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Re: Last Movie You Watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. I actually really enjoyed and loved it. I thought it was better than the first due to having a strong central theme and way better pacing. It didn't drag the action scenes out as much as the first. Still pretty hilarious as well. I've been pretty critical of Marvel movies since the end of phase 2 to the point where I haven't seen much of phase 3 but I really enjoyed this one.
October 01, 2017, 02:38:56 pm
Where are good sources that will help to learn how to identify trees & plants A big thing in Thursatru seems to be self reliance and collecting ingredients for yourself when possible. To do this, you'd need to be able to identify trees, plants, etc. for collection. I love this aspect as it both makes you aware of your surroundings and has practical benefit as a grounding in survival training. I just don't know where to start.
October 01, 2017, 02:42:44 pm
Re: Where are good sources that will help to learn how to identify trees & plants This is perfect. Was able to quicky identify the tree in question. Great news is that the primary tree I need is in my own backyard. Bad news is it's gonna take a lot of practice to be able to identify the other ones around here.
October 01, 2017, 03:06:11 pm
Re: Need Opinions: Anti-Cosmic Approach to LHP I'm probably the one who has read most on Anti-Cosmicism here due to having a background in Chaos Magick and delving into a lot of Thursatru and LHP Norse books lately. I still haven't checked out Pan Paradox but it's on my list.

It's really a satanic form of Gnosticism or view of Satanism, to me, honestly. It has it's merits. I do not know how I feel about the goals personally but I feel it is a valid approach for some who seek that. They feel that chaos is the true creator that the demiurge is keeping us from by lying to us.

One of the theories is that to become one with the chaos, you have to sacrifice yourself three times. The first time you do this. I can't recall the order of the first two but it's human and animal selves. This leads to deification and you will have to sacrifice your God self to achieve the goal of anti-cosmicism. It seems counter-intuitive but the previous self-sacrifices do gain in power.

I've seen another LHP oriented book(techinically a Middle Path with LHP leanings) state that those who pray to dark gods to get what they want are simply still in line with those who pray to the light gods for stuff they want. They haven't really evolved. They're still using the Gods as something to rely on instead of a force of self-deification or self reliance. Keeping this in mind, anticosmic forces might be something beneficial for a LHP for the solve part of solve et coagulate.

It's way too edgey to be RHP despite sharing some goals and I think there's some differences. I think Buddhists want to be one with the universe, and would see the abyss as a natural part of it, where as anti-cosmicists would see chaos as the only truth. It's focused on seperation from the demi-urge.

October 03, 2017, 02:50:14 pm
Re: Need Opinions: Anti-Cosmic Approach to LHP That's a really interesting perspective and it reminds me of someone who gave me their view on Crowley being both middle path. While his aim was to cross the abyss and unite with the universe, there's still some self-deification his actions if not philosophy and this person speculated that he is probably around as some kind of God-form or something due to his occultism and delibarately building a myth around himself. He did everything he could to disolve into nothing including some questionable actions so maybe that could be an example of the everything and nothing of merging with chaos?

I want to say that it's animal>human>god>chaos  instinctively but I think that animal and human might be switched on the basis that human is a lot of desires we choose whereas animal is the incredibly ingrained instincts. I'm not sure, I'll pull up the book when I go to update my journal and let you know.

Back to the original point, both Judiaism and Heathenism as well as other religions believe in different aspects of the soul that go to different places. About 5 usually. I can't see why you couldn't have both a deified soul aspect and a merged soul aspect if those theories are indicative of any truths of the soul.

Chaos is usually defined as infinite possibilites including nothing so your interpretation is a fair one to make that I'm surprised I never put together with. I think the problem we get into here is that a lot of the edgier, more criminal off shoots of Anti-Cosmicism have equivalated to destructive forces thanks to their Lovecraft fetish. Lovecraftian stuff could be anti-cosmic but I find those aformentioned off-shoots have a poor philosophy when handling them. Even Thursatru falls into equating Thurses with destructive forces but I chose to view them as personifications of things in life rather than some eldritch abomination that literally wants to destroy the universe.

