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Re: Journal of King Mob I just analyzed my magickal diary now, life is becoming fun and play again. I found some recurring themes to follow to decipher even further.

I really love this Babalon Working/HGA pairing as it's putting together all my past experiences to build a foundation into penetration(no pun intended) of a new mystery. It's like deciphering this giant puzzle box, and really testing my abilities. Work has become play and it's fun.

I look forward to starting the 6th head in Michael Kelly's Apophis and Draconian Conciousness after this as I'm currently in the 5th head- hence my focus on Babalon. HGA working is simply because I established some minor contact and it led me to exactly where I want to be in everything, even if it is following tagential tantra from the rituals I'm doing. I'm really starting to lean on Draconian as my main paradigm at the moment.

January 09, 2018, 09:38:44 pm
Sci-fi and philosophy We don't have a television board so I'm just posting here. I'm watching Doctor Who and it got me thinking on the sci-fi genre in general. To me, the best sci-fi always raises ethical or philosophical questions. Doctor Who, Star Trek, anything by Philip K Dick. I'm really looking forward to finally watching Electric Dreams.

While I liked the adventure tone of Star Trek TOS, I could never really get into The Next Generation and I think I placed it. It's too idealistic and focused on group mentality. The aliens are more focused on culture, its about working together as a team, and the people who have the integrity to be captain such as Kirk or Picard have ethics based on ideas. This doesn't fit in with my view of humanity. I mean, obviously we can analyze cultures so there is some herd mentality but it seems like all the ethical dillemas in Trek are based off what's good for society and everyone.

I think what's better, is when sci-fi plays on emotions. You can literally disprove almost any idea with enough logic, hence why it is symbolized by the air blade in occultism. I disagree with the reliance on idealism. Philip K Dick, and everything he inspired, as well as Doctor Who's strongest philsophical moments are based on emotion. Doctor Who, for example, is about one alien(who in the reboot, is basically Godlike due to being the last one of his advanced race with noone to keep him in check) having to make decisions that effect time and space on a grand scale in his adventures.

The Doctor just helps people because that's who he is. When he has to face a moral dilemma, he has more of an emotional pain that comes from him rooted in his identity and who he is and wants to be. I believe humans are more motivated as individuals, even if they hide behind ideals so I like this take better.

But man, Philip K. Dick. I can't wait to watch Electric Dreams. Let's look at the blade runner movie:

The philosophical question it raises is what constitues as humanity as we develop AI. It's a question that goes back to Frankenstein and it's becoming increasingly relevant.

The Second Renaissance really had me become obsessed with that idea:

I can't wait to see what this game does it:

Phillip K Dick also had an obsession with esoteric ideas and the faults of our senses such as our memories. I think "We Can Remember it for you Wholesale" is probably the short story that fucked with me most but I highly recommend A Scanner Darkly, especially the movie, for themes about memory, individualism, drugs, and distrust of the government. It has one of my favorite endings ever. The book Man in the High Castle even posits that the universe we live in is really an alternate timeline to the true outcome of WWII (and Dick used I-Ching to write it.)

Black Mirror is perhaps the best television show to use this. It's bleak and ugly and while Black Mirror refers to the screens on all our technology, I see it as a twisted mirror also. It's honest about or culture right now and shows us what we could very well become or already are and it uses techonology thats incredibly believable in this day and age now at least to some extent. some of it as even been patented. This goes back to why I think emotional content is more important. It's visceral and forces us to ask "is this what we want to be?" either as individuals or even society. Even the happy episode in black mirror, features a tough question: the tech is that human conciousness can be uploaded into this digital simulation so that they could live forever even after death. It shows both sides of the argument and favors immortality but it realizs its a question someone has to answer for themselves. There's a similar darker episode where you can use AI that analyzes your loved one's social media to talk to "them" after they passed. What I like about Black Mirror in particulary is it looks at all our faults, and how we would indulge in them if given the chance with tech(self-pity, revenge, refusal to move on) and shows us that we might not want that as much as we think we do.

