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Re: What terms properly insult a Satanist's character? I pretty much agree, Lovecube. But I wouldn't say that Satanism necessarily becomes Luciferianism. When we are talking about the core of fundamental nature, ideologies are no great thing. (No one would be able to agree with definitions anyways)

But in the sense that Lucifer is the revealing light, that force which brings the insight of direct revelation - then yes, serious seekers will reach a point where they enter into communion with "Lucifer."

Part of it is knowing how to bring oneself to the upmost state of receptivity so that realization can be recognized and accepted. For those who wish to approach this, you must work ceaselessly towards purity and self-mastery so as to become a worthy vessel (so to speak). If you can't work in this way, then you can study the teachings of the rare beings who have already attained your goal and have described their path. But better than study is contemplation, and better than contemplation is meditation. Better than meditation, is devotional action in full understanding of revealed truth.

I'm not a satanist, but I really don't know what would be good avenue to insult me. I haven't truly felt insulted in... geez, at least a year? I know who I am, and I embody myself as authentically as possible. How could words harm a woman who has nothing to hide?

October 02, 2018, 06:45:13 pm
Re: I love cubes!!!! How the hell did I ever miss this topic?

This is fascinating and so over my head.

I think that is because hexagrams have more to do with cubes, geometrically, than pentagrams. You can create what looks like a corner on angle of a cube out of a hexagram but not a pentagram. At least not a regular cube. Cubes have 6 faces so 6 radial geometry can create 2D representations of them.

Pentagrams however can't, because they are 5 radial.

You will understand in time by meditating on these constructs as your ancestors did.

By doing the thing they did, aspects of them will be brought to realization and this includes the will and understanding they had that developed during these times of meditations.

May the things I've said act as a Monolith to awaken the spirit of those that rest within your sacred flesh.

IDK about Xepera but I am no stranger to geometry and divination, or meditation. It's what lead me to Tantra. However from my skimming of the topic I feel skeptical as there was too much walls of text / rambling in response to some very minimal replies. Even if you are onto something it's lost in what I can only liken to a manic episode (being bipolar myself).

Although the Cube is the emanator of the world of Matter, the Cube itself is the emanation of a trinity as Deus exists in a threefold place alongside Hyle.

This threefold place is not an emanation but a division of one perception into IS/NOT/IS&NOT.

IS/NOT then go about the motion and exist in the totality of IS NOT which when faced with it's own self gives birth to IS. I AM where my perception ends and so am NOT.

Although a oneness, "IS NOT": the power to divide and separate when faced with it's own nature.

Not every union results in a union of perception some unions result in a complete division or sectioning of perception.

This is what gets me, you talk about cubes but I don't see any cubes. I see 5 point geometry, then more 5 point geometry with that giant solid/polygon, and now this is showing rectangles making up planes of a D20 die lol. Where's the fuckin' cubes?

I'm a little curious about this "is/not/is&not" as some of your language seems to indicate at least superficially similar to my own revelations. The "is not" power to divide and separate when faced with it's own nature is very similar in language to how i see Satan giving rise to duality from it's nondual oppositional nature.

It might even be comparable to the Shiva, Shakti and Anu (but I don't know what would be "is not", Shakti? But in Trika, she's very real and concrete. Other Hindu religions not so much).

But I can't take time to mentally decode what appears to be some kind of manic episode (don't worry I've been there myself) to see if there is a discussion worth having or not. Maybe if I wasn't so mentally busy constantly for the next few days I would. But I also don't wanna have to do extra work because of terrible writing on someone else's behalf lol (no offense).

In any case if you happen to ever check back, and you really like cubes you might be interested in my own puzzle box. Maybe you could tell me if there is any 'symmetry'.

Don't take it the wrong way, I'm not discounting you, despite my skepticism. I've kinda went nuts when divining (if it happens when I'm manic), I just tried to keep most of the insane sounding things in the notes and not the presentation :D

My Box: (it can literally be made into a box)

October 03, 2018, 12:03:52 pm
Re: What are you doing right now?
Also known as tracing adorable goat pics in order to share some amusement with my internet acquaintances.
Here's a cutie:

October 03, 2018, 01:28:10 pm
Re: From indoctrination to the path to freedom
No worries. I just have to remove my name from the Book of the Elect when I was confirmed. And also deregister from the parish membership, which I have been been absent from. It should be implicit but going through it explicitly helps.

I reposted this from RF:

Hopefully, someone finds it useful. :D

I never went through the formal trouble of removing myself from Catholic association, not because I was planning to come back but because their thoughts on the issue were meaningless. :D All belief starts and ends with one's own thoughts and feelings.

