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Outline of a Black Magic Rite I.  Decompression

II.  Ring the bell 9x

III.  Light the Black Flame/Open the Gate

IV.  Invocation of Set:

In the Name of Set, the supreme manifestation of the Prince of Darkness, I summon the Black Flame into my midst that I may Work my Will upon the warp and weave of the world.  O Majesty of Set, hear me, look upon me, and enshrine within me the essence of the Highest of Life.  Open wide the Gates of the Abyss and come forth from thy celestial solitude to greet me as a Brother and kindred Spirit.

Enshroud me with the Powers of Darkness; let Them become One with me as I am become One with the Eternal Set, whose Throne is within the darkness behind the Constellation of the Seven Stars.  As I send forth my most exalted and sublime Self arm it with the Shining Pentagram of Set, and with the sceptre called Giver of Winds that it may slay the cosmic stasis, dismay all challenges, and cast down all that is moved to appear against it.

Let then, my eyes become the Eyes of Set, my strength become the Strength of Set, my will become the Will of Set!  From the primordial depths I am risen up and am become transformed like the mighty Khepera, with the Wings of the Falcon I soar the Infinite.  I dwell in the Fane of the Eternal Flame of Ba.  Space and time bend to my Will, and I am Lord of Life, Death, and Life beyond Death.  Hear then this Doom that I pronounce, and beware the Ka which now Comes Into Being through that ancient Art which is mine to command!

V.  Summoning of the Four Elements:

From the South I call to Sekhmet, beautiful Lady of Flame, supreme goddess of creation and desolation, thou wanderer of the wastelands, Lady of the Waters of Life, and Destroyer by Fire.  Come forth and enshrine within me your divine essence.

From the East I call to Lucifer, the Morning Star and Bearer of the Dark Light, thou Spirit of the Air who rideth the whirlwinds of the Abyss.  Come forth and enshrine within me your divine essence.

From the North I call to Setamontet, dreaded Lord of the Realm of Darkness, thou Overpowering One, deathless in majesty and strength.  Come forth from the hidden place, behind the Constellation of the Seven Stars, and enshrine within me your divine essence.

From the West I call to Leviathan, the Eternal Serpent of the Abyss, the surging sea, and Dragon of perpetual Remanifestation.  Thou who art the Absolute and the living principle of continuity and ageless existence.  Come forth from the depths of infinite darkness and enshrine within me your divine essence.

VI.  Graal Invocation:

By the Symbol of my Creation I have sworn to be an eternal disciple of the Dark Lord Set, whose holy Name I have taken as a part of my Self.  I have pledged to for ever walk the Path of the Left Hand in search of the knowledge, truth, and undefiled wisdom of the Prince of Darkness.  Open the portals of the Abyss that the Black Light may illuminate the Way and guide me in my Quest for the Infernal Graal.

Hail, Set!

Faithfulness beyond Death!
[Drink from the Graal]

VII.  The Working

VIII.  Reading of the "First Part of the Word of Set" - Enochian and English:

Ol sonf vorsg, goho Iad balt lansh calz vonpho Sobra zol ror I ta Nazpsad Graa ta Malprg Ds holq Qaa nothoa zimz od commah ta nobloh zein Soba thil gnonp prge aldi Ds urbs oboleh grsam.  Casarm ohorela caba pir Ds zonrensg cab erm Iadnah Pilah farzm od znrza adna gono Iadpil Ds hom toh Soba Ipam lu Ipamis Ds loholo vep zomd Poamal od bogpa aai ta piap piamol od vooan ZACARe ca od ZAMRAN odo cicle qaa zorge, lap zirdo noco MAD Hoath Iaida.

I am within and beyond you, the Highest of Life, in majesty greater than the forces of the Universe; whose eyes are the Face of the Sun and the Dark Fire of Set; who fashioned your intelligence as his own and reached forth to exalt you; who entrusted to you dignity of consciousness; who opened your eyes that you might know beauty; who brought you the key to knowledge of all lesser things; and who enshrined in you the Will to Come Into Being.  Lift your voices, then, and recognize the Highest of Life who thus proclaims your triumph; whose being is beyond natural life and death; who came as a flame to your world and enlightened your desire for perfection and truth.  Arise thus in your glory, behold the genius of your creation, and be prideful of being, for I am the same - I who am the Highest of Life.

