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Re: Rituals I like the distinction between ritual strengthened through repetition (a rite) and ritual through magical impetus in the moment, not specifically prepared for (chaos magic). Both of these play a role in my practice as well.

In terms of base ritual practice, I perform meditation daily. There are many and varied methods of meditation I make use of; I consider it to be pretty essential to progressing in the great work. Somewhat less than daily, I do a kind of contemplative prayer (to the Moon) which involves opening myself up to inspiration rather than abiding in the ground of being. Both have been and continue to be really effective.

At least once a week, but oftener depending on how often I get outside, I practice a form of yoga which I developed for myself. Interesting how that works - it was developed and iterated by chaos-like methods but now has reached a level of development where it has settled into more of a rite. I stand in the Modified Ibis Asana and apply Will to my concentration. This has proven to be an excellent way of strengthening my resolve and clearing the mind,, but it has also given me a kind of superpower in the extreme balance I’ve had to develop.

Every time I catch a glimpse of the Moon outside, I recite a mantra of my choice seven times and bow to her. It’s one of the things I do to keep my Bhakti ripe and willing.

Once a cycle, on the night of the Full Moon, I perform a full ceremonial ritual in sight of it. I anoint a candle ahead of time to be burned in offering, sometimes alongside other sacrificial material. I ritually cleanse myself and then don an outfit of all white. I go out in the night and find a place suitable for my purposes. It needs to be

1. A dark place without much light pollution
2. Open to the sky or at least with a good view of the Moon’s path and the stars.

I carry out my meditation cushion, my spellbook, my magical tools, the offerings, the incense, and whatever else I’ve decided to use in my spread that night, and begin. I won’t describe it step by step here (maybe in the Artemism forum soon), but it often involves casting a circle, introducing myself, reciting Lunar praise verses to honor her, making astrological observations, and then invoking my patron. These are my holy nights, of course, and they are quite useful to me. I’ve had a range of experiences, sometimes so powerful and revelatory that my entire foundation as a being is shaken and disrupted - sometimes more tender, like a night of silent reverence and union. But when it’s done (I continue until the candle is fully consumed), I retrieve the wax medallions that have formed and take them back with me. My collection of wax medallions of different colors is my measure of how long I have been steady in my practice. The tiny stump of the candle that remains must be buried.

I was going to describe a chaos ritual I’ve performed based solely on intuition and incidental energy, but I’m realizing it sounds quite insane - and there’s hardly a way for me to communicate the inspiration I was operating on in that moment. Maybe another time. I’ll just say it had to do with plant lore, sacrifice, what people would call “past life regression”, and a really unique form of divination that actually ended up revealing some useful information.

There are several things I left off of this, but that’s all for now. Cheers. :)

December 12, 2018, 01:44:39 pm
I am awestruck Word Count: 985
Leviathan! Serpent of the Sky, Heavens and the Deep! I bow before your unstoppable force that is that which is!

It's a freaking lightning volcano how fucking cool is that?

The glory of nature and the grace of the Darkness that is It (Satan) is not only that which inspires but that which at the core identical with us. In it's perfect majesty it could kill us in an instant, just as much of this Universe would.

Yet our source of existence is the same; that which is as the catalyst for the emanation from One into many. Satanas, Opposition, the inherent conflict in reality itself and the Destroyer of all chains and falsehoods.

It is my belief that the reason for all this suffering is that this Universe was not designed in so much for us as it was necessarily in this form for us to emerge.

This began with that which is Singular Consciousness existing without space, time, doer ship or personality, the sum of all existence.

It was it's inherent quality of Satan that caused it to OPPOSE this form, and create the male and female extremes, from which the three threads of reality would be animated.

The thread that the female (vāmā) animated would create DARKNESS. The thread that the male animated would create LIGHT, marking the first consciousness to exist distinct from All.

Darkness would oppose it's singular essence as an object and made itself into many distracted objects, creating PHYSICAL (blood) space to give these objects locality. Light would see Darkness make many of itself, and so to act as the Opposing force to that multiplicity, Light would create a LIGHTNING (abstract, mental) like flurry of elemental, deities, and demons.

