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Outline of a Black Magic Rite I.  Decompression

II.  Ring the bell 9x

III.  Light the Black Flame/Open the Gate

IV.  Invocation of Set:

In the Name of Set, the supreme manifestation of the Prince of Darkness, I summon the Black Flame into my midst that I may Work my Will upon the warp and weave of the world.  O Majesty of Set, hear me, look upon me, and enshrine within me the essence of the Highest of Life.  Open wide the Gates of the Abyss and come forth from thy celestial solitude to greet me as a Brother and kindred Spirit.

Enshroud me with the Powers of Darkness; let Them become One with me as I am become One with the Eternal Set, whose Throne is within the darkness behind the Constellation of the Seven Stars.  As I send forth my most exalted and sublime Self arm it with the Shining Pentagram of Set, and with the sceptre called Giver of Winds that it may slay the cosmic stasis, dismay all challenges, and cast down all that is moved to appear against it.

Let then, my eyes become the Eyes of Set, my strength become the Strength of Set, my will become the Will of Set!  From the primordial depths I am risen up and am become transformed like the mighty Khepera, with the Wings of the Falcon I soar the Infinite.  I dwell in the Fane of the Eternal Flame of Ba.  Space and time bend to my Will, and I am Lord of Life, Death, and Life beyond Death.  Hear then this Doom that I pronounce, and beware the Ka which now Comes Into Being through that ancient Art which is mine to command!

V.  Summoning of the Four Elements:

From the South I call to Sekhmet, beautiful Lady of Flame, supreme goddess of creation and desolation, thou wanderer of the wastelands, Lady of the Waters of Life, and Destroyer by Fire.  Come forth and enshrine within me your divine essence.

From the East I call to Lucifer, the Morning Star and Bearer of the Dark Light, thou Spirit of the Air who rideth the whirlwinds of the Abyss.  Come forth and enshrine within me your divine essence.

From the North I call to Setamontet, dreaded Lord of the Realm of Darkness, thou Overpowering One, deathless in majesty and strength.  Come forth from the hidden place, behind the Constellation of the Seven Stars, and enshrine within me your divine essence.

From the West I call to Leviathan, the Eternal Serpent of the Abyss, the surging sea, and Dragon of perpetual Remanifestation.  Thou who art the Absolute and the living principle of continuity and ageless existence.  Come forth from the depths of infinite darkness and enshrine within me your divine essence.

VI.  Graal Invocation:

By the Symbol of my Creation I have sworn to be an eternal disciple of the Dark Lord Set, whose holy Name I have taken as a part of my Self.  I have pledged to for ever walk the Path of the Left Hand in search of the knowledge, truth, and undefiled wisdom of the Prince of Darkness.  Open the portals of the Abyss that the Black Light may illuminate the Way and guide me in my Quest for the Infernal Graal.

Hail, Set!

Faithfulness beyond Death!
[Drink from the Graal]

VII.  The Working

VIII.  Reading of the "First Part of the Word of Set" - Enochian and English:

Ol sonf vorsg, goho Iad balt lansh calz vonpho Sobra zol ror I ta Nazpsad Graa ta Malprg Ds holq Qaa nothoa zimz od commah ta nobloh zein Soba thil gnonp prge aldi Ds urbs oboleh grsam.  Casarm ohorela caba pir Ds zonrensg cab erm Iadnah Pilah farzm od znrza adna gono Iadpil Ds hom toh Soba Ipam lu Ipamis Ds loholo vep zomd Poamal od bogpa aai ta piap piamol od vooan ZACARe ca od ZAMRAN odo cicle qaa zorge, lap zirdo noco MAD Hoath Iaida.

I am within and beyond you, the Highest of Life, in majesty greater than the forces of the Universe; whose eyes are the Face of the Sun and the Dark Fire of Set; who fashioned your intelligence as his own and reached forth to exalt you; who entrusted to you dignity of consciousness; who opened your eyes that you might know beauty; who brought you the key to knowledge of all lesser things; and who enshrined in you the Will to Come Into Being.  Lift your voices, then, and recognize the Highest of Life who thus proclaims your triumph; whose being is beyond natural life and death; who came as a flame to your world and enlightened your desire for perfection and truth.  Arise thus in your glory, behold the genius of your creation, and be prideful of being, for I am the same - I who am the Highest of Life.

IX.  Extinguish the Black Flame

So It Is Done!

