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Re: I love cubes!!!!
I think you know that's not going to have any influence or effect on me, I am the interface device for a much much much higher awareness than you are.

Thanks for clarifying where you're at.

You've got me confused, though: How can you be aware that you're a portion of the All shrunk down enough to be able to touch this world, and yet conclusively rule out the possibility that others may be as well?

September 30, 2018, 11:00:52 pm
Re: I love cubes!!!!
... from a person representing a bloodline tradition that may know things that have not been spoken about in public.

It would be enlightening indeed to watch two members of that tradition meet as strangers, and come to understand one another.

I think we both know and understand that ANY person who seeks at a level enough to be seeing this conversation is a definite Blood relative to some degree as information exists very close to iterations of it's own self in space.

People who are not kin will not care about this for the same reason that some Dogs do certain things better than others.

My point really is why make people bastards by denying them the resources and conceptual understanding needed to progress under a paradigm they may be very closely aligned with at a material level.








Well, the same is true of spiritual wisdom too.

October 01, 2018, 05:54:05 am
Re: Philosophy of Grant Morrison I probably copy/pasted too late when auto-play went to the next video.  :facepalm:

Here's the video proper.

Invisibles' ending is complicated as first but John-A-Dreams is a key to understanding it. It's also a part of a Hypersigil trilogy with Flex Mentallo and The Filth and they all sort of complete each other thematically.

October 02, 2018, 10:29:11 am
Re: I love cubes!!!! How the hell did I ever miss this topic?

This is fascinating and so over my head.

I think that is because hexagrams have more to do with cubes, geometrically, than pentagrams. You can create what looks like a corner on angle of a cube out of a hexagram but not a pentagram. At least not a regular cube. Cubes have 6 faces so 6 radial geometry can create 2D representations of them.

Pentagrams however can't, because they are 5 radial.

You will understand in time by meditating on these constructs as your ancestors did.

By doing the thing they did, aspects of them will be brought to realization and this includes the will and understanding they had that developed during these times of meditations.

May the things I've said act as a Monolith to awaken the spirit of those that rest within your sacred flesh.

IDK about Xepera but I am no stranger to geometry and divination, or meditation. It's what lead me to Tantra. However from my skimming of the topic I feel skeptical as there was too much walls of text / rambling in response to some very minimal replies. Even if you are onto something it's lost in what I can only liken to a manic episode (being bipolar myself).

Although the Cube is the emanator of the world of Matter, the Cube itself is the emanation of a trinity as Deus exists in a threefold place alongside Hyle.

This threefold place is not an emanation but a division of one perception into IS/NOT/IS&NOT.

IS/NOT then go about the motion and exist in the totality of IS NOT which when faced with it's own self gives birth to IS. I AM where my perception ends and so am NOT.

Although a oneness, "IS NOT": the power to divide and separate when faced with it's own nature.

Not every union results in a union of perception some unions result in a complete division or sectioning of perception.

This is what gets me, you talk about cubes but I don't see any cubes. I see 5 point geometry, then more 5 point geometry with that giant solid/polygon, and now this is showing rectangles making up planes of a D20 die lol. Where's the fuckin' cubes?

I'm a little curious about this "is/not/is&not" as some of your language seems to indicate at least superficially similar to my own revelations. The "is not" power to divide and separate when faced with it's own nature is very similar in language to how i see Satan giving rise to duality from it's nondual oppositional nature.

It might even be comparable to the Shiva, Shakti and Anu (but I don't know what would be "is not", Shakti? But in Trika, she's very real and concrete. Other Hindu religions not so much).

But I can't take time to mentally decode what appears to be some kind of manic episode (don't worry I've been there myself) to see if there is a discussion worth having or not. Maybe if I wasn't so mentally busy constantly for the next few days I would. But I also don't wanna have to do extra work because of terrible writing on someone else's behalf lol (no offense).

In any case if you happen to ever check back, and you really like cubes you might be interested in my own puzzle box. Maybe you could tell me if there is any 'symmetry'.

Don't take it the wrong way, I'm not discounting you, despite my skepticism. I've kinda went nuts when divining (if it happens when I'm manic), I just tried to keep most of the insane sounding things in the notes and not the presentation :D

My Box: (it can literally be made into a box)

October 03, 2018, 12:03:52 pm
Re: Jehovas Witness Someone starting at an extreme of indoctrination has farther to travel to reach a point distant from it, but that doesn't make it the journey impossible.

Each set of teachings puts a different priority on the relative merits of un-teaching old beliefs vs teaching new ones. Someone overcoming major brainwashing may experience better success with systems that spend most of their effort on un-programming at first.

I managed to make it out of childhood with relatively little dogma, so my personal experiences may be irrelevant, but I've found Discordian and NLP literature great for the gentle "you get to choose how you model the world" lessons. I find that teachings which don't demand they be accepted, yet add new information that allows one to inspect one's brainwashing by oneself, can have an easier time getting through to an intelligent person with an uncomfortably visceral reaction against any teachings that contradict their own.

On my first read of LaVey's work, I was particularly impressed by the comprehensiveness with which he focuses almost violently slapping the reader out of the RHP paradigm vs adding anything new. So he might be an alright stepping stone to vigorously shake out the brainwashing before moving on to more moderate and balanced things? Then again, by being more blatant, he might be easy for the "immune system" of entrenched dogma to entirely disregard.

Either way, I'll be following this thread with interest to learn how others who've clawed their way out of deep childhood dogma have managed it.