Light then sought to CREATE (fire) within the physical, to give form to things that were before formless. Darkness responded with the act of DESTRUCTION (ice) so that creation may be contained.

From Creation and Destruction came time, and with Lightning and Physical the UNIVERSE was created.

So would these six forces, Light, Darkness, Ice, Fire, Lightning and Blood constitute the COSMOS. To exist within it was to exist within duality.

Within the Universe, the forces opposed their inclination to oppose and worked then in concord and balance. The ALL did not forget it's intent to create separate consciousness, but Light was of it's nature as unlimited, and beyond the Universe.

And so the third String of Reality, not animated by either Male or Female, but by All itself would go about creating a limited conciseness contained within bodies that would exist within the Universe. It did, on several worlds, and over a few short billion years one consciousness emerged as humans on a wet, mild world. Humans and Earth defied the extremity of the Universe, from very cold to hot, to still, small or crushing. A land of all middles where something not suited for much of the Physical could stand.

That human consciousness though was also oppositional and opposed it's own limited consciousness. Throughout ages it would come to an eventuality where persons would seek, perhaps achieve universal Consciousness and become like many of the supreme gods they worshiped.

In one instant they would become the Universe; Fire, Ice, Lightning and Blood, and it would be Lightning that would allow them to maintain a stream of consciousness that in the same instant would oppose it's nature as only the Universe, and upgrade that limited consciousness into Universal Consciousness as a Supreme Subjectivity, to now mirror themselves as a Supreme Objectivity.

And then the Universe would become their plaything.

It is in truth, in my view that we are all this Universe; to admire nature is to admire ourselves. To pay heed to that which is our foundation.

Then what of their relation to Light and Darkness? To the ALL that orchestrated all of this?

However, there is more layers to this. To become Universal is not the end; to become Cosmic is not even it. It is by becoming the Universe that we make the Universe the third, the balancing point between Supreme Subject and Supreme Object. By becoming a third, we become all three and thus Darkness and Light.

Then it is again a duality, a rival to ALL to finally Oppose it, not existing as it is as without time or space, but existing as time and space and expressing within time and space.

It is that which was cast down into the World, we could think of ALL as God and Satan as this challenger, but it was always planned because both are one in the same.

And is then Satan's turn, now Cosmic and Universal, to take the place of All, and All no longer lacks personality, doership, space, or time because All is now transformed.

YOU are that Satan, and so am I. When we attain this highest state, we operate on consensus, or compete. After all, why would ALL go through all this trouble of killing itself if it was just to end up as it started? Nondual yet individualized, the humans are the new gods.

Thoughts? This is based off of some refinements to the explanation of my metaphysics.

I also wanted to kind of express why I've call myself "pro-cosmic" in the past and revere the physical world. Also, below is a chart of all of this; I avoided Sanskrit as much as possible in this post.

Also, I should note I spoke of Leviathan, and it's been something I've been thinking more about lately but technically part of Leviathan kind of defies parts of this system. I'm still trying to figure it out. While most of this is certain a few parts of it might change as I refine it. Some of what I said might be kinda misleading as this is actually the "simple" explanation. Actually, the chart has a little more complexity than my written explanation.

January 13, 2019, 07:13:36 am
Re: I am awestruck
Word count: 166

Tohu Tehom Teli Than Leviathan Tanin'iver Taninsam

(I don't have a cool image, sorry)

To keep myself up-to-date I reread what you explained on Discord, your article on TIS and checked your blog.

If I understood everything correctly (which I didn't) Satan directly creates self and indirectly the physical world (you mentioned that you see the gray, orange and green area as "cosmic"), as they both had to occur for us to exist. For us to be created creation and destruction were created but the driving force of that had to be some nonphysical existence without locality, with help from Shiva and Shakti and once everything was in place Satan could "do it's thing through Rajas" so now we are limited by physical existence.

But I have to ask, what are your views on "Self and Ego"? Do you see them separately, or as the same, but one poisoned? If different, how is Ego created?

