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Re: Recommended start with demonalotry?
Hmmm so Demonlolatory seems esentially like worship of any other god from S Connolly's book and the theory about them just being forgotten obscure pagan Gods. I mean, I figured there was no need for goetic circles in satanic bent workings but it just seems so, informal and like any other ritual. Then again, I guess if you're invoking you don't necesarrily expect a physical appearance unlike evoking something against it's will which I would have to agree with treating something respectfully is probably the proper way.

So I have to ask, is there any advantage to choosing to work with them other than any other Pagan god?

I try not to over-intellectualize theistic things, but ultimately the method of working is faster and simpler. :D I find ceremonial methods pompous and frustrating, especially since they do not align with my vibe. Anyway, I've worked with many of the "Demonaltry" divinities as is were and feel they were well selected as well as well disposed to a theist in training, nevermind being absolutely effective in their scopes. In any case, I'd always recommend that with whatever you work with you work according to your psycho-spiritual nature for the best possible results. The daemonic have personalities, and just like people you can waste a lot of your personal time trying to make a trying relationship work.

October 26, 2017, 06:08:01 pm
Sneaking in... Introduction... I'll be lurking around here to see what's up from time to time... fair warning. :D Many here seem to know me.

If you don't:

I'm a Theistic Satanist/Demonolator who has friends in many pantheons and has an addiction to high nicotine vapes, heavy metal music, and expensive alcohol. Hopefully, we will have many interesting conversations.

October 26, 2017, 06:27:04 pm
Re: What are you playing?
I thought we already had this thread, but I couldn't find it. Same as the other stickies but for games!

I just picked up Ghost Recon Wildlands, and my God I wish I had more vacation time to take. If you like tactical, stealth, and sniping games it should be next on your list.

Witcher 3, went $20 on Xbone... I'm hopelessly addicted with over eighty hours in... :D

I do like Skyrim too, but I destroyed the game (beat it all) never could bring myself to pay another $60 for a simply remastered version... Even though I know the new one supports mods on Xbox... I tried it and it's not THAT MUCH different from the old game.

October 26, 2017, 06:28:18 pm
Re: Sneaking in... Introduction...
Eh, I'm a lush, but tend towards the cheaper options. :mrgreen: Feel free to make new threads about what interests you, we like to throw ideas around. Thanks for signing up.

Heheh, I'm not a snob about the expense just the flavor.  For example, most spiced rum is nearly the same so save a buck is logical. Can't say the same thing about scotch or absinthe though, cost and quality still don't always go together BUT more often or not in that realm there is a correlation. Wine is all over the place as well, I've had $20 bottles taste as good as one that I paid $280 for.

October 26, 2017, 07:00:48 pm
Re: Sneaking in... Introduction...
Welcome Mindmaster, you may not believe me but I'm glad to have you here :D

Why would you ever think that? :D

October 26, 2017, 10:20:12 pm
Re: Sneaking in... Introduction...
@Mindmaster Welcome, it has been a very long time seeing you. :)    I am not to terribly active on RF anymore, since so many Counter Productive Threads are quite tiresome.

I realized I'm not having discussions there just engaging with zealots whether they are political, religious, or whatever. Post quality went out the window as the mods flag every post that is even the slightest bit argumentative or disagreeable. It's so bad even the admins and mods are ghosts because they probably can't say anything without making themselves in violation of some rule or melting a snowflake as well. It's not that as I was looking for a fight so much as they were so intolerant of ideas outside of their bubble that invariably I'd become embroiled in one.  It just becomes a situation of being able to say nothing because all the things are banned.

October 27, 2017, 01:25:29 am
Re: Sneaking in... Introduction...
RF will forever be important to, well honestly, the very existence of the O.S. and this (hopefully superior) forum. That said, it's very sad what happened to that site. I honestly feel the worst trolls are the freaking admins there, without naming names.

Undoubtedly, lol.

The inability to distinguish a troll from troll bait isn't helping them either. Anyway, no need to name names as I am completely aware of who you are talking about. It just became impossible to have a dissenting opinion of any kind even if the two people were just having a heated discussion. (Even if they were friends!) Lol, I was modded several times for having an argument with someone whom I considered fondly, yet other people would report me.  At that point, why talk? Many of them were pissed at me because of politics and not just going along with their program... Well, I have no program - I'm personal anarchist all government is whack to me but you gotta pick the best of the worst or you are really in trouble. Most people are not capable of handling the level of freedom anarchy means, so it's an idealistic thing rather than a reality and I am aware of it.

To be fair, RF did nothing to form O.S. - the product and the work of our discussions is what formed that. RF did nothing but collect money and spam people with popups and porn ads in their email. :D Years long friends did the heavily lifting, and to me that is where the credit is due. It was natural to seek another venue when the gestapo just couldn't get enough of itself... LHPers generally don't stomach tyranny well... Especially me.. :D

October 27, 2017, 06:45:38 pm
Re: Worship
I have thought about things like that and where do common religions go wrong with it...

I view worship as a form of admiration and it does not even have to be directed towards a deity. Humans often worship other humans all the time. You might want to worship a deity of your choice for the same reason, you might want to say "thank you" to someone.

