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An Initiation rite I did a few weeks ago. A while back during my esoteric studies within parts of the Western Left Hand Path my main influence was Michael W. Ford who'm I thank dearly for transforming my path the way it is. Today I do not practice Magick step by step but instead I do the Setian approach to doing Magick independently. Parts of this rite was an Initiation rite I did a while back in which I later earned the Magical name Sutekh within this rite, but later completed it within the Present time. This initiation rite is mainly illustrative where one Xepers within the self. Parts of my Invocation is my own no one elses.

                                                                                                      I invoke unto thee O Khepri God of Rebirth, remanifestation and Xeper. I have come into being through this day forth I thank thee as a Scarab beetle himself. I thank all the the other Dark Gods for helping me along this path.  I feel the Black Flame within me being nourished and re-energized. I have come into being to this day forth. I will come into being as the Scarab beetle in the near future. I have Xepered and remanifested. For I am Sutekh.

Hail Kephri, Hail the Dark Gods, Hail Set.  I burn this parchment in honor to the Dark Gods.

April 02, 2017, 02:18:21 am
Re: Discussion on Thelema: RHP or LHP? While I am a no Thelemite, A while back I tried to study and grasp parts of Crowleys philosophy or Religion based on Thelema. From my own opinion I tend to regard parts of Crowleys views within Thelema to be RHP. Crowley himself viewed the LHP to be the destruction of ones self becoming a black brother. If I am correct doesn't Thelema believe in seeking a Union with the whole of the Universe? I do not know a lot about Thelema in general but I've heard that some Thelemites are different, some tend to regard it as a philosophy and some as a religion, this is just from my own understanding of it.
April 05, 2017, 09:55:57 pm
Re: non-metal occult music While I am not into Modern Mainstream Music such as Pop, Rap, or Electro. Their is however a Song in which I adore, I regard it to be dark, Satanic, and spiritual as well. I am pretty sure the founders and the Co founders of the O.S. are familiar with this song in which I shared previously on the Satanic Music Thread on another Web Forum.

May 21, 2017, 11:14:56 pm
Re: non-metal occult music
I'm not sure I would call what I would share popular, even if they belong to a parent genre that is very popular...

Well with me I usually do not care of how much music or songs have Popularties, with me it depends on what songs and music resonates to me. For example this song that I did share even though it might be considered popular or out of date is to me a symbolic representation of Darkness and spirituality that resonates within my own being. I usually do not care of how much occultism and Satanism is added within music whether it is metal or rock or other genres.

Other than listening to instrumental music of a variety of genres, I also listen to a music Label known as the MMP Temple, Most of their songs I listen to have been used from one of my workings and taking long walks from home in general.

May 25, 2017, 12:21:25 am
Re: Favorite Film Sequences This is perhaps one of the most funniest scenes within insidious 2 in which I always laugh.

May 27, 2017, 04:18:24 am
Re: New Pentagram Interesting and nice design. Originally I used the Samael and Lilith Pentagram for my workings in general. However I enjoy using the Pentagram of Set more due to the fact that I enjoy gazing upon plain symbols without letterings and other newly strange designs within it. The Pentagram of Set in general has been a meaning to me representing the powers of Darkness and the Subjective Universe.
June 01, 2017, 01:13:54 am
Re: The Imperishable Star volume I (newsletter) Just downloaded the current newsletter I look forward to reading it.8)
June 02, 2017, 03:34:29 am
Re: non-metal occult music Their is an interesting electro type song in which melody is incorporated fully, the song is from depeche mode, supposedly I believe it was recorded in the early 90s but it sounds 80s.  The song more or less represents Darkness to me and the Age of Satan in existence.  

June 08, 2017, 05:46:48 pm
Re: Not a Setian?
It's greater black magic that can have LBM effects, but only if someone understands the symbol.

I am guessing the Pendant that you wear is not the Pentagram in general but based on the Egyptian meaning if I am correct.  With me I try at best to hide my Sigil of Baphomet wearing it under my t shirts knowing that this symbol is well known to the general public and that it may trigger not so friendly reactions.

Essentially they do LBM in yourself, because there is no willful intent of the wearer to induce specific reactions in others.

What is kindve strange with LBM is that many of us may use it unconsciously without knowing. Iv'e been influenced under LBM many times before.  One time at school a classmate of mine knew how to play mind games with me, he would question me if I do not like to be told what to do? I said yes, I do not follow orders.  Instead however my classmate then asked me to bring him a textbook.  So I did, without knowing consciously of what happened my classmate started to laugh since he played with my mind.  I then started to feel embarrassed realizing that some average people may use LBM deliberately. 

June 08, 2017, 06:43:30 pm
The Satanic Work This is another essay of mine during the time the Order of The Serpent was in its beginning years before the Order evolved.  And this was during the time I decided to evolve my path independently before I chose to Affiliate with the Order. This essay was shared to the three co founders of the O.S.  I am now sharing this essay to fellow members of the Order as well as a contribution to the Order.

The Satanic Work

                    The Satanic Work is something in which I have coined, The Satanic Work differs from the Great Work within Thelema where's in Thelema the great work is about ones accomplishments which may fit to The Satanic Work.  However The Satanic Work does not seek any union between ego and non ego, male to female etc unlike Thelema.  Originally while I decided to fill in my application for the O.S. founded by my fellow brothers and colleagues, Adramelek, 1137, and Onyx.  Adramelek, a good old brother of mine corresponded with me after my questions about the O.S., I told Adramelek about my academic Studying and the things which I have gained from them.  I also mentioned my inactivity's from school and other priorities.