I think my view could reconcile your theory while the traditional views chaos gnosticism or anticosmic satanism and would make a lot of sense while prevent one from falling into the bad, extremist sects of this branch.

October 03, 2017, 04:52:26 pm
Re: Need Opinions: Anti-Cosmic Approach to LHP @Liu I read it in either Gap: A Left Hand Approach to Odinism or Myrkthursablot: The Nightside of Norse Mythology. Books sold by Fall of Man.

This model is inspired by the rune old english rune for Eihwaz which makes sense given the rune's associations.

October 03, 2017, 07:48:40 pm
Re: Need Opinions: Anti-Cosmic Approach to LHP @Setamorphosis We'll have to keep each other updated on our practices, the approach you're forging seems to have a lot in common with what I want to do. I want to work with ascosmic forces while embracing the fact that order is a possibility and the the physical world and manifestations arent profane as it's a possibility of chaos. I didn't really have the exact wording or approach what I wanted, just an intuitive feeling of what felt right to me. Chaos is important and a cornerstone of my practice and I neither want to deny light or dark or work against either.

I think you'd benefit profoundly from looking into Daoism as the Dao is very similar to chaos.

As for the specificcs.

1. Demonolatry I like your approach. It's very Faustian but I would say to not limit yourself to demons. There are plenty of Acosmic forces you can work with, Thurs, Lovecraft Mythos, etc. You can also use chaos magic to identify and bind your own personal demons.

People write off Lovecraft but Peter J. Carrol's Esotericon has the best grimoire for Lovecraft I've ever seen that actually makes the reward of working with them tempting enough to take the risk and gives you enough protocols to do it as "safely" as possible. It's something I want to work my way up to eventually.

2. Buddhism- As I mentioned earlier, I'd suggest Daoism over Buddhism unless you are interested in the cosmology/mythology in which case study both. They're incredibly linked mythologically now.

3. Hinduism- I can't really give you any feedback here.

4. Necromancy- Necromancy is something I find interesting, in a vague sense.

5. Haitian Vodoun-The Voodoun Gnostic Workbook seems incredibly fascinating to me. There's a specific exercise in it that I bought the book for that involves use the web to astrally "time-travel" but I've yet to find the time or motivation to look over the system. It's a rather huge book.

7. Norse Magick- This is why my current paradigm is being focused on. I'm still very early on in my Rune studies but there are SO many benefits to just meditating on the Runes, let alone practice. If you really delve into the paradigm and do rune work and harvesting the traditional way, you'll gain an appreciate for nature and the physical world. Thursatru religion/books is probably of interest to you(but they're pricey) as they work with the Jotun and Thurs and have the concept of the Acosmic flame which appears to be similar to the concept black flame. There's also a gateway to some traditional folk magic through a couple of systems in the belief.

8. Setianism- I really like the Setian philosophy from what I've learned from this forum and it's newsletters. I plan on reading it more myself once I get a foundation and my current paradigm.

9. Luciferianism- I don't know enough to comment though the basic philosophy is something I agree with- Lucifer/Set/Loki as the light bringer archetype. A research into these archetypes might be beneficial in the demonalotry faustian sense as well.

10. Satanism- Seems natural.

11. Chaos Magick- If you go the chaos magic route, I highly suggest a focus on paradigm shifting. The ability to shift beliefs and personalities. It gives you a great personal understanding of what chaos means by the possibility of everything and nothing but embrancing it's full potentials in your own microcosm. It is a very stressful exercise as you will get lost in your beleifs until you tear it all down.

I'm in a rebuilding process myself which is necessary but as I said, messing around with your psychological microcosm to those extreme ammounts that frequently can have some adverse effects and isn't for everybody.

12. Ancient Sumerian elements- Seems pretty natural. I always thought working with Sumerian gods would be better than the goetic demons if you know which one corresponds to what.

