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O.'.S.'. Founders' Statement
Order of the Serpent
Founders' Statement

The Order of the Serpent (O.S.) is an esoteric school of the Western Left Hand Path. It is comprised of unique individuals and philosopher-Magicians, dedicated to the study and practice of Self-Directed Self-Evolution (also known as Xeper, Black Magic, or other terms). The Order is dedicated to the accumulation and preservation of the knowledge and undefiled wisdom of the Prince of Darkness and the occult/Black Arts. The focus of the O.S. is the Individual Self, both as in one’s personal development and the concept or Form of the Individual Self. The O.S. founders believe that we all have individual hidden truths within ourselves, and our goal is to uncover, and ultimately become the perfect and complete manifestation of these truths.

The O.S. is rooted in extreme individualism, and its members are capable of working with a concept and forming their own thoughts, ideas, and understanding of them. Discussion and rational debate are both welcome and encouraged. Those involved are able to form their own belief systems, tools of initiation, and are able to forge their own unique path. Unlike most other metaphysical ideologies which seek to dissolve the self, subjugate it to questionable beings, or even deny its existence by reducing it to pure matter, the O.S. seeks to increase its own freedom of Mind and Will, and that of others. It recognizes the Self, the one thing each being can truly know to exist, as the center of reasoning, as well as the center of society. Rather than seeing humans as deterministic slaves, fallen beings in need of saving, or creatures meant to serve the State, the Order believes that Self-Actualization at the individual level is the key to human advancement. In a world where humans are little more than statistics, the Order of the Serpent recognizes that all change, as well as all knowledge, begins with the individual Self.

Unlike a symbolic occult organization, some sort of statement, or simply a self-help group, the O.S. is an esoteric organization, founded upon the metaphysical position that there is something beyond the simple world of matter and psychology. Whether the creator God of the West, the mindless Nature of materialism, or flowing Way of the East, the Order of the Serpent recognizes these as one in the same, an order imposed upon chaos that underlies, creates, and drives the entire cosmos. The difference with the Esoteric Western Left Hand Path, the O.S. included, is that we do not accept that this order is complete, wholly deterministic, or even necessarily “good.” It is what leads to cancer and depression, starvation and war, whether it allows this to happen, determines it, or is un-intelligent and cannot do otherwise. Yet in the individual we have free will, the ability to go against this Natural Order or malevolent God. This ability has been demonized, described as an illusion, or even completely ignored specifically because it can go against Nature/God, which is why “self-directed self-evolution” has been associated with “black magic” for so long in Western society.

More specifically, the Order of the Serpent is founded in its own metaphysical view of Neo-Platonism. The founders accept the objective existence of the Realm of Forms, which is separated into Simple Forms (which cannot partake in themselves, such as “Pointedness”), and Complex Forms (which partake in themselves, such as “Consciousness” or “Knowledge”). The Complex Forms, being abstract, necessary, non-spacial, and non-temporal, yet also conscious, self-aware, and knowledgeable, are themselves indistinguishable from traditional polytheistic gods. Indeed, “gods” are more simply seen as a perversion of Complex Forms, a misunderstanding. While there is no central “god-head” within the Order, there is a certain henotheistic focus on Forms of Consciousness, Inspiration, Art, Intoxication, Self-Awareness, Knowledge, and so forth.

The name for the Order of the Serpent comes from the Northern Circumpolar Stars, specifically the massive constellation Draco, which never sets below the horizon. To the earliest human religions, these were seen as being free from the cycles of the moon, sun, planets, and even constellations and stars. Separate from the ebb and flow of Nature/”God”, those associated with the Imperishable Stars were free to permanently exist, to forge their own path free from those cycles. It was only later on that world religion began to dissolve into its current Solar form. The Order of the Serpent hopes to remanifest this ancient, Pre-Solar metaphysics in the modern day - within the 21st century.

