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Re: The Enneagram I'm really glad to see this topic answered. I've been wondering about it's meaning myself.

@Xepera maSet I would have no problems answering any questions about Norse Mythology or Norse Occultism that you may have. I do not know everything as I have not been able to delve deeply into every area but I could probably help quite a bit. I also have a ton of resources I could pass on or recommend to you depending on the format.

I, myself, need to look more into this symbol and the nine worlds now. I know of Asgard, Midgard, Hel, and Neiflheim but not the others. Yggdrasil is the tree that Odin hung from when he sacrificed himself to save the runes which correlates to the symbol and the nine worlds offering great wisdom.

September 16, 2017, 03:21:09 am
Thursatru Tradition. Thursatru is a brand of chaos-gnosticism that is focued on the worship of and work with Ice Giants(isa-thurs) as anticosmic forces. In addition to the first volume of Thursakyngi which is the foundation, he has released a full book on Loki and Gullveig.  Unfoturnately, Volume I is out of print which is going to drive me crazy as a collector.

Most Thursatru see Odin as the demi-urge, Loki as as a Lucifer equivalent, and Gullveig as the dark mother. They value working with the thurs, giants, and rejecting the Aeiser or Vanir, the gods, but I and others argue against this false dichotomy and a corruption of the religion due the inability to shake a Christian mindset. There are many Left Hand Path followers that seem to emulate Odin. Stephen Flowers left The Temple of Set to create Odiniaism. While it values self-deification, he says Odianism differs from the LHP and that it still values giving back to the tribe. I do not see this as a contradiction to LHP because tribe can be voluntarily selected and beneficial to the self when done so. Odin's a wise mentor and a Promethean Trickster able to become the All-Father by sacrificing himself for the wisdom.

There are many instances of Odin covorting with Ice Giants in the mythology. He was incredibly excited to find a giant who was supposed to be incredibly wise. The Norse Gods have a tendency to embody the darker sides of the archetype too. Just look over Odin's many names which total close to 50. Among them are titles along the liens "fury of the storms", "quick to decieve". "the great deciever", "evil worker", "journey empowerer", "wise one", "concealer", "journey advisor", "God of the Hanged" which refers to him being the God of outcasts such as criminals, and "engineer of battle." He is even the son of an Ice Giant and ancestors demand respect in Heathenism.

I personally feel Norse Occultism allows for work with both the Gods and the Ice Giants in the Left Hand Path. Odin wants you to make yourself as strong as you can be.

What are your thoughts on Thursatru and Odianism?

September 16, 2017, 04:35:15 am
Re: Thursatru Tradition. @pi_ramesses I study Jung quite a bit but I never really found anything about his Animus and Anima. Care to elaborate a basic definition and the connection? I'd be very interested.
September 16, 2017, 03:19:24 pm
Re: Over 200 fan created levels for Prince of Persia 1989 and sequels I wonder if the original Prince of Persia is on steam. I'm gonna have to look for it. I wish I had a way to play the first of the reboot series. That was so damn fun. Come to think of it, I've been meaning to revisit the God of War games too. The first GoW had a very similar layout to Prince of Persia.
September 17, 2017, 04:08:17 am
Re: Thursatru Tradition. @pi_ramesses

I think body reconstruction is interesting from an antinomian perspective. I don't think I could ever do it but my favorite example is Breyer Genesis P-Orridge when they attempted to use surgery and magic to transform themselves into one person. I know Grant Morrison also used to cross-dress when doing a ritual as his version of magical clothes.

September 17, 2017, 02:14:52 pm
Re: LBM Ethics I've struggled with ethics of both lesser and greater magic. The bit on lying is great advice. If you're too far away from society, you have way less of a chance to further your will.

The problem I face as an existentialist is troubling.  Jean-Paul Sartre's on Being and Nothingness is challenging for an individualist. It states that "existence precedes essence" which is esentially means you are free to be anything you choose. When a student was faced with a moral dilemma between joining the war and staying home and taking care of his mom, he simply instructed to to do what he wished and the student realized he would be defined by his actions. The weight of these decisions led to the saying "men are condemend to be free." However, the troubling aspect is Sartre's concept of bad faith. Sartre states the only way to act in bad faith is to "allow yourself to be so defined that you forget your freedom or to allow others to define you." The later is what is challenging from an individualist experience.

If you look outside your window, and see a man standing in a trench coat and hat, you realize that he is observing you and subconciously start to change your behavior a little. Once you look closer and realize that it is just a coat hanger holding up these items, you realize and go back to normal. This normal state is what Sartre's brand of ethics struggles to have constantly. However, in our modern society it becomes extremely tough to accomplish this. This is why Sartre states that "hell is other people."

This gets even more interesting when you explore the concept of love. If you love someone, then you would never want to define them and take away their freedom yet you also wish to possess them and integrate them into your being. This is hard to accomplish and many struggles in human relationships arise from bad faith due to this.

September 17, 2017, 02:40:56 pm
Re: Heidegger and the concept of "Being". I am not exactly a Heidegger fan but he suggestion to spend more time in graveyards is a good one. One, it reminds you of your own mortality. I used to spend quite a bit of time there.

Also, the initiation into necromantic magic is to sleep in a crypt next to a corpse in pitch blackness without fear.

September 17, 2017, 02:44:01 pm
Re: What are you playing? I started up Skyrim Remastered again as a break from Fallout 4. Injustice 2 every now and then. I'm highly considering deleting Battlefiled 1 for space for MGSV.

I'm so busy with school but I really want to hook up my Virtual Reality so I can finally get around to playing Resident Evil 7 again and check out the new Paranormal Activity game. I watched my friend play the latter for a bit and it looks pretty fun.

September 28, 2017, 01:17:41 am
Re: What are you reading? Thursakyngi II-Loki and Thursakyngi III-Gullveigarbok for mysticism. The latter is extremely great. It's an in depth study of a more mysterious figure in Norse Mythology and shows it's works, really solid interpetation of the mythology. It has an interesting practice of Seidr that journeys to the underworld but feels mostly academic. I think I just got to the more gnostic side of it.

Loki is pretty cool, it summarizes some of Ekortu's views on Loki, which I can't say I completely agree with, but seems like it has a lot more detail on the Thursatru tradition and more practical girmoire work. I've only skimmed it, really.  I really like the philosophy of other LHP Norse texts I've already read a lot more but this seems good for practical stuff.

For recreation, I'm really getting back into comics which is great, it's an old passion of mine I haven't had time for. Took a chance on some local independent comics that I loved and read Magneto: Testament which is fantastic. I think I'm gonna get more into the Marvel universe, for once.

September 28, 2017, 01:24:46 am
Re: Do you like Halloween? Am I the only one who gets a strong urge to be in and surrounded by nature during the Fall? I always loved Halloween and Fall but something about the scenery just makes me wish I could give up responsibilites and go camping for a couple weeks. The most I can do is probably a weekend. I am definitely more aware of it in the fall and desire more of a connection to it. I think it's because I find a beauty in the change of scenery and hate the heat of Summer. The tempature in Fall is usually perfect for me. Less bugs, too.

October 01, 2017, 02:37:07 pm