A meaningful "Rite of Blasphemy" is far more injurious to your former association and uses the dogma you were subjected to as a weapon against itself.

October 04, 2018, 12:42:36 pm
Re: Community Policing In my personal experiences, it has unfortunately come down to luck. "Block Watch" type organizations and HOAs are notorious for attracting insecure, power-starved people who want to have some way to lord over others but lack any real qualifications.

A relevant quote "Perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who have leadership thrust upon them, take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well." -- Albus Dumbledore

I am a member of my HOA's Board of Directors. The majority of the community are normal, average people who just want to live their lives and generally not be bothered by trivial things. There are always "those types" who have to cause a ruckus over every little thing they can. That individual, in my community, has been trying to join the BoD for some time but is rebuffed every time because her personality flaw is too glaring to be overlooked.

I was added to the BoD becuase the previous members were all moving away. I liked being informed of their activities, so I went to meetings. Despite never having interest in doing the job, here we are. I like to think I'm okay at it. I'm fortunate to have a good support network in our HOA management, our legal support, and of course the other Board members.

When I say it comes down to luck, I mean that it can be difficult to discern whether those vying for leadership are genuine in their desire to do good or just good at hiding their hunger for authority. Often times it's something that isn't known until the abuse of power begins. Rules to try and bar the power hungry seem destined for failure, in my view, because when authoritarian wannabes take power, they'll do whatever they can to keep it; particularly, they'll aim to dismantle rules that would limit their tenure or remove them from their position.

Being informed on an organization's structure and the lateral limits of leadership roles in that organization are a good way to start questioning any zealous leaders. Find out if there are any disciplinary measures or if there are any specific actions that would cause immediate disqualification for/dismissal from a position, especially if there have already been violations.

Preventing it in future takes an informed group and outgoing leadership candidates. The less you know about a person, the more it would be logical to question their motives.

But this is all just in my opinion and experiences, which aren't universal.

October 05, 2018, 06:31:26 pm
Re: The Rite of Blasphemy aka The Guide to Going to Hell Forever Respectful discussion, not pretentious dickery. Bye Jim
October 09, 2018, 10:41:09 pm
Re: The Rite of Blasphemy aka The Guide to Going to Hell Forever
The Christian Bible is way, way down on my "things I think I should read someday" list, so all I know about it I've picked up from popular culture... However, I've conversed with people who were brought up church-every-Sunday Christian and still consider themselves religious and found that I know things about that book that they don't.

Yeah, some of us didn't have a choice. Five years of parochial school, before that about six years of Saturday classes. (Four hour long classes, not one hour.. lol) Even with that being said, none of that shaped my perception of Satanism or Satan -- I was rejecting Christian beliefs before I even hit my teens. I remember having to attend my confirmation and thinking to myself, "Is there some way I can get out of this?", at about age 13. I decided it was a pretty meaningless ritual in the end, and that it made the family happy so whatever. (I absolutely had no belief in Catholicism by this time.) I wasn't even aware that Satanism was an actual thing until I ran across TSB at a bookstore. I bought in in front of my mother, so I never really bullshitted my parents in regard to my interests later either. They've known for a long time what I am, and never treated me any differently for it.

On your other points, there are plenty of Christians by proxy as I like to call them. They may feel they are atheists, but live entirely by Christian morality and subjective understandings of the world. I find the concept amusing. :D

October 10, 2018, 02:41:31 am
Admin Note This board was created so @Olive may share her unique paradigm and approach to the Left-Hand Path in greater detail, looking forward to seeing it evolve.

October 13, 2018, 10:40:44 pm
Re: What has your flavor of LHP done for you? I wrote over 1000 words responding to this post yesterday and lost em all in a power flicker. Oh well - I tried. I'm going to be putting my effort towards developing my efforts to express my tradition in a more focused way rather than having another go glossing the whole field.

I may come back and give a few thoughts at a later date, but until then I bid you adieu. Good thread, and really nice response from @idgo - I find your perspective to be even handed and reasonable. (No offense to your discordian side :b)

October 14, 2018, 09:42:44 pm
Re: Leviathanite vs. Draconian The OS itself isn't even technically Setian or even "Ophite Setianism." The founders are "Leviathanites" but even our own @NEMO 93 is a Draconian. The OS is for the LHP in general, a "meta organization" if you will. Unlike other groups we don't even mind dual membership with other groups!
October 16, 2018, 04:27:19 pm