The insignia of the Order is a pentagram, representing that point of inner-consciousness where the individual Self exists. The pentagram is within a circle representing the physical shell of the Self, but the points of the pentagram do not touch this circle, symbolizing the continued separation between Self and Body. The separation of the metaphysical (pentagram) from the physical (circle) exists because the elements of both are independent and distinct from one another. Stemming from this pentagram are five symbols, from Norse, Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese, and an ouroboros as a stylized O. It is meant to represent the diversity of interests within the O.S. We are not simply a Setian, Thelemic, Asatru, Hermetic, Luciferian/Satanic, or any single approach, but a place for such individuals to help each other grow, and help share useful information.

The Order of the Serpent provides such resources currently as the Library of the Ancient Serpent, the O.S. forums, and the Order newsletter "The Imperishable Star". The forum is meant to provide a Left Hand Path online community focused on rational, esoteric discussion. The Imperishable Star provides essays written by members in order to share esoteric knowledge with the outside world. Both are open and free to all. The O.S. does not have any initiatory hierarchy, all members are equal, from the founders to someone on day one. There are no membership fees, but we simply ask members to provide and discuss esoteric information, such as for publication in the newsletter. We do not believe in hoarding occult knowledge behind closed doors and paywalls, and try to keep the occult community updated on our progress. The application process is simply an email discussion with the founders, and an essay on pretty much any relevant topic of the applicant’s choosing.

We hope that you benefit from these resources, and encourage both followers of the Left Hand Path, and respectfully interested individuals, to join the forum absolutely free of charge and without membership. Those interested in aiding with our goal advancing and sharing esoteric knowledge, in and for the modern age, please feel free to send an enquiry email to, to start a thread on the forum, or to private message Xepera maSet, Setamontet, and Onyx on the forum.

The Path of Darkness leads to Enlightenment.
Like the Ancient Serpent, so too may you endure.

November 16, 2017, 06:30:30 pm
Re: Towards Setian Idealism I find the combination of Platonic and Process philosophy to be a satisfyingly mature direction for Setian thought to explore. Some of you may recall that most of my criticisms were directed at the use of these stable objects to build an understanding of reality when such unchanging objects are nowhere to be found.

I find that the framework of Platonic forms works very well as a psychological model, and indeed it seems logical that he was in fact describing how Name and Form (Mind and Phenomena) interact. But his realm of forms has come to be understood as a separate reality of eternal entities which somehow 'fall' into time as the degraded and diluted forms which we perceive in the world. This is why pop philosophy speakers always talk about Plato's theory of forms being "metaphysically spooky".

But I certainly think that the forms can be expanded to beyond just the abstractions of the human mind. Things are always changing, and so are we, but there seem to be certain Ideas or Wills that are always manifested in the cycles of this endless change. If you consider the mind of God, or what we're calling Horus here, or more simply just the Timeless - these Ideas and Forms are unchanging patterns. Their tendrils of manifestation through time are visible all at once. But for the isolate intelligence they are patterns that are constantly unfolding and evolving alongside our understanding of them.

This is similar to how I think about reincarnation/rebirth. I don't have a lot of time right now so I'm going to try and make this short and clear.

We see an ant colony of tens of thousands living through their patterns of gathering, fighting, reproducing, and dying. When the lone ant is crushed out in the field, there is no transmigrating soul that goes to another ant egg being born that moment or in another place in time. There is no one-to-one. The individual ant is not what's being reborn, it's the Idea of the Ant, or the Ant Will that is maintained through these cycles of birth and death. So it is with humans as well, although we don't have the perspective to see the billions of us scurrying about. What is being reborn is not a man but Mankind itself, even if none of the constituent parts remain the same.  This is Rebirth.

