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Greetings! Hello all!

I found this forum through a FB page called "Thelemic Satanism" and found many of the posts very interesting. I might be a lurker for a while, but only because I'd be busy digging through the forum to read the various postings.

Most of my knowledge comes from LaVey's writing, but I've recently begun delving into the works of Aleister Crowley, Michael Ford, Michael Aquino, Asenath Mason, and S. Connoly. The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals will always be important to me, but I need more. I feel like I'm at a turning point in my studies, and that this would be a good place to figure out for myself where to go next.

Anyhoo, that's it for now!

November 07, 2019, 09:26:20 pm
Re: pacts with goetic demons
Agency refers to the perception that another being or entity has the capacity to act within a given environment. This perception is carried out by the frontal lobes. The part of your brain capable of this is always inhibited, otherwise, we would all be insane! DIS-inhibiting the regions of our brain through extended and forceful practices/rites/operations is what creates this 'connection' with Them/It.

Are you referring to Inhibitory Control within the self or is this a reference to the ability to recognize Inhibitory Control in another?

Recognition of the actions of another individual happens in 5 areas of the brain. The PFC plays a large role in processing and carrying that information down the DMN, as well as regulating Inhibitory Control in the self. This however is more a function of impulse control than initial action or perception.

edit: spelling
Nothing to do with Inhibitory Control. I am talking about disinhibiting certain areas of the brain which induce experiences of Agency.

Like filling in perceptual gaps?
Perceptual gaps? I'm confusing you obviously. Spiritual Creatures are contained within your mind, they are not external entities, they are experienced through temporarily shutting down (disinhibiting) parts of your brain. This experience is called Agency in neuroscience.

You are confusing me. But it's because your definition of Agency is different than that given in neuroscience. Agency is the perception of action leading to intentional change. The PFC is more responsible for thought than perception.
That is not the definition of Agency in Neuroscience. It's one of the typical definitions found in a dictionary.
Here . . .

Incorrect. This article is using Agency to describe a phenomenon of perception. This is much more akin to hallucination in response to activity in the amygdala. The entity perceived is defined as an Agent in the provided article, really just a neat word for another person.

Also, most of that stuff looks pretty unproven and theoretical. Using the same source standard one could provide this as proof to the contrary >

"Agency refers to the perception that another being or entity has the capacity to act within a given environment. This perception is carried out by the frontal lobes."

"A sensed presence is a very real, perceptual experience for those individuals who have experienced it, and it can be very hard to convince them that it was anything other than what they believe it to be. It is triggered by what is called the 'agency-detection mechanism'. "

Andrew Newberg, M.D. American neuroscientist, Director of Research at the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies and an Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

My original post stated this:
I've been working with the Lesser Key of Solomon and Solomonic Magic for around 20 years now. In my opinion, working in this tradition is a form of Theater of the Mind, a psychodrama intended to jar certain regions of your brain in order to produce various forms of Agency.
Neuroscience, neurotheology, in particular, uses the terms 'agency' 'agency-detection-mechanism' and 'sensed-presence' in regards to the feeling or sense that another entity, individual or being is present despite no clear sensory or perceptual evidence.

First let me explain that while I do not hold a doctorate, I do have a B.A. in Neurotheology as well as Musicology. I also want to explain that the practice of disinhibiting the necessary regions of the brain to induce/produce agency/senses-presences is practiced in our Order the Herald of the Dawn with very good results. The brain interacts within itself between the cortex, hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala and the limbic system. Parietal Lobe disinhibition can result in altered senses of the body in space, and dissolution of the sense of self. The Temporal lobes are involved in visual processing that creates vivid 3D representations (allows us to design the spiritual creatures we are seeking). Agency allows for the perception that such a spiritual creature is actually acting on its own accord.

November 29, 2019, 03:27:13 pm
Re: recommended LHP books for the uninitiated One of the best beginners books on LHP is Qliphoth, Kabalah and Goetian Magic by Thomas Karlsson.
In that book you'll find a detailed introduction to the most fundamental topics of the principles: the metaphysical meaning of Evil, darkness, interpretation of the Qliphoth, the theistic roots of LHP understanding, ritual description...

Books on Lilith: Lilith - Goddess of Sitra Achra and Clavicula Nox issue IV - Lilith are both books i can't reccomend strong enough!
I even dare to say that i can't imagine my path with this beautiful goddess anymore without the gnosis from these books

December 12, 2019, 09:34:04 am
Actual impact of secrecy during projects? There seems to be a thread of tradition or recommendation in our sort of works, which says "keep your projects secret. Don't discuss them with even trustworthy listeners until they're complete". I've encountered it both externally, in writings about how to practice various traditions, and internally, as a reflexive reaction to making an incomplete new observation.

This seems vaguely consistent with modern psychological research, such as that synthesized in, though with the field's repeatability issues I'm not sure how much weight such studies really carry. And there are plenty of other sources that will go on about the social accountability and support benefits of discussing goals.

However, esoteric workings differ from ordinary goal setting in both their structure and their presumed mechanisms of action. So I'd like to increase the sample size of anecdotes that I'm aware of by inquiring: How have others on this forum found secrecy or its absence to impact the efficacy of their esoteric projects?

December 30, 2019, 05:09:57 pm
Re: Actual impact of secrecy during projects? I don't even think it's about secrecy, I just don't like having to share basically the same info, maybe slightly updated, repeatedly, and I'd rather have editing and publishing done of the bat. The secrecy is there so mid project you don't say "ah X is true" only to reshare a few days later "oops, Y is actually true".