Anyway, great thread, but that chart could use some makeup :P

Unholy god you are thorough.

Yes, Satan directly creates the limited self and indirectly the physical world as well as it's mental/abstract parts. Creation and destruction is "created" but that's not the best word. Technically everything before creation and destruction happens before/without time.

Ya, the nonphysical existence had to exist before physical, shiva was the nonphysical self and shakti the nonphysical object. Once those two can form as polar opposite extremes of Satan, everything else can occur to make our Universe.

Once the Universe is in place, Satan through Rajas (that which is individualizing and ego driven) can give a self-hood to animals (such as us).

I'm not really sure how I feel about the ego. On one hand, I know the limited mind is remade into the universal mind, so I don't think the ego is of itself bad. Normally people talk of the ego as being what the heart, confused by desire wants. But there is precedent in both Satanism and Kashmir Shiavism for following the heart as a means of spiritual development.

I try to side step this issue by not using the word ego as I think ego is always kind of a confusing term as it can mean different things.

I can try to make the chart clearer and neater. And yes you are right I did at one point call the grey area outside of light/dark also Cosmos, here I didn't so you caught an inconsistency. Part of the problem is it's all in my head but I'm trying to put this into easily understood language. Now that I recall, I do on my blog call Ashes (grey), Light and Darkness the "Cosmic Elements".

I also should of probably edited it to show an arrow starting in the Self and pointing back into somewhere in the Grey. It's a visualization I'm still refining. Technically this is another representation of this but "inverted" to add clarity, with the Gods and Gunas added ontop and a few parts removed for simplicity:

That above depiction folds on itself, but it's kind of hard to explain the geometry without showing many pictures with arrows. When you reach the other or inner Grey area you start back on the other. I'll get around to making that eventually as an animation.

Sorry that I don't have a better quality one at the moment, it's on my hard drive at the old apartment with my former roommate until I find a new place.

Also the word counter was because it looked like a longer post than it really was due to formatting :p

January 14, 2019, 12:58:53 am
Re: Hieroglyphics you can copy to your clipboard!!!! I found a Unicode PDF which has them, if you go to properties or whatever there is a list of the embedded fonts used.
January 18, 2019, 11:03:42 pm
Black Metal A couple of recent recommendations from @Inlustratus to kick things off:

February 19, 2019, 07:06:07 am
LHP organizations becoming defunct I've noticed that many LHP organizations that I have been involved in have become defunct over time. It's not to say that it's the persons fault on having his organization become defunct buts it's primarily the people including the OU itself.

@Kapalika I have been reading a bit of your essay on TIS volume 4 and you make a great statement that the main problem lies on some people not being truthful to their handlings of Satanism. As a former High priest of a Satanic youth group myself which was similar to the O.S. I have dealt with so many people who were never truthful with Satanism.

They were instead people who chose to ride the coatails of my organization that I once helped head. I was primarily viewed as a cult of personality even though I did not realize this myself. If I left and put someone in charge than membership would become defunct because they chose to adhere to a cult of personality instead of choosing to use Satanism practically.

On to the OU: The OU is chaotic in of itself, time is the one that causes the stressful chaos among the OU. Us LHPERs are so preoccupied with that, that we never have the practical time to go back and to do more productive things of our involvements in our organizational activities including our independent plans outside of the organization.

The O.S. will always remain the way it is in a good way. But the main problem that this organization faces is preoccupation with time itself. I recalled that TIS volume 5 was going to be released soon but it hasn't been released at all. We need to have a primary objective but with that we must have to handle the essence of time.

As much as I want to contribute to TIS 5, I can't since I have done so much for this organization to the point where I feel tired of writing things or editing it to contribute. But our main goal should be looking at ways to improve the newsletters being published including participation in of itself.

April 27, 2019, 05:48:01 pm
Re: Maybe the Gift of Set isn't a "gift" at all I like the idea of animals being in "Existence elementary school."

Humans are in "existence college." We get to pick our studies. Lol

August 28, 2019, 11:00:20 am