But that was just a simple form, a simple idea. We as conscious, self-determinate beings are made up of many. And through xeper and remanifestation we can add or make changes to our portfolio of aspects. Still, when we die our unique train of awareness is not immediately continued in some other time in place. No, we are temporal beings without eternal souls independent of the body. Our experience and memories are not the thing that is being reincarnated. However, in other places and times the constant changes in our reality will produce beings that are much like us to differing degrees. They are like-minded souls, kindred spirits; or in a technical sense they contain a similar or identical portfolio of Ideas and Wills as we carried at some point in our lives. It is not that we literally live through them, it is that the eternal Ideas that inhabited and influenced us now have another go in temporal reality - another manifestation with a different construction. We will not experience awareness in them, but if we internalize and become certain forms at a similar level of purity, there will be a shared pool of knowledge and wisdom available to both us and them, that would seem foreign to each individual who lived in accordance with these forms. There has been a vast amount of time for these different individuals to come into being, perhaps even a beginningless amount of time if we are talking about all of reality. In that case, there would be many many other individuals who were or will be more or less identical to you in terms of mentality, cognition, and portfolios of Ideas. In this light, the individual (you) is not as important as the collection of Ideas that is continually remanifested as a certain Archetype, which you were an example of. The essence of you at any point in your life has been and will be reborn in another who will have a go at this life, perhaps to different outcomes; but you personally won't know about it. This is Reincarnation.

With this framework, the focus shifts from trying to achieve immortality as a temporal being (which is impossible) to trying to manifest ourselves as rare or powerful archetypes (portfolios of Ideas and Will) in our processes of Xeper so that we might tap into the unique wisdom available to these certain mentalities or ways of being.

Feel free to tear this apart if you do not find it consistent, it's just a conceptual model I have been thinking of for some time. It admits Rebirth and Reincarnation, the Timeless and the Self-Determined Isolate Consciousness - but it does not take these things through the ego. It doesn't allow you to use these realities to aggrandize yourself because these things are beyond you; although it still offers you a path to explore wisdom that would otherwise be far from you without internal alchemy. I'm out of time for now, but I'll be back.  ;)

January 25, 2018, 06:28:18 pm
Re: Towards Setian Idealism 1.   The Set-Horus entity is the primitive ontology of the universe, and can be seen as similar to a "divine mind."

2.   Horus is the subconscious aspect of the "divine mind," responsible for unchanging aspects of reality and universals.

             a.   This is where the unchanging laws of physics originate

             b.   This is where the unchanging laws of logic originate

             c.   This is where the unchanging laws of mathematics originate.

             d.   This is where the unchanging Forms are "remembered" or "stored."

3.   Set is the conscious aspect of the "divine mind," responsible for awareness, growth, experience, and so on.

             a.   This is where the ever changing consciousness originates
             b.   This is where the ever changing identity originates

             c.   This is where the ever changing manifest universe originates

4.   The Forms are not eternal, but come to exist at the same time as first manifestations.

             a.   In other words, the Form of X has not always existed, but came to exist
             simultaneously with the Manifestation of X. Neither comes "first," they coexist. If no
             manifestations of X remain, the Form of X will cease to exist.

             b.   Forms come to exist because the Set aspect observes/experiences X, the
             experience of which is then stored in the subconscious/Horus aspect. This is similar to
             pattern recognition but on a metaphysical scale.

5.   The only "dualism" that exists is between Horus and Set, but this is no more an actual dualism than the mind is with its conscious and subconscious aspects. All comes from/is stored in Set-Horus.

6.   "The Gods" in the sense of complex Forms still exist, they are simply not entirely separate from Set-Horus, rather they are emergent properties of Set-Horus.

January 30, 2018, 03:33:15 pm
First authorized and official Order of the Serpent pendant

July 31, 2018, 06:21:48 pm
Re: First authorized and official Order of the Serpent pendant
August 12, 2018, 02:03:07 am
Re: First authorized and official Order of the Serpent pendant
September 04, 2018, 02:23:22 am
Re: O.S County Fair - Sigilcraft (Interest Check and Pilot)
@Onyx ' submission seems to me to read perfectly for his purpose. It practically radiates cosmic balance and eternity. I'm glad a literal yin-yang symbol was not used, but the same spirit is touched upon by your interlocking variation on the theme.