IX.  Extinguish the Black Flame

So It Is Done!

Magister Ordo

March 23, 2017, 06:16:36 pm
Dark ambience for the ritual chamber Some dark ambience for the ritual chamber;

March 30, 2017, 04:08:49 pm
Re: Dark Ambience Enter the celestial solitude of the Kingdom of Darkness;

April 01, 2017, 02:51:29 pm
Creativity and Selfhood The realization of a creative goal often requires mastering new things on the intellectual level. While one can certainly pursue knowledge for its own sake, I find myself more likely to learn things if they contribute to a personal expression of some sort.

One of my varied interests is guitarmaking. Initially, I intended to just make the body and purchase a pre-made neck. In discussing this with a friend, he said "you should make the neck also". I took up the challenge, and though my guitars aren't perfect, I am more pleased with my efforts than if I took the path of least resistance.

Which creative pursuits have enabled you to accomplish more than you thought possible?

May 08, 2017, 03:53:10 am
To Become A God Anton LaVey declared the "watchword" of Satanism to be Indulgence. As Crowley indicated in his Book of the Law: "The word of Sin is Restriction". Indulgence is where it all begins, because without the freedom of self-exploration the Word implies, Thelema and Xeper would be unattainable.

Indulgence is important, but eventually one comes to the conclusion that it is a doorway into a deeper realm - that of the Will. The fulfillment of a passing desire may very well trigger a moment of self-realization - Xeper - which propels the individual into a new state of Being. What started on a whim becomes a life-long pursuit.

But I suppose self-awareness doesn't come without its share of caveats. I fear we may be entering a new era of Restriction, despite many attempts to free Occultists from the false stigmas associated with their practices. (There was once an organization in my town that made efforts in this regard.) The mainstream media has been quiet lately, but I wouldn't be surprised if LHP religions become the "click-bait" of the future when revenues get low.

I'll remain the "everyman" for now, but will Xeper just the same. The external universe cannot take away my godliness, for it has already been instantiated. My job is to Understand and Perpetuate what has already been placed into existence - to engage in Indulgence, Thelema, Xeper, Remanifestation - and work towards Ultimate Separation.

May 21, 2017, 12:04:13 am
Re: To Become A God
Did Anton claim the word indulgence, or was that assigned by the ToS in hindsight?
From The Satanic Bible:
The watchword of Satanism is  INDULGENCE  instead of “abstinence” . . .  BUT— it is not 

May 21, 2017, 12:44:40 am
Re: Creativity and Selfhood
hm... do we not have HTML boxes or support for embedding soundcloud?
I installed a mod for it:
Code: [Select]
[soundcloud]<song url>[/soundcloud]
[cloudset]<set url>[/cloudset]

May 21, 2017, 01:30:44 pm
Re: non-metal occult music

May 21, 2017, 03:12:34 pm
Re: non-metal occult music While I am not into Modern Mainstream Music such as Pop, Rap, or Electro. Their is however a Song in which I adore, I regard it to be dark, Satanic, and spiritual as well. I am pretty sure the founders and the Co founders of the O.S. are familiar with this song in which I shared previously on the Satanic Music Thread on another Web Forum.

May 21, 2017, 11:14:56 pm
Re: non-metal occult music
I'm not sure I would call what I would share popular, even if they belong to a parent genre that is very popular...

Well with me I usually do not care of how much music or songs have Popularties, with me it depends on what songs and music resonates to me. For example this song that I did share even though it might be considered popular or out of date is to me a symbolic representation of Darkness and spirituality that resonates within my own being. I usually do not care of how much occultism and Satanism is added within music whether it is metal or rock or other genres.

Other than listening to instrumental music of a variety of genres, I also listen to a music Label known as the MMP Temple, Most of their songs I listen to have been used from one of my workings and taking long walks from home in general.

May 25, 2017, 12:21:25 am