13. Ancient Egyptian elements- I practed Kemeticism for quite a while and while I still believe in it, I'm letting it take a back seat temporarily but a ton of my patron/matron deities are from that belief system. It seems more beneficial to the order sign.

Also, I would recommend you look into The Typhonian Order. Crowley took a lot of influence from Buddhism and Daoism before creating Thelema and chaos magic was created by people who studied directly under Crowley and liked his general approach but disagreed with him on a lot so there's crossover there. You can gain a lot just from a study of Crowley and but I'm biased a loosely identify as a Thelemite.

However, The Typhonian Order fully embraced the Left Hand Path side of the Thelemic current and Lavenda, who lead the order, became famous for his experiments with Lovecraft mythos and either the creation or prominent use(can't remember which) of the Tunnels of Set. He also popularized the Aeon of Ma'at which is probably not of interest to anyone here but still an interesting paradigm. He also popularized the association of aliens with occultism.

I really look forward to how your path progresses because your statement of  "I don't want to destroy the universe, but transcend it by embracing chaos. That said, order also must play a role because if we have infinite possibilities, ORDER is also a possibility" is something that aligns with my current goals. I'm also really happy to meet someone who has an interest in anticosmic and chaos magic focused satanism that rejects the extremism often associated with it.

Best of luck to you, keep me updated.

October 03, 2017, 08:26:50 pm
Re: Need Opinions: Anti-Cosmic Approach to LHP @Liu  Yep, the book had a diagram of that Skandinavian shape laid over the human body and it piercing the groin, chest, and head to show the sacrifice and it stuck with me. I'll see if I can find it later for this thread.

They're pretty decent books. I find fallofman to have some good left hand path books especially for those of the pagan variety but they certainly don't live up the prestige of Ixaaxar.

I much preferred Myurkthursablot, it was short but much closer to my beliefs/analysis whereas GAP lost me in a few areas.

October 03, 2017, 08:31:36 pm
Re: Do you like Halloween?

October 05, 2017, 12:46:39 am
Re: Need Opinions: Anti-Cosmic Approach to LHP @Xepera maSet  It's definitely a greyish area. The one reasoning is the one that Setamorphasis gave. He interpretation sounds pretty accuracte according to my view of Chaos. I feel that even if you don't disolve yourself into chaos you can resemble chaos in that you always have the possibility of no ego or creating the ego that you want; ie paradigm shifting or insight roles. I suppose this would be middle path and has it's own criticisms but I see it more as a tool strengthening the self. I guess it all depends on how one defines "self" and "strength." A right hand path follower would seek to stay constantly disolved.

Another is that but I think Anti-Cosmicists would define the Left Hand Path as rejecting God. The traditional God that one would disolve into in the RHP would be the demi-urge. A lot of Christians I know define hell as an absence of God.

Even if they're disolving into someting, they're still rejecting God and following the light of the Luciferian archetype.

It seems to me that Left Hand Path becomes incredibly hard to define, the more you study the off-shoots. This is one example. Another one I found in The Middle Path is basically that as long as you are praying to light or dark Gods to get what you want which makes you weak, you are practicing Right Hand Path and true LHP would be defined as praying to them for adversity that gives you your own strength.

I personally reject viewing dissolution as a RHP thing only as it's a weakness I feel should be purged from my own experience. I like that 3 mode model I shared earlier. I may not ever sacrifice the God portion when I get there but it is incredibly important to disolve your "false self" that prevents you from furthering your will on either path.

I guess my personal two cents is that to be consumed by the black flame/acosmic flame that Set/Loki gifted us is to be consumed by chaos and realize our complete freedom of "existence precedes essence" which means are are not defined by anything and are free to be who we want and define ourselves as we will at any time. As Setamorphasis said, infinite possibilites including the possiblity to not exist, to exist, or both at the same time.

October 05, 2017, 01:01:53 am