I didn't really explain my contribution, but it's along the lines of that. Some symmetry, some asymmetry, etc. The push and play of things in motion. Here is an aquatint I did years ago that is more complex but similar in ways to the one I posted here. It's a visual language of sorts.

@Olive since your sigil is rather complex, I wouldn't mind reading a short explanation, but since these are personal in nature how much you choose to reveal is totally your call. Nevertheless I think this was a great idea, we should do it again in the future.

September 19, 2018, 02:32:20 am
Re: O.S County Fair - Sigilcraft (Interest Check and Pilot) This one is pretty abstract also, kinda resembles a crown. I'm a little fuzzy on how to describe it but here are the various aspects:

Trapezoid - The unknown mysteries of the universe, realm of infinite possibilities.

Pentagrams - Mirror reflections of the Prince of Darkness, defining and resting upon the Trapezoid.

Pentagon - The lower four edges represent 4D space-time. The twin pentagrams force apart what would otherwise be a square, and hold the top open to maintain a connection to a 5th dimension, thus adding consciousness and self-awareness to the mundane clockwork of the natural world.

Pyramid - The intelligent and enlightened individual, supported and exalted by all the rest. It is the "crown jewel" of reality.

September 25, 2018, 02:50:20 am
Introduction: Artemism and Lunar Devotion Work in Progress

Welcome to all devotees of the Moon, and to all of our wonderful members here at the O.S! This sub forum is currently under construction, and it will likely take a bit of time to expand to reflect the full breadth of its reference material. For now, I will handle most of the work and the content here, but I encourage others to comment upon, critique, and contribute to the ideas and experiences being put forth.

Part 1: Historical Context in brief

To describe the beginnings of our subject, we must speak a bit about the heavens - that is, the sky above us. As long as creatures have had functioning eyes, they have beheld and scurried under a great expanse, filled with remote lights and colors, ever circling above them. Indeed long before this, those various influences had exerted themselves on the life and development of each of these beings, even from the beginning.

With the arrival of Man, the thinking animal, came the desire to understand and explain these strange and dizzying phenomena. This desire, was invariably the cause of his earliest mythologies, religions, and cultural traditions; alongside, of course, the desire to understand and explain those things of the natural world around him, and those things he saw inside himself. But as thought matured and recorded observations expanded, a more sophisticated approach was taken: the celestial luminaries were seen not only as representatives of the great unknown - they were also seen as representatives of the things of the natural world, and the principles within man. Thus the birth of the eternal adage, "As above, So below."

And so the bodies of light began to acquire identities and personalities, informed by but not limited to the characteristics they themselves exhibited. They became something like universal cultural categories, to one of which every part of existence belonged. Every color, metal, plant, animal, and human, was ruled in part or in whole by one of these sets of principles. The luminaries had ceased to be mysterious lights in the sky, and had become the Gods in Heaven.

Such as we have described happened in one form or another in every civilization that reached a certain level of sophistication. Perhaps most prominently in Egypt, Greece, Babylon, China, and early Western Europe. The assorted names and meanings and traditions did vary, of course, though not so much as one might expect. This became one prominent basis of religion, astrology, and later, magic and the occult.

Unfortunately, what comes after this point is equally predictable and widespread. Through a complicated series of syncretisms and societal changes one god, usually the Sun god, gains prominence over all the others, until they are seen as no more than demons and idols. One example of this can be seen in ancient Kemet. The myth of Osiris-Horus that we know of today had reached its basic form no later than 2400 BCE, and naturally Horus was seen as the highest deity, though not to the exclusion of all others. I say naturally, because Horus was seen as the embodiment of the heavens themselves in full. He contained the stars and planets, and most importantly - his left eye, the Moon, and his right eye, the Sun. However, as time went on the Solar cults, who honor power above all else, gained the advantage - and began the consumption and integration of other traditions under their banner. Consequently Ra grew out of all proportion of his original role. He absorbed the creator god Atum, and became Atum-Ra. He absorbed Osiris and became god of the underworld. He even absorbed Horus, and became the god supreme, Ra-Horakhty. And in the New Kingdom when Amun became a popular rival, he too was absorbed and syncretized into the Sun and Ra. The project of Akhenaten to destroy the old traditions and worship only the Sun as the one god was almost a natural extension of this process. It was not successful, of course, but the whole scenario only solidified the supremacy of the Solar cults in Egypt.

