existentialist whereas Draconianism is Anti-Cosmic.

A Leviathanite is strictly LHP whereas a Draconian can be either (see Dragon Book of Essex compared to Michael Kelley, for instance).

A Leviathanite is North-Stars oriented where draconians are Chaos oriented.

A Leviathanite is an existentialist whereas a Draconian is a Nihilist or Absurdist.

Leviathanites oppose the Sinister Tradition whereas Draconians tend to embrace it

A Leviathanite is a dualist where a Draconian is an idealist.

A Leviathanite would be focused on Set and his forms whereas a Draconian would focus on Apep and his forms.

So a Leviathanite is basically a Setian but using the symbol of the Ancient Serpent. It sees the Ancient Serpent as a Gnostic bringer of Consciousness, the gift of the Prince of Darkness (the Hero of Consciousness), to the world of matter. The Draconian tradition is not Setianism is it is Anti-Cosmic and focused on Chaos rather than the PoD. The Ancient Serpent is not the Chaos Serpent. In Setianism, within the Diabolicon, Leviathan is ageless intelligence of the cosmos, not the mindless and uncaring primordial Chaos.

Does this mean I have something against Draconians? Gods no, we just believe different things.

October 15, 2018, 10:50:51 pm
Re: Leviathanite vs. Draconian The OS itself isn't even technically Setian or even "Ophite Setianism." The founders are "Leviathanites" but even our own @NEMO 93 is a Draconian. The OS is for the LHP in general, a "meta organization" if you will. Unlike other groups we don't even mind dual membership with other groups!
October 16, 2018, 04:27:19 pm
Re: A place to share Art Today's doodles:

First attempt at Cthulhu:

First time I got even CLOSE to a Draco dragon:

3D version of Dr. Flowers' Holy Grail:

October 17, 2018, 11:44:20 pm