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Re: 8 Soul emanation (MindStar) Hermetic Magic by Stephen Flowers has a practical application of the Egyptian soul model.

Aquino's Black Magic is also fairly detailed on the topic, and includes additional references.

April 21, 2020, 03:31:12 am
Re: 8 Soul emanation (MindStar) The magic to me, is in recognizing various aspects of being for what they are, from wherever the inspiration comes.

April 23, 2020, 02:14:02 pm
R.I.P. Ips. Michael A. Aquino "I Have Come Into Being"
R.I.P. Ips. Michael A. Aquino

1 Before God or Angel, Daemon or man, there was Leviathan alone, principle of continuity and ageless existence. By relation and time I have oft been sought, but Leviathan shall yield to none other than the final master of the Universe.

2 Leviathan is the absolute, man, and if thou would presume to realize what neither Heaven nor Hell may effect, know that when thou behold the presence of Leviathan, thy end hath been attained.

3 Only through obliteration of the Universe may man seal his mastery of the Black Flame, for only thus may he know that he is not subject to a greater Will.

4 Heaven must perish, Hell must perish, and man alone must remain ere the Black Flame becomes Red in the glory of its perfection.

5 Then the Red magus shall behold only Leviathan, and he shall recognize that he has become the perfect mind, who shall remake the Cosmos in the eternal glory of his Satanic Will.

The DIABOLICON: Lt.Col. Michael A. Aquino PhD

July 01, 2020, 10:32:30 pm