Another example, can be seen in Roman civilization - which had long honored a pantheon of planetary and stellar gods even since the early days of the republic. Sol had been with them, but he was as one among many, and was certainly subordinate to the sky god, Jupiter. But by the late roman Empire, he too had become swollen out of all proportion as he took on the title of Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun, honored by emperors and said by his devotees to be God Supreme. It was this characteristic expansion of power, in my opinion, which helped to make the Empire so susceptible to Christianity and it's one God doctrine. The two cults, which had become the largest in the empire at that time, essentially fought and absorbed each other - producing the Solar Christianity that would dominate much of the world and destroy its opposition for the next 1500 years.

We could go on and talk about this process of Solar cults expanding and assuming power in other contexts, but I think the point has been sufficiently demonstrated. We are not here to argue about the embittered theological and political battles of the past, but it must be noted that something is lost in this great grasping for supremacy - that being, the perspective of the other hand. In the earliest times, the Sun and the Moon were always seen as equals (or sometimes even with the Moon being the greater of the two). But the Lunar cults never became dominators and oppressors, as such a thing would be antithetical to the wisdom of the Pale Goddess. The Sun is the conqueror, the master of external power, always projecting himself outward. The Moon, is the undefiled, the Queen of internal power, and revealer of esoteric mysteries.

Because of these characteristics, it is almost natural that we should see the Sun worshipers gaining prominence in the public sphere, while the Moon worshipers gain prominence in that of the occult. And so it was. Even when the one god had reigned unchallenged for centuries, Lunar worship was never totally destroyed. There were no texts, or holy books, or vastly complicated syncretisms full of narrative parables and self-sustaining world-views. But the Moon does not need such things to entice devotees. In fact, she accepts none except those who are perceptive enough to seek her praise, and worthy enough to earn it. In this way, she is the most terse of the Gods, but also the most meritocratic. The Queen of Night speaks not in texts, but in silence. And so how could the moonlit path ever be destroyed? Therefore it should be no surprise that even under the domination of Christianity, there were still witches, oracles, and priestesses who received the direct transmission of the Goddess, recognized her power, and honored her by ritual and lifestyle.

But as a consequence of this long process - there are almost no theological texts in existence that detail the worship of the Moon and her practices (as the isolated followers mentioned earlier were not typically scholars with patrons, but were often hermits and witches that were not even literate much of the time). There are no religions based on the wisdom she offers. There are few if any schools that honor the way of the Moon primarily as there were in ancient times when many different mystical traditions and their places of worship could co-exist peacefully. The way of the Sun has survived and been recorded ad nauseum. The way of Saturn has flourished in certain circles of educated elites. The way of Mars is just as everlasting as the eternal conflict of man, being the path of the experienced soldier and the perfected warrior. But the way of the Moon, has vanished from the minds of men. It cannot be studied, or appreciated. It is nowhere to be found, except by those who determine themselves to seek her favor. In fact, there is not even a word to describe a devotee of the Moon, or the tradition of those who do so.