The very first problem that religions like christianity is that it says "you MUST worship".

The problem is not with the submission in any form. The problem is that someone says that everyone is supposed to do it. I believe that lhp means to say that you should have a free will and do what ever you want... any "you should do this" becomes the opposite of such idea. I view that one should pray to a deity is an example of what we are always taught we should do. Following that teaching would be a denial of free will... but following the idea "you should never do this" is effectively the same.

Just some thoughts for you to think about. You might be being effectively submissive towards lhp ideas. You might be making lhp into your doctorine. It might also be not a wrong thing to do. You might be LEARNING to cast aside what you LEARN.

Edit: interaction of needs with a free will is a separate topic to think about, separate from the topic of worship at least. I have some thoughts on it, I might share them if you are interested.

I concur with your statements here, but I find it strange to conflate worship with submission. The culture of my ancestors regularly venerated them, for example. Worship in the LHP is more of a process of celebrating a relationship, rather than master-slave relation. I simply view Satan and various "demon" energies as spiritual sages and conduits of a certain type of force. The real problem is dogma in that you MUST do things or you WILL get problems. It's shifting responsibility of your life to the divine, and thereby making your own personal actions relatively worthless, then the scale of the importance of such relationships is WAY out of whack and one-sided.

I'm theistic, but I am also personally responsible for my life. I do not expect that cosmic level beings are overly concerned with my mundane affairs, but if I seek deeper knowledge and I can work toward forging that relationship with them to gain it. In a way, I am always of the disposition a student should have with a teacher and very respectful but ultimately I have to take what I've learned and do something with it.

October 31, 2017, 01:12:54 pm
Re: Is image important to satanism?
As with any sort of -ism, I agree that there is some posturing involved with keeping up an image. I wouldn't go as far as to call it Virtue signal when it comes to Satanism as with traditional orthodox groups. I do find it inauthentic when they claim their brand of Satanism as legitimate without it being possible for it to be others. In all seriousness, I would say that I encountered Satanism first while reading Lord Byron and Milton in high school. And I very much admire Lord Byron's work and ideation on the aristocratic rebel.

The only thing that makes all of these groups un-Satanic in my eye is dogma. As soon as you place a system of rules of what is valid and then you've marched right the hell out of what Satanism is at its core. Satanism for me represents a spiritual insurrection of sorts, in that you must have the freedom to practice and think in the way that leads to your ultimate development. What "development" means to you is, of course, highly subjective. Without that though, I feel you aren't doing any Satanism in the proper sense at all no matter what you are calling it. That's why I think many of the organizations mentioned in the OP are dead - dead as in the corpses of failed experiments. They didn't learn from their mistakes and evolve, so they've become dogmatic in approach and turned into a group of wannabes. Surest sign of the wannabeism is that there become certain conversations that be inapproachable, or looking like something becomes more important than doing anything. It becomes an identity rather than a path, so that's why I feel they are not real Satanists.

October 31, 2017, 01:35:13 pm
Re: Is image important to satanism?
On the one hand, I fullheartedly agree with this - Satanism is about following one's own will, and so basically pure adogmatism.
On the other hand however, such a definition makes it extremely difficult to determine whether anyone is a Satanist or not. Only oneself could really tell, and even then one might be mistaken due to self-delusions.
Also, in what way would Satanism then differ from the LHP in general? I mean, personally I use these two terms interchangably anyway, at least when referring to myself. Well, there are "Satanists" that are too dogmatic to be LHPers, and LHPers whom to call Satanists would be strange as they work with completely different cultural references and not with anything they would refer to as Satan ever.

And then, there is the question of how far one is on one's path, and how easy or difficult to attain one's individual will is.

I think what qualifies someone is a Satanist opposed to the general LHP is simple. Are you involved in spiritually with Satan? I mean that's simply it, and while there are certainly a lot of atheistic Satanists that would disagree because they feel "symbolic" Satanism is enough one could question whether they need to have any Satan in their speak at all. That's why most modern people seem confused on the matter, and it's understandable why. I personally don't see the reasons to involve Satan in your scope of LHP if he's merely a prop. IF these things are seen as props why bother with any of them anyway? :D When I feel snarky I generally refer to these folks as pseudo-Satanists because I don't really see what the point of it is. You can be a Nietzsche-ian objectivist who admires the concept of Lex Talonis, Epicureanism, and dabbles in the occult, for example. Sure, it's easier to say Satanist than all that, but let's be honest in that Satan doesn't really bring value to you other than for shock in this case. Ultimately, I feel that is why "LaVey Satanism" grows more unpopular in that the shock value of Satan is virtually nil outside of the bible belt.

In regard to theistic Satanism, I feel that it's simply easier to figure out who the Satanist is and who isn't and that's because we can draw from whatever inspirations we'd like and still at the end of the day be a Satanist. Whereas I usually get the impression that most LaVey Satanists would eat their own if they didn't represent EXACTLY what TSB and other mouthpieces proclaim. I think one expression is simply a healthier expression of Satanism, as a whole.

November 02, 2017, 02:53:27 am