Magister Ordo

March 23, 2017, 06:16:36 pm
Re: The Book of Coming Forth by Night For me and others the differing semblances of Set, Satan, Odin/Wotan, Lucifer, Prometheus, etc., are daimonic reflections of the manifold aspects and machinations of That which is commonly known as the Prince of Darkness, the Great Benefactor of Mankind, the primordial source of our heightened Sense of Self and advanced intellect.
April 23, 2017, 10:16:15 pm
Re: Favorite Film Sequences Lord of the Rings: The Death of Boromir

May 11, 2017, 02:22:59 am
Re: Music thread Its been a while since I've posted non-black metal music here.  Most of you know I also love classical music especially for piano as I am a classically trained pianist.  This piece by Franz Liszt "Piano Sonata in b minor", or as I like to call it "The Devil's Sonata", is one of my favorites from the romantic generation of classical music.  Here performed brilliantly by my favorite contemporary virtuoso pianist Valentina Lisitsa.  Warning: this piece is 30 minutes long... haha, it is a masterpiece and I love it!

June 03, 2017, 02:04:53 pm
Re: The Symbol of the Serpent Shiva is pretty much always depicted with a snake chillin on his shoulder, it's tail wrapped around his neck.

No idea what it means, other than he likes snakes. Hm. Why don't I ever think about these kinds of things? Time to search...

Okay, some internet searching tells me it's called Vasuki which was "the Serpents' king". There seems to be some mythology behind this as well as more symbolism but that's all Purana stuff and so I ain't interested in that.

Something else that came up is that it represents Shakti energy of the Kundalini. Now we are talkin'! It also seems that the serpent represents Shiva's mastery over fear and death. Which is also very fitting IMO, and even reminds me of some of the most hardcore LHP Shaiva paths... hmm...

July 20, 2017, 08:56:35 am
Re: What are your beliefs about Satan? I've expressed my views overall else where but maybe in short, covering some more specific things;

Edit:  A lot of this isn't something I've really put to words in a number of years (and a lot others not very often) so the explanation might be kinda sloppy. My apologies in advance.

1. Satan, which means "opposition" is the primordial, most primeval force of reality as we know it. Darkness emanating from his core essence that births the pure-impure. Christianity (and to a similar extent Islam), true to their roots, sees everything around them as "evil". They seek to purify themselves and it's written in their teachings that all "fall short of the glory of god". To them, perfection is some kind of static, place with no sin. But they way they define sin would mean that there wouldn't be much of anything, let alone anything worthwhile. In this way Christianity did not invent Satan but gave a name to it. To me, Satanism is defending those cosmic truths against all, not just the Abrahamics. They want the absence of opposition which more or less equals destruction of everything (not just nature). This will become a little more clear below. Maybe part of the reason I gravitate towards Satan is I see them as the first to unwittingly identify this principle in their efforts to destroy it. A lot of the gnostics wanted to destroy the universe and so it doesn't suprise me that we see traces of this still in Christianity today.

2. Satan, which means "accuser" of one who had this title acted as an arch-angel and prosecutor, a tester and agent for Yahweh to the ancient Hebrews. Their actual faith was heno-theistic and there are strong clues even in the OT that what we consider Yahweh was formed from many different deities. This god of the OT is quite different from the Christian god although they have the same "ancestors". This isn't to say that a Satanist serves Yahweh. Rather the title and place of this Satan shows that the class of spirit exists. I personally believe that this service for that specific Satan could of been temporary and likely was if it was true (maybe even that Satan was working against their will, and so why they took up the job of tempting and testing the faithless), but it could of been a reinterpretation of something more ancient (as the Hebrews tended to absorb elements of those around them or they killed off. So seeing Satan as the prosecutor of a god or gods in accordance with what they stand for can be generalized.

3. Satan as an archetype; the reflection of the cosmic emenations of Satan in our psyche. This can manifest in many ways and those who take on these archetypes of the more nobleish variety tend to become Satans in the sense of 2. However this isn't nessisarily so as the attributes emulating those cosmic forces are diverse. One can be Satanic in many different ways. This could just be a matter of personality or 'alignment' (so to speak).

Those are a few layers of how I think of Satan. As a symbol, Satan is kind of a total sum of all the layers. "Satan" is in itself to me a whole value system. Maybe a better way to put it is that Satan is a nondual pantheistic entity from which flows duality and some of those dualities form "currents" on which the other layers manifest and express in different ways. Some of those as in my 3 points above show it can be different flavors of polytheism as well as more psychological. Those ways which most align with the more cosmic level of Satan I would call "Satanic". Not everything is Satanic of course. Satanic is more of the realization of the interplay of those close attributes/forces/values and it's that interplay that becomes the focus. So through opposing movements and forces things balance out.

Basically without conflict things can't exist. Conflict doesn't have to be unpleasant or bad... if I can find it I once wrote something that explained this as physical phenomena... say the sun has outward force of radiation pressure that counters gravity so the sun doesn't collapse. And Gravity opposes the radiation pressure so it doesn't fly away. That is a good example (metaphor?) of of positional forces. Some might call this "balance" but people tend to not really get the meaning when you say that. They think of a scale, where  when balanced it seems to not move and there is no force despite the forces being equal. In nature it's more of the swinging back and forth of forces that shape reality not a perfect stillless balance. Overall there is balance but Satan is more about recognizing extremes and seeing that individual variance in a more minute perception.