To remedy this, is the Goal of Artemism. We seek not merely to reconstruct what has once been lost, but to rediscover the hidden truths for ourselves in their purest form. We shall learn the secret names of the Goddess, so that we may speak them in praise the more lovingly. We shall learn that of her lore which remains and incorporate that which is in accordance with the insight given by the Immaculate One. We shall reestablish the lunar tradition, lay down what is revealed in writing so that those lovers of Diana shall not have to grasp in the dark for even the first touch of her word, as I have done. We shall rebuild her temple, and we shall share again her mysteries to those who have the intuition to seek them. We shall be a light in the darkness to illuminate the path for her children, even as she is that light for us in the darkness and mire of this world. It shall be done, as an expression of thankfulness for the blessings I have received, in accordance with my Will. The three-faced seed has been planted - may it sprout and grow to full stature! Domina Oriens

I have set eyes on the wall of lofty Babylon on which is a road for chariots, and the statue of Zeus by the Alpheus, and the hanging gardens, and the colossus of the Sun, and the huge labour of the high pyramids, and the vast tomb of Mausolus; but when I saw the house of Artemis that mounted to the clouds, those other marvels lost their brilliancy, and I said, "Lo, apart from Olympus, the Sun never looked on aught so grand".

Part 2: What is Artemism?

Artemism and Moon Worship in general is the reverence and celebration of the Divine Feminine Principle. The Divine Feminine, in contradistinction to the Balance of Male and Female, stands alone without an opposite pole. It is before the beginning of all and is the point at which they all come to rest. Therefore the Divine Feminine is, esoterically speaking, the Woman without Man. I.e The Virgin.

The Divine Feminine Nature exists as a realm to itself, but it is also manifested in this realm - in the form of those devotees who have known it and thereby had their own Spirits radically transformed in its image. In this we can see the mystery of the Virgin Birth made plain. And it is for this reason that the Moon is known to us by one title as 'The Virgin Mother'.

On an experiential level, Artemism is focused on the direct realization of the great mysteries of life. The goal is not to seek truth that we may speak it, but rather to plumb and explore those hidden depths of reality which we already know could never be spoken. This is accomplished through various methods which will be expanded upon at length in time as one of the main goals of this subforum. But, simply speaking, the Lunar Priestess is attempting to unify the Will, and to become queen of her subjective universe. Once this is accomplished, the focus shifts towards psychonautical exploration, the precipitation of visionary experience, revelatory communion with the goddess, access to rarefied states of conscious, subconscious and unconscious activity, total transformation of the processes of being in accordance with the Will, etc etc etc. One of the most defining characteristics of the Witch is the unerring dedication to this work. One does not become the High Priestess, standing before the veil, speaking mysteries to those who would seek to look beyond it - by being a casual occultist on the weekends.

On a philosophical level, Lunar devotion becomes a question of ideals and communication. What characteristics of the Moon can be gathered by observation alone? What does it mean to be a Priestess, an Oracle, a Virgin? What are the benefits of this lifestyle? How can transcendent experiences be described, and what do they mean? Alongside this, is also the analytic and deconstructive effort of reality that causes Artemism to make that choice. In other words, coming to certain conclusions about the nature of this world, seeing through certain illusory aspects of it, and therefore choosing to approach life in a different way that is consistent with the logic employed.

On a theological level, Artemism is about devoting oneself to the Moon Goddess, and learning exactly what that means. Collecting the names of the moon, learning her myths and legends, and those narratives revealed by her true followers. It is also about honoring the cycles of the moon in ritual and in other ways, making essential astrological observations, and conducting appropriate rites based on this accumulated knowledge. All these things inform the aesthetic of the Artemist, as well as an understanding of her place in the world on a more symbolic and personal level than what can be done solely through dry intellectual diatribes.

Artemism does not make an exclusive claim to truth. Devotees of the Pale Goddess recognize that the one and same truth has been available to mankind for all time. Nor does it claim that the symbols and thought structures it provides are the only path to approach this truth. For this reason, an Artemist does not have any trouble with syncretizing thought structures from different traditions, always keeping in mind one primary truth taught by the Moon Goddess - that only in Silence, not in speaking, is the real truth revealed. This being said, Artemism should be recognized not only as a philosophical and theoretical framework which understands and revitalizes other traditions by the light of direct revelation; it should also and perhaps primarily be seen as a modern tradition of spiritual practice which has been constructed to lead receptive beings towards that which is beyond words.

