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Re: Bees and Isolate Intelligence
. Pretty much why I consider panpsychism one of the more likely theories as it doesn't try to explain how awareness came to be but simply presupposes that it's a part of existence. Therefore, the focus of what needs to be explained is shifted to why we only notice awareness in some parts of existence and not in others, which seems much easier to explain.

Can you elaborate on this?
I can try :D
It's not like I had a full solution yet myself.

Well, if you assume that consciousness is somehow alien to this world, and that it only entered a purely objective reality by way of some singularity, then there's a huge burden of proof on that claim.

Therefore I would assume that consciousness also exists when there are no humans, no vertebrates, not even any single-cell organisms, as the coming to be of not any of these explains why they would have consciousness.
The way the nerves of vertebrates (and possibly also other organisms, not an expert on this) are structured explains how the multitude of information from sensory input that their bodies perceive are bundled together in a single neural network. But it does not explain why with this there would also come subjectivity, a self that is aware of these (or parts of these) inputs.
The way that our brains are structured probably explains why it notices its own existence (i.e. becomes self-aware). But again, that doesn't explain the subjectivity that it becomes aware of simultaneously (which however also exists before awareness of it).
One could also imagine all the calculating that our minds do to happen without there being a consciousness aware of these thoughts.
Ultimately, it's not even possible to know whether anyone but oneself even has a consciousness.

Therefore, since I see no explanation for how or when awareness came to be, I assume that it is a property of existence itself.

How exactly that works is a really difficult question, but I at least have some rough ideas about it, or rather a range of theories that I can't falsify.
Stuff like this is hard to put into words, so please bear with me.
One theory would be basically solipsism, i.e. there is only one consciousness and all the world is its mind.
A variation on this would be that this one consciousness is somehow simultaneously in all beings that have consciousness and that the rest of existence is its mind.
Or there are a multitude of separate consciousnesses that incarnate in all beings that have a consciousness (I don't really like that approach as it opens a whole can of worms of further questions).
Another option would be that each single part of physical existence has a consciousness of its own (which might still be connected at some higher level, or not). Either each particle, or each point in space. That the self which you are actually perceives your mind is then just you being at the right place in the right time ;)

September 28, 2018, 07:07:54 pm
Re: Dissecting the Sigil of Lucifer Solved

September 29, 2018, 02:37:36 pm
Re: What are you doing right now? Setting up Internet in a new apartment.
September 29, 2018, 03:28:06 pm
Re: I love cubes!!!! It doesn't matter, but you're still willing to make claims about a well-wisher at the door? Curious behavior. Anyways, I'll be following your posts to see what you're about. Always open to having a discussion if you ever feel like being less coy. Again, welcome to the forum - I hope you enjoy the company and your evening.
September 30, 2018, 11:57:01 pm
Re: Post-Based Titles
Or larger degrees of serpents. Some examples


I would personally stop posting (or switch accounts, or delete old posts, or something) after hitting Draconis so as not to be transitioned to "python" :)

Haha yea. It wasn't by order of preference no doubt so some shuffling involved. I sorta ran out of good ones past Draconis. And the ambiguity with Python member status and Python the programming language would be a nightmare.

October 01, 2018, 03:38:04 am
Re: Techniques for improving one's involvement with non-occult organizations? Not really able to contribute much experience to this, sorry - it's only been 6 month that I even have a boss that would have any influence on me large enough to even consider it necessary to make any changes.

With my boss, one thing that I'm learning now is that how easy it is to convince him of something does not necessarily depend on the arguments, but often also on whether they are presented to him in a manner he quickly and easily understands. And people may differ in what they understand most easily.
Possibly approaching it from that angle might also apply to your situation - especially considering your leaders claiming to be very busy.

With other "bosses" of mine, i.e. admins on websites I moderated, mentioning some issue often enough also tends to do the trick, but I can take a while, and you might want to avoid it if you aren't sure whether they value you enough for not minding getting bothered by you (luckily that wasn't the problem in my cases).

October 01, 2018, 06:31:19 pm
Re: What terms properly insult a Satanist's character? You're a sheep.

You're edgy.

You're closed minded.

You're ignorant.

You don't take care of yourself.

October 01, 2018, 09:38:24 pm
Re: What terms properly insult a Satanist's character? "Stupid sheep" would probably be the culmination of an insult to an LHPer.
It would attack two of our main virtues, intelligence and not following the herd/mainstream/orthodoxy.

And yeah, you mentioned insults to intelligence already, but that seems pretty central.

"unauthentic" also fits, a bit more general than the above-mentioned "edgy" (which I wouldn't necessarily consider insulting, it depends on the definition).

Bonus points for those which sound like compliments to the uninitiated or RHP practitioners :)
Hm, haven't ever encountered that as an insult, but "selfless" would quite fit the bill.

October 01, 2018, 09:43:28 pm
Re: What terms properly insult a Satanist's character? It's disappointing to find out you're exactly what I expected (IE: You're not original)

I am addressing the subjective you, I often write in short form so I am explaining the exact intentions behind my statements.

No need to force someone to use their imagination if unnecessary it's a waste of energy

October 02, 2018, 12:30:37 am
Re: What terms properly insult a Satanist's character? I find nothing hurts a Satanist more than the expectations and assumptions of other people. (You care too much about your ego)


A topic like this is such a waste of time, there are more efficient ways to farm loosh like hard torture and more efficient ways to remove someone like to kill them. (I am more hardcore)


Don't understand the purpose of this (as a reply to anything said by another)


These are all things that seem to not only annoy the typical Satanist but to actually cause them to think, they are the most obvious I guess but still merit meditation on why.

The question really is do you think these weaknesses are inherent to the majority of Satanist paradigms?

October 02, 2018, 12:33:31 am