This isn't just about physical nature though, but abstract and spiritual nature as well. Physical is just the best example. Satan encompasses the creation of all of those but manifests most obviously in physical nature and in some elements of the spiritual with it's roots in the nondual state (from which the physical and abstract form). Most abstract examples I can think of lie in the mental and so would be ashudda (impure) and so the most far removed from that source... but since it's in such an opposite of Satan it is in some ways also very Satanic as it is opposing Satan itself! (I can give an example if that explanation isn't sufficient).

I could go on and on and explain what this means for live and practice and all of that but eh I hope that explains what Satan is to me in at least some sense of the word. This isn't something I've really put to words in a number of years so the explanation might be kinda sloppy. But I think you get the big picture.

August 13, 2017, 09:52:47 am
Synchronicity Thought I'd share this (although it probably signifies nothing) to be filed under mildly amusing curiosity.
I was listening to "TALKING CHAOS MAGIC AND BREATHWORK WITH DAVE LEE" at Rune Soup a little while back when the postie delivered a second-hand book I had ordered, a copy of Max Stirner's "The Ego & Its Own". Inscribed on the flyleaf was David LEE. Now I appreciate David Lee is not an uncommon name (I'm a Mike Young and there are countless numbers of us) but given the odd synchronicity I needed to know, so I emailed David Lee, who replied: "The book cannot have been mine, because I have never owned a copy. However there is a bit of synchronicity there, because I fairly recently got a free e-copy of that same book and put it on my Kobo".

Anyway, I thought I'd ask folk for their synchronicity accounts/thoughts/ideas.

PS If you come across a copy of Max Stirner's "The Ego & Its Own" with Mike Young in the front it is definitely mine 'cause no bugger ever returns them to me! 

September 19, 2017, 07:13:11 pm
Re: Need Opinions: Anti-Cosmic Approach to LHP I am no fan of the material universe either. Frankly, I love nature, but only to observe it. I don't want to be a part of it, because it thrives on destruction. I believe that there is a way to leave it, and become something like a Lovecraftian deity, or something like Set. It's really difficult to put it to words, but to become something which is and isn't at the same time, which cannot affect the physical and is not bound by the physical, but can interact with the astral, and the mental, like any other external entity (e.g. Set) would.

Now, I do like plenty of stuff in this world, but if I have to sacrifice all of it to become this godly type of entity, then so be it. After all, when we transcend our desires and wordly attachments, when we achieve the ultimate metamorphosis, we wouldn't even feel the need for the stuff we used to crave.

I myself have been working, and am still working to transcend my nature. I have, believe it or not, for the most part overcome my sexual desires - which is one of the core aspects of the human animal.

This project is very much possible; the rewards to be reaped are great, but they don't come without costs and tremendous effort.

Also, that bit from the Diabolicon, hmm...maybe there is a way to retain to mimic particular elements from the material if one so choose, eh?

PS. Such an afterlife as you describe wouldn't be material at all. It would mirror it in some regards, but it's ultimately immaterial. Although, and this is my opinion, because it mirrors the material, it's also a tad limiting. You don't have infinite potential and possibilities. But when you have something so alien and incomprehensible which can be something and nothing at the same time, then there are no limits to what can happen.

October 02, 2017, 07:37:28 pm
Re: Some insights from Lord Rossiere with my thoughts on Demonalotry. This started out as a response to the love thread but I felt needed it's own thread. My demonalotry began with King Paimon, who is great, but a bit of a brute force deal so I sought out to look for a demon that's more or less the opposite.

King Paimon, is a scholar type, and values efficeincy. Definitely "air."

I wanted something non-Goetic, more watery for lack of a better term, something that definitely carried bias with its knowledge and had a gentle touch. Lord Rossiere showed up and Love was one of the sections on the wheel in the Alphabet of Desire.

The alphabet of desire is made to unleash your desires and attain and release them on your own terms. It's modelled after alchemical formulae. But I feel like if you use demonalotry or other methods to fill in the blanks and flesh out details in here, you could also use it as a divination system.

King Paimon best represents what I want out of Demonalotry and is very effective. Highly recommend him. However, working with an opposite archetype shows me the features he is missing and why completion and customizing your work to behave in a certain way, like programming a ritual, is very important to insure your will is affected.

King Paimon I think would equate best to Frustration maybe Greed. It's weird because I don't see frustration as a sexual thing, I might have to create my own wheel.