Artemism and the Left Hand Path

Any order of Lunar Priestesses should rightly be considered part of the Left Hand Path, even if only in the esoteric sense. For the Moon has always been the counterpoint to the Solar cults of worship, and the left hand to their right.

Artemism is radically individualistic and is consistent in this point throughout all of its associated philosophical traditions. However it differs from other LHP ideologies such as Satanism, Setianism, and Saturnianism in that it asserts the reality of Good and Evil. Artemists, almost by definition, do recognize the ultimate which is beyond Good and Evil - however a strong system of logically positive Meta-ethics has been developed which addresses the causes of these phenomena in the Manifestation, the challenges they provide the Individual, and unique methods of addressing the problem (As I have elaborated here in the past at length and will continue to do so). What Artemism does not subscribe to, is Moral Compulsion - or the idea that there is some preternatural regulation of theses forces in the Manifestation, or that the existence of Good and Evil constitutes a Duty to act and react in some specific way. No, as the Thelemites say, and as has been written the happenings of this realm through all times, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." Therefore, the Artemist solution comes as the result of a "Will to Purity," which arises from the denial of the Schopenhaurian "Will to Live," and the transcendental knowing tasted thereby. This structure also allows Artemists to accurately recognize and understand White and Black magic at a much deeper level than is common in other traditions, and thereby to more accurately understand the power that is accessible by magical methods that make use of Ritual Purification or Ritul Defilements. This is one example of how Artemist philosophy is characteristically 'Logically consistent, but not logically bound.' (Refer back to the truth value of Thought vs Silence and the emphasis on practice.)

This Will to Purity, essentially constitutes a refusal of union with the material world (Again, see the fundamental nature of the Virgin metaphor). In this way, Artemism naturally finds itself in association with structures of thought such as Gnosticism, Buddhism, Zen, certain strands of Hinduism, Zurvian Zoroastrianism, Manicheism, Philosophical Pessimism, Existentialism, Antinatalism, and Anticosmicism. In a sense Artemism can be thought of as a common descendant of these lineages, and Artemists may often refer back to the writings of these schools of thought based on personal preference - but I consider it more accurate to consider Artemism a modern reformulation of the most effective manifestations of the Will to Purity in the past. I.e Artemism is not merely Buddhism, or Gnosticism, or Western Esotericism, but stands on its own as a new tradition which intends to create a clear and honest path towards spiritual realization for individuals who are receptive
to this type of perspective.

Goals of Artemism (One Sentence each)

1. Provide an effective and practical system that can bring one's true will to accordance with the Will to Purity, and thereby to
reveal the and develop the occult and spiritual potential of those who wish to transform themselves in such a way.

2. Re-establish the Temple of Artemis, and restore the true spiritual tradition that is informed by the Moon Goddess.

Goals of Artemism (Short)

1. Totally free the individual from all bonds and weaknesses, returning her to a resting state of Purity and Sublimnity. A state which, unrestricted by mundane conditioning and routine compulsion, is most receptive to the glories of the higher arts of Greater White Magic - apprehension of understanding and wisdom through direct revelation, the precipitation of visionary experiences and transcendental states of consciousness. We will discuss these greater arts in detail as time allows what teachings I am given to share to unfold and blossom. This state is also one which greatly increases personal agency and protection from evil for oneself and others.

1a. Ideally the higher teachings would be shared in an individual way, to those who have reached a sufficient level to be able to understand an implement them in an effective way, instead of merely learning them as new systems of thought and concept. However, due to the challenges of modernity (lack of qualified masters, extreme lack of dedicated students, extreme difficulty in providing communal spaces which are conducive to the journey, total lack of privacy etc etc etc) - the essential teachings should be propagated in a totally open and free way, for any that would seek them out and put them into practice of their own volition. Accordingly, if possible all practices and rituals should be prepared in such a way that they can be conducted by a lone practitioner. This does open up the possibility of abuse of the teachings, but this risk may be accepted - as it has always been possible for magical dabblers and Zen devils to do such things that cause them to fail and fail spectacularly. Furthermore, it must be recognized that the conditions of this global society (but particular in "The West") are such that most true philosophers, and nearly all true witches, are autodidacts and lone practitioners. We should endeavor to provide those who have the intuition to pursue purification and spiritual development access to the moonlit path of Artemis, and the exalted fruits which it bears.