Compared to these darker, and sometimes gritter, sci-fi I actually find Star Trek very lacking but I do think it serves it's purpose. But I think when it comes down to it, human beings morals and ethics operate on more what they feel than think most of the time. I mean, even God in Star Trek (Q) is very logical in a human sense and is beneficial even if he's a trickster. Compard to Sutekh or the Gods of Ragna Rok which is more apathetic towards the universe. I think idealized notions of the future are really presumptious about humanity's importance and "specialness" which to me just kind of reminds of one of the reasons I don't like religions like the abarhamic ones being taken literally- "oh god created mankind but only mankind in his image" 

This is just half-arsed philsophical rambling that doesn't really mean anything. I was just thinking about the different philosophical approaches to sci-fi and why I prefer the ones I do.

January 12, 2018, 03:29:17 am
Re: potential cover for something of mine I'd assume it's black metal in the style of the second wave in Norway (the wave with Mayhem, Burzum, etc.)
January 12, 2018, 07:04:56 pm
What do you do when your magick hits a roadblock? I'm at a loss, none of my enchantments are working.

I can do divinations with a 90 percent accuracy if I had to estimate, and my invocations seem to work. But I can't get any of my enchantments to work. Not regular ones, not evocations, the last successed I had were King Paimon which was great but none of the other Goetics are working for me thus far. Well, the jury's still out on one. Fingers crossed he comes through, I'll know by tuesday. Even my own spells and sigils aren't seemingly working. I used to great at this kind of thing but I don't know, I miss being able to effect the world and write my own reality/life to some extent.

Any advice?

January 13, 2018, 03:05:01 am
Re: What do you do when your magick hits a roadblock? Yeah, I had that trouble with divination in the past and I've mainly learned from it. I've gotten in touch with my inner self but I think I need to learn to recognize when it's speaking to me. I've found lately that my deep soulful longings have ended up pointing me to where I need to go completely by accident- and its always improptu synchronicity that brings that wonderful feeling of magick that has things go completely right.

I need to give some thought to that destiny thing- it could be at play depending on how life precedes but also, I think im putting WAY too short of a time limit on it as well as not actually being passionate about it like I used to. I need to fix those if I want my enchantments to work.

I just finished reading Octavo and that helped me sort of shift a new paradigm that I really want to try out.

I also completely re-invented my magickal style, in multiple ways, by making it a art project in a manic frenzy and using a new paradigm. I think I'm going to expiriment more in enchantments. Again, I feel like I'm kind of getting in touch with my true self/magickal self's style of enchantment as well.

Still even though it's a personal question, how do you guys shake things up when it stops working? Scientific tests? Following your gut? Paradigm shifting?

January 13, 2018, 10:10:24 am
Controversial topic: Armanen Runes.

They're controversial because they're completely associated with the Nazis. Now, obviously, I am not a Nazi nor do I believe in racism or nationalism. However, the Nazi has many interesting links with the occult- including the Hitler being fond of the Theosophy movement. Himmler was the most famous link between nazis and occultism and I believe Aquino himself even conducted rituals in the Wewelsburg Castle.

Now- most rune authors I have read decry the Armanen Runes- not for the political affiliations but for their historical innacuracy. Almost all Galdr workers perfer the Elder Futhark but you can find a small minority that use the younger futhark- which introduces some extra characters.

But do you really need a long historical lineage for your magic to work? People create new systems all the time that are effective.

Do you think that these runes carry their own distinct meaning seperare to the historic futharks or do they tap into the meaning of their respective corresponding letters? Do you think it's possible to seperate the use of them from the Nazi ideology it's associated with? Now, I'm not saying that heathenism is linked to neo-nazis movement, it's not, you can separate it. But these aren't historic runes, these are runes specifically used by Nazi occultists and not prior to that.

January 15, 2018, 07:26:28 am