November 18, 2017, 07:55:47 pm
Hate Isn't the way of the Satanist Cross post from a debate topic I made on another forum:

Hate is a very strong emotion. Much is made, particularly among certain types, of the fact that humans are both hating and loving creatures. I honestly think such attitudes are rooted in tribalism. Love your friends, hate your enemies. Such has been the battle cry for eons of the warlike religions, political ideologies and governmental entities who sought to expand through violence and forced conversion.

It seems for some they feel as if they should love a few and default to a hateful attitude towards many others. I don't agree. Rather, I'd propose, hate should be rationed just as those like LaVey told the Satanist to ration love in The Satanic Bible (though I'll take this further later on). Hate is a destructive emotion by nature and its liable to backfire if one isn't careful with it.

"But but! Those intolerant, or evil or brainwashing x religion/group!" Well, my dear diabolical friend... simply moving the sword from the right hand to the left hand is still using a sword (see what I did there? :p). I've actually heard Matthew 10:34 and Luke 14:26 used to justify hate mongering, for example. Sadly the trap of hate is one easy to fall into. Those verses, Yeshua bringing a sword to divide, and saying one must hate others to love him, I chose for a reason and not randomly. It's again that tribalism; that old us vs them that's the trap I'm warning against.

I don't consider myself a LaVeyan in any sense, and I will break down a relevant statement in his Satanic Bible and what I disagree with, since this is what I am comparing my position to:

“Love is one of the most intense feelings felt by man; another is hate. Forcing yourself to feel indiscriminate love is very unnatural. If you try to love everyone you only lessen your feelings for those who deserve your love. Repressed hatred can lead to many physical and emotional aliments. By learning to release your hatred towards those who deserve it, you cleanse yourself of these malignant emotions and need not take your pent-up hatred out on your loved ones.”  - Anton LaVey's The Satanic Bible (1969)

Okay, so love and hate are intense. So far so good.  But the moment he starts talking about indiscriminate love he never contrasts about indiscriminate hate. Yes, I understand that most hateful Satanic types do discriminate, although too often I've seen it be over petty things. There's seems to be something in the id so to speak, that thrives on the release of hating people for stupid crap. This isn't to say this is LaVeyans specifically who do that, funny enough I've seen it with theists quite a lot, but in a lot of ways they take things like this to an extreme and so the passage merited quoting. I picked LaVeyan / Church of Satan out of any other sect as it's one of the few notable groups espousing a view on the pro-hate end of the spectrum. (also funny enough there are more LaVeyan influenced theistic Satanists than first impressions might give otherwise if my online interactions are any indication).

I don't know how we determine who "deserves" hate. What LaVey failed to account for is that since Satanism exalts the subjectivity of the individual there won't be any measure beyond whim for who "deserves" what. Such inclinations in my opinion quickly lend to tyranny of those higher up in the social "stratification" as LaVey's successor Gilmore would put it.

I don't think 99.9% of people can experience "indiscriminate love" but surely an attempt respect for all life is at least on some level rational. Satan is the god of man, of our nature. And there is a part of our nature that does seek to better itself. I'm reminded of an Episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where the Android named Data (who wishes to be a human) says it's not important that he will never become fully human, just important that he is always trying to improve himself. That to me, that constant self improvement, and personal evolution is what is at the heart of humanity and Satanism. So why can't we aim to try to love more? Perhaps even universally so? It might not be possible, but it's surely worth the effort.

LaVey almost made a valid point, but missed the mark when he said "repressed hate" instead of "repressed emotion". Hate itself, from what I've come to understand of it, festers and grows off of itself. And that's the danger. Most people (I hope) don't take out their frustrations on other people or their loved ones. I honestly think LaVey might of been speaking from experience when he spoke on that.

If someone has someone they really dislike causing them trouble they might diffuse the tension with something healthy like a hobby or working out, whatever. But taking it out on a living being? Even loved ones if they can't against the aggressor? Something more is going on there that most well adjusted people don't have (or at least I hope so anyways).

There are times though, I think "hate" of a sort is warranted, but very rarely so. It's too subjective and honestly if something is that malicious one can address the person or situation indifferently and rationally. I also would say that hate is pretty much something people should avoid as much as possible since it uses up energy and effort. Quite literally it's not worth the effort. If they are truly that bad, it's not worth hating and getting worked up over. They don't deserve your hate. That's why I say, who really deserves hate?

A Satanist should seek to improve themselves, not get carried away with those who are against them. That energy is better spent on becoming a better person, a better Satanist, a better human. Maybe Data had a point. Maybe it isn't the fact that one will ever stop hating entirely but just the fact that they won't be consumed or distracted by it as much and can better spend that effort on themselves is all that matters.

And a topic for another time, but nor does that mean one should be self righteous or arrogant in their dismissal of those they now "don't hate" :) Truly not caring is even less than that; it's not having much of an emotional reaction at all.

November 20, 2017, 10:06:44 am