2. Having freed herself and become self-realized, the Lunar Priestess should endeavor to re-establish the temple of Artemis, so that a haven might be created for all followers of the moon to know communion with one another, to perform workings together, to record the essential teachings in a more permanent way, and to offer guidance and loving service to those who are drawn to the path of the Pale Goddess.

Goals of Artemism (Long)

 - Under Construction -

This post is currently unfinished, and partly unedited. It will be refined and brought to completion alongside the growth of this subforum as time allows.

October 15, 2018, 08:25:48 pm
Re: Brief Introduction To Vampyrism In answer to your first question, on one hand, like with anything else someone feels drawn to something. On the other hand, there is not any rational explanation as to why these certain types of things are more appealing than anything else.

That is what really begins your quest. Not only with Vampyrism but really with anything that you embark on.

Through exploration, you may stumble across the Vampyre. Perhaps first in fiction, then by way of those who call themselves lifestylers, then through houses, covens, organizations and the like. Maybe you find yourself fitting into one or more of those categories. Maybe you aren't only comfortable in one, but in several. No less, there is a feeling of coming home. Something within the realm of the Vampyre is giving you an understanding of things that you have always felt or done but have never truly understood. At this point you are awakening to your nature.  As for houses or groups, like many other paradigms some people learn better in groups and others on their own.

In case you haven't been able to tell from several of my other responses, awareness is the key.

You must ask yourself who and what you are.

You must also then find out what you are not.

Again, there is no difference here than the journey as presented by the Major Arcana of the Tarot for instance.

It is about testing.

Test your beliefs, test yourself, test what you are told, test what you read.

Simply doing that alone sets anyone apart from the masses in my opinion.

In those tests you may find that you have a connection to the Vampyre in it's various forms. You then may chose to study further and test what you study. Ultimately you either find yourself to be a Vampyre or you don't.

It really is just that simple.

There is no wand that one can wave over you and magically change you.

Unlike being a Satanist (born and not made) one can choose to become a Vampyre. This is done through study and practice. This can also be done solitary or by group.

As far as what differentiates the Human from the Vampyre, a perfect analogy to be made is that if one has to ask how much something costs they can't afford it to begin with.

The same applies here.

If you have to ask the difference between a Human and a Vampyre after a cursory study, chances are good that you aren't a Vampyre. I don't say this to be evasive, rather, this is a conclusion that you have indicated that you have come to via your own studies, and I cannot validate your thoughts, experiences, or feelings. This is something that you must do for yourself. It sounds as though you have, and based upon that question, I would agree by way of what you have presented here.

The only drawbacks or limitations of the Vampyre are those that for whatever reason he will not overcome.

One thing that I would point out that may be of use is the value that the Vampyre places on life.

Go out and ask anyone you like if it were possible to physically live forever if they would choose to do so (and science may well make that a possibility). The resounding answer that you get in spades is no. The Vampyre would gladly embrace such potential.

As for your assumption to one of your answers to your second question, if I may ask, is why do you believe these things?  Based on several of the things you have written, it seems (and I could be wrong) that you equate dependence of any kind with something negative. Have you ever asked yourself why that you hold that view? Then questioned the reason that you give for that answer and continue to question it down to the core? Likewise, would you say that you are not dependent on anyone or anything? If you are do you consider it a weakness? If so why? 

If I have misunderstood your feelings about dependence please accept my apologies. If I am correct, perhaps there is something to learn about yourself.

I hope that you have found this to be of assistance.

November 07, 2018, 04:22:06 am