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Homage to Set
Homage to Set and the Summoning of the Nine Neteru

O my Father, Set-Hen, I have glimpsed the Emerald Eye of Leviathan and have seen the great mysteries unseen by those without.  I have journeyed through the chasms of the Abyss and have performed deeds in thy holy Name.  I praise thee O mighty and everlasting god and I thank thee for the Gift of the Black Flame.

O Majesty of Set, I invoke thee to give me the Ankh of creative inspiration as I seek to create works of glory to you and to me.  Hear me Father, Lord of Darkness; for thy strength and power I yearn; my spirit hungers for thee, my heart thirsts for thy knowledge and undefiled wisdom.  Look upon me, O thou Highest of Life, Akh of the Seven Stars, and enshrine within me the essence of thy holy Sekhem.

By the glance of the Emerald Eye, I beheld my soul ascending and the god in my heart was Khepera and I saw infinite space. 
The god in my heart was Maat and I saw Beauty. 
The god in my heart was Anubis and I saw realms beyond time and spiritual black dimensions. 
The god in my heart was Nyarlathotep and I saw the place to erect my temple. 
The god in my heart was Shub-Niggurath and I saw how to create a world. 
The god in my heart was Osiris and I saw how to sink within and gather strength. 
The god in my heart was Set and I saw how to preserve the force of mind. 
The god in my heart was Isis and I saw how to re-shape in accordance with all my secrets. 
The god in my heart was Nepthys and I learned how to create time.

I look down upon the whole of the Earth and her secrets open to me.  Every spell and scourge is obedient to me!  I have equipped myself like Setamontet, Great-In-Magic, who passes now through the whole of the world.  Nothing shall prevail that works against me, nothing ceases that I put in motion.  I am become One with the Powers of Darkness!  I have cleaved the night and I am Reborn!  I Have Come Into Being like Set who mightily broke forth!



March 31, 2017, 04:32:51 pm
Creativity and Selfhood The realization of a creative goal often requires mastering new things on the intellectual level. While one can certainly pursue knowledge for its own sake, I find myself more likely to learn things if they contribute to a personal expression of some sort.

One of my varied interests is guitarmaking. Initially, I intended to just make the body and purchase a pre-made neck. In discussing this with a friend, he said "you should make the neck also". I took up the challenge, and though my guitars aren't perfect, I am more pleased with my efforts than if I took the path of least resistance.

Which creative pursuits have enabled you to accomplish more than you thought possible?

May 08, 2017, 03:53:10 am
Re: Creativity and Selfhood
hm... do we not have HTML boxes or support for embedding soundcloud?
I installed a mod for it:
Code: [Select]
[soundcloud]<song url>[/soundcloud]
[cloudset]<set url>[/cloudset]

May 21, 2017, 01:30:44 pm
Journals The journals section is for personal updates/rants/vents/brags, it's always interesting to see what others are up to so feel free to create a thread with your user name as the title if you want. One thread per user to help keep things organized, thank you.

August 13, 2017, 03:30:46 pm
No politics for now, please. Since politics can be such a divisive subject, please refrain from discussing politics until we can get some clear rules in place. Thank you.

September 27, 2017, 11:49:44 pm
"The message of Set to man is: 'Who gives a fuck?'"-Michael Kelly The following is an excerpt from Apophis. The channeled writing in the beginning of the book. After my recent crossing of the abyss and coming back from it, I can relate to it a lot and the Draconic philosophy in general is helping me bring back purpose to my life.

I placed it in the Setian section as Apophis is created by a former member of Order of Leviathan and this particular phrase mentions Set. I feel like Order of Leviathan and Apophis' philosophy is central to undertanding remanifestion and consiousness, at least for me.

“So now you know that beyond Desire there is to be found Desire.  When all of the bonds are loosed, when all of the attachments are severed, when the sense of Self is all that remains, cast adrift in a Void... you were carried through by Desire. “Not Desire for the things you had known and lost. The remembrance of the most urgent and important things in your life elicited not a flicker of interest in the void of ZAX. You cared nothing for them.  This Desire was not for person nor thing, but for the testing of possibilities, the extension of your Self into new arenas. “And now you awaken afresh to Desire between the spread thighs of Badhbh.  Mount Her chariot and ride with Her, heedless of all, laughing in lust and fury.  When the rules of the game displease you, sweep aside the pieces and play a different game. “The message of Set to Man is:  'Who gives a fuck?'”

November 22, 2017, 03:28:17 am
Re: James Kirby: Last Living Interview and First Postmortem Communication I remember James Kirby back when he was Adept II*, may he continue to Xeper and Remanifest as a Lord of life, death, and life beyond death!
December 16, 2017, 05:40:50 pm
Re: James Kirby: Last Living Interview and First Postmortem Communication There is a video interview in this article:

KHPR interview:

Facebook page, tons of pictures:

December 16, 2017, 07:15:37 pm
Re: Towards Setian Idealism
If Setian Idealism is true Set is not the Form of Isolate Intelligence. I have been thinking about this a lot over the past week or however long, and I think the obvious replacement for it would be Thoth.

Although I disagree with this, I can understand how one would come to that conclusion.  In Egyptian mythology Thoth was alluded to as the counter of the stars, the measurer and enumerator of the Earth, as being twice great and thrice great lord of books, scribe of the gods, and possessing knowledge of divine speech, in which he was 'mighty'.

February 08, 2018, 05:35:44 pm
Re: Pentagrams in Ancient Egypt This is actually very common in a lot of ancient art in the middle east until the rise of monotheism. A lot of art and religion was very stellar based in the reigion, for whatever reason. It's worth noting that it seems unique to that area though. Go to maritame culture like the Minoans and Mycaneans and it's all focused on the sea rather than sky.

Source: I spent a whole semester analyzing pottery.

February 15, 2018, 03:36:17 am