            What lead me to the invention of THE SATANIC WORK, was from my correspondence with the founding members of the order, a quote from Adramelek, "The premise of the O.S. is the mastery of your own life and the Gift of the Black Flame within your being.  You elude to the fact that your schooling and other priorities are of paramount importance to you.  This is as it should be in your personal quest in the Great Work to master your own life.  The Order of the Serpent does not judge its members by the frequency and quantity of their contributions, but rather the quality of their contributions."  When mentioned of my personal quest within the Great Work and the mastery of one's life, this henceforth gave me an idea.  After my denial from the O.S. I was given neutral regards by Onyx himself another fellow brother of mine.  After he wished me his best regards of my current position within my path, I have decided to pursue my Dark Path more.  The things in which I have gained the most from my Dark Path is an invention of mine called THE SATANIC WORK, the Satanic Work is a work for the practitioner, Adept, and the initiate to further ones motivated drive and achievements within the path and outside the Path.  The Satanic Work is something in which you accomplish within and outside of your path, in ones Satanic Work one learns the things that are most valuable to him and his path.  Ones Satanic Work drives the persons accordance within their will.  The person is able to value his very things in life, and the things in which he has integrated.  The Satanic Work for me is a journey within my own Dark Path for it is still evolving, my experiences with my Satanic Work was feeling a motivated change within my very self and my very path.  The things that I have learned from my own Satanic Work is to listen to your teachers and mentors who strive to help you, do not argue with your mentor and teacher but instead treat them as your companions and friends, for me my teachers and my mentors outside of my path have been like a family to me.  However, all of us may have bosses, co workers, teachers etc that we may disagree with or we do not like them as well, The Satanist must not retaliate against his mentor or teacher that he may fully have a dislike upon him or her.  Instead the Satanist must learn the advantages that they give the student on accomplishing ones Satanic Work.

              The satanic work is a quest within the Dark Path and outside the Dark Path.  My own Satanic work was outside of my path, my Satanic Work was a changing experience and a process for me.  My Satanic Work is mastering my own life, its gradually helping me to strive and evolve within my Dark Path.  I regard my Satanic Work to be a motivator with my will alone.  When one accomplishes his Satanic Work more often outside or within his path the Adept gains an enjoyment, and the fulfillment of one's ego and Pride.  I do not have a problem with ones ego, and pride after all within my own Path I tend to regard Pride and the ego to be a great integration and a great roller coaster for one's life.  However I have met many people who have a huge amount of not so good ego, instead they enjoy their little ego ride and their shiny good guy badge that they have as a part of the Herd.  One must be careful of one's Ego and Pride to not go too far, we all make mistakes in our lives but we must learn from these mistakes and try to improve our ego and general well being.  Within the Satanic Work comes the battling of depression and other major crisis's brought under the Objective Universe.  The Satanist and the initiate are constantly battling against Har-Wer and Set who are both forces in Nature that tests and battles man.  Har-Wer is symbolic of social Darwinism, depression, and other bad things that causes the initiates self to worsen within.  The Left Hand Path is a very tough path for the initiate in general, the Left Hand Path is not necessarily meant for everyone to come across on the journey within.  The initiate is constantly being tested by Sets wrath of chaos in general the more the initiate chooses to work with Set.  The initiate believes that Set is a teacher for him among his path, the initiate thinks that Set would do everything for him, however what the initiate does not realize is that Set who is a God of Intelligence within this universe cannot do everything for man.  Henceforth Set cannot help you if you ask him to curse a person you so hate so dearly, Set however can empower you within and ones Black Flame within their very consciousness, I regard Set to be separate from Satan the Prince of Darkness himself.  Set can only change man to "come into being," however Set is here to challenge the initiate, not help him along his journey.  For me how I graduated from my Black Flame and my dark Path of my Satanic Work was from experience alone, I used to think that Set would always do everything for you but he can't, Sets only occupation is isolating the initiate from the Natural Order and the Objective Universe and by testing the initiate to further graduate along his Path.  Set teams up with Har-Wer to battle the initiate alone to see if the Initiate is worthy.  The Satanist including a differing Adept, practitioner, or initiate within their similar Paths must not follow every word I say out of a book but rather find the things that are most practical to the initiate, the adept, and the practitioner alike. You are not my followers but an individualist on his journey like me within and outside ones path.

                 In conclusion of my final statement, I cannot give you any advice on completing your path and nor can I be your teacher or mentor you spiritually.  This path that you are one is your own path, you're' the individual who's goals are ones own, it is up to you on what to do on your Path or Journey that you are currently on, it is not mine but yours.  It is your own decision whether to continue ones Journey through the Dark Path alone, It is up to you to see if your Path resonates with your being.

Epilogue to the reader- Aside from my bias on Set, these are mainly my views, I am not here to debate against Set to some old time Setians.  Instead my views regarding Set comes from my own experiences working with him.  This essay is intended for future purposes to the O.S. in general.

To my fellow colleagues and brothers:  This essay will be shared to you Adramelek and 1137, for the time to come to be shared to the O.S. If my views of Set may cause a harsh disagreement upon your own views I would try and edit if asked.  My views of Set are just my own views I am not here to challenge nor be biased on ones beliefs, but instead it comes from experience by working with this force in general.

June 14, 2017, 06:45:22 pm