Exceptions are things that should evolve like personal arguments or introspect.

December 30, 2019, 05:36:52 pm
Re: How to introduce LHP to people Good question. The answer will vary based on several facets:

* Who are you introducing it to, and why are they there? What are they hoping to gain from having attended?

* What's your own experience with various paths?

* Most importantly, for what reason is it you rather than someone else planning to teach?

January 01, 2020, 03:31:52 am
Re: working with daemons for the arts Goetic demons are by far the most reliable system of interfacing with spirits that bring Change through turmoil and I would even go as far as to suggest that they are Teachers of Adversity (in a positive way, while also promoting growth and self-mastery). Imagine a samurai teacher that trains people in dojo. The teaching could be considered harsh, and he would push them to their limits. Goetic demons often do that; they challenge what we consider "stable" / "sacred" in our lives and force us to re-evaluate. Most outsiders think of this as negative and destructive, however it's only what needs to be destroyed that is destroyed. Many report major changes in life; quitting a job, changing relationship(s), etc. All these happen for a reason; quite often our fears, insecurities or our pride stop us from seeing clearly what needs to change. Goetic demons bring about Change; many times it's rather sudden, or violent change even, but in my understanding, it happens for a reason and it's up to the person to see it in the right way.

That said, I am aware of various other systems where spirits are used, but coercion seldom works in the long term. My advice to all the sorcerers that opt out for the traditional bindings is to Work With the Spirits, not Forcing them through Bindings to do your bidding. Respect is an essential part. These beings are thousands or even millions of years older than us, they don't need to sleep or eat or drink. If the sorcerer tortures them or forces them to do something contrary to their will, they Remember... and one day, when that sorcerer lets his/her guard down, something nasty happens. As the common saying goes, "don't bite more than you can chew".

If I see a Goetic Prince as my collaborator, it is common sense to respect him since we work together for a specific goal. Even if as some ascribe to the argument that they are parts of your own psyche/ brain, you wouldn't want to impose your will on your subconscious like a dictator, because again, nasty things happen psychologically when raw power forces change instead of working patiently on the self to manifest it in a more natural way.

With regards to arts and specifically music, Amduscias' expertise includes musical instruments and music in general and I believe (s/he) as a spirit will willingly engage in providing musical stimulus.

January 18, 2020, 04:46:13 pm
Re: How do *you* LHP? 1.) I was into LaVey's Satanism for a long time, and remain a student of that. Setian Philosophy is newer to me. I've never been an initiate of the Temple of Set, but they've been rather forthcoming with information in recent years. With those resources, along with the Order of the Serpent project, it's been delightful to have so many new things to explore.

For me the Left-Hand Path is about personal dominion over my choice of philosophies, aesthetics, and practices. Beyond that becoming, re-becoming, seeking mysteries, and auto-theism seem to be among the permeating concepts between paradigms. And in this business, the captain of the ship might want to avoid walking the plank and stepping overboard blindfolded.

2.) Do I "live and let live", or "live and let die"? I don't bow, kneel, grovel, or pray, or feel some emotional obligation to anyone or anything unless I so choose. Sometimes I do things out of a genuine sense of altruism. Or I may attempt to appear to do such things with an ulterior motive in mind.

3.) That we all belong to some religion of agreement, necessarily engage in crimes making sacrifices to the Devil, and of course we're just lost souls who are in need of saving. Some deem certain symbols inherently evil no matter which way you turn them. If someone says something is Satanic, well then by gosh it must be.

Quote from: Ghostbusters
So be good, for goodness sake. Woaaah, somebody's comin'!

February 02, 2020, 03:35:39 pm
Re: Flash images while meditating
I’ve been meditating and I’ll try to focus on the face that I see, when I do that I get a whole series of other things of people doing stuff. Sometimes they’ll repeat. Anyways... can any one explain?

Ave Satanas

Completely normal if you're succeeding in your practices.

But, I'll give my standard advice here -- if you care for it...

Try not to pay attention to them too much...

Each time you do you kinda turn the normal waking consciousness on to process and when that happens you snap out of deepening the state. Sort of make a habit of processing it after you are finished -- try not to analyze, but simply accept/listen to the information.

I know it's a bit like trying to drink from the fire hose, but you'll adapt. :D

I've seen everything from old ladies, to demons, and God's. The realms of the "underworld" and so on... If I want to see it these days I'm about 2-3 minutes away... :D

As you go forward some of your abilities stay always on... what that'll mean will be different as we all have different sets of natural gifts.

February 04, 2020, 04:38:12 pm
Re: Organizing this Forum I think the more "generalizing" you can do for the forum the better... First, the post volume isn't high enough in sub-forums to typically warrant there being very many of them. I'd keep the divisions basically wherever they have to be to avoid posts being vastly off-topic. People talking about Thelema obviously don't care about Satanism in many cases and ditto the other way around...

Secondly, if the post volume for a topic is less than a few posts/replies that doesn't really warrant a sub-forum at all. I'd evade the obscure and those posts probably go to "other religions" or "lhp" general. The more you divide the emptier they look, basically. :D

You can move important sub-forum posts from the area they are in to the general and sticky/cross-reference them in another post, etc.

February 07, 2020, 02:31:50 pm