Edited to add: Another thing is that in Chaos paradigms, deep-set beliefs and convictions are actually quite a powerful tool. There are some self-metaprogramming tasks where having an Absolute Belief, or at least the hole where one used to sit, makes things a whole lot easier. I personally found it a lot more difficult to form new Absolute Beliefs at the "because I said so" level after gaining confidence in the self-metaprogramming space -- new beliefs that I create for myself don't have the "this is True" innocence to them, but instead a sheet of "I chose this" between themselves and my mind. And you can mine those "this is True" beliefs to transmute them into motivation to action, whatever action you choose, past a certain point in reflecting on your own mind -- the "I chose this" beliefs have a certain reversibility to them, an awareness that one could as easily choose to cease to hold them. It's like the "this is True" beliefs are trees grown straight in the soil of your psyche, with roots that grow deeper the longer you hold them... whereas chosen beliefs have commonalities to bonsai, movable and constrained to however large a pot.  Basically, prior indoctrination can serve as a spring-board and fuel to accelerate certain types of later work.

October 03, 2018, 05:17:52 pm
Re: From indoctrination to the path to freedom Most people don't want to overcome such indoctrination, which is the problem in itself. Many are happy to be slaves to RHP ideologies, whether that's religious or political. I was lucky as I was raised in a religious Jewish family, but they didn't care when I wanted to study other stuff. All they ask was I engage in the traditions like Passover Seder, and I've continued to do so mostly. When I was an atheist my Bubbe (a Hebrew word for Grandma) told me that god was fine with my atheism because he gave me a questioning and rational mind. They've always been accepting and they all have copies of my book haha.
October 03, 2018, 10:03:51 pm
Re: Philosophy of Grant Morrison Oh boy, look what I started.

@Olive Comics are an incredible way to convey occult truths and perspectives. With the hypersigil trilogy, keep in mind it was a young Grant Morrison, a punk, pushing boundaries in both art and occultism so it's a bit reckless and got a certain fool-hardy approach I think a lot of us can relate to/remember when we started out. It's a great place to start and you'll see a lot of clever ways of portraying his truths but it still sort of, getting lost.

Morrison's peak in accurately conveying occult perspectives, I would say, is Final Crisis, Multiversity, All-Star Superman, and Nameless. Those years are great and even when he dials it down for something like a family christmas comic like Klaus, it shows one of the best depictions I've seen of shamanism. But with all those, you sort of have to know what you're looking for to see it there. He wrote a Superman story as a solar hymn and it can be quite obvious if you are aware of that sort of thing, but in otherwise it's his truth put into a Superman story and might come off just as that.

Neil Gaiman's Sandman and Books of Magic are also great reading, as is a bit of early Alan Moore. If you use facebook, Pop Shaman regularly posts screenshots from comics with occult lessons and someone will give a source if asked.

What makes the hypersigil trilogy so ambitious, and amazing, is that he literally pioneered and explored how hypersigils work, and how to interact with fiction. Not only that, but he experienced his "enlightenment" at Katmandu during Invisibles and wrote into the story as an alien abduction and that whole series his him trying to come to terms with it's lessons and communicate it and real time, and The Filth was his way of dealing with his trauma in context of his "enlightenment'. And all these themes in his early work would carry on to make a consistent world-view of comics in all his work, and this leads to the whole hypercrisis theories I don't have energy to delve into tonight, but it very interesting if want to view comics and magic together.

Oh! Promethea is Alan Moore's only -explicitly- magical book while his other early work contains themes, Promethea reads like occultism 101 in comic book form.

October 04, 2018, 06:42:30 am
Re: I love cubes!!!!
Really consider this: "You came into a discussion on Luciferianism: you lost me at God."

The mind that encouraged you to do a meaningless thing like this which leads purely to conflict is the mind of your predator.

The Aztects, Native Americans, Egyptians, Mayans and countless other civilizations were aware that we have a predator that has given us it's own mind, that acts as the I AM which changes the mind of AM or disagrees with it.

The Mind is absolute, you cannot think of a thought that will surprise you and by virtue of this quality you cannot have a fluent conversation with your own self regardless of how the experience may feel or be interpreted.

The force that drives desire to destroy subjugate and harm others is a predatory desire that is below our Divine nature and is the Animal nature of our predator.

There are two wolves within the hearts of man.

One desires negative energy, pain and the destruction and torture of Humans.

To tear apart, bite and rip the flesh of Humans while they scream for absolution from God may bring pleasure to tighten the jaw of a person operating under this influence and bring them into a fanatical state of ripping biting and tearing.

The other wolf desires positive energy that accelerates in perpetuity and not a finite resource, our capacity to love and care about other people and to contemplate their well being.
I'm not going to pretend I have any idea what you are going on about, but it certainly is entertaining. I'll not interrupt your manic flow again. :rolleyes:

October 05, 2018, 01:51:03 am
Re: Moderately cheezy 'occult' musicians I wouldn't say that he was "cheezy", but Graham Bond had released some good albums based on Thelema:
Love Is the Law (1969), Holy Magick (1970), and We Put Our Magick on You (1971).

It sounds bluesish almost bordering on gospel. All about Thelema and better than I had described them.

October 06, 2018, 03:04:12 pm
Re: From indoctrination to the path to freedom
Freedom doesn't exist, you're always a slave to something - often yourself. Don't kid yourself, everyone is dogmatic - even if they claim they're against dogma.

Just reductio ad absurdum here... "You can't be free because then your belief in that freedom would bind you." Or, some such nonsense along those lines.

If you live by a set of rules or values that you've constructed yourself that's not dogma; especially if those tenets are defensible by reason or modifiable in the future. It seems you should research the meaning of the word before you use it. :D

October 10